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Naruto sputtered in response to her declaration. He didn't expect that from her at all, he honestly hadn't thought about how Tayuya and him looked going into this place. Had they looked like a couple? They were walking side by side, did Ino see them interact outside? No, she couldn't have, she was surprised to see him for at least a split second before she made that statement. And even then, they were only talking, that isn't weird is it?

The Yamanaka heiress eyed up the offending girl. She didn't look bad, she looks pretty tight, and kind of familiar too, she is wearing a black crop top that stopped just above her belly button with red shorts. Ino placed a hand on her hip as her eyes went to the girls face, where she met the girl's gaze. They both are studying each other it seems. The other girl smirked, Ino frowned. Even if the girl isn't bad looking, hot, one would say, Hinata is way hotter. "You could do better." She finally said returning her gaze to Naruto who is blushing up a storm, definitely caught. Maybe she could use this to her advantage, she has always won-

"Ino." She sighed at the interruption by her boyfriend. Sai stood from the chair behind the counter. He didn't believe Naruto would cheat on Hinata, there has to be an explanation, he would tell the girl of course if Naruto indeed was, the girl is nice and doesn't deserve that, he would even provide a shoulder to cry on if need be.

"I'm just saying." She started with a shrug, still eyeing Naruto, she smirked at him. "I know Hinata doesn't put out much probably." She stated confidently, watching as his mouth started gaping like a fish at her, this encouraged her of course. "But don't you think, that" She waved her hand in Tayuya's general direction. "Is a bit of a downgrade?" Her face scrunched up in disapproval. "Like, talk about desperate." She continued amused. He couldn't honestly be that desperate, have you seen Hinata lately? Sure the girl was weird when they were kids and wore too much, still does. But now at least, she has filled out in all the right areas, there isn't a jacket big enough to hide her tits. And she's beautiful even by Ino's standards which are extremely high.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, bitch?" Tayuya retorted hotly, trying to restrain herself from kicking the girl's ass. She has figured this bitch definitely isn't the girlfriend, and on the scale of bitchiness from one to Sasuke, she is definitely making a run at Sasuke tier.

The heiress glared at the red head, obviously not liking being called that term. "I'm not cheating on Hinata." Naruto finally found his voice to deny the accusation. Ino's eyes returned to his, he could see the skepticism in them, he sighed.

"Right?" She replied rolling her eyes in disbelief. Sai left the counter and went to stand by his girlfriend. His stare only on Naruto the whole way, he then looked at the other girl, she didn't look bad, attractive really. Though, he would have to agree with his girlfriend, Hinata is definitely better looking, his eyes went to her chest, and Hinata definitely has way bigger breast. So yes, this would indeed be a downgrade, of course he's sure that this could all be a misunderstanding. His eyes went back to her face, she is looking at him with a arched eyebrow, 'whoops, caught.' He thought whilst giving what he hoped is a sheepish smile.

'Is this guy for real?' Tayuya thought looking over the guy quickly, he is wearing exactly what Ino is, her nose scrunched up. She prefers her men to have a bit more muscle, kind of like Naruto, and ruggedly handsome, kind of like Naruto, the pretty boy look just doesn't do it for her. Her eyes quickly scanned the man's crotch area before looking away, and definitively no bulge down there, or did she have to try and look harder for it? She snorted to herself, with how tight those pants are, she really shouldn't have to. And the guy is so pale, Looks like a ghost! Pass.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" Naruto asked, looking at Ino curiously. Sure, she is indeed a bitch, like he said before, she rubs off the most from Sasuke. But at the very least, he would like to think she would believe him better then to cheat on his very loving girlfriend, and for her not putting out? What does she know? Nothing. He didn't need her to put out like some wanton girl, he loves her the way that she is!

"Surely you know how this looks Naruto San." Sai stated flatly, looking at his old teammate intensely, he didn't want his girlfriend making this situation worse by possibly goading the pair, he knows she can be a hand full, in more ways then one, but they didn't need to know that part. Naruto looks confused now. "This is Konoha Spring Resort." He repeated the name of his workplace, hoping to clue the blonde in, then he sighed, this is Naruto, he'd probably have to give him more then a clue. He knows that sounds harsh, but the blond hasn't always been the sharpest.

"It's a spa, right?" The red head said in a matter of fact way before Naruto could say anything.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?" Sai asked, looking at her with a smile, he could feel his girlfriends, eyes on him, he looks to her, she rolls her eyes at him before looking away. Sai looked back to the girl who now has a hard stare aimed at him, scrutinizing him with her gaze. She looks very enticing staring at him like that.

"Tayuya." She replied curtly.

