Chapter 01: Anastasia

This chapter is named after and dedicated to a close friend of mine who recently passed away in an accident. May Allah guide her to heaven.

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That was the purpose the Kaguya patriarch gave to him.

That was his purpose.

That was the purpose of a 9-years old boy. He had a blue kimono, a grey belt, purple pants and black sandals. He had long silver hair, green eyes, two red dots on his forehead and red markings around his eyes. This boy, was Kaguya Kimimaro.

He kept running, he was tired but he kept running, for the sake of his purpose. His purpose gave him enough energy to run.

He stopped when he saw a tall man with short brown hair. He had a large sword strapped on his back, bandages around his face, a Kirigakure ANBU uniform, and a Kirigakure hitai-ate.

"Are you from Kirigakure?" The Kaguya asked.

The man stayed silent, reached behind him, grasping the hilt of his broadsword before replying with a cold, dismissive "No." Kimimaro shifted uneasily on one foot and nodded.

"I-I see. Gomen!" Kimimaro apologised and sprinted past him. He continued on as he reached the end of the forest. As he passed the treeline he spotted the ledge of a cliff.

"I would be less suspicious if I was a civilian." The Shikotsumyaku user thought before using the Henge no Jutsu to turn into a civilian.

He approached the cliff.

"Is it Kirigakure?" The Kaguya thought, before jumping off the cliff.

Spotting a Jonin, Kimimaro approached him.

"Excuse me, where am I? I'm a simple traveler, but I'm lost..."

"You are in Kirigakure, sir." The Jonin answered with a smile.

"Thanks." The child replied coldly, before pointing a finger to him, and firing a bone.

The Jonin never stood a chance: He was shot in the face, dying instantly.

Kimimaro deactivated his transformation.

"Now, to proceed with the attack..." He thought.

Kimimaro was in the center of the village with the last remaining members of his clan, now a group of thirty Kaguya surrounded by over five hundred or so Chūnin and Jônin.

"HEHEHE… Looks like we have no choice...," the Kaguya patriarch said with an insane grin on his face that matched the rest of the clan save for Kimimaro, "Now that it's come to this, take along with you every person you can!"

They all charged attacking everyone in sight. Kimimaro was surrounded by Jônin with swords. The first man swept at the boy who jumped on the blade and sliced the man's neck. He back flipped dodging the next man and stabbed him through the skull. When two Jônin swung at him, he ducked, causing them to decapitate each other.

A Chūnin swung at his back but Kimimaro wasn't a Kaguya and a Shikotsumyaku user for nothing, and he proved it by pushing bones through his back stopping the sword. Kimimaro grew more bones from his body use it both as an armor and a weapon then turning to the frightened Chūnin shot him with the bones that fired from his fingers, tearing though the Chūnin's head, killing him instantly.

Kimimaro kept fighting and killing until he saw the last of his clan die and then, in the mist of the commotion, Kimimaro slipped out unseen...

The next morning Kimimaro woke in a tree he slept in that overlooked the village. All the corpses of his clansmen were gathered up and thrown into a pile to be burn in a roaring flame. He watched silently sulking not for the loss of the people that shut him away and starved him only giving him the minimal amount of provisions necessary to live. No, he mourned without tears for the purpose he lost and for the others that had to die. With one last look at the fire that eat away at the bodies of his former clansmen he turned from the village and left Kirigakure with one thought on his mind.

''I'm all alone...again.''


Not too far from Kiri, Kimimaro looked into a pond and at his reflection. ''What purpose do I have now, What good am I, Why didn't I just let myself die?'' He turned his head and saw a flower. Seeing this beautiful flower growing and thriving in this miserable dreary and foggy place for some reason brought a brief smile to his face as he walked over to crouch next to the plant. He felt the urge to speak to it, "How did you get here huh?"

"…." After being in a cage for so long, we can't blame Kimimaro for not knowing how "talkative" flowers are.

"Why are you blooming in a place like this?"

"…" Kimimaro's expression dropped as he was met with silence.

"Why won't you answer?"

"..." Well, who expected an answer? After all, it's a flower.

"So you're ignoring me, too, huh?!" Kimimaro raised his bone dagger at the flower, " There's no way you'd be seen by someone in a place like this, yet you don't care..." The child then cut the flower...

"This flower never has anyone...Yet it had a purpose..." Thought the Kaguya with slight jealousy. "Why not me?"

Taking the flower with him, he got up and continued walking.

No one knows where...

Not even him.

"So...You're leaving Konoha?" Asked Sakura with a frown?

"Yeah... I'm leaving tonight." Answered Naruto, with sadness. Obviously fake sadness.

