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"LADY CHAOS! LADY CHAOS!" Cried a messenger from whatever planet he came from, I could seriously care less.

"Yes?" I turned while holding my precious bundle, Percy, he's the cutest baby ever!

The messenger was gasping for breath and replied, "Shade is back."

Chapter 2: The Return

Setting: Chyrisoar

3rd POV:

Stunned, Chaos doubled over, disbelieving the ghastly news. Shade was a powerful villain who tried to set the whole universe under his control, not caring how many people he killed, as long as he reached his goal. It took the Primordials, Major and minor gods, and demigods working together in order to stop Shade. Even then, Shade wiped out all life forms except for those on Earth. As a punishment, Shade was locked into a different dimension for several millennia. If he has really clambered out of that hellish dimension, the first thing he'll do is take revenge and complete his first goal: complete domination.

'What would happen to Percy?' Chaos thought to herself. She didn't want anything happening to her baby, after all, he was the most thing in the universe to her!

Thinking about that problem, she soon faced the messenger who had been patiently freaking out and told him, "Thank you for your timely message, in order to protect him, take Percy to Earth, I shall lock away his Chaotic powers until he understands the truth. I will change his appearance and leftover power to those of a strong son of Poseidon's. Give him to Sally Jackson, she will be the most fit mother for him."

"Yes ma'am!" Replied the messenger and dashed away carrying Percy's cooing body.

Once he left, Chaos slumped down in her chair and cried.

With the Messenger:

3rd POV:

The messenger was tiring from all the running he was doing; he noticed a while back that a shadow was chasing him, what he didn't know was who the shadow belonged to.

"Come on Remudi, gotta get Percy to the teleporter!" Muttered the messenger that was called Remudi, "YES! We're here!"

Just as the portal activated, a knife thudded into the wall next to Remudi. Startled, he tossed Percy into the portal and spun around straight into the face of a petrifying monster. What scared Remudi was the monster's face... or rather lack of one.

"Who are you?" Stammered Remudi.

The monster chopped off Remudi's head and whispered in a deep scratchy voice, "I am Shade."

Shade then growled in annoyance as the alarms blared, activating the evacuation pods for the primordials.

"Blast it, they're getting away!" Shade hollered while sprinting for the escape pods.



3rd POV:

'Who could possibly be at the door at this time? It was three in the morning, nobody in their right mind would be taking surveys that early would they?' Thought Sally Jackson as she bent to open the door. The early dawn breeze flowed through her hair and she bent down and to her surprise, she found a baby! Sally stood and ran to the porch to search for any signs of human life that abandoned the baby here.

Sighing, she brought the baby inside to inspect it for any sign and clue to who left it... no him here. As she peered at the baby, she saw that there was a note attached to the baby's back. As she peeled it off, she read the note that said:

Dear Sally Jackson,

Due to some recent inconveniences, I can not care for my baby anymore.

So, I decided to entrust the care of him to you since you have wanted a baby for so long.

I also am giving him to you because I want him to have a good and kind mother.

He is a 7 month old baby who bears the name of Perseus, or Percy for short.

Attached is a lesson on Percy and what you'll need to know. Because eventually, they will come for him.

Please take good care of him.



Sally was overflowing with questions like who Chaos was but there were more important matters to handle first. Chaos was right that she had wanted a child for a very long time, and she didn't want the baby to die on the street; so Sally decided to take the child and nurture it.

Carrying Percy to her bed, she laid down and set Percy beside her, and soon, drifted into a deep sleep.

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