He nodded, the name not at all familiar to him. "Well, Tayuya, you are right that this is a Spa.." He started, sighing, then looked at Naruto. "But this is also a couples retreat." Sai continued, watching as the blonde's eyes widened in shock. "It has resort in the name for a reason." He teased, trying to lighten the mood, failing of course. "This place is for couples to come, relax, maybe get to know each other more. Of course, individuals are welcomed as well." He added the last bit in a hurried way. Naruto is still looking shocked. "So you can see why we have this reaction to seeing you here with.." He paused, looking at the red head. "Tayuya." He finished, whilst trying to say her name smoothly.

Said red head looked at Naruto with a hint of amusement. "Your Hokage is definitely a asshole." She stated with a snort, when he still looked like he was stuck in shock, she looked back at the other two.

"What does Rokudaime Sama have to do with this?" Sai asked before his girlfriend could, she looked irritated but kept quiet at least.

"Well, he gave my.." She paused, the couple looked at her suspiciously. "Cousin here, two tickets to this place, we had no idea that the ass wipe was sending us to a couples spa." She finished with a shrug, not that she cared, maybe this could further her chances in getting in the guys pants.

'Cousin huh?' Ino thought, once again looking the girl over, then Naruto. No resemblance at all, that had to have been a bold face lie, and then the way she talked about the Hokage! Who does she think she is? "Tickets? May I please see them?" Sai asked, looking at Naruto who recovered from his shock, the blonde nodded before walking up to his friend whilst digging in his pocket and bringing out the tickets, he handed them to Sai.

The ink master separated them then looked them over, front then back. "Oh wow, this is definitely something the Hokage would be able give." He stated idly, not noticing the confused stares from the three others in the lobby. "You are granted full access to any of the services we provide. And it's a two day stay granted, with three if wanted." He finished, finally looking up to meet Naruto's angry stare, he is taken aback, not expecting that.

'That rat bastard!' He totally expected me to come here with Sasuke and work out our issues. That bastard better hope he doesn't run into him cause with all his scheming and this whole bullshit situation, he might actually maim the old pervert! He's sure Hinata would help him too.. Shit, that's right, he still has to tell his girlfriend all of this! Dammit, what a whole that has been dug for him, or has he dug this hole? Three sets of eyes watched him while he has his inner turmoil.

"Naruto." He heard Sai's voice, he refocused his eyes on him, trying to hide the conflict on his face. "I sense the tension and the turmoil radiating off you, perhaps you need to relax, maybe a massage?" He suggested softly, even if the blonde is one of the strongest shinobi, nothing beats a relaxing deep tissue full body massage, his girlfriend just so happens to have the softest hands in Konoha, not factually proven of course, he can only go off of personal experience, and they are definitely magnificently soft.

"That's exactly what he needs." Tayuya chirped before he could say anything, he frowned at her. "He has been tense ever since that other girl." She added vaguely, obviously talking about his situation with a certain raven haired girl.

"Talking about Sasuke I would assume?" Ino spoke, gaining a curious look from Naruto, and confused one from Tayuya. "Sakura." She replied, a look of understanding came from Naruto before he narrowed his eyes at her in confusion, the other girl still looked confused. "Forehead is my bff and tells me everything, she told me about Sasuke and two other girls, I'm assuming this," She paused to once again wave her hand in the red head's direction. "Is one of the other girls you now live with?" She asked, looking at Tayuya in a new light. Maybe the Uzumaki isn't cheating, but if they were related, wouldn't that have been something Sakura would have noted? Something isn't adding up here. Or they just didn't tell Sakura that part? Would be odd, she would introduce people as her family members straight out, then their names.

Naruto looked at Ino with a hard stare. "If you knew my situation, why did you give me such a hard time a couple minutes ago?" He asked, slightly irritated. If she knew his predicament or at least part of it, why was she being a bitch and assuming he was cheating with Tayuya? If she was suspecting who she was? Why not ask to confirm that suspension instead of jumping to conclusions! His eyes narrowed even more.

The blonde frowned. "She didn't tell me" She pointed at Tayuya. "How the girls living with you looked." She assured, holding an staring contest with the other blonde. And she has to admit, she is kind of turned on. What? Naruto is very attractive, in a ruggedly handsome way, she likes pretty boys better, however, she can appreciate the opposite if that makes sense. Add that on top of the intensity he is showing to her right now, yeah, she's getting very hot and bothered. It's something to do with the stare, she's kind of into it.

"Now guys." Sai started, breaking their little staring contest. Naruto looked at him while his girlfriend was still looking at his friend. "This is a place to relax, and Naruto, it would seem you really need to relax today." He talked softly, smoothing over the tense atmosphere in the room with his cool voice, or at least he is trying. He put his hand on Ino's shoulder, who visibly relaxed. "She just so happens to be our best masseuse." He said confidently, smiling wide, obviously happy with that fact.

Tayuya frowned, not at all liking the idea of this bitch touching Naruto. "Does she have to be the one to do it?" She asked with a edge to her voice. She wasn't jealous that blonde would touch Naruto, envious really, she just didn't like Bitch girl number two.

Said bitch raised an eyebrow at that, a slight smirk forming on her face. Naruto also looked at Tayuya curiously, a little surprised at her objection. "Afraid so, the other masseuse is already in a room with someone." Sai informed, also looking at the frowning lady curiously. "Would you like a massage as well, you seem tense." He asked, kind of suggestive.

"Um, I think she wanted to use you guy's sauna." Naruto answered curtly, which surprised everyone present in the room. He frowned at Sai, looking at him intensely while trying to discern the tone of his previous statement, a little killer intent leaked at the Ink master.

"O-of course.." He agreed, sounding a bit startled, perhaps the blonde was related to the girl after all, only family members got that protective, and of course, most significant others as well. Sai gave his old teammate an nervous smile. "Well, if you will then," He turned to look at Ino and gave her a nod. "Follow Ino, she will lead you to the changing rooms." He said whilst Ino gave a slight bow then left.

"Changing rooms?" Naruto asked, but had to hurriedly follow Ino cause it didn't look like she was gonna wait on them. Tayuya gave Sai a look when she passed by him, he nodded at her, which prompted her to give him a finger salute, she heard the Ink master snort as the guy returned to his desk duties.

When they caught up to Ino, Naruto couldn't repeat his question fast enough as she turned a corner, "The changing room is that door on the middle right." She said, pointing at the door. "I have to go set up the massage room real quick, it'll only take me about five minutes." She finished then started to walk past them.

Naruto grabbed her arm, she looked at him surprised. "Would you slow down.." He ordered while maintaining intense eye contact, she narrowed hers at him. He let her go, she shifted out of his reach. "I have a few questions, ok?" He asked, she signed, then nodded. "First, why are there changing rooms?" Was his first question. He's pretty sure he has never been to a massage place like this, but he has been to a sauna... That's pretty much get naked, put on a towel and go get sweaty. At least, that's how he did it. "Two, Is that door there," He pointed to the door on the left just a little further along then the door Ino had pointed to. "The men's changing room." He finished. "And final, why are you in a hurry all of a sudden." He asked suspiciously with a stern look.

"Yeah." Tayuya chirped in agreement. The girl basically ran down that hall, like if they didn't immediately follow her, she would have left them behind. Tayuya has never been a tour guide, but she would think guiding 101 would be, make sure the people you are guiding are with you. Hell, training even, you can't move on to teaching new techniques and your pupils still can barely kick a can properly. The red head shook her head at Ino.

Ino sighed. "That's right, this is you guy's first time here." She said to herself, looking down at the floor then up at Naruto. "I am not the one that usually guides people to the rooms, you see. She is off sick today so I am doing her job." She said uncertainly, Naruto gave her a look while crossing his arms. "I usually work pretty fast, sorry about that." She apologized, which seemed almost genuine. "As far as the changing rooms, there is only one, that room on the left is storage for extra supply's and equipment, and it is double locked." She finished, adding that last part with a smirk, obviously something happened in the past for that door to need that. "Al-

"Only one changing room?" Naruto Interrupted, looking confused. If the old sauna place's he went to with Jiraiya had been coed and also had only one changing room, the pervy sage would have had a field day with his so called 'research'.

"Well, yea.." Was her simple answer. He gave her a look once again, she returned it, did he really expect her to clarify? She growled. "You know we receive mostly couples. Them, along with Individuals usually have appointments that work around being here with any one else. And the people are usually of higher class. " She explained, unintentionally looking at Tayuya on that last part. Naruto is next in line to be Kage, that's literally top of any social ladder. But his little friend here, unless she's actually Naruto's relative, she isn't up to this places standard.

"Oh, so this place only receives snobs, is that it?" Tayuya asked, frowning now. "And by the way, for a fancy spa place, it sure is empty, most be doing pretty bad, buisness wise." She noted.

Ino shrugged. "This place isn't cheap to enter." Was her simply answer. "Now if that's the end of the questions." She wondered while staring at Naruto, he gave her a sheepish smile. "I'll be back in five minutes then." She said with a bow, then turned and walked down the corridor and made a left down another.

"Grr what a bitch.." Tauyuya groaned as she made her way to the changing room door. Naruto following behind her. "I mean she had to obviously have been talking about me with that class bullshit, I bet this place is tanking." She complained as they stopped in front of the door.

As she was about to open it. "Hold on." Naruto said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. "Sign, there on the door." He directed her with a nod of his head.

She followed, and sure enough, there is a sign on the door. It reads, 'For Used lockers, keep open.' It said. "Well that's not asking for people stuff to get stolen." She snorted as she opened the door.

The duo are immediately met with a grainy wall with direction arrows. Left for singles, right for couples. "Well, obviously we're a couple." Tayuya joked looking back at Naruto with a cheeky smile. The blonde frowned, she nudged him. "Get it? Cause we are a pair... of people?" She tried to explain her joke, no response. 'Tough crowd'.

"You should go in first." He said instead, looking at her with a serious expression.

Tayuya sighed, "We've already wasted like almost 2 minutes out here messing around.." She informed, giving him a serious stare herself. "Look, I won't even look your way when you are changing, deal?" She finished whilst extending her hand out for Naruto.

He chuckled at that, but she really has been... different today. Naruto sighed but then shook her hand. "Deal." He agreed. "And yes, I'd say we fit the couple bill right now." He finally responded to her joke, giving her a light smile as he walked past her and made a right.

"Right? Cause we are two people, and two things make a couple!" She explained again as she followed behind him. She heard give a 'Nice' as he stepped into the couples changing area. "Not bad." She agreed once she saw it as well.

On either side of them were rows of black lockers with the doors being gold. On the far side wall from them were two doors, left one has 'Bathroom' on it while the right has 'couple's showers'. He would guess the bathrooms had to be connected with the singles. "These lockers are huge." He heard Tayuya say as she opened one with a click. He turned to look at her. "Here" She said as tosses some type of key to him.

He caught it "What's this?" He asked, looking at it. The lockers are indeed big. But this key is too think for the lockers.

"For this." She pointed at the large wooden box melded to the inside of the locker at the bottom. "I'mma guess we put our clothes into this thing and other valuables." She said, opening the the box. "Definitely enough space." She then looked up at the robes hanging. "And here I was wondering what the fuck we were gonna change into. " She jested while reaching out to feel one of the robes. Both are blackish gray with gold trimming and 'Silk.', this place definitely is fancy. Their sauna has to be top notch then. That thought has her brimming with anticipation.

Without warning, Tayuya backed up then turned away from Naruto then starting to undress.. He cleared his throat. "I'm not facing you, might wanna hurry, bitch number two could be back any second now." She informed as she slid off her shorts, she noticed out the corner of her eye as she retrieved them off the ground that the blonde was still dressed fully AND facing her. "Really?" She asked. She didn't mind being stared at by him, quite flattering really, but... "Thought we had a deal!" She reminded, still not facing him, she removed her top next, and besides she had panties on, he didn't get that much of a eyeful, yet.

"Technically, the deal was you couldn't look my way." He retorted with a smirk. "Kit?" He heard Kurama ask surprised, he blocked the fox off immediately.

"Wow." Tayuya gasped, looking back at him slightly, just in time as Naruto begun to undress, pulling off his shirt first, she looked away from him quickly. She smirked. "Surprised you had that in you, but" She stopped as her hands went for the waistband of her panties. "Better be careful of the game you play." She remarked coyly as she bent over, sticking out her butt making sure Naruto had a good view then slowly started sliding down her panties.

Naruto who just got done pulling off his shirt, was left with his mouth gaping as he saw her pink glistening lips. She raised back up then stepped out of them, also pulling off her shoes. Then once again bending over to get both, giving Naruto a second helping. Smirking, she reached back and put a hand on her ass cheek then pulled. Naruto gulped at seeing her lips part, letting him see slightly into her tunnels. Her bits looked so small, so... tight.

Tayuya raised back up then put her clothes neatly to a side in the box. Once she was done with that, she grabbed the robe that was obviously smaller, she turned to Naruto who was still looking at her. She smiled at him, his eyes went down to her chest. She put her robe on. "Don't play games pimp daddy, you might win prizes you don't want sometimes.." She said with a seductive edge to her voice. "Or maybe you do want the prize, either way" Her eyes went down then quickly up to meet his. "Don't beat little big Naruto up to bad pimp daddy, I'll be waiting out side." She finished, then she turned and left the room.

Naruto let out a breathe once she was gone, he could finally feel his raging boner pressing painfully into his pants. He has clear imagines of her pussy in his head, his cock twitched. Could he... Naruto shook the thought away, taking deep breathes trying to redirect where his blood is currently concentrated. "Don't beat up little Naruto she said." He mocked, looking down as he unzipped his pants to free himself. He just might have to. Why did he choose to toy with her?

Few minutes later

Ino and Tayuya finally heard the door open. "Finally, what took you so long." Ino groaned angrily as he stepped out. She glared at him whilst Tauya was giving him a knowing smile, even made a wanking gesture, just outside of Ino's view.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at them both, then sighed. He couldn't very well say. 'I was waiting for my dick to go soft.'... Could he? But then Ino would wonder why it was hard in the first place wouldn't she? "I had to use the bathroom." Is what he settled on, Tayuya snorted loudly. Ino gave her a confused look.

"Well ok, we will be passing by the Sauna on the way to the massage room." She informed, not wanting to know what took him so long on the toilet. "So if you will, follow me." She said then once again, started walking without making sure they were following.