"Do you know if you're going to come back?" asked Kasumi, on the verge of crying.

"Honestly, I wish I knew." Replied Naruto, crying... Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. He was going to leave, and hopefully never come back.


"Where are you going?" Asked Sasuke, looking indifferent, but deep down, as sad as Sakura and Kasumi.

"Training trip." Replied Naruto. That's what Jiraiya told him.

"Tch...Idiot. Of course, you're going to come back." Sasuke said with a smile. Naruto was supposed to be smart deep down, but he forgot that. Inwardly, he seethed.

"I'm going to come back..." Naruto repeated in his mind.

"I don't want to..."

Naruto's hatred reached whole new levels.

"I loathe Konoha!" He yelled with despair in his unstable mind.

"I don't want to come back! I don't want to! No! No! No!"

Faking a smile, Naruto replied "Right...I forgot that! My bad!"

"S-so, wh-what a-are we go-going t-to do?" Asked shyly Hinata.

"Spend a lot of time with Naruto!" Sakura said, beaming.

His sensei was a fool.

That's what Jiraiya believed.

His sensei believed that the Bijuu could be used as weapons.

At first, he agreed with him, and abandoned Naruto.

But it became clear that the bijuu were pure evil, or at least most of them. From what he heard, the Yonbi, the Rokubi, and the Hachibi were peaceful, as they warmed up to their containers.

It wasn't the case for the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi tricked Kushina since the very moment he was sealed in her. At first, he pretended to be her friend. Kushina was bullied for her red hair, her attitude, and her foreign origin, so, the Bijuu had no problem to gain her trust.

If Minato truly loved Kushina from the beginning, things weren't as good for Kushina.

She deeply admired Minato. He was from a civilian family, and yet, was a prodigy and the Rookie of the Year.

But the Kyuubi influenced Kushina's hormones.

At the end, while Kushina believed she loved Minato, in truth, she was lusting after him.

It never was her fault: her "friend" always manipulated her. If he told her to jump, she would jump without hesitation. Her weakened mind due to her loneliness wasn't helping either.

When they married, 2 years before the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha, Minato needed to get accustomed to his new life. He wanted to wait before having a child.

And even then, he planned to adopt.

Why giving birth to children when they could give love to others children that needed it and never had such love?

Obito's grandmother died a week before the Kannabi Bridge mission. Minato planned to adopt Obito. All the papers were signed.

Unfortunately, Obito died before Minato could bring him to what would have been his new home.

Months before the Kyuubi's attack, the Bijuu grew bored of Kushina and planned to escape from her body, and then destroy Konoha.

It told her to convince Minato to make love.

It failed. Minato's mind was also weakened by Rin and Obito's deaths. He wanted to wait a little more.

Under the Kyuubi's "advice"...

Kushina raped Minato.

The Kyuubi wanted Kushina to get pregnant so he could escape during the baby's birth. Then, he would kill the whole family, destroy Konoha and precisely the Uchiha clan, and doing it with a smile on his face.

Minato never told him about Kushina raping him, out of love for her. But the Sannin noticed their unusual behavior and solicited Inoichi's help.

While it is illegal for a Yamanaka to read someone's mind without authorization (Except for the prisoners...), Inoichi agreed to help Jiraiya, out of worry for Minato and Kushina.

During the night, Inoichi entered the Namikaze house without being noticed, and proceeded to read Kushina's mind.

That's how they discovered the Kyuubi's machinations.

But it was too late: the Kyuubi attacked Inoichi when the latter was reading the Uzumaki's thoughts. While Inoichi managed to extract all the needed information, he ended up in a coma.

And woke up only a day before the Kyuubi's attack.

That's when Jiraiya learned the truth.

It was, unfortunately, too late to stop the Kyuubi...

Minato was well-known for his quick-thinking, but this time, it was Jiraiya who had a last minute idea.


"You're really going to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Minato?" Asked Jiraiya with clear worry. The Sannin had no intention of outliving his student.
"Yes, sensei. This is the only way." Replied Minato with a frown. Much to his surprise, Jiraiya agreed.
"It may be. But you don't need to die."
"What do you mean?" A vengeful idea emerged in Jiraiya's head
"Konoha needs you, Minato. I have an idea. You're going to give to the Shinigami the Kyuubi's soul instead of yours."
"Are you sure it's going to work?"
"No. But we need to try".

Jiraiya never spoke of the Kyuubi's machinations with Minato.

Unfortunately, his idea did not work and Kyuubi as a whole was sealed in Naruto.

He may have failed to save Minato and Kushina, but he will do anything to save Naruto.

Even if that meant betraying Konoha.

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