The Team watched as the latest recruits to the League were officially inducted. "That will be us soon." Wally said happily as he saw Red Arrow be handed his official Justice league membership card by Green Arrow his former mentor. The two exchanged a look as Ollie patted his former sidekick on the shoulder. Red Arrow grinned and a full smile broke out across Green Arrow's face.

"He looks happy." Conner noted as he saw one of the few genuine smiles that he had seen Roy give.

"Why shouldn't he be?" Robin asked the half kryptonian. "He is finally getting what he's always wanted. What we all have always wanted ever since we became sidekicks and no one is going to call him a sidekick again." he said feeling proud for his old friend.

"What's wrong with being a sidekick?" Rocket asked feeling strangely offended she was a sidekick and being called one didn't bother her. "All you sidekicks inspired me to become a hero."

"Well it's complicated, it all started six months ago-" his wrist computer went off and he opened it up. A grin broke out across his face. "Come on we've got a mission."

"But weren't we going to congratulate your friend?" Tora asked confused, and slightly nervous. The grin that broke out across his face reminded her of the children in the village when they were about to do something to get into trouble.

"Come on don't worry about it, considered your introduction mission." Shazam told her and the girl nodded.

"O-okay." they quickly moved towards the Bio ship aware that the league would be back any minute as the ceremony came to a close.

As they took off Artemis looked nervous. "Are you sure it is her?" she was confronting her sister and even though the Team knew it was still nerve racking.

"See for yourself." Robin offered putting the image onto the larger screen. "Facial recognition software picked her up at an airport in ashville. But you know her best is it her?" he asked.

Artemis stared at her sister Jade and sighed. "Yeah, it's her." she confirmed slumping into her seat.

"Agreed." Aqualad said. "But look at what she carries." Robin adjusted the image to show the suitcase she was carrying.

"It's the same one from back at the docks on the mission with Roy." Wally noticed. "The one Cheshire managed to get away with." Wally didn't look at her but Artemis still looked away. Her insistence that Roy not know about her family history had him and Kaldur on a wild goose chase while Artemis and Kid Flash tried to catch her it had failed.

"Okay I am guessing this cheshire is the bad guy considering the mug shot but what is going on?" Raquel asked feeling left out. "What's the big deal with the case?"

"We don't know exactly but we do know that it has something to do with the injustice league." Robin said bringing up the imagine of the Injustice League.

"That's the group that attacked all those major cities right?" Ice Maiden asked. "Using plants?" she added unsure it seemed weird to hold the world hostage with flowers. "With that traitor Black Adam." the entire group was surprised by the disdain the quiet girl managed to put in the name Black Adam the only person who managed to fit more hatred was Shazam.

Robin exchanged a look with Wally. "...Yeah though luckily most of the damage was mitigated anyway while we managed to put them away with the help of the league, their friends are still running around causing us trouble."

"That case was with Cheshire in New Orleans and it seems important to their plans." Aqualad explained M'gann interrupted the explanation by announcing their arrival.

"We are almost at the crash sight." her face fell as she saw a plane that was torn clean in half. "It doesn't look like their were any survivors." she said her voice cracking slightly at the announcement.

The team looked through the crash but found nothing useful just rubble and the shattered remains of the jet. "How come homeland security and the NTSB aren't all over this?" Wally asked solemnly, not feeling like he was in his normal joking mood not after this crash.

"Cheshire's ID was a league alert and the authorities didn't pick it up. Plus her Jet didn't follow it's flight plan." he put down the scrap in his hand. "Flew under the radar literally. But the watchtower auto tracked the jet and recorded the crash."

"Then why isn't the league here?" Fire asked. "Surely the induction ceremony isn't that important."

Rocket saw Robin grin and let out a laughing gasp. "No you didn't?" she asked a grin spreading across her face man she was really glad she joined this team.

"What did they do?" Green Flame asked cautiously she wondered if they were about to be the first people to ever be kicked out of the justice league. They weren't even officially members!

