Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 111

The shock of his brother being alive, a member of his family had Percy shutting down. Broken sobs wracked his almost skeletal frame. As the chaos around continued on as George's group were quick to dispatch the rest of the Inferi. If Percy hadn't been in shock, he would have been in awe at what he was seeing. George had always been fun loving, a prankster, but the George in front of him? Was a leader, serious, strong and fast.

George swooped down, scooting down his broomstick a bit, and then grasping his brother around the middle. Glancing at everyone who was with him, especially Angelina who was helping Titus and Tristan onto her broomstick. "Let's go!" he hollered to every single one of his people, keeping a tight grip on his brother. Closing his eyes and inhaling, Merlin, he'd known for months now that his brother was alive, but it had taken this long to lay siege to the Ministry and get through all the layers with the limited supplies they had. "I've got you, brother."

"How…how…" Percy asked, before stopping as he queasily felt his stomach swoop unpleasantly. There was a reason nobody had seen him on a damn broomstick since he was eleven years old. He'd stopped taking it the moment it was no longer a requirement. He'd gone to see the games, of course, to support and cheer on his brothers. Yet, he got motion sickness when he was in the air. Groaning softly, closing his eyes which only made it worse, eyes springing open, oh, no, he wasn't going to be sick. He wasn't going to puke up his rather large meal. They rarely said breakfast, lunch or dinner, they had no idea what time of day it was let alone anything else.

It had been a long time since anything but Amelia made him feel alive.

"We'll talk soon, just hold on, it's a twenty-five-minute ride." George said, "It will get a bit bumpy, so hold on." his voice beginning to echo, as they went up the inside of the lift.

Percy did just that, part of him wondering if he was dead and he was imagining all this, having been bitten and died of fever. Wondering if this was all a wonderful dream, his mind had concocted to keep him safe. Oh, what a wonderful dream it was, but he was surprised it was George of all people…he hadn't gotten on with his younger siblings the way he had with his elder brothers. Mostly because they'd been overseas in other countries, away from their overbearing mother and weren't around to make Percy's childhood a living hell. What could one expect through, when he had six siblings? Merlin, he'd go through it all again just to have his family at his side.

"We're almost out now," George said quietly into his brothers' ear, his keen eyes keeping an eye out. The sound of the others being given he same reassurance further down the lift. "Just a little bit longer." Wincing in pain at the grip his brother had on his arms, when was the last time he'd cut his nails? They were like talons for Merlin's sake. Then again, his brother had never liked being in the air, unlike the rest of them, oh, they'd all loved being on a broomstick and playing Quidditch. Percy had just been happy to cheer them on and read a book in the side-lines. They'd used to tease him endlessly about it.

"Did anyone else survive?" Percy asked, his tone desperate, Merlin, he didn't know about his family. "Anyone?" his brother would know he was talking about their family.

"We'll talk soon," George said firmly, "Right now I need to concentrate," and getting emotional about his family wasn't going to help him focus. He had found Ron's body first, decayed but most definitely him…no, he couldn't think on it…it made him heave a little. No, he couldn't think on it, on any of it. He blinked back the tears, good thoughts, he thought, as he guided them slowly through the Ministry, sticking to high ground when feasible. Using air ducts, the lifts and actual blasts in the ceiling Percy realized, as his brother carefully manoeuvred them around. He seemed to know his way quite well…how long had they been searching to rescue them?

The areas were very narrow sometimes, and Percy could hear Tristan and Titus' distress behind him. He wanted to turn around, reassure them as he had done so often in the past.

"It's alright, Angelia's got them," George reassured him, as he smiled softly, jerking his chin upwards before they flew out of the Ministry of Magic through the phone box, and up into the air.

Percy gasped, fresh air had never felt so good, crying out he slammed his eyes shut as tears streamed out of them. Merlin, it hurt, it hurt so much. He felt like the sun had scalded him, blinded him entirely. The tears dried up pretty quickly, they were all to an extent dehydrated. Only to sputter and cough when a blast of ice-cold water got him in the face from his brother's wand. Then soft material materialised around his head keeping his eyes from further harm.

