Chapter 8: The Final Stand, Part 2

The Powerpuff Girls then warned the others about the Black Dust activating.

"Everyone! The Black Dust is activating!" Momoko shouted.

"What?" Takeru shockingly said.

"Then, how do we defused it?" Shinnosuke wondered.

"Leave it to us! Let's go, everyone!" Yamato replied.

The Zyuohgers then summons the Zyuoh Cubes and proceeded to form into Zyuoh King.

"Doubutsu Gattai!" Yamato shouted.


He then spins it twice and the transformation occured. After a long sequence, Zyuoh King was formed.


"Zyuoh King, ready!" Yamato, Sera and Leo said.

They then tried to grab the Black Dust, but they were intercepted by Mojo in his own robot.

"Hahaha! Did you forget about Mojo?" Mojo asked, as he attacked the Zyuoh King again.

"Damnit! How are we able to defeat that thing?" Yamato asked.

"Oh no! The Zyuohgers are in trouble!" Momoko said in a worry.

"What do we do?" Miyako asked.

"We should call the Professor!" Kaoru suggested.

Momoko then calls Professor Utonium.

"Professor!" Momoko shouted.

"What is it, Momoko?" Utonium asked.

"Is the Dynamo Z ready?" Momoko asked.

"Yes, it's ready. You need to get back here and pilot it!" Ken said.

"Got it. Alright, girls. Let's return to the lab and get Dynamo Z!" Momoko said.

"But who would deal with HIM while we're gone?" Miyako asked.

"I'll deal with this monster. Now, go and get the robot!" Decade replied.

"Alright. Let's go, girls!" Momoko said, as she and the girls flew off.

"Oh, you think you can defeat me? How pathetic!" HIM said to Decade.

"We'll see about that!" Decade said, as they began to battle.

Meanwhile, Gokai Red and Achidos Gill are still battling, but he managed to weaken him.

"I-Impossible!" Achidos Gill ranted.

"It's over, Achidos Gill! It's time to finish you off once and for all!" He said.


He then combines the projectiles of Gokai Gun and Gokai Sabre to form a bigger projectile that damages Achidos Gill.

"Aaaahhhhh!" His last words before exploding.

Meanwhile in Prof. Utonium's lab, the girls finally arrived.

"Oh, you're here!" Utonium said.

"Is it ready?" Momoko asked.

"Yes it is! Now go!" Utonium said.

The girls then goes into the room with three planes designated for them and they go into their respective plane.

"Alright! You ready, girls?" Momoko asked.

"We're all ready!" Both of them replied.

"Girls, you're all ready to launch." Ken said.

"Launch!" The three girls shouted.

They launched their planes and then combines the three plane together and formed Dynamo Blossom Z.

"Alright, girls! Let's help the Zyuohgers!" Momoko said, as they flew off to the location.

Meanwhile, Decade and Gokai Red tried to fight HIM, but he's too powerful.

"What's the matter? Can't hit me?" HIM taunted the two.

"He's too strong..." Gokai Red said.

Ghost, Spectre and Necrom then fights HIM, but they, too, weren't enough to take him down.

"You starting to bore me!" HIM ranted.

"What do we do?" Takeru asked.

Then, the Dynamo Z has arrived and assists Zyuoh King.

"What? It's the Powerpuff Girls' robot!" Mojo angrily said.

"Whoa! That's a cool-looking robot!" Yamato said.

"Damn you, Powerpuff Girls!" Mojo said.

"Yamato, let's fight together!" Momoko said.

"Alright! Let's go!" Yamato said.

Dynamo Z and Zyuoh King started to gang up on Mojo Robot, but he managed to damage both of them.

"Hahahaha! Even if you two ganged up on Mojo, you still can't beat me!" Mojo said.

Professor Utonium then contacted the girl.

"Girls!" Utonium said.

"What is it, Professor?" Momoko asked.

"I've scanned Mojo's robot. Apparently, the head is it's weakness." Utonium explained.

"So, we have to hit his head to shut him down?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes, that is the only way!" Ken replied.

"Alright, girls! Let's hit the head!"

Meanwhile, Ghost, Spectre and Necrom are still struggling fighting against HIM.

"Hahahaha! Is that all you've got, heroes? I thought you were better than that!" HIM said.

"Damn! If only we could use someone's power..." Takeru said.

And suddenly, the girl's weapons start floating.

"Huh? What's going on?" Kaoru asked.

"Our weapons...They're floating!" Momoko replied.

After that, the weapons then started going towards Ghost, Spectre and Necrom.

"These are..." Takeru said.

Ghost, Spectre and Necrom then performs a ritual, where they placed their hand in front of the weapon and spins their hand. After that, the Blossom Ghost Parka, Bubbles Ghost Parka and Buttercup Ghost Parka came out of their respective weapons and forms into an Eyecon.

Ghost receives the Blossom Damashii, Spectre receives the Bubbles Damashii and Necrom receives the Buttercup Damashii. They then proceed to use their respective Eyecons to transform.




"Whoa, we have their powers now." Takeru said.

"What's the meaning of this?" HIM ranted.

"Alright, let's go!"

The three riders grab their weapons and start fighting HIM. This time, they were able to weaken HIM.

"How could this be? I beated you once...Why?" HIM asked.

"We believe in ourselves, that's why!" Takeru replied, as they activated their finisher.


Necrom then uses his hammer on HIM, sending him flying towards Spectre.


Spectre then uses his bubble blower to create a big bubble to trap HIM in.


Takeru then raises his yo-yo.

"Takeru, use my power!" Makoto said, as he uses his bubble blower to produce more bubbles.

"Finish him for good, Takeru!" Alain said, as he redirects the bubbles toward Takeru's yo-yo using hammer, causing the yo-yo to absorb the bubbles.

"This is..." Takeru wondered.

"No, not that!" HIM angrily said.

"HIM, this is the combined power of Powerpuff Girls and Kamen Riders!" Takeru said.

"Triple Power Electro Shot!" Takeru shouted.

The yo-yo then splits into two, producing electricity. That caused HIM to get electrocuted.

"T-This is impossible!" HIM said, before he explodes and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Zyuoh King and Dynamo Z managed to weaken Mojo long enough for the Zyuohgers to use their finisher.

"King Sword Zyuoh Slash!"

Zyuoh King then slashes the Mojo Robot, causing it to explode and blows Mojo away.

"Alright, we did it!" Momoko said.

Utonium then interrupts them.

"It's too early to celebrate yet, girls!" Utonium said.

"Yeah. The Black Dust is still operating." Yamato said.

The Black Dust only has 1 minute before it explodes.

"Oh, yeah, right. We need to get out of Earth." Momoko said.

Dynamo Z and Zyuoh King then grabs the Black Dust and went into space and throw it there. Once they reached in space, they realized that the Black Dust is about to explode in 10 seconds.

"Oh no! We have to be quick!" Momoko said.

"We'll handle it!" Yamato said, as Zyuoh King used his King Sword and hit the Black Dust, causing it to fly further from them and they then quickly goes back to Earth, but suddenly the Black Dust finally explodes, and the two robots were damaged from it.