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Hello, my name is Amelia Daae and I am the younger sister of the Primadonna, Christine. I bet you didn't know she has a sister.

Well, she has always hated me ever since I sang a small song to our father, when he was about to passed away.

She has treated me like a slave ever since father died. Father didn't very well like me either, when he got mad he threw stuff at me, hit me and many other things. I do not want to bring back old wounds. The only reason why I was there was our mother's last wish was for me to look after Christine. When mother died I vowed to never sing father was about to die I granted his last dying wish and sang. Now I do not even speak one word out of shame from breaking my vow.

We stay at the opera house now. Now the " Angel of Music" like father always read Christine, has come to train. Though, her I do not believe that all people die go to heaven or hell, I believe they just die, not conscious of anything.

Oh well, I best get going back to work.

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