Rose POV

I sigh and stumble up to the common room. Eight o'clock Saturday night detentions are the worst, especially since Professor Slughorn didn't let me out until ten. Malfoy and I may have had a potion-throwing fight...since Malfoy was the instigator, he had to stay an extra ten minutes. Hugo is sitting by the fireplace, asleep.

"Hi," he says as I shake him awake. "I wanted to make sure you found your way back. I thought you might've gone into the Forbidden Forest."

"I was just helping organize potion supplies," I say gently. He nods, I give him a hug, and he bounds upstairs.

I see a book lying on another armchair, and pick it up. No name. Well, someone is Gryffindor is missing their copy of Deciphering Ancient Runes, so I bring it to the giant wardrobe we use as a lost and found. I toss the book inside quickly-I just want to go to bed. But then a small thing tumbles out. On closer inspection, that thing is a body. Hugo's dead body.

I gasp, my heart collapsing. But no, that couldn't be. Hugo just went upstairs.

This must be a boggart. I pull out my wand. "Riddikulus!" I cry. But instead of disappearing, the boggart turns into a dead mum. "Riddikulus!" Crack! Dead dad.

"Riddikulus! Riddikulus! Riddikulus!"

Crack! Dead Albus. Crack! Dead Alice. Crack! Dead Frank.

"Riddikulus!" I scream, still not loud enough to wake anyone. The dorm doors are soundproof.

Malfoy bursts into the common room.

"I hear you scream-" he starts, and then he sees the boggart.

Crack! Lucius Malfoy, his grandfather, stalking towards Scorpius Malfoy.

"You are a disappointment to the family," boggart-Lucius says.

Malfoy has frozen now, unable to move.

"Malfoy, it's a boggart!" I yell. Malfoy turns to me. The boggart changes again with another crack. Now it's me, weaving it's way towards Malfoy.

"We all hate you," the boggart-me says. "We were happier without you."

"Malfoy, it's not real!" I shout. He turns to me, a look of pure anger in his eyes-crack.

The boggart turns into Malfoy, creeping his way towards me. I know what's coming, but I try to avoid it anyways. I backup, my back pressing against the wall. The real Malfoy has frozen in place, the boggart-Malfoy creeps closer, its hand reaching out for my throat. I close my eyes and the hand closes around my throat, try to shove it off, but I can't I've frozen as well-"RIDDIKULUS!" the real Malfoy yells. The boggart is thrown back into the wardrobe, the doors slamming shut, trapping it inside.

I sink to the ground, my back still pressed against the wall, breathing heavily.

"You-" Malfoy chokes out. "You're afraid of me?"

I give a single nod and a shuddering breath, and try to prevent the tears from streaming down my face. Malfoy gives me a few minutes to collect myself, then says, "Ready to give it another go?" He raises his wand.

I shake my head. "I have to do it myself." Malfoy nods, understanding perfectly. He waves his wand once, the door of the wardrobe open.

The boggart-Malfoy stumbles out again, reaching for my throat.

Then, a burst of green light, even though I didn't do anything. The boggart-Malfoy falls to the ground, dead.

"R-riddikulus!" I stammer, and with a final wand wave the boggart disappears, defeated at last. I take another shuddering breath and fall against the wall.

"Rose," Malfoy says. I turn to him. "Are you afraid of me or not?"

"I-I'm afraid of you, but-but I'm also afraid of hurting you," I say. To the best of my knowledge, this is true. The boggart doesn't lie-and neither does amortentia.

"Wow," he says. "So you pretty much don't know how you feel about me?"

"Pretty much," I say, laughing.

He glances down. "My amortentia smells like you," he mutters.

"I know," I say. "It was pretty obvious."

He glances around and we spend a few moments in silence.

"Scorpius," I say quietly. He looks up, surprised by my use of his first name.

"What?" he asks.

"Thank you," I say quietly. And then suddenly he is wrapping me in a hug and I'm taking in his scent, my face mashed against his chest.

"My pleasure," he says quietly. And I look up and his face is right there and I'm up on my tip-toes kissing him. And I have to admit, I may hate Scorpius Malfoy, and may be a little bit afraid of him, but I guess I like him, too.

Albus POV

"What are they doing?" Frank hisses.

"They're just kind of standing there," Alice says, peering through our make-shift fort of couches and chairs.

"I told you the boggart was a great idea," I whisper smugly. "Thank your dad for me, by the way."

"Now they're hugging!" Alice whisper-squeals excitedly.

"Five galleons, mate!" I say to Frank. "Hand them over!"

"Now they're kissing!" Alice squeals even more excitedly. "And you both owe me five galleons!"

I scowl and we both dig in our pockets for change. I know, betting on their love life is low, even for us.

But hey, that's what friends are for.

Hey guys, so, I might have one more chapter, but that's probably it. Thanks for reading!