He didn't want to miss anything though, so he slowly with his right hand, began to remove the material a bit at time. The coolness definitely helped a lot. He blinked a lot, and dabbed his eyes with the wet material until it didn't hurt like blazes anymore. He joked though, when he saw the extent of the damage done to London. It made his skin crawl and goosebumps spread across his body.

"Oh, Merlin!" Percy said, a tremble in his voice, as he stared at the sight below him. His eyes zoomed every which way, staring at everything, his eyes didn't linger on any single thing. "What…" he muttered breathlessly, there were more walkers than the eye could see, all visible below, nothing except houses and Inferi could be seen.

George raised his arm, index finger extended and he waved it in a circular motion. Indicating to the others it was time for a fast pace now. Just like that, the broomsticks spread up, they had a long journey to the Scottish mountainside where Hogwarts and Hogsmeade were. If they kept going at the speed they had been, it would take days. The speed they'd been going they could have walked quicker.

"Rest, it's going to take us an hour to an hour and a half depending on the weather," George told him, and they had no way of finding out whether it was going to rain or if the wind would pick up. Magic was good, but it would take an elemental to tell them what was coming regarding the wind. Mostly because they would be sensing the weather shifts even the subtle ones. "I've got you." he had Percy and his ass was numb, he's spent too much time on a broom lately…but it was worth it.

"Where are we going?" Percy asked, exhaustion weighing him down, if George replied, Percy didn't hear anything. he was safe, he was out of the Ministry…a member of his family had survived. It was more hope than he'd had in years. Oh, he'd put on a good front, but Amelia had been his rock, as she had been his. This attempt to get out of the Ministry had been a last ditched attempt to get to safety.

They hadn't expected some of the Inferi to be disintegrating…it was almost as if it didn't matter whether you were Wizardkind or Muggle. Which, of course, couldn't be possible, could it? Despite being in the Ministry, they didn't know what the hell caused it, but they knew enough to stay well away from the infected in case it got them too.

"Hogwarts…we're going home to Hogwarts," George said, tightening his hold, magically lashing his brothers' body to his, keeping him from falling. Shifting forward, George put on a burst of speed, he had no doubt the others had sped up as well, they kept in a strict formation. Most of them had all been on the Quidditch team while at Hogwarts.

It took seventy-five minutes – which was just a guesstimate – it's not as if George had checked the time when they entered the Ministry. Or when they finally emerged either, time was…inconsequential, they didn't need to rush anywhere anymore. No jobs, no schedule to keep, yeah, they kept busy but not in a way that required much of a timeline.

"Hey? Look," George said, nudging his brother awake, "See, we're almost there."

Percy's eyes snapped open at the slightest nudge, hypervigilance had been bred into them with a cloud of fear that was ever present. Percy swallowed thickly, there had never been a more beautiful sight in his life. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, all so different from the last time he saw them. The heat was suddenly overwhelming, but George jerked his broom away and it rapidly chilled.

"They're growing tropical stuff here," George explained, in what used to be the train tracks…were now filled to the brim with earth and dozens of plants and trees were growing all in one massive row. There was going to be no trees going by this way again, not for hundreds of years…if at all. "That's coffee trees dozens of different kinds, and those further down are pineapples, Mangos, Pomegranates and Papaya and stuff like that."

"Coffee," Percy's eyes widened, the longing almost bowled Percy over. It had been so long since he'd had a cup of coffee or tea, or anything marginally hot come to that. It all looked so untouched, if a school had succeeded in protecting themselves from this apocalypse how come the Ministry couldn't?

George laughed, "Don't worry, there will be one waiting for you when we get in," George said, roughly messing with Percy's greasy and disgusting hair. "Mum would be begging to get that cut." He added with an air of wistfulness. The same could be said for them all, they had their hair in man buns, they really should cut it.

Percy was still eyeing everything like it was paradise, "It's so…untouched," he breathed, before realizing what his brother said and he honestly…didn't feel saddened or surprised. He'd considered the possibility so long, for many years now, that how could he be surprised? He was so very happy that one member of his family had at least survived.

"It didn't used to be," George explained, flinching a little recalling his own experiences during the beginning of the apocalypse. He wouldn't have survived without help, but yeah, Percy was right, it did look completely untouched, hadn't been easy to get it that way though.

