It didn't take long for me get Alexia discharged. Unfortunately Vance had to be moved to a different hospital, they only information they could give me was that he was in ICU because there was bit of bleeding in his brain. I couldn't find out which hospital though because I wasn't family. I let out a frustrated sigh and quickly took Alexia to met my brothers, who were in the waiting room. The moment we rounded the corner into the room, I saw all of my brother quickly stand up and come over to met us.

"You must be Alexia" Gordon said as he reached out and shook Alexia's hand

"Yes and it finally nice to met you, Gordon. I have heard so many funny stories about you"

"Funny, cause we didn't even know that you existed" Scott said sourly

"Well it's nice to met you to Scott" Slowly one by one, my brothers shook hands with Alexia

"Where's Vinnie?" Alexia asked worried

I sighed and said "They took him… and Melody" Alexia didn't move, she just stood there like a statue

"Who's Vinnie and Melody?" John asked confused

"You didn't tell them? I think they should have known before this"

I gave a big sigh and explained "Melody isn't our kid, she Vance's and Zia's. Ok?" they nodded in response so I carried on "Scooter and Jonas are our 4 year old identical twins, it get very confusing at times so we gave them a necklace each that had the letter of their first name on it. Vinnie is our youngest and he is 2 years old. Does that answer your guys questions?" I got another nod in response "Good. Now Alexia can you take them back to our other house because I have to go into the office"


"Great, you came in" My boss greeted me the moment I came in the door

"This better be important. My kids and Melody are missing"

"They are back"

"Oh great. That's just great. Ok. What's the plan?" 'They' are an elite team of hackers that always hack our system, just to see what we are up to. They usually on do it when we are under a lot of pressure because something… it's THEM.

"OMG… Why didn't I think of this before"

"Think of what before?" my boss asked

"You know how the same people that are after me took my kids" he nodded "We what if these hackers and that group are all part of the same team. It makes sense. Right when my kids are taken and they kill Zia, the hackers suddenly resurface after 2 years. I don't think that it is just a coincidence that we haven't seen them for 2 years and now suddenly both of the groups are back" he seems to considered it for a second before taking me down to our main headquarters, where most of our staff work out of. It is quite advanced really. We have huge screens that display any information we need, when we need it. Basically it has everything we need to run the organization.

"LISTEN UP. Everyone is stop what they are doing immediately and start working on who these hackers are and where they are from" The whole room froze for a second before everyone started moving about busily

"Wow. I don't think I have ever seen everyone so busy working on the same thing"

"Well we need to catch the hackers as soon as we can and if they are the same people that are after you then we better catch them really quick"

Just stood and watched everyone work for about 5 minutes and I was about to lead before someone shouted out.



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