"I hacked Justice League systems to send us the alert first instead." Robin informed them proudly.

"Are we going to get into trouble?" Ice Maiden asked nervously.

"Most likely yes." Aqualad nodded. "But this is our mess, our unfinished business that the case represents."

"Don't worry about it if they ask we dragged you along without telling where we were going." Shazam told them to dismiss their worries.

"But that exactly what you did!" Rocket shouted, don't get her wrong she was glad they did but still! They were in fact dragged along while being told nothing.

"Then you have nothing to worry about." Robin grinned.

"Where are all the bodies." Superboy asked tossing aside a piece of wreckage so far they found nothing and his microscopic sight didn't see any signs of a bomb.

"Here's one for you and can I say it is stunning!" Cheshire proclaimed standing on top of a cliff.

"I am flora not fauna foliage not trees. What am I?" the Riddler asked snapping his fingers and causing several pylons to pop out of the ground. as they did a green dome covered the area cutting off any chance of escape and unsurprisingly they were surrounded. Come on now you can get this, I am shrubbery not grass-"

"Zatanna please?" Shazam begged and she nodded.

"Gladly." Stepping forward she held her right arm up. "wons nrut otni sgnidnib!" the snow under the Riddler popped up and wrapped around his body before turning into cloth making him look like a mummy without it's head wrapped.

"Ambush!" Aqualad called and the team sprang into action.

"They have apokoliptian technology!" Dreamer exclaimed as she dodged one of the strange disks fired from the weapon.

"Shazam give us cover!" Robin ordered ducking behind some rubble.

Lifting a hand to the sky a bolt of lightning erupted from his hand and struck the top of the dome and despite being trapped in a dome storm clouds began to form as a blizzard appeared from nothing. The magical winds sweeping the men using the alien technology off the ledges and sending the tumbling to the ground.

"Starfire, Superboy the Pylons!" Aqualad ordered as he used his water blade to cut one of the red disks in half.

"On it!" Superboy confirmed jumping into the air only to be intercepted by Mammoth. "Starfire get the pylons I got this!" he told the alien as he punched mammoth off him.

Mammoth roared and threw himself at Superboy again, his feet slammed into Superboy's chest and burrowed him into dirt making a deep trench in the snow. Superboy punched Mammoth in the knee causing him to double over allowing him headbutt the beast and knocking him back. Mammoth roared and lunged at him again but this time superboy grabbed him by the arm and judo flipped him into the mountain side. Unfortunately he forgot how high up he was meaning with all the damage the ledge he was on took from Mammoth slamming him into the ground and now Mammoth being thrown into the same ledge causing a large pile of rocks and snow to collapse down onto the valley floor bellow.

"Artemis look out!" Cheshire tackled her sister out of the way of it didn't matter if it was snow, that much would pancake her.

"Wha-" Artemis stared at her sister in shock at the fact that she just saved her life.

"Alright we're sisters I don't actually want you dead." she admitted getting up and walking away.

Artemis looked at her sister and was about to say something when her eye caught the briefcase that they came here for.

Shimmer cut the Riddler loose from the magic binds as the man sighed in relief at being unbound. A pair of bola flew through the snow storm and wrapped around shimmer followed by the boy wonder who landed a roundhouse kick to her head knocking her unconscious.

"gnidnib og kcab no!" The bindings that Shimmer had just removed flew back up and wrapped back around the Riddler.

The team gathered around the down 'super' villain and Riddler began to throw a tantrum. "NO! NO! I am not the straight jacket type I am strictly belle reve not ar-"

"Gag mih." Zatanna sighed annoyed with his whinnying already.

"Thank Shazam." Ice Maiden muttered quietly.

"No problem." Shazam said landing next to her, the girl blushed realizing her mistake.

"Did she just curse in his name?" Wally asked Artemis quietly.

