Albus POV

"Psst! Albus!"

I turn to Alice, annoyed. "What?" I respond, equally discreet. We're sitting in our usual spot in the very back of the potions room.

"Where are Rose and Scorpy?" she asks.

"Shut up!" Frank tells her.

"Apparation tests, remember?" I say, ignoring Frank.

"Oh, yeah," she says, frowning. "When will they be back?"

The door bursts open and several students walk in. They sniff the air hopefully; today we're making amortentia, the 'most powerful love potion in the world'.

Rose and Scorp take a seat by us, making sure they're on opposite ends of the table.

Professor Slughorn explains for a bit about the potion we're making and lets us mill around the class. That's the nice thing about Slughorn, he lets you pretty much just do whatever.

After an hour, we've nearly finished. Of course we're all on separate cauldrons, but we always share ingredients and stuff. Scorp moves past Rose to grab something, catching a whiff of her nearly-finished potion. It's nice to see that they've sort-of regained their relationship, if constant bickering is their normal relationship. Which it is.

"Blimey, Weasley," he says. "Did you dump an entire bottle of perfume on yourself this morning?"

"No," she says, glaring. "I ran out of it last week. But you could do well to lighten up on the cologne."

Alice, Frank, and I exchange glances. Scorp ran out of cologne last week too-he was complaining about needing to go to Hogsmeade for more. I try not to laugh-amortentia smells like what you're attracted to. I take a deep whiff of mine-books and the Quidditch pitch and a hint of-Alice?! I quickly pour some in a bottle and bring it to Slughorn, even though they can't know what I was smelling. When I get back, Scorp and Rose are still arguing over what it smells like-Rose is frantically looking through the instructions to see if she did something wrong. I suppress a laugh, because this is just too funny. Then I remember that my potion smelled like a girl too, and I shut up.

"What does yours smell like?" I hiss to Frank. He takes a deep sniff of his own bottled potion.

"Mm.." he says, sighing. "Mum's Christmas meal and Quidditch and the Great Hall on Halloween and the greenhouses and...and…" he blushes as red as a Remembrall.

"What else did you smell?" I ask, grinning.

"Alison Finnigan," he mutters, and goes even more red. "What about you?"

"Quidditch and books and…"

"What else did you smell?" he asks in the same voice I used.

"Your sister," I mutter, turning as red as he is.

"What?" he asks.

"Your sister," I say a little louder, but not loud enough that Alice can hear me.

Frank's eyes go wide and he grins. Oh, well. At least he isn't mad.

"You should ask her out," he says.

"Really?!" I say, surprised. He nods.

"Ask her what she smells," he hisses.

"Alright." I turn to Alice. "What do you smell?" I ask.

She looks at me funny and smells her potion. "Let's see...butterbeer and parties and plants and...something else…" She takes another sniff.

"And...well that doesn't make any sense," she says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"It's kind of like a new broom, but I hate flying, but it's not just a broom, it's like a palm tree and a broom mixed together…" Alice trails off. "Maybe I did something wrong," she says, shrugging.

I turn back to Frank, my face even more red.

"Well?" he says, raising his eyebrow. I sigh.

"She could smell my cologne," I say. Frank laughs even harder than before.

Scorpius POV

I take a deep sniff of my potion. No, that can't be right...I must have done something wrong. We on Earth would I be smelling Rose Weasley?

Speaking of Weasley, she's gagging.

"What?" I ask.

"Really," she coughs. "Did you have to use that much cologne?"

My eyes widen. I ran out of cologne last week...I was complaining about being out just this morning.

"I...uh…" No, if I agree with her she'll think something's up.

"Yes, Weasley, I did," I say, trying for my usual smirk. She glares at me and moves her cauldron more by Alice.

"So," Al says, shimmying up to me. "You're smelling my cousin, huh?" I sigh. "S'okay," he says, grinning. "I smell Alice and Frank smells Alison Finnigan."

"Hey!" Frank protests.

"Nah," I say. "Look, I think she smells you." The three of us glance across the room, where Alison Finnigan is sneaking glances at Frank.

"Toldja," I say, smirking. "What about Alice?"

"Me," Albus says proudly. "But she thinks she did something wrong."

"You got that right," I say. Frank laughs and Al glares, but he's grinning. Rose scowls at me, as if everything is my fault. I've been getting a lot of that lately.

"Really," Al says. "Are you attracted to my cousin?"

"Maybe a little," I say. "But she hates me."

"You got that right!" Al hoots, slapping me on the back so hard I nearly dump my cauldron over.