"This is the sauna." Ino said as they stopped in front of a large doorway that had steam coming out of it. She turned slightly, she pointed right into the door way. "You enter that way, that's where fresh body towels are." She then pointed to left. "You leave coming out that way, should be multiple towel rails for used towel to hang on." She finished, looking at Tayuya.

Said girl nodded. "Simple enough." She responded as she made her way into the Sauna. She heard bitch two say. 'Follow me' , she pushed back the thought of that bitch having her hands all over Naruto, getting his cock hard most likely. Maybe she'd even ask for a ride. Tayuya shook away the thought. Sure enough, fresh towels were indeed here folded neatly, the side you are suppose to leave on has silver rails to hang the towels on.

They are empty, so she either is the first here or someone is still in there, she'd reckon she's the first here. She took off her robe then went to grab a towel.. Then she noticed they are separated by size.. Big, medium and small.. 'Obviously I want medium for comfort, large would be to big and small..." She grabbed one.. "Couldn't properly tie around my body." She put the small towel back down and grabbed the medium then wrapped it securely around her body. 'Perfect' She moaned.

"Now where do I put this darn robe." She wondered aloud as she looked around for any where to hang it. "Honestly, this place is quite confusing, no separated rooms for guys and girls, so two different people or couples can totally eye fuck each other while changing." She noted while picking up her robe then walking to the exit rails and throwing it up. She shook her head, that's one thing this place does not do better then cheaper spa's, privacy. She could only imagine how it would be if this place was having a busy day.

She shook the thought away as she made her way to the sauna.. "Hold on.." She said to herself... The hall leading out of the changing separate going two different directions. One side leads to a hot springs? And other side, the sauna of course. "Holy shit, this place really is fancy." She looked down that the way of the spring. She was really looking forward to the sauna, but she has plenty memory of enjoying those... But a hot spring? That's a upgrade. Without a second though, she made her way down the corridor to the hot spring. Mid way through, she noticed the floor shift from the regular smooth tiles to some type of dark rock marble that felt good on her feet actually.

"Amazing!" She gasped as she walked in view of the spring and it looked just like you would imagine. Steamy clear water, with a beautiful scenery of rock formation, with a small waterfall, did she mention it was humongous? "Hell, now I wonder who the fuck owns this place." She thought aloud whilst testing the water. It is warm. She realized the other side was quite steamy, so it probably was hotter on that side. And looking down at the water, she could see that it was deep enough to swim in. Tayuya couldn't resist anymore, she tore off her towel and threw it to the side then dived into the spring.

She swam all the way to the other side and sure enough, it got hotter. "Now that's fucking more like it." She moaned as she made her way to the edge then relaxed her back onto the rocks. She moaned in pleasure. " I just might fall in love with this place." She said to her self. The only sound she could hear was the sound of the small waterfall. the steam on this side slightly obscured her view but she could still see the other side. She signed. All alone in this big hot spring, she wondered how many couples got freaky in here. She is still surprised at the stunt Naruto pulled earlier.

She smirked, she was sure he took those extra few minutes to abuse his cock. 'Had to use the toilet my ass.' She snorted aloud. He had to know she would take that as a open invitation.. She should have used his card on him.. 'Naruto, no, bad Naruto.' She continued thinking, amusing herself. Also the time she held his erect member in her hand came to mind, so big. He would destroy her so good. Tayuya moaned at the thought. He has loosened up around her, why else would he openly stare at her like that. She just needs to get him to somehow act.. Well she could act, he just needed to let her.

Before her lewd thoughts could continue, she heard a surprised gasp. Tayuya looked up and spotted a figure standing near her robes, obviously feminine with that curvy build, but you never know. "Hey." She greeted loudly.

"You're naked?" The figure asked. Definitely a girl with that sweet voice.

Tayuya raised an eyebrow. "You can notice that from all the way over there?" She asked suspiciously. The girl pointed to her discarded towel. 'Oh that's right.' "Well I figured this place is empty so I thought it was ok to do a little skinny dipping." She gave a little white lie. She took that towel off cause she wanted to feel the water directly on her skin, plus she couldn't control herself.

'It usually is today." The figure responded.

"You know, I can barely hear you, why don't you come over and relax with me. " Tauyya said honestly, she could barely hear the girl. "I won't bite." She added in jest hoping to ease the girls nerves.

It worked. "Do you want me to bring your towel?" The girl asked, voice louder.

"Nah." Was the simple response. Tayuya then watched as the girl slowly lowered herself into the spring then walked to her side. Once she was in better view. "Wow." Tayuya gasped aloud, this girl is hot. And her tits were almost falling out of the towel, she had to hold that part together. She has weird eyes tho, white or is that gray with a slight hue of pink? or is that purple? "Are sure you have the right size towel?" She asked still eyeing the chick as she sat on the edge one top of the works to the side of her, only her feet in the water.

The girl blushed. "Y-yes I'm sure, there are only three sizes, this is a large." She informed.

She snorted in response. "Damn girl you have tits for days then." She let out with a laugh. She could see the girl turn red, in embarrassment or anger? Could be both. "I mean, what I wouldn't do to have a pair like that, I bet you can get all the men you want." She continued, the girl looked at her with uncertainty. "I mean damn, I bet you can't go anywhere without being stared at or hit on." She added on to the girls embarrassment.

"T-that's why I only come here on this day." The girl said, trying to calm herself. Tayuya gave her a curious look. "Today it's one of the appointment days so it's very slow... or empty as you put it." The girl explained, looking at Tayuya, her blush finally going away. "Ino is my friend and knows that..." She paused for a second. "That I'm sorta shy with my body so she makes sure I am as comfortable as possible when I am here." She finished, giving a slight smile.

Never mind the Ino part, nothing will convince the redhead the girl isn't a total bitch like Sasuke., but what got her is... "You're shy? with a body like that?" She guffawed disbelievingly. Did this girl expect her to believe that?

The girl started fiddling with her fingers. "You sound just like Ino and Sakura now.." The girl retorted shyly.

'So this girl know Sakura as well?' She thought looking at the girl in a new light, but she isn't anything like Ino or Sakura. "I bet your boyfriend can't keep his hands off of you," She looked at the girl, puzzled. "You do have one right?" She asked instead of voicing out her thoughts.

"Yes, and we touch as much as we need too." The girl responded with confidence with a hint of something else.

Was that slight disappointment in her voice? "Sounds to me that your boyfriend doesn't touch you as much as you would like..." She retorts, then giving a grin. "Maybe with his penis?" She asked with new edge to her voice.

The girl gasped at the boldness of the question. "Uh.. oh.. we hav..." The girl stopped herself, not wanting to reveal that type of information.

But that was just enough for Tayuya. "Oh you guys haven't even bumped uglies yet?" She asked, the girl shook her head. "Wow no wonder you come her, you probably want him all up in your loins, right?" She questioned. The girl visibly reddened, but gave a quick nod. "And he stops it? And also let me guess, he's the one with experience?" She asked, starting to feel like a detective.

The girl gave Tayuya a surprised look, bingo, right on the head. The girl nodded. "Sounds to me like you need to take matters into your own hands tits." She continued turning to look straight ahead.

"Tits.." The girl responded giving a disapproving look.

Tayuya looked back to her. "And that's way your boyfriend is afraid take a step into heaven with you, you're too shy." She informed, giving the girl a hard stare. "You need to have a bit more confidence in yourself." The girl couldn't disagree there, if she was gonna 'take matters into her own hand', she needed to be confident on her own. "Here, let's start... Stop holding the towel up." She ordered.

"W-what?" The girl responded shocked by the order.

"You heard me." She asserted, giving a expectant look. "Let the girls loose." She said it in a different way hoping to relax the girl. She could see the girl relaxing but still holding the towel up. "Think about it as just going for broke and grabbing your man's junk and taking what you desire." She added hoping that it helped.

"Taking what I desire?" The girl repeated with a sigh, then gulped. She let go of the towel. Her ample chest immediately popped out.

Tayuya smirked, looking at the hard pink nipples of the big chested girl. "Now that isn't so bad is it?" She asked, giving the girl a reassuring smile."But that was the equivalent of taking out his dick and sucking it." She said sternly.

The girl's eyes bulged out at such lewd words being used. "Now remove the towel and lower yourself into the water." She ordered. The girl looked at her. "This part would be you lowering yourself onto his massive cock... is his cock big?" She asked crossing her arms.

"Very.. very big." Was her answer. Tayuya hummed, The girl closed her eyes as she slowly lowered herself into the water whilst removing the towel. Moaning in pleasure as she relaxed and the towel floated away.

"Not bad at all is it?" The girl heard the red head ask. She shook her head in agreement. "Now that we are better acquainted, what is your name if I may ask?" Tayuya asked giving the a genuine smile. The girl opened her eyes and looked at her.

"Hinata." She answered giving a smile of her own.

'Hinata..?' The red head eyes widened, the name bitch two said before. 'Is this...' Holy shit, it would make so much sense. This chick is stacked and hot as fuck. No wonder Sasuke hates her. If this is actually Naruto's girlfriend.. Ooh shit! And she's nice, so far.. And opposite of Sasuke, who is not shy and definitely not nice. "Are you ok?" Hinata asked, the red headed girl is staring at her with widened eyes, kinda odd.

"Are you Naruto's girlfriend?" She asked simply, staring at the girl in a brand new light, Hinata nodded. She beamed a wide smile at the girl. "Well Hinata, I'm Tayuya and I think you are my new best friend!"

"If you don't mind, remove the robe,and lay on your stomach, hands to the side, head on the pillow roll." Ino ordered as she sanitized her hands then went to retrieve her massage oil. She wondered slightly which one she should use. She is curious about him, could she do that to Hinata? Yes, but did she want to? She isn't gonna lie to herself, that's a yes too. She grabbed the sensitivity oil. She sniffed the air, plus everything is already in place, she wondered how long he would last.

When she turned, she noticed he still had the robe on and hadn't even moved. "What?" She asked, studying him.

Naruto gave her a sheepish smile whilst scratching the back of his head. "Well.. you see.." He started, looking down then back up at her. Instead of talking he just pointed down, hoping that clued her in. She looked confused now. "Do you have a towel in here so I may cover myself?" He asked.

"Oh, I do that part." She informed, Naruto looked shocked at that what she said. "I have been working her for a year now, so I have seen my fair share of dong Naruto, so it's ok, I know the uneasiness you are feeling right now." She added sincerely. She still remembers the first guy she had to massage, some old guy who was all to eager to get naked. Old shriveled balls and cock, that guy still got hard though.

"Sai is ok with that?" The other blonde inquires looking slightly disgusted. Not at her for doing her job, but that Sai is completely fine with it. His disgusted face slowly went away though as his situation worked his way into his head, could he say he was any different, does Sai even know what happens in this room?

Ino smiled. "Me and Sai have a.." A mischievous look made it's way on her face. "Special kind of relationship." She said with a teasing tone.

"Special?" Naruto asked, looking puzzled. He also noticed a pink hue appear on cheek, and do massage rooms usually smell like this? It's a sweet honey smell.

She sighed. "You could say, our relationship is open if you will." She informed. Now, Naruto wasn't a expert in these things but he atleast knows what that means, he looked at her with his mouth agape. "It was his idea really, he has more of drive if you know what I mean.." She added nonchalantly with a shrug.

Naruto's mouth closed. "So you two.." She nodded, already knowing where that one was headed. "With other people?" He still asked. She nodded again whilst putting a hand on her hip. Naruto let out a nervous laugh, he could never, ever see himself in such a relationship.. But was his situation that far off from theirs, at least they are honest with each other.

"I technically haven't done anything with other people if you don't count what happens in this room." She added hurriedly. She didn't want him thinking she was a slut. He just stared at her. "I hope that eases your worries just a little.. I'll even turn around." As she finished that statement, Ino faced her whole body away from Naruto.

"Remember, lay on stomach, also, you might want to also face your penis downward, we shouldn't be on your back for too long." She said as she hooked the oil into her side pouch. "Tell me when you are settled." She added.

Naruto let out a breathe as he lied stomach first on the cushion mat, then angled his penis downward, he didn't get why he had to do this part, but she is the professional here or at least has the experience. It did ease his mind that Sai is ok with her massaging other people, it's odd. "Ready." He said finally.

'Game time.' She thought as she went her to the closet to retrieve a small towel, then turned toward the massage table. She gulped a little bit as she got closer, what would Sasuke do to her if she knew she was about to touch her man, what she has planned. Not really her man anyway. She looked at his butt when she was at the table, 'Definitely want to cover that, but first..' "You might want to spread your legs wider apart, I don't to scratch your inner thighs." She said seriously. He complied. She smiled instantly then leaned over him a just a little bit. 'Oh'.. "Are you already erected?" She asked bewildered, she hadn't even touched him yet.

"Uuuhh no?" He said, confused by her question.

He didn't sound too sure. 'That means he is.' Ino sighed, That explains why he was hesitate to take the robe off, hiding his hard on, no wonder I couldn't see it at first. "For your comfort, I'd say we move on to the front then, turn over.." She ordered as she turned her head. While also hovering the towel over his nether regions. "I have my head turned looking at your feet. Just tell me when to lower the towel." She asked.

Naruto once again complied, she is looking at his feet. Why did she think he was hard? He looked at her, that's odd, if she has so much experience with this, she should be able to tell if he is hard or not. "How should I angle my penis now?" He asked, he couldn't help but add a little playfulness to his tone.

"What do you mean?" She asked, confused now herself. Last time she checked, you couldn't angle a hard cock anywhere but straight. "Your penis is erected Naruto, I'm pretty sure it can only point one way." She said as if she needed to teach a dude how his penis worked, and she knows Naruto has gotten his wet multiple times.

He snorted, "Pretty sure it's not." He chortled, he looked at his member, definitely not hard, not even a semi.

'What?' She was pretty sure it was hard. Curiosity got the better of her, slowly, she turned her head and moved the towel. Her eyes bulged. It wasn't hard... it just sitting to side, just a long and thick, flaccid, cock. 'What the fuck..' She has seen some pretty nice cocks working here, but always when erected. This one.. Wow, how big is this thing fully erected? Hell, did Hinata even know what she has to play with here. Did it just twitch.

One cannot say Ino isn't one of the most beautiful women in Konoha. And when she is just open mouth staring at your cock, how could anyone keep their cool? Well, their penis cool, maybe a monk, but Naruto is definitely not a monk.

Ino watched as his penis slowly grew to an enormous size. Once it was fully standing, her eyes slowly made their way up his body, lingering on his abs before finally settling on his face. He gave her another sheepish look. "Sorry, you were staring, couldn't help it.." He apologized sincerely.

"Naruto.." She started, catching her breathe, trying to calm herself, she is churning inside right now, could she even go back to Sai if she sat on this monster in front of her? No wonder Sasuke can't let him go. "You cock is the largest I ever seen." She complimented whilst giving it her attention, not just long, but so thick, he could do some real damage to a girl, this thing should be booked as a weapon.

Naruto was unsure what to do, it was like she was in a trance or something. "Thank you?" He said uncertainly. That was a compliment she gave him right?

"Don't thank me yet." She reprimanded softly before looking at him with new gleam in her eyes, one he knew very well, lustful. "I haven't even started your massage yet." She teased as her hand went to the zipper of her top piece. He gulped as she slowly pulled the zipper down while maintaining eye contact with him. Once it was down far enough, her ample breast exploded out of their confinement. Naruto couldn't believe it, he never thought he would ever see Ino doing this..

And Sai would be perfectly ok with it, what a odd thing. He watched as her hand went down to rest just above his penis on his pubic area. He didn't know why he wasn't stopping her, maybe it's the unresolved tension from earlier with Tayuya., or maybe he just might want to fuck Ino's brains out. Man if that old pervy sage could see him down, the man would be jealous and proud. Fuck, he couldn't really think straight right now for some reason, did he even want to?

Ino smiled as she directed her full attention back to his cock. He seems to be in the mood, was her thought as his tip was brimming with precum. She grabbed his cock at the base , it twitched violently, Naruto moaned at the contact. Ino grinned as she lowered her head to taste the monster. "Good thing Hinata is busy with our other masseuse, would hate for her to stumble into what I am about to do to you." She teased, then engulfed his tip into her mouth.

'Hinata... Other masseuse.' Naruto blinked. I can't let this happen. He quickly raised up and pulled her hair back, her mouth came off his tip with slurping, he ignored the feeling. He glared at her, noticing the saliva trail from his cock to her mouth.

She stared curiously at Naruto, but with one hand still on his cock, started jerking him off. "Not into the rough play, but I am open to new ideas." She joked seriously, then brought her other hand to work his tip, this hand has some of the sensitivity oil on it.

Naruto clenched his teeth together. She knows what she is doing, that's for sure. "You said Hinata is here?" He growled bringing his free hand to stop her hand that is jerking him at the base of his cock.

She grinned at him. "Of course she is, she comes here every week on this day, you didn't know?" She said while her one free continued to work his tip vigorously.

"And.." He stopped, he had to get out of her grasp or he was gonna explode. He quickly yanked her hair backwards causing her to step back, he quickly rolled off the mat to the side opposite of her. "You knew she was here the whole time?" He asked angrily once he was upright, why can't he barely think straight right now?

Without replying, Ino went for the zipper of her pants, Naruto grew wide eyed. "W-what are you doing?" He asked but couldn't look away as she pulled her pants down revealing a pink thong, he gulped as she stepped out of them then got on the table and laid on her back. "What are you doing?" He asked as he looked down at hrt, studying her bodym her body had a pink hue all over, old.

"Surely you have noticed the... aroma in this room." She said giving him a look as she spread her legs. Now that she mentions it, this room has been smelling about off. "It's a special scent that increases libido." She informed, he glared at her. "But it seems you have more self control then many other men, they get hard as soon as they enter, you also have such a huge cock, maybe it just took longer for your blood to build up." She jested. She does have the softest hands, but she also doesn't usually spend more then a couple minutes massaging, at least not ever since she got the scent.. And being in this room so long and being so horny after seeing his cock, the aroma has gotten to her and she can't help herself. She did say she works fast.

Naruto frowned, he could believe she would use such a thing... but couldn't believe she uses it on unsuspecting men, a mission and taking advantage of innocent men are completely different things. And she says Hinata comes here. "Did you do this to Hinata or.." His words failed him as the thought angered him greatly.

Ino blew out a breathe. "You could ask her yourself. usually she gets massaged then chills in the spring." She said, then looked at Naruto seductively. "Are gonna help me out, I'm all hut and bothered and very wet." She coed as she raised legs and slid off her panties.

Naruto stepped away from her and went to put his robe back on. his penis still very hard. "No wonder Hinata is always so frustrated, you won't use that cock of yours." He heard her say as he opened the door to leave. Curiosity got the better of him as he looked back at her, she has begun to pleasure herself, his penis twitched at the sight.

He quickly turned away, if what she said is true, he would find out right now, if Hinata is here, and if she is frustrated, he will correct that!

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