"I think so." she responded the girl was still surprised by her sister saving her and was slightly out of it.

"Shazam mind getting rid of the snow storm?" Zatanna asked as the snow whipped around them, she repelled it with magic but it was still very annoying.

"Yeah." he nodded a wave of his hand and a burst of light washed over the valley and the snow storm quickly faded away.

"We got the case and several villains all in all I say it was good day." M'gann said smiling.

"But it does bother me that they still have access to apokoliptian technology." Dreamer admitted casting a glance at the broken apokoliptian technology.

"It either means they managed to reverse engineer the tech or are still being supplied with it." Robin said frowning.

"I am not sure which is worse." Aqualad said before Kid Flash nudged him with his shoulder.

"Come on guys it's new years eve and we got the bad guys!" he told them. "Let's go back to the cave and watch a few movies. We can worry about the rest of this after the new year."

"I can't believe I am saying this but I agree with Wally. We got the case we won let's worry about whatever crazy plot they have cooked up later." Artemis said and Robin turned to Shazam in shock.

"You can grant miracles." he declared much to the annoyance of Wally and Artemis both of whom let out indignant shouts. Superboy laughed along with the rest of his team but frowned as he felt something broken in his pocket and right now there was only one thing in there. Pulling out the case that contained the shields he frowned realizing that they were broken. A few test showed that they enraged him and damaged his DNA potentially beyond repair if he used them too often. Likely a deliberate ploy by Luthor to have a way to keep him under thumb, promising to fix his DNA if he was a good little lap dog. But they were last resorts as in going up against the Injustice League last resort.

Batman stood in front of the team his expression as grim as usual. "Tell me if this sounds familiar, you disobeyed orders, hacked Justice League systems and in doing so managed to capture three dangerous criminals and endangered you own lives. And due to that initiative proved that Warden Strange is using Bell Reve as a way point for criminal activities." a small almost invisible smile appeared on Batman's face. "Well done."

The team lite up at the congratulation from Batman and Wally and Robin shared a high five. "And then there is the case you recovered." he opened the case to reveal several strange objects, they were three pointed curved stars that looked liked they made of glass with some wires running through it as well.

Icon picked up one of the strange objects and peered closely. "It definitely not of earth but it's biology is unknown to me."

"I recognize the technology." Dreamer said taking it from his hand and peering over it. "It's apokoliptian just like the weapons."

"It is indeed worrying that technology from the world of the new gods." It took all Dreamer had not to point out that they were not the same technology, she understood to them it was mostly just semantics but still.

"We will worry about this after the party." Dinah said reminding them of the party they had going on up at the watchtower. She put the strange object back in the case with the rest and closed it.

Batman frowned but didn't say anything picking up the case and headed towards the zeta tube alongside Red Tornado. [recognized Batman 02, Red Tornado 1-6]

Before he could leave Raquel ran up to Icon and beamed at him. "Congratulations on the League thing." she became a bit sheepish. "Sorry I skipped out."

A small smile appeared on his face. "Yes well we both seemed to have found teams that… suit us." Raquel grinned.

Black Canary put a hand on Icon's shoulder. "Come on we don't want to be miss a party that even Batman is attending." Icon nodded at Raquel before walking into the zeta-tube with Black Canary and vanishing in a burst of light.

As soon as they were gone Robin spoke. "You realize we were set up."

"Yes." Aqualad nodded. "Cheshire and Riddler were ...tipped to our location.."

Artemis groaned. "Not the mole thing again."

"Mole thing?" Green Flame asked.

"Again?" Ice Maiden finished the three new member looking between each other each equally confused.

Wally sighed and quickly explained. "We got some info that there was a mole on the team."

"Namely M'gann, Artemis, Starfire or me." Superboy growled.

"It is a bit more complicated than that." Aqualad said trying to calm Superboy down.

"I know." Superboy said gritting his teeth. "And as we now know you had good reason to suspect me to."