George put is right hand out again, and began to flap his arm up and down, before he began to descend, and the others began to do so as well. The gates of Hogwarts were wide open with two wizards manning them, it was a boring job really, but they had to keep everyone safe so they did what must be done.

"Welcome back, Fred!"

"It's George, honestly Lawrence, you call yourself a watch wizard?" George said in mock disappointment, Lawrence had been with them for the past few years.

Lawrence grinned, a little amused, there was only so much of the same joke you can take before it became less funny. It still made him smile though, even if it didn't make him laugh the way it used to. Giving the group a grim smile, removing the wards they had up to prevent anyone from just flying in. "Go ahead, they're waiting for you, in the Great Hall."

"How…how long have you lived here?" Percy asked, as they continued on a broom.

"Not long," George said, "We'll tell you everything after you've had a rest." He promised his brother. Days, it was just days since they found Hogwarts…found safety.

"I'd rather know now and rest later," Percy declared.

"Same old, Perce," George said wryly, always dying for information, "I still think you tricked the hat into putting you into Gryffindor." There was never a more Ravenclaw person – except Hermione of course – than Percy.

"No, not same old," Percy said swallowing thickly, he wasn't the same person his bother had seen last.

"No, we've all changed," George admitted, his entire countenance serious and grim.

A look Percy had never seen very often on his brother, a look he hadn't seen since they thought they all lost Fred. It made him shudder just recalling those grim moments. When Poppy blustered over, they'd been sobbing messily, so sure he was gone. They'd checked his pulse, then Poppy had spoken, Fred was alive. He hoped they'd been together all this time. Those few moments when George had thought Fred dead? He couldn't imagine either living through that for years.

They remained silent, lost in thought until they reached the entrance hall of Hogwarts. Only once they were outside of the Great Hall did George touch down. He could see how exhausted his brother was – stubborn shit not wanting to rest – so he made it so he had the least amount of walking possible. He looked like a skeleton, some of the Inferi they saw had more skin on them than that.

"Come on, let's get you something to eat and drink," George said, patting his shoulder, hooking his arm under, and taking a lot of his brothers' weight as they entered the great hall. The warmth was the first thing that Percy noticed, oh, it was so very warm. He would never take it for granted again, he swore here and now, it made him whimper.

Before Percy knew it, a warm blanket was thrown around his shoulders, the warming charm imbued in it was quick to go to work. He was guided into a comfy chair and handed a cup of coffee; Percy didn't waste any time in holding it to himself possessively. Maybe it wasn't the entire world…if things were still going as, they should, right? He noticed the others were all receiving the same treatment. The Gryffindor table was gone, leaving a free clear area in the Great Hall.

"The groups coming back up from the Chamber of Secrets," the core group consisted of Hermione, Severus, Filius, Minerva, and the smartest minds of the generation. They couldn't get into the chamber, they couldn't say the password, so when they left for there, they had no choice but to wait until they returned. If there was an emergency naturally a House-elf would be summoned to go down.

Hermione had taught everyone that went down, how to say it properly, Ron had been taught the single word from Harry. Ron in turn taught Hermione, and it continued on. The Chamber of Secrets was probably the only place left where you could truly get privacy in the castle.

"Well, it's about time," Fred declared. He hadn't seen any of them yet, "What have they been doing?" he hadn't actually asked that much to his surprised realization.

"Working on a cure, Mr. Weasley," came the curt voice of Minerva McGonagall, curt as her voice may be, her eyes were wider than normal and were full of wonder.

"We did it," Hermione said, her exhaustion obvious as she joined everyone, conjuring a seat, "We actually did it…" and it didn't require any of Harry's blood.

"Hermione!" George said, giving her a hug, closing his eyes, Ron and Harry had died huh, he reckoned that was the only way they wouldn't be together. "I thought…for a second he was…" he'd thought for a second with the whole Chamber thing that Harry was down there, but he couldn't see the guy.

Fred followed closely, Hermione laughing a little breathlessly at their tight hugs, "Oh, it's so good to see you." it was so good to see anyone new actually.

"You have Inferi down there?" Amelia blanched; how could they do that in a school full of children? Well, if there were any children left presumably. Barely reacting to the reunion with the news she'd just uttered.

"No, I guess we can call it a theoretical cure," Hermione said, her tone softening seeing her terror of the walkers. "Harry gave a victim of the bite Phoenix tears; he didn't turn. The tears must have burnt through the virus within twenty-four hours."

"Here," a house-elf offered Hermione – and the others – a cup of coffee, there were nibbles out, not too many but enough that they'd all have full bellies. They knew better than to waste absolutely anything, even a single piece of bread. They'd learned the hard way when they were ordered to remain away from the kitchen until they all understood that wasted food was a big, big no, no now. Especially before they began making everything of their own to sustain themselves. To be self-sufficient.

"Harry? Harry Potter? Harry's alive?" George asked staggering with relief, he didn't ask about Ron, he already knew, when they were clearing Hogsmeade they noticed Ron, his Auror robes, his name tag, his badge, his Auror ID, his wallet with his pictures of his family and Hermione in them. Despite his face being caved in, he had known. Then he'd seen something that confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He slumped down on one of the seats available. Making no attempt to hug his old professors, now that would be a sight too weird.

Amelia was already beginning to smile, if Harry and Hermione had…perhaps her niece had, "What about Susan?" this was the nineteenth time she'd asked. Unfortunately, the group didn't know, they'd just helplessly shook their heads, they hadn't been there long enough to really get everyone's name, never mind this Susan Bones. Unfortunately, Amelia had been helped by someone who did not recall Susan having already left long before the girl made it there.

"She's alive," Hermione said firmly, reaching out for Amelia who whimpered,

Amelia blinking away tears that were filling her eyes. Glancing at Percy a turmulent smile on her face, she was alive! Oh, Merlin! Her niece had survived! She was alive…a tear leaked out of her eye, grasping a hold of Percy's hand tightly, as nice as it was for Hermione to reach out there was only one person she wanted right now, and that was Percy and naturally her niece. "Where…where is she?" standing up, eager to see her, desperate to see her.

"She's not here," Severus was the one that spoke seeing as Hermione was drinking her coffee.

"What? Is she out finding people? Part of a rescue team?" Amelia questioned, so proud of her niece, but she'd always been that way from a youngster.

"Why work on a cure? If the Inferi are all dealt with there's no risk of being bitten and changed?" Tristian asked, the youngster had eaten the sandwiches on his plate with protectiveness, not letting anyone near them. The pumpkin juice had also been consumed quickly.

Everyone gave him an odd look, before realization sunk in. "You have no idea…where were you?" Hermione asked, a little dazed. She wasn't used to people not knowing, they'd figured it out during the start of the apocalypse. Or rather, Harry had been the one to inform them. Only because they had been locked behind wards, they'd relied heavily on information from the outside coming in to help them.

"We were in the Ministry, we were lucky really, we closed ourselves in, it just so happens we were right next to a hefty storage supply of food." Percy explained, "They just came out of nowhere, I don't get why or how so many of them hid when they were bitten."

"The Ministry had food supplies that saw you all surviving for years?" Minerva asked, her blue eyes filled with amazement, then again, given their poor health it seems they got out – somehow – none too soon by the look of it.

"We ate only enough to get us through, for as long as possible, I thought…I thought a rescue team would have come…" Percy confessed, he couldn't believe that the Ministry would be overrun. That belief had long since faded into something he had dreamed about to retain hope. Eventually though, that too had disintegrated, leaving him numb, Amelia had been the only thing he could feel for the longest time.

"Don't feel bad, both Wizardkind and Muggle official infrastructure fell within a month of the apocalypse." Severus told them, blunt as always. "Hogwarts and Hogsmeade went on lockdown, nobody could get in or out, except for when the wards weakened once. Luna Lovegood decided to go, sacrificing herself to keep Hogwarts secure. She survived, of course, went off to find Harry. It's them and the group they joined that gave us the information we needed to survive this and thrive." Without Daryl they would have still had the wards on lockdown. Once they killed the very last walker…Merlin, he'd spent too much time with Harry's group. The lockdown wards had dropped they'd cleaned up Hogsmeade entirely.

"All the schools went on lockdown, we're slowly trying to get through them all, we've succeeded in opening up Ilvermorny, and Beauxbaton is going the same way. There are sanctuaries popping up all over, including ones your brothers are running, Messrs. Weasley."

"Brothers? Ron? Charlie? Bill, