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"Nooo, Naruto Kun" A voice squealed.

This, Naruto, chuckled. "Oh come on Hinata Hime, you know I like touching your big soft tits." Naruto growled as continued to grope Hinata. She is currently under him, not exactly fighting him, but definitely squirming under his might.

Her blush deepened, his compliment obviously of her ample breast is both exciting her and caused her major embarrassment. Instead of responding this time, she simple squeezed her eyes shut as she let her Boyfriend molest her chest, it's not like she didn't like it anyway.

"Cat got your tongue babe?" He asked as his ran a finger over her hardened nipples, she whimpered, not replying still. "Tell me," He started while flicking the hard pebbles. "Do you wear these thin shirts to tempt me my Hime?" He asked, giving her boobs a tight squeeze then resumed assaulting her nipples.

She nodded, her eyes opening to look at him lovingly. "Yes, ever since you said you loved my bust size, I have had no desire to hide them from you Naruto Kun." She explained, her voice normal, despite the lidded eyes and blush. He'd have thought she'd sound more... seductive.. or hoarse like the other times, giving the look on her face. But nonetheless, he smiled at her answer, it's so freaking his Hinata, he loves this girl. Always thinking of him, unlike a certain Avenger.

His smiled turned into a mischievous smirk. "In that case, it's high time I got to see these beautiful mounds." He cued then gripped her thin shirt tightly. He was about to pull... then he stopped. Naruto looked up, he sniffed. "Someone cooking ramen?" He asked no one in particular. And not just any ramen either, his favorite, miso ramen.. Someone was about to make his day.

Then he remembered his girlfriend under him, the ramen can fucking wait. He looked down, he froze, his eyes widen in horror and somewhere deep in there, lust. "Well hi there big boy, you thought you could escape me by sleeping on the couch?" Sasuke said with a edge to her voice, then in a blink of an eye, she flipped Naruto and straddled him, pinning him down. Only then did Naruto notice her nakedness.. What the fuck? "Ready to be mine again?" She growled as she grabbed his shirt and ribbed it off of him, she was going to take him like she did way back then, and he would fucking enjoy it... like he did way back then..


-OOOO!" Naruto screamed while he sat up, his eyes widened, that was a dream?

"Uh?" He heard, he froze, then he heard a couple of giggles. "Seems the dobe had a nightmare." He heard Sasuke snicker. His eyes slowly went over to where he heard her voice.. She was sitting at his kitchen table, along with Karin and Tayuya, and they all are eating his fucking ramen.

"Oh I think it was more then a nightmare." The red spitfire said suggestively, she had got a good look at the bulge in his pants, he was packing some serious heat. Tayuya licked her lips. Not to mention, the guy was moaning and groaning while moving around. It doesn't take a genius to know what the Blonde was having a dream about.. That made Tayuya wonder if she had any part of it at all.

"W-why are you eating my ramen." Naruto asked forcefully as he stood from the crouch.. Then he instantly regretted it as he felt the strain of his erection against his pants, thank Kami he slept with all his clothes on or this situation could have been way worse... or way... No he didn't want to think about that.

All the girls stopped eating, their eyes wide as they stared at him, will his very apparent bulge.

"Well damn." Sasuke said, stopping mid chew, then resumed, not averting her gaze.

Karin blushed for the first time in what felt like forever, well a blush not being of a embarrassment or humiliation. This blush was of... excitement? She didn't know, she's never stared so openly at a man's cock area before like this.

The other red head in the room whistled. "That baby looks way bigger standing up, why don't you whip out the poor boy and let me help him out?" Tayuya said, her eyebrows wagging suggestively. She wasn't lying either, he looked way bigger standing up, she'd bet his cock was in serious pain right now.. She paused. 'Did it just twitch?' She thought then smirked knowingly, it did.

A growl was her response, Sasuke glowered at the red head. "Stop trying t-

"I''m gonna go take a shower." Naruto said abruptley, then ran into the hallway, into his/Sasuke's room, shutting and locking the door behind him, then hurried into the bathroom there. He shut the door and also locked it.

"Welp, we all pretty much know what he's gonna be doing in there." Tayuya said nonchalantly. He was probably going to bruise his poor cock from how hard she guessed he was about to jerk it. Though she wished she could help him, but she knows it's gonna take a lot more for her to get him to fuck her. Don't get her wrong, she would take him by force if need be, she has needs, and he has a nice piece, she won't hesitate given the chance, it's not like he wouldn't enjoy it.

The Uchiha stared at the entry way to the hallway. "I hope not to long." She grumbled then gazed at the clock. '12:45' it read. She was eager to go shopping, for various reasons. She looked down at the ramen that was still warm, for a multitude of reasons.

Nodding her head in agreement, Karin sighed as she got up to empty out her ramen, she didn't like the flavor of it. The blush that was on her cheeks not even a minute ago was only a small hue now, she chose not to think about Naruto masturbating in the shower.. The blush returned, to late.

