I am surprise no one else has written a fic for this. I have looked everywhere and could not find one, so I decided to write my own.

This is a mix of the new 52 Shazam and the old one. Captain Marvel is still called Captain Marvel, Harry will be called Shazam. They will become living lightning like in the new 52 but they will still have that whole wisdom, power, stamina, speed, invulnerability, strength thing. Black adam will be the one from pre 52. Like new 52 they can they shazam without transforming they have to want to transform they can also say shazam to use magic.

Lily potter was frantically rushing around her little Harry's room setting up the runes to protect him. Most of them were powerful but well known, some were obscure and known only to a few. But the one that held it all together was something she alone had discovered as an unspeakable while in egypt where many great magical discoveries were made. However what made this one unique is that it did not protect but rather purify normally this would do nothing but Lily was not known as the smartest witch of her generation for nothing using a series of runes she made it so that it would block the killing curse. The deity the protection drew power from was known for imprisoning the seven deadly sins. She hoped to use that to block the curse as it was commonly called the wrathful curse or hatred given form. A old study had revealed that the killing curse would only work in one felt the sheer desire to kill the being. It was pure hated put into magical form. Finishing the runes she heard the battling below stop. A single tear slide down her cheek that meant James had died she silently wept for her husband before drawing herself up to face Voldemort. As he blasted into the room he made some offer of stepping out of the way and letting him kill Harry. 'Yeah right' any woman who did that had no right to call herself a mother. As he brought up his wand to kill her, she internally smiled the protections were about to be charged the greatest way she knew how a willing sacrifice. As the curse hit her she prayed that the protection would work.

As her murderer's wand was turned on her son the Wizard Shazam felt something attempt to draw on his powers. Inspecting the source he was pleasantly surprised to see instead of the usual wannabe gods or vile beings it was instead a young mother make a protection for her son.

The moment he saw why it was trying to invoke his power he let the protection take a small amount.

"Time to die Harry Potter." Spoke Voldemort.


But the protection held and Voldemort was vanquished. A fragment of him tried to possess Harry but his spirit was quickly crushed by the remaining power of the Wizard. The Wizard had decided to watch the boy seeing him as a candidate for the spot of Captain Marvel.

Years past and Shazam saw that the boy had magic of his own and a knack for getting into mischief. While the boy had a good heart he had decided not to give him the full power of Captain Marvel as he had already decided on another. Instead giving him a small test to see if he was worthy of a smaller fragment of his power.

The almost 10 year old boy was walking through the city of london wait for the 2 hours to pass till he had to go back to his aunt and go home. He was not worried about her leaving him behind as she had tried in the past and he had managed to get back both times once when he was younger and she had tried to 'accidentally' lose him. But lucky a police officer had found him and took him back to his aunt. She had to explain how she lost a young boy so easily yet did not seem to be looking for him or even worried. Something which a 5 year old Harry found funny. She tried again 2 years later but Harry had just walked up to a police officer once more and asked for help again. Ironically it was the same cop as last time so wasn't that fun. After that she learned not to try and get rid of him. As he strolled through the city he started heading to a less busy district to get away from all the people. When it was almost time for him to head back he thought he heard something. Walking towards it he heard it again. A banging noise and a couple voices. "Get off me!" A female voice called.

"Come on baby we just wanna have some fun. Right guys?" A male voice asked and got a small chorus of agreements. Somehow Harry doubted they meant checkers. Inching closer he saw a young girl about 17 pinned up against the wall by a man who looked like a walking stereotype of a criminal, with several other around him looking the same. Now normally this is where someone would yell 'leave her alone' then proceed to get the crap kicked out of them. But Harry was no idiot he knew the advantage of surprise and instead just rushed forward shoving the first guy the one holding the girl to the ground. As the girl fell to the ground he helped her up and while the others were in shock he took her hand and started running.

"Where are we going?" she asked as they ran.

"No idea!"

