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Chapter 3: The Entry


"Nooooo… 5 more minutes…"


"FINE! Fucking bastardy alarm clock!"

Grumbling, Percy Jackson rolled over and slammed the off button on the alarm clock and stumbled out of bed.

After changing into his clothes, Percy clambered down the stairway.

"Good Morning Honey! How was your sleep?" inquired Sally, Percy's mother.

"Morning Mom… I slept okay. For some reason, whenever I try to sleep, my bed feels like a pile of sticks. However, when I want to wake up, the bed suddenly feels like a marshmallow from heaven," Percy replied.

Laughing, Sally replied, "Oh don't be so dramatic! Eat your breakfast. I made your favorite to prepare you for your field trip."


Time Skip: 1 hour

Percy was bored out of his mind. They were at the museum looking at statues of naked guys that had a "very big impact" on history. Mr. Brunner was cool and all, but honestly, Percy had better things to do with his time then to listen to him ramble on about fake gods..

"Percy, since you look so attentive, would you please repeat what Mr. Brunner just said?" snarled Mrs. Dodds from across the room.

"Um, that the gods were perverts?" Percy guessed.

"Now honey, you should have been listening. Come with me," Mrs. Dodds replied.

"Fine… Fine…" Percy replied.

Suddenly, Mrs. Dodds was at the door leading another room.

'Wait a second… wasn't she at the base of the statue a second ago?' Percy thought, 'Oh well…"

As he followed her into the room, Mrs. Dodds whirled around rapidly and started transforming into a large crinkly bat-lady.

"WHERE IS IT!" Hollered Mrs. Dodds.. or whoever she was. Last time he checked, Mrs. Dodds didn't know transformation magic or whatever it is.

"What are you talking about?" replied Percy shakenly, as he grasped for the door handle.

"LIAR!" Screamed Mrs. Dodds as she swung her claws at Percy's chest.

Ducking, Percy opened the door and ran back to the class only to find that they were nowhere to be found.

"Percy. CATCH!" came a voice from the entrance of the museum.

Percy turned his head to see Mr. Brunner tossing a ballpoint pen at him.

Catching the pen, Percy wondered what a ballpoint pen would help him against this hag that looked like someone took all of the crinkly skin from grandmothers and put it on one body.

Suddenly, Percy's instincts went overload and Percy ducked to feel something whish right over his head.

Springing around, Percy uncapped the pen praying to whatever god there was that something would happen to kill the monster. The pen instantly turned into a gleaming sword and once it hit the creature, turned it into a fine, gold dust.

Still in shock, Percy capped the pen and sprinted outside to see everyone eating lunch.

He walked to Mr. Brunner with the pen in hand and said, "What just happened, why did Mrs. Dodds turn into a crinkly skin monster?"

Mr. Brunner looked up from his book and said, "Hm? I don't know what you mean. Who's Mrs. Dodds? As far as I know, there has never been a Mrs. Dodds at Yancy. Oh, and that would be my pen, Percy. You may keep it but please do remember to bring your own writing utensils. Now you go and eat lunch with Grover."

As Percy turned to walk to Grover, Nancy shouted from the fountain, "I hope Mrs. Kerr whipped your butt!"

Percy turned to Grover and asked, "Who's Mrs. Kerr?"

Hesitating, Grover said, "Uh… Mrs. Kerr is our teacher… yes! Our math teacher."

Not believing Grover for a second, Percy said, "Yeah. Sure."

Time Skip to Montauk Beach at night –

There was a resounding boom at the door as someone banged on the door.

Pissed off that someone would ruin his beauty sleep at midnight, Percy scrambled to the door, prepared to give the knocker a piece of his mind, only to be surprised when he found Grover.

"PERRCYYY! WHERE WERE YOU! WHY DID YOU LEAVE! THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU!" Screamed Grover, effectively waking up Percy's mom.

"Wha-?" Started Sally when Grover cut her off, "MRS. JACKSON! THEY'RE COMING FOR PERCY!"

Instantly, Sally paled and said, "Get in the car. Both of you. Don't argue Percy! NOW'S NOT THE TIME!"
The car's speed never dipped below 80 miles per hour as Sally drove. Normally, Percy would have found it awesome and would have been cheering on his mother. But after the recent set of events, Percy found him fearful for the future. Percy turned in the seat to ask Grover a question but stopped when he saw Grover's legs… or at least what should have been a human set of legs.

Percy asked, "Grover, what's coming? And why in the world do you have GOAT'S LEGS?"

Grover, who looked like he would faint at any moment, replied "No time to explain the legs. But for as who's coming… just look in the freaking mirror."

Percy looked in the mirror and gasped, "It's the m-minot-" as a hand clamped over his mouth. Percy looked at the hand and saw that it was his mother's.

Sally said, "Don't Percy… names have great power…" (A/N: Try explaining that to Harry Potter.)

Percy then hollered, "WELL! IT"S RIGHT BEHIND US! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!"

Just then, Sally exclaimed, "YES! We're there!"

Percy turned to see where they were but only saw a strawberry farm and a very large pine-tree.

Sally said, "Percy! Run with Grover to the pine-tree. Don't worry about me!"

At that moment, Percy heard a great roar. Looking behind him, he saw that it was the Minotaur, and it was charging right at them.

Percy opened the door and dived out right as the Minotaur rammed into the car.

"Mom… Grover…" whispered Percy as the gas tank exploded.(A/N: Sally is actually dead, and so is Grover. It's necessary.)

"YOU KILLED THEM YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Percy screamed as he felt something in him snap. Rage rushed through his body and his eyes turned red. "Now… you will die."

Percy uncapped the pen, changing it into a bronze sword and rushed at the Minotaur.

The beast tried to swing down to hit Percy but Percy just rolled between the monster's legs and stabbed upwards into the sacred region of males.

The Minotaur cried out in pain and Percy jumped onto the creature head and stabbed the Minotaur through the head, effectively turning the Minotaur into golden dust just like Mrs. Dodds did. As all the adrenaline faded, the world faded black on Percy. The last sight he saw was a very strange horse-man that looked like Mr. Brunner.

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