Sasuke's head snapped to the loud mouthed red head suddenly, the girl had a deep blush on her face and a shit eating grin on her face. The slut was thinking about her man.. "You need to back the fuck off of Naruto."She growled at the red head. Even thought Hinata was the more serious competition, this red headed slut only made matters worse.

The girl snapped to attention, she blinked twice before fully processing what she had heard, she then glared at the Uchiha. "Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?" She roared back at the Raven haired girl. "And for fuck sakes, you saw the same damn bulge I saw, you can fucking share." She added. How stingy of the fucking bitch to think she can have all Naruto for herself.

The Uchiha's glare intensified, her right eye even threatening to change colors. "You are pushing it." Was the only thing she said, her hands clenched into fist. She would obliterate this girl if she has too, relative of Naruto or not.

Tayuya clicked her tongue as she sat back nonchalantly, not at all effected by the Uchiha's anger show. "Oh that's right, he's not even yours to share." She goaded purposefully, fuck this bitch and the horse she rode in on.

"I told you." She replied coldly, she was about to stand and then assault and possibly maim the red head slut until she felt hands on her shoulders. The Uchiha growled. "Karin, move away." Sasuke ordered not even looking back, her eyes focused solely on the other red head who was still glaring at her.

The other Uzumaki girl shook her head. "No, I think it's best that me and you go wait on the couch until Naruto San is out of the shower." She said, her voice low. Sasuke grunted her disagreement, beating the shit out of Tayuya seemed much more fun right now. "I'm sure Naruto San wouldn't like it if you destroyed his apartment and killed Tayuya." She added coolly, massaging her friends shoulders, hoping this helped calm her down, the last thing they needed right now was to kill someone within a day of being in Konoha.

The Raven haired girl had half the mind to tell her friend to fuck off. But then again realized she was right, if she was going to win Naruto back from the Hyuuga, she couldn't afford to kill the slut across from her, though, she doubted she would have damaged his apartment if she did decide to do so, leaving bloody remains of Tayuya scattered around isn't damaging his apartment, is it? Letting out a sigh, Sasuke got up and allowed Karin to guide her to the couch.

Tayuya watched them go over and sit on the couch. Not knowing whether to be relieved or not, she was sure she she couldn't take the girl in a fight, but she wasn't about to let that bitch walk all over her. She huffed.

15 minutes later

All the girls looked up as they heard the bedroom door open, then heard footsteps coming out of the hallway. Naruto emerged from the hallway looking refreshed and dressed in a black long sleeve shirt, orange pants, and black sandals.

"You were in there for like an hour.." Tayuya exaggerated, looking him up and down, the shirt was a nice fit on him, which means, she can make out the muscle definition a little, she's impressed. "I could have helped , would have been quicker.." She jested with a sigh, though that could also be true, she wouldn't have minded if he asked. Tayuya choose to ignore the glare she was sure she received from the Uchiha.

Naruto looked at the time. "I was in there for that long?" Naruto asked, blushing a bit, he had to handle himself in there. He's more then surprised Sasuke didn't try and follow him in, or Tayuya, giving how she is toward him.

A grunt was his response, Sasuke turned her glare to Naruto. "No, but you were in there long enough.." She said standing up to walk and stand in front of him, Karin following her, her head nodded in agreement to what her friend said.

The blonde looked at his old friend/enemy confused. 'What's got her all impatient?' He thought looking her in the eyes, her bangs covered her left side, hiding her 'special' eye, so basically he was looking in her right eye.

Instead of replying, the Uchiha crossed her arms under her chest, making his gaze drop only for a second. "I believe you are to take us shopping for clothes and other necessities." Karin explained for her friend/leader/master. She readjusted her glasses once she saw his eyes go to her.

"So you can talk?" Naruto asked with mock excitement, but he did look back to Sasuke. "I haven't went to Kakashi yet.." He informed, he didn't want to waste his own money if he didn't have to.

Sasuke sneered at that. "You're Naruto fucking Uzumaki." She stated exasperated., the blonde could buy out the Hyuuga compound if he wanted too, she highly doubted he even needed the Hokage's chump change to be their patron. "You're more then fucking loaded Naruto, and don't even try to lie and say you are not." She growled looking him up and down, sizing him up. Plus she doubts this place he has was cheap.

The girl still sitting at the table, Tayuya, her ears perked up at that. She was mildly following their little conversation until now. 'So we have a rich pimp eh?' She thought looking at Naruto. Sure, she kind of suspected he had heavy pockets, but the fact this villages Hokage planned to send him money to help be their patron,that had planted a seed of doubt on his wealth. She watched his face intently.

Naruto scowled at Sasuke. "My money and money I use on this mission is to be kept separate." He growled back.

