Walking Dead Wizard

Harry Potter/ The Walking Dead story - Which I don't own either story/comic/TV series.

Pairing - Daryl/Harry Maggie/Glenn Lori/Rick

A bit of this I don't need to tell those who've watched… is from Series 1 of The Walking Dead.

Chapter 1

The funny thing about the end of the world was that, once Harry had gotten over the general horribleness of the current state of things and managed to establish a base that was at least somewhat safe from the undead, he found that life for him hadn't changed all that much. He and the two brothers he'd met just before the initial outbreak, Daryl and Merle Dixon, had fallen in with a group of almost thirty, they had a camp set up in a quarry a few miles of the city of Atlanta where they all took turns keeping watching, scavenging for food, and ensuring that life in the camp remained moderately comfortable. But then Rick Grimes had to go and mess everything up.

The morning he met the man started off pretty normally, he crawled from his tent with jaw cracking yawn and stretched until his back popped. He and pretty much any other sensible person in the group slept fully clothed, for convenience's sake, so all he had to do was shove on his boots on his feet before he was ready to greet the day. Daryl had been gone since the previous night, hunting for food for the camp, and Merle had left a few hours ago with several other members of the group to search for supplies in the city, leaving their corner of the quarry camp empty enough to safely use his magic without detection. Namely to cast cleaning charms on his clothing, getting rid of the smell of sweat, the blood and dirt.

He didn't have to keep his magic secret, not much remained of the Wizarding World; the various magical government entities had fallen before their muggle counterparts had, wizards and witches had tried to get to the schools when the outbreak happened. Trying to get to safety, but the schools, they had went on full lockdown. No one was allowed in and no one was allowed out. He knew that they were locked down so tight, not even he would be allowed in, and so he hadn't even bothered trying. He wasn't sure what happened to the full magical towns like Hogsmade but he didn't hold out hope for them.

Harry shot a series of cleaning spells at the handful of shirts and trousers in the 'laundry pile' then tucked them away in his multi-compartmented trunk. It held the various items he'd salvaged when the world had first been ravaged by the undead, as well as a fair amount of books, herbs, and potions as well as his fair share of muggle medication, a large selection of non-perishable goods (which he continued to fill back up when it was used), and a wide collection of both muggle and magical weapons. The self-proclaimed leader of the quarry camp, Shane Walsh, had no clue of the contents of his trunk, Harry knew that if he did he would try and commandeer everything he owned for the benefit of the entire group. Harry kept only one gun on his person and Shane had attempted to take it from him; he had, of course refused to give it to the man, there was something about Shane Walsh that rubbed him the wrong way. He'd taken leadership of the camp without consulting any of the others, and while he did a decent job maintaining order it didn't seem as if he truly cared for anyone other than his lover, Lori, and her son, Carl.

Harry traded a t-shirt out for a white vest, it was too hot to wear anything more, then cast a quick cooling charm over himself before heading into the woods to check on the dozen or so rabbit snares he'd set up around the camp. Daryl was without a doubt the best hunter in the camp while Merle was better at skinning and gutting the animals. They'd both taught Harry how to catch big and small game from squirrels and rabbits to a buck. He spent a few hours wandering the woods, hanging the few animals that had run into his trap onto his belt and setting up a few more when he spotted a well-used trail. By the time he had done all he could do, it was well past noon and he was ready for lunch. He headed back to the quarry in fairly good spirits, he'd managed to snag three rabbits, add that to whatever Daryl was sure to catch and there was no way they'd be going to sleep hungry that night. But as he approached the main part of the camp, he noticed some sort of commotion going on, the scavenging group had returned and it looked as if they'd brought a new member; from the way the man was practically clinging to Lori and Carl Grimes, he could only assume that he was a family member. The group was trailing after Daryl, who had obviously just returned from his hunt as he was still dirt smudged and toting his crossbow over his shoulder.

"Merle!" the older man was calling, looking around for his brother. "Get your ugly ass out here, I got us some squirrel, let's stew 'em up!"

Harry frowned when Merle didn't immediately shoot back a teasing insult at his brother, if he was anywhere nearby he would have been trading insults with Daryl by now.

"Daryl, just slow up a bit, I need to talk to you." Shane jogged to Daryl's side, the new guy was right behind him.

"About what?" Daryl asked, suspicion in his narrow eyed gaze. Glenn and T-Dog looked downright terrified, which was probably the first warning that what Shane was about to say wouldn't be the slightest bit pleasant, something bad must have gone down during the supply run.

"About Merle. There was a…problem in Atlanta."

"Ah, crap," Harry frowned and doubled his pace to reach the group faster. Regretting for the first time that their tents weren't closer to the others.

"He dead?" Daryl demanded, pacing restlessly, it was obvious he didn't really want to hear the answer but knew that he needed to.

Daryl loved his brother, Harry suspected he was the only person he actually gave a shit about. He would have loved to have someone care about him the way Daryl did his brother, but that was a pipe dream. One had to be family and grow up together to share the way those boys loved each other, there was no doubt they would die for each other, Daryl more than Merle.

"We're not sure," Shane admitted, his body was tensed as if he was preparing for a fight.

"He either is or he ain't!" Daryl snapped, pacing in agitation.

"No easy way to say this, so, I'll just say it," the new guy said, taking a step forward. Harry arched an eyebrow, the man had guts, it was obvious Daryl was in a dangerous mood, he was like a cornered snake prepared to strike at the first provocation.

"Who are you?" Daryl spat.

"Rick Grimes," the man introduced himself. He was clearly intimidated but seemed determined not to let it affect him.

"Rick Grimes, you got something you want to tell me?"

"Your brother was a danger to us all," Rick explained, "So, I handcuffed him on a roof, hooked to a piece of metal. He's still there."

Harry closed his eyes and groaned, he had warned Merle to leave everyone alone, to be mindful of how he acted around the group. Merle wanted to rob the quarry camp blind and flee, something Harry refused to allow. They had kids, which made them off limits in Harry's eyes.

"Hold on, let me process this," Daryl snarled. "You're saying you handcuffed my brother to a roof, and you left him there?"

Rick could only nodded in shame.

Daryl flung his belt of squirrels at the man, diverting his attention long enough for him to make a lunge at him, however, Shane was there immediately, and knocked Daryl over. The hunter didn't allow himself to stay down for long, he pushed to his feet and drew his hunting knife then lurched for Rick again. Shane and Rick grabbed at Daryl, wrestling his arms to his side, when he still put up a struggle, Shane locked him in a chokehold.

"You'd best let me go!" Daryl snarled, trying to unlock the hold Shane had on him.

"Nah, I think it's better if I don't," Shane insisted sounding a bit too smug.

"Choke hold's illegal!" Daryl said, still trying to get out of the hold unsuccessfully.

"Yeah, you can file a complaint."

Harry who had been making his way over finally waved through the crowd stalking forward, fury bubbled in his gut as he pushed his way past the rest of the group of onlookers. Sure Daryl had started the fight, but Shane had already disarmed him there was no need to keep him locked in the humiliating and no doubt painful hold. Daryl didn't like anyone touching him, that was what fueled Harry's anger.

"We can keep this up all day. I'd like to have a calm discussion on this topic." Rick said getting right in his face. "Do you think we can manage that?"

Harry stepped into the center of the semi-circle the group had formed, he drew his knife and stuck it against Rick's throat while he aimed his gun at Shane's head. "Or how about you let him go now before I end you both?"

Shane instantly let go of Daryl and stepped away, Rick held his hands up in surrender and slowly backed away.

"What I did wasn't on a whim," the new arrival said. "His brother does not work and play well with others."

"It wasn't his fault. I had the key. I dropped it." T-Dog spoke up.

"And you couldn't pick it up?!" Daryl asked sarcastically, as he got to his knees.

"I dropped it down a drain."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Daryl questioned as he finally got to his feet, keeping well out of anyone's reaching distance except Harry's.

"Maybe this will. Look, I chained the door to the roof, so the geeks couldn't get at him, with a padlock," T-Dog admitted, glancing at Daryl and Harry warily.

"It's gotta count for something?" Rick said.

Harry walked over to Daryl, and spoke only loud enough for the man in front of him to hear. "I can go get him all right? I'll be there and back before anyone knows it, but I'll have to stay away for at least an hour so I don't draw unwanted attention."

Daryl nodded shortly before throwing the rest of the group a filthy glare. "To hell with y'all," his voice was full of anger, but he was already noticeably calmer. "Just tell me where he is, so I can go get him."

"He'll show you. Isn't that right?" Lori said, clutching the caravan, already knowing what her husband was going to do.

"I'm going back," Rick admitted, after looking around, his tone slightly wary.

"No, no you're not, we're going alone," Harry stated sharply, "You don't get to lock someone up and leave them to the walkers then look for absolution though altruism."

Everyone blinked at his words, wondering how the hell someone obviously educated would spent time with the Dixons of all people. Daryl snorted as if he knew what they were all thinking, either that or he was just amused by Harry's words.

"You should go and get cleaned up and get changed, we're leaving straight after," Harry suggested, knowing better than to make it sound like a demand, the Dixon brothers didn't do well when they were being told what to do. Although considering he was going to get his brother back, he suspected heavily that Daryl would do just about anything without protesting too much.

Daryl moved away immediately, only once he was a respectable distance, did Harry put away his gun and knife.

"Do you see that guy? Do you?" Harry snapped gesturing towards Daryl, right up in Rick's face like he had been in Daryl's moments ago. "He's the fucking reason your wife and kid haven't starved to death. He's kept this entire camp fed, working his ass off every second of the day. The tins this group has managed to scavenge would have been finished weeks ago if Daryl and I hadn't been here. I think it would be in your best interest if you started treating him with some respect as I'm pretty sure none of you know the first thing about hunting, skinning, gutting and removing everything from animals and cooking what's useful. Without him, you all would have been dead a long time ago; Daryl Dixon is worth ten of you, do not delude yourself into thinking otherwise." He threw the group one last glare, then turned to stalk off to his tent. However, just before he was out of hearing range he gave them one final warning. "If any of you touch him again without his consent there will be no warning, I won't hesitate before pulling the trigger."

"Who was that?" Rick asked, staring after Harry's retreating figure.

"Harry Potter," Shane said, his face screwed up in a scowl. "He and the Dixon brothers were trying to get to Atlanta where they were broadcasting that there was a safe zone. It seems we all had the same idea, the three of them were here when we pulled up."

"Are the kids safe around him?" Rick asked concerned.

"He cares for the kids, he's very protective of them," Carol said, speaking up for the first time, her voice barely above a whisper as if she was terrified of her own voice. "Sophia adores him, he gives them toys carved out of wood whenever he can, and sweets when he can, he tells them stories. They like spending time with him, he's safe." He had also pulled her husband aside and aside and warned him about his behavior towards her and Sophia. Whatever he had said had terrified Ed, he hadn't even looked at her or Sophia since. It was the longest she'd gone without being hit, and she appreciated him sticking her neck out for them, Sophia had never been so happy as she was when she was with Harry. Despite the scene she'd just seen she would still trust him, he had yet to do anything to make her feel otherwise.

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