"What you mean you could be leading us right back to them for all you know?"

He just turned to her and gave a carefree smile. "But that's half the fun."

Despite the situation the teen found herself smiling back at him. "Turn here." He ordered turning the corner they saw several of the guys from before looking for them. Turning to the teen "Run I will distract them."


"Whatever they do me, I'm sure they are planning on doing a lot worse to you." At that she nodded she turned away from the alley and started running.

Jumping out Harry called "Hey boozoes over here" despite knowing the kid was most likely trying to lead them away the leader did not care his pride had been damaged and he would damned if he let the little shit get away. Rushing after him the first idiot as Harry had labeled them ran through the opening in the alleyway to attack him. Where Harry was waiting and kicked him in the stomach. Laughing he started running again turning a corner he saw another guy waiting for him. sliding under his legs he chuckled as the two idiots ran straight into one another. Turning a corner he found himself at a dead end turning to leave he saw his way block by the guy he first attacked the one who pinned the girl to the wall.

Kicking him to the ground the punk laughed "Nowhere to run you little shit. You're mine now."

"I disagree isn't that right?" He asked looking behind the punk. Turning around the punk expected to see a cop or some adult but instead saw nothing. 'Dumbass' Harry smirked before kicking him in between the legs. As the punk recovered Harry took off running and not a moment too soon. As seconds later the other goons ran up to the alleyway and started to give chase once more. As he ran he jumped down under a bridge as he ran he saw an open door smiling he ran through the door closing it behind him. Running through the hallway he was surprise as tunnel gave way to a large cavern looking around he was amazed at the size of this place no way it fit under that tiny bridge it was like magic. Looking around he saw 7 statues each with a menacing look on their face with a name under each of them pride gluttony, wrath, greed, lust, sloth and envy. continuing he saw an old man sitting upon a throne "I have been waiting for you young one."

Jumping back in shock Harry asked "Me, why me?"

"I have been watching you your entire life."

"Isn't that creepy." Harry joked

But instead of being insulted the old man just chuckled "Perhaps, but there is a reason I have been watching you. I wanted to see if you were worthy."

"Worthy?" He asked in confusion.

"Of the my power, the power of Shazam." The old man spoke.

"But why me?" As Shazam still had not answered that question.

"Years ago a young woman prayed to me to protect her son from a wicked man. Who had intended to kill the young boy before he could become the instrument of his destruction as foretold. As she prayed to me I saw the evil of the man the pain he had cause, the pain he would cause, and the good the child could inspire. So I protected him from the monster sending his own spell back at him. But by doing so I had marked the boy with my power he would forever hold my mark upon his forehead." Harry reached up and felt his scar he had a feeling he knew who the boy was. "As you have no doubt guessed you were that boy. So young Harry I set a challenge for you a final challenge to make sure you would not stand by and let an innocent get hurt."

Harry looked at the old man in shock. "You mean you nearly caused that girl to be hurt! What gives you the right to do that. If that is what's necessary to gain your power then you can forget about it!"

To his surprise the old man just smile in pride. "Good you are not willing to allow an innocent to be hurt for your own benefit. But no, I did not cause that woman to be attacked I merely led you to her." Once Harry heard that he calmed down. "Now do you wish to become a hero to help the innocent."

Harry smiled and nodded. "Yes please."

The wizard returned the smile. "Before I give you this power. You should know you will not be the only one with this power and you will not be as powerful as him. Where you shall be Shazam the wizard, he shall be Captain Marvel. You will have the power of gods but he will be earth's mightiest mortal."

"So I will have powers but his will be greater than mine." He summarized, the wizard nodded. "Then sure I don't mind I will still have super powers."

"Then speak my name."

"Shazam?" He asked wondering if something was suppose to happen.

"No!" The wizard shook his head. "You must say it with feeling, with intent, with power!"

"SHAZAM!" And in a crack of lightning Harry Potter vanished and Shazam appeared.