"Hey come on big guy we still trust you." Wally said punching him in the shoulder. "Besides now that Roy's gone you have to fulfill the brooding quota for the team all on your own."

"I don't brood I-" a piercing screech tore into his ear causing him to fall to one knee in pain.

"Superboy I believe your shields were destroyed in that last fight of yours, you really should be more careful." he sounded like a parent scolding their child, which just pissed Conner off even more.

"Luthor!" Superboy growled catching the hint M'gann patched herself in allowing her to hear what he did. 'Patch the others in.'

"I have more." Luthor informed him. "Meet me at Santa Prisca." with his piece said Superboy felt the painful ringing in his ears vanish allowing him to sigh in relief.

"You get that?" he asked turning to the team.

"Santa Prisca." Robin muttered. "The same place Queen Bee has ordered M'gann to go."

"I am confused!" Rocket interrupted. "What is going on?" she asked looking at the Team. "one second we were talking about there being a mole and the next Superboy has a headache and suddenly we are dealing with Lex Luthor."

The team exchanged looks and had a quick mental debate. 'I know we can't trust them but we have no choice.' Artemis said. 'We can't leave them in the dark and expect nothing to happen.'

'We could always knock them out." Robin pointed out only for Aqualad to shoot it down.

'No they are to be our comrades, people we trust with our lives while it is not ideal we will trust them… for now.'

"Well?" Rocket asked seeing them turn back to the three newest members of the Team. she was a bit miffed by them ignoring her for a mental conversation.

"The truth is that I am only half kryptonian and my human father is Lex Luthor. He gave me these things called shields." he pulled a broken metal box out from his pocket. "They suppress my human DNA giving me the full powers of a kryptonian but damage my over all DNA and causing irrational anger." Wally coughed.

"Even more irrational anger." he added shooting an annoyed look at Wally. "They were broken during the fight and now he is offering me more."

"If you go to this Santa Prisca." Beatrice finished a frown on her face. "But why does this Queen Bee want miss Martian there?"

M'gann paused and Superboy slipped his hand into hers giving it a comforting squeeze. "She had managed to find out what I really looked like and was threatening to tell the Team if I didn't do what she said."

"And Sportsmaster's my father." Artemis said irritated. "Look the point is they tried to turn us against one another and it failed." she told them not liking this conversation. "In more recent news apparently all three of us are being called to Santa Prisca which means they have something planned."

"No offence but isn't that stupid?" Raquel asked. "I mean the entire league is together so an attack on them is suicidal and there is no way any of you would actually betray your friends."

"They may not want their help but a preemptive strike. They likely know they won't go along with any plan to take out the team so they take them out of the picture and the team loses a third of it's fighting power, one of our heaviest hitters as well as our main way of communicating." Robin pointed out frowning. "They still don't know about… well us knowing."

"So we turn their ambush into one of our own." Wally said smirking. "They will be expecting three of us one of whom they can take down with a word but instead we bring the whole team."

Superboy landed and looked around nervously not needing to fake it he was- unnerved to say the least they couldn't communicate telepathically because they didn't know who was there thus the slightest hint of deceit and the whole thing was compromised. "Welcome Superboy." it took all he had not punch Luthor right there and then. "I would like you to meet my associate Queen Bee."

"My pleasure." the admittedly beautiful super villain said her eyes raking up and down his body. Any attraction he might have felt towards her was crushed by the knowledge that she was blackmailing M'gann.

"I believe you know everyone else. Sportsmaster, Mercy and of course Blockbuster as well as our new friend Bane." he gestured behind him and Superboy saw the Super villain come up behind him with his small army and turned back to Luthor.

"So the injustice league was just a distraction." Starfire was right it was all a trick to throw them off, they had suspected the moment they had all been ordered to come to the same place. "You two are behind everything."

"Oh come now you give me too much credit." Luthor said with no modesty. "We have many friends." as he said the helicopter he had been hearing for the last five minutes finally arrived and he knew exactly who was in it.

"Is this one of them now?" he asked playing dumb.

"No my dear boy." Luthor's smirk was arrogant, the smirk of a man whose plans were all coming together. "One of yours."

The helicopter opened up to reveal Artemis, he heard her fake a gasp in surprise but she quickly steeled her face. "The hero gig wasn't working out, you know how it is no trust." he couldn't help but wonder how much of that bitter tone was genuine.

"It's a fast growing club." Bee smirked and he had to resist the urge to punch it off as M'gann landed next her her face covered by her hood.

"What are they doing here? You promised." M'gann said and Queen Bee glared at Miss Martian.

"I have kept my word now you keep yours."

Superboy looked down and pretended to think about it. "Give me more shields and I'm in too."

Luthor smiled. "My dear boy you are a terrible liar." Superboy moved as if to attack Luthor but as expected he spoke the words. "Red Sun." Superboy froze in place and stood perfectly still.

"What do you want us to do?" Artemis asked with complete confidence in her act.

Lex looked towards Sportsmaster who gestured behind him. "You two with me." he ordered.

"B-but what about Superboy?" M'gann asked worried for her boyfriend.

"Don't worry he'll be fine. We are just going to make a few...adjustments." if the Queen hadn't had such a mocking undertone she might have actually believed it.

Blockbuster moved to grab Superboy and Artemis acted, the archer fired a foam arrow trapping Blockbuster in a hardened gel. "Sorry dad." she smirked and unseen by her so did her sister. "I wanted to play you like you tried to play me. But I can't let you mess with Superboy's head."

Queen Bee must have said something to M'gann telepathically as she held her hand up and lifted Artemis into the air. Then she sent Queen Bee flying into a tree and Superboy moved just as Blockbuster broke out of his binding Superboy slammed into him and began to pound him into the ground. 'Queen Bee is down.' M'gann announced telepathically to the group having them move in. "Mercy get us out of here." Luthor ordered his robotic assistant. The androids arm shifted into a cannon and she took aim at Superboy.

Luthor had to shield his eyes as what looked like a bolt of lightning struck Mercy. "Oh dear." he muttered as the smoke cleared, where his robotic assistant once stood was Shazam.

"Going somewhere?" Shazam asked with a smirk.

"Well I was thinking about going to my private Island for the new year. Would you like to join me?" he offered in a polite tone that showed how little he cared for the on going events.

"Well unfortunately you are going to have to delay those plans." Robin said walking up.

"Dnib mih." luthor barely grunted in discomfort as Zatanna bound his hands and feet behind his back.

"He has one too." Robin said pulling a familiar looking object out of Lex's jacket pocket. "Just like Sportsmaster and Queen Bee."

"That's why they didn't mind risking the case, they already had more." Aqualad said taking the Object from Robin.

"But whatever it is they planned on using it on Miss Martian Artemis or me." Superboy growled before picking Luthor up by his tie. "What is it?"

"It's probably how they planned to spy on the team." Artemis said walking over, she 'accidently' kicked her father as she did so. "Put one of those on us and boom instant spy."

"Well thought out I see you don't get your brains from your father." Lex said his smirk still in place. "But I must be going."

"You aren't going anywhere Luthor." Superboy said.

"But there are big things in the making especially on the night of the new moon." in a swirl of light Luthor vanished as did Queen Bee though Sportsmaster was left behind.

"Portkey!" Zatanna swore. "Of course he has roots in the magical world why wouldn't he!"


"Magical teleportation device." Robin answered. "It can be block but you have to set that up in advance."

"And we didn't bother considering he might have one." Shazam said clenching his fist.

"Hey we managed to put a kibosh on their plan Disaster averted." Robin said smiling. "So what if Queen Bee and Luthor got away we managed to stop them from getting a permanent link into our plans!"

"Feeling the aster." Kid Flash agreed.

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