This story is movie verse but the hood never happened so keep that in mind while reading.

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They say that every story has a hidden reason behind it or reveals what the author might thinking or feeling and does not want to tell anyone so instead they write it down in the form of a hidden message.

I typed into the PC as my first part of my story.

This is my story...

(10 years ago)

I heard my father shout my name and I visibly flinched. This was not going to end well, whenever my father yelled it was never a good thing. It didn't really help that the last rescue that went on, Virgil was knocked unconscious and no one was able to get to him for about an hour and mean while we thought he was dead because of all the rubble that fell on top of him. I shut my laptop lid and slid off the side of my bed and made my to my father's study. It was probably because of some prank that my brother had pulled and it had somehow gone wrong. Reaching the door, I knocked on it lightly

"Come in" I heard my father reply bitterly, slowly I reached for the door handle and pushed it open to reveal my father sitting with his back to the door, staring out of his window

"You called?" I asked quietly while taking a seat in front of his desk

"Why did you do it?" my father asked me the moment he turned around

"Do what?" I honestly had no idea what he was talking about, the last time I pulled a prank was a while ago and that was very unusually for me

"Don't play stupid with me. Because of your little prank, Scott nearly broke his arm" so that's what this is about

"Are you sure it wasn't…" I began but dad cut me off

"DON'T try and deny it. I have already questioned him and he said that you had gone to him and asked him to help but he refused"

"Well then he's lying. It is…" I tried to tell him again but he didn't listen

"STOP LYING TO ME. Just admit that you did it and go and apologize to Scott and we'll forget about the whole thing"

"BUT I DIDN'T DO IT" I shouted back. I don't usually let my temper get the better of me but I will not be wrongly accused.

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I was watching The Longest Ride and I got this annoying idea and it would not go away. I don't know how I got the idea well it was more of a scene where Scott, John, Virgil and Gordon are sitting at a café somewhere laughing and Alan sees them and somehow I got that from the movie. My friend and I were camping over the Easter break and it would not go away so I wrote down bullet points on a piece of paper and it somehow developed into this.

I know that is chapter is a little short but the next one will be longer, it is just cause I didn't really want to give away to much.