The response was a loud snort. "Oh please. On top of the fact that it's Kakashi we are talking about should tell you everything." She laughed out, the blond looked at her confused, not entirely sure what she meant. She smirked at him. "Kakashi equals lazy. I highly doubt he even wrote a mission contract yet.. And I very highly doubt the money that he will send is going to be substantial enough to support us all." She said, at the end there, she gestured to herself, Tayuya, and Karin with a long wave. "Not to mention I'm sure he knows you are well stacked on your own." She added offhandedly.

Karin and Tayuya looked on, neither really knew the Hokage, so they'd let these two hash this out, for different reasons of course. One found it entertaining to watch someone other then herself argue with the Uchiha, the other figuring it's not her place to speak on something she isn't versed in.

Well, that made a little to much sense to him. Naruto sighed. His sensei is indeed lazy at the job, he'd hope that the mission he gave Naruto would hold enough priority that he would forgo his laziness for however long it took to write up a contract, but then again this is Kakashi, he'll get to it eventually if not now. That brings him to the other stuff she said, that would also be true to a point.. He could always ask to be provided with more money, but his Sensei knows Naruto's well off on his own, he could easily take care of Sasuke, karin, and Tayuya with his own money... But he didn't want to if he didn't have too. "Fine." He finally sounded, he would have too, at least until he saw how much money Kakashi would provide.

"Oh good, firstly.." A now hyper Sasuke chirped, her hands clapping together, she looked toward Karin then at Tayuya. "Do you want some kind of special food slut?" She asked the red head without glasses.

"Um, no Bitch girl san, I'm ok with ramen." Was her reply.

Ignoring the 'Bitch girl' comment, Sasuke looked back at Naruto, he sighed. "I want tomato soup. Then I want you to get tomato sauce and noodles, you know, the long ones in the pack, so I can make good ole tomato pasta, then of course you have to get actual tomato's." She informed with a wide grin, Naruto's nose scrunched up, he could just imagine the smell of that shit. "Don't make that face, you'll love it.." She said gleefully, she'd make him eat it if she had too. "As for Karin here, just get pancake mix, she'll do the rest." She finished.

His eyes flew to Karin, she likes pancakes? He didn't know why that surprises him, he'd thought she would like things Sasuke liked. He smiled a bit as his eyes went back to Sasuke, he knew he'd just love Karin if he could get her to talk more, or at least he thinks he would, aren't all quiet types nice? "You want me to go get this stuff now?" He asked while patting his pockets, he felt his wallet in the right one.

"No, you are coming with us, Clothes shopping, your clones are gonna go get the food." She informed, she didn't know why he was so... slow? The guy can make hundred of clones but still decided to do things one by one.

Tayuya smirked at that, her eyes going to Sasuke, she didn't like the girl very much but damn the bitch played that well.

"I am so not coming with your guys to clothes shop." He growled, that's the last thing he needed to go right now. What if Hinata caught him with three girls, taking them shopping? He couldn't begin to know how to explain things to her. Why couldn't he get a clone to do this part?

Instead of Sasuke responding, Tayuya finally spoke. "I quite like that idea Pimp daddy, you can tell me just what you want me to wear." She said, a sly grin forming on her face, with a light blush.

The Uchiha nudged Karin when Naruto looked toward Tayuya, the girl almost yelped at the unexpected elbow, but she knew what Sasuke wanted her to do. "Yes, Naruto san we would very much like you to attend with us and help us select clothing pimp daddy." She spoke hurriedly, the 'pimp daddy' part sounded foreign to her tongue. Sasuke held back a roar of laughter, Tayuya snorted. While the only male in the room again looked at Karin surprised, women are so confusing, going through his head.

Finally schooling herself, Sasuke took a deep breathe. "See? Think we kinda out vote our patron here? You have to come with us.. plus.." She said stalking up to him then leaning in so she was very close, he blinked stupidly, was she gonna kiss him? "I know little Naruto will appreciate this won't he?" She asked, her voice low enough so only he could hear her.

Naruto shook his head as he stepped back, it just wasn't fair, three on one. Not to mention three girls on one guy, how could he deny three girls? One being one that he had some type of feelings for, and two others being family.. Peer pressure is strong here.. "Fine, but I'm not going in with you guys." He said defiantly as he made two clones. He wouldn't fucking budge on this, there is no way he way he would... would he?

"Wanna bet on that Na-ru-to kun?" Sasuke asked, he looked at her surprised, since when did she call him that? She smirked at him. "Ever heard me beg before?" She asked then looked back at Karin, the girl nodded. His surprise grew into shock, the red head girl looked at him with the most innocent expression he has ever seen.. Sasuke smirked, no man could withstand this, they've duped countless men out of money with a little ear coaxing and 'innocent' looks.

Looks like Naruto, The Savior, Uzumaki would be no different.

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