"We kicked some serious ass yesterday." Wally bragged as they came up on the zeta tube area/ training area/(don't tell Batman) game area.

"Indeed we did but it does worry me that Luthor and Queen Bee got away." Aqualad agreed nodding solemnly, both Beatrice and Raquel groaned.

"Dear God man can you not celebrate? Must you always see the down side?" Beatrice asked glancing at the always solemn leader of the team.

"How do you all deal with this?" Raquel asked the rest of the team.

"Well Wally is enough of a goof ball for the entire team." Artemis said smirking as Wally made an indiganate noise. "And normally he is not this bad." she added in an almost off handed manner.

"What about you Ice, are you always this quiet." Shazam asked Tora who just blushed as all the attention turned to her and ducked her head.

"I think that was a yes." Zatanna grinned.

"Normally she isn't this bad." Beatrice assured them a teasing grin on her face. "But she is very shy around new people." she said poking Tora in the side. The girl squeak and grew even redder.

"If she turns any redder she is going to faint." Artemis smirked only to frown when the girl didn't blush any more likely having the reach the limit of the amount of blood that could be in her face. "Dang thought that would work." she grouched kicking the air.

"Don't worry." Shazam said placing a hand on her shoulder and smirking mischievously. "We will get her eventually." Tora shifted nervously at that, while Beatrice chuckled.

"Hear that Tora you better be ready." the teasing stopped much to her relief as the entered the main hall to find Batman and Red Tornado waiting for them.

"Batman what are you doing here?" Robin asked did they have a mission. He kind of wanted to relax for once.

"We have discovered the identity of the mole." He began without any preamble.

"What!" Wally asked. "No we already figured out none of us were the mole!" he said shaking his head. "I am not going through that whole mistrusting everyone thing again!" he declared.

"You are correct none of you are the mole." he brought up a picture of Roy. "it was Red Arrow."

"No way!" Wally exclaimed not believing it.


"Hell no! Roy may be an ass most of the time but he is loyal!" Harry objected.

"And he has been Green Arrow's protege from the beginning." Aqualad added, supporting Shazam. "We have known him for years."

"Unfortunately the Roy Harper we have known for the last three years has been another Cadmus clone." Red Tornado informed them and all of the former sidekicks felt like they had just been punched in the gut.

"We learned the real Speedy had been replaced as soon as he became Green Arrow's sidekick." Batman told them. "The clone had been programmed with the drive to become apart of the Justice League. Which was why he was angry at any delay in joining the League." their eyes widened as they remembered him storming out of the Hall of Justice in a rage. "And why he refused to join the team, this Roy Harper had no idea that he was a clone but had a drive to prove himself worthy so he could join the Justice League." Batman sighed. "And when he was finally admitted, his secondary programing kicked in and he tried to betray the league to Vandal Savage. Luckily I had managed to deduce that he was clone before then and come up with a counter. Savage was subdued but unfortunately in the chaos Red Arrow escaped." Red Tornado looked at each and everyone of them. "He is now a fugitive; armed and dangerous."

superboy looked down. "If guys hadn't rescued me from cadmus…" that could have been me. Went unspoken but everyone heard it.

"What happened to the original Roy?" Shazam asked lightning dancing around his physical form. Zatanna without realizing it put a hand on his shoulder calming him.

"We don't know, he wasn't at cadmus." he paused before continuing solemnly. "We may have to face the possibility that the real Roy Harper is dead."

The team looked down and Shazam felt rage well up in him not for the clone of Roy; Batman himself admitted he had no idea what happened. But rather this secret society that may have killed the original. "We are going to hunt them down!" He growled lightning dancing around his form.

"We will find the Clone Roy as well." Aqualad agreed.

"Negative, he is a member of the Justice League meaning he is a league problem." Batman said before his comm beeped. "I am needed on the Watchtower, Tornado stay with the kids." he ordered before departing for the Leagues orbital headquarters.

"He doesn't really expect us to do that." Wally asked by now they should have figured that when it came to members of their team they weren't going to just stand aside.

"Clone or no clone Roy was one of us. We will go after him." Aqualad confirmed as Red Tornado came up behind them. The android began to raise his hand only to start sparking and suddenly shut down.

"What the hell!"

"Tornado?" M'gann thought in concern.

"Totally shut down." Wally noted peering at the robot.

"All of his systems are off not just motion control." Robin agreed.

"Guys I am sensing a low level mystic field at play here." Zatanna said hands on her head as she tried to pinpoint where she felt this signature before.

"Really I am getting nothing." Shazam said closing his own eyes and focusing on the Android.

"Me neither." Dreamer agreed. "Aqualad?"

"Nothing." he confirmed.

"Are you sure I am positive I have felt this signature before." she told them. "It is subtle." she admitted. "But still there. I got the same thing off Batman."

"We got nothing." Shazam repeated.

"Batman?" Robin asked before his eyes widened. "He called us kids. He never calls us kids."

"And does this look familiar?" Wally asked holding up one of the Bio chips they got off Luthor and Queen Bee the day before.

"The Bio Chips!" Artemis exclaimed before a horrifying thought seeped into her mind. "What if they aren't for spying guys?"

"Mind control!" Aqualad frowned. "Red Arrow going rogue, might just be a wild goose chase after all."

"Or maybe he was only one to avoid getting tagged and they want us to hunt him down for them!" Wally realized, growing angry at the idea that they were going to use him to hunt down his friend.

"We need to find him."

"The entire League could be compromised hell the entire League likely is compromised, Red Tornado likely had some kind failsafe that shut him down if he tried to betray the league after last time."

"Zatanna with me Artemis and Superboy."

"Wait we might need her to check out who else might be ….infected." Shazam pointed out.

"But if Roy- Red Arrow is infected we need her to tell us." Aqualad responded, understanding the point, so far only Zatanna could sense whatever infected the League meaning she was their most valuable member.

"The league doesn't have any members currently capable of real magic, call Zatanna if it necessary." Robin pointed out.

"We need to check on the various magical institutions in the world, I can get to Dumbledore and tell him to set the school into lock down."

"Dreamer you remain here, I want an illusion over every entrance to the cave anyone who comes in should see nothing out of place." Aqualad ordered the new god who nodded, she placed the tips of her fingers over her temples and her eyes flashed pink.

"Done." she confirmed.

"Alright everyone come here." Shazam said and lightning started to dance in the palm of his hand. "Zatanna do you think you can share that magical signature with me?"

"Maybe with Dreamer and M'gann's help." she said unsure considering it. Dreamer put her hands on the side of Zatanna's head and her eyes glowed pink.

Shazam growled and barely managed to stop himself from saying aloud what he growled mentally. "KLARION!"

"What?" Zatanna asked confused.

"That magic belongs to Klarion, I would recognize it anywhere."

"That must be why she could sense it." Aqualad noted. "Her body gained a sensitivity to his magic after the Incident."

Shazam zapped all of them with his lightning, striking them on the wrist leaving various symbols on their wrists. "So long as you bear that mark and are not infected with Klarion's magic you can enter the rock of eternity." he explained.

"And what are these?" Starfire asked pointing at the other marks.

"They tell you if one of the others have been infected in their mark goes silver it means they have been infected."

"Wise." Aqualad agreed it would be good to know if he was coming back to an ambush. "Radio silence unless it is by telepathy." he reminded them as he left.

"Robin?" Starfire asked as she waited for him to finish hacking the system to hide their activities. He had previously made a program that would set a bunch of footage on loop that had been carefully edited to make it look like it was happening in real time.

"Done." the boy wonder confirmed. "We are clear." he finished aloud.

"We need to find a body to place Red tornado in, the problem is hardware not software." he noted and Starfire looked up at the porthole leading to Red Tornado's room.

"There is another one up there." she told them, remembering the little adventure she, Superboy and M'gann had trying to find out what exactly he had hidden up there.

"So why does Red tornado have a human looking body?" Flame asked as they began uploading the Android's software into a new body.

"According to friend android he wanted to learn what it was like to be human." Starfire said remembering his explanation of learning about human interaction.

"So he made this to party? Strange." Rocket said before suddenly the Zeta-tube flared to life. (Recognized Black Canary 13)

"Rocket bubble her!" Robin ordered as he threw a gas bomb at the Super Heroine. The gas bomb went off and a moment later one of Rockets bubbles sprang to live around the super heroine trapping her in the cloud of gas.

"Bubble her?" Rocket asked turning back to the boy wonder once Black Canary collapsed from the knockout gas.

"What would you call it?" Robin retorted moving towards the heroine and pulling out a pair of handcuffs and rope. As he began to tie her up he noticed something was wrong with her wrists, besides the fact that she was wearing long sleeves something she never did.

"I do not think that is normal." Beatrice said looking at the pulsing red veins.

"A Bio scan shows an organism similar to Mr. Mind's mind control agent but his causes blue veins and they are much more noticeable." these were faint unless you were up close you would dismiss them as a trick of the light but it was quite clear right now.

"Why did they send her?" Ice maiden asked causing everyone to look at her in surprise. She blushed and looked down. "Well if they were expecting the whole team to be here shouldn't they have sent Captain Marvel or Superman?" she pointed out.

Green Flame's eyes widened. "So either it is imperfect or-"

"Or she is just the first wave." Robin finished catching on. "We need to leave now."

"Correct." they wiped around and saw Red Tornado in his more human body sitting up as the download finished. "The entire league has been compromised and we must leave now. The cave is no longer safe. We must evacuate the cave now." he intoned in his usual monotone voice but there was a noticeable tone of caution as well.

"We can use the supercycle to track superboy without letting the league track us." Starfire said slipping into a more combat oriented mentality. "But we would need a safe place to go."

"How about the Rock of Eternity." Shazam suggested flying back into the room. "I warned Dumbledore, Hogwarts has gone into lock down." the old man had been confused until Shazam mentioned that Klarion had been involved then understanding entered his eyes and the powerful wizard locked down the entire place.

"Are you sure?" Robin asked

"Trust me that place has held up to more powerful forces then Klarion." Shazam insisted as walked past he felt Robin slip something into his hand. Only once he was out of sight did he open it. 'Watch tornado.' was all it said. Shazam looked up and nodded at Robin in understanding.

Done so I had originally planned to go all the way to the end but realized that wasn't feasible.

Also to be clear they don't trust red tornado because they don't know if whatever is controlling him is really gone so they are a bit suspicious.

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