Prologue: Kamen Rider & Super Sentai

This world has been protected by two groups: The Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Led by Kamen Rider Ichigou and Akaranger, the two groups have managed to defeat Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zangyack, who formed an alliance to destroy both groups. Little did they know, some of them actually survived the encounter and now trying to recruit more villains.

In the Ganma world, Adel can be seen talking to another person, which turns out to be a Deathgalian.

"Who are you? And how do you know about this world?" Adel asked.

"I am Ginis, the leader of the Deathgalian. I am here to make you an offer." Ginis said.

"Very well. What is it that you want?" Adel asked.

"We all have a common goal: to destroy the people of Earth. Now, what do you say we worked together?" Ginis said.

"Hmph! I'll accept your offer. Besides, there is someone on Earth that I would like to kill." Adel said.

Ginis and Adel then shakes hands and thus, a new alliance between Ganma and Deathgalian have formed.

In Earth, the Ganma and Deathgalian Kaijins have begun rampaging around the town. Until, a man named Takeru Tenkuuji arrives on the scene.

"Ganma! And what are those?" Takeru said.

He then grabs an Ore Eyecon, then pressed the button and placed it on his Ghost Driver.


He then pulled a lever on the Driver and an eye came out.


A Ghost Parka then attached itself to Takeru, forming a hoodie. He then pulled out the Gan-Gan Saber and fights them.

However, he was soon outmatched by both Ganma and Deathgalian Kaijin. He was about to be defeated, but then the Zyuohger arrives.

"Takeru! Are you okay?" Yamato said.

"Yamato? What are you doing here?" Takeru asked.

"We've heard that the Deathgalians are rampaging around the town." Yamato responded.

"Wait, those are Deathgalians? Then, why are they working with Ganmas?" Takeru asked.

Then, Makoto and Alain arrives on the scene.

"It's because of my brother." Alain said.

"What?" Yamato asked.

"Adel has made a pact on these Deathgalians and they decided to work together." Makoto said.

"But why?" Takeru asked.

"We don't know. But for now, we got take them out." Alain said.

"Right." Makoto said, as he grab his Eyecon.

"HENSHIN!" Makoto and Alain shouted.



"Alright, everyone. Let's go!" Yamato said, as they took out their Zyuoh Changer.

"Honoo Kakusei!" They shouted, then they spin the cubes to form the perfect angle.

They are then surrounded by a block as they slowly transformed.

"Let's take them out!" Yamato said.

They then rushed into the battle. As the battle goes on, they were able to wipe out both Ganma and Deathgalians until Jabel arrives and easily took them out.

"We won't allow you to destroy our plans! Especially you, Alain!" Jabel said.

"Jabel! What is the meaning of these?" Alain asked.

"I have been ordered by your brother to kill you for the murder of your father." Jabel said.

"I told you! I didn't do it." Alain said.

"No more talking. Let us fight." Jabel said, as he trasformed using the Ultima Eyecon.

While Ghost, Spectre and Necrom are busy fighting Jabel, the Zyuohger can be seen slowly wiping out both the Ganma and Deathgalian grunts. They then focus on Jabel.

"Tell me, Jabel! What is my brother planning?" Alain asked.

"I won't tell you anything, traitor!" Jabel said.

"If you won't talk, I'll force you to!" Alain said.

With the combined power of the Kamen Riders and the Zyuohger, they managed to weaken Jabel.

"Now talk! What is my brother and these Deathgalians planning?" Alain asked again.

"He planned to build a device meant to destroy this planet of yours." Jabel admittedly said.

"What?" Yamato said.

"A device that destroys Earth?" Sera asked.

"Yes. After all, that's what both Ganma and Deathgalians are aiming for." Jabel said.

"But why?" Takeru asked.

"Who knows. I've told you enough. Next time we meet, I will kill all of you."

Jabel then escapes through the Ganma portal he just created.

"Why would they destroy the Earth?" Yamato said.

"I'll go check in the Ganma world to see what they're planning." Alain said.

"Wait, I'll go with you, Alain" Makoto said.

"No, you better stay here. You're in your real body now, I don't want you to risk your life on me again." Alain said.

"Alain..." Makoto said.

Alain then goes back to the Ganma world through the portal. Takeru then turns his attention to Yamato and the Zyuohgers.

"Thanks, Yamato. If you haven't arrived, I would have been outnumbered and outmatched." Takeru said.

"No problem. Besides, you helped us last time. Now, it's our turn to return the favor." Yamato said.

"Well, we gotta go. Thanks again, Yamato. See you later!" Takeru said, as he and Makoto departs.

After that, Yamato, Sera, Leo, Tusk and Amu then departs as well.

In the Ganma World...

Adel and Ginis can be seen having a meeting. Then, a mysterious man arrives on the meeting place.

"Hello, gentlemen." The mysterious man said.

"Are you the leader of 'Dai-Shocker'?" Adel asked.

"Indeed I am. My name is Narutaki. And I'm here to help you with your plans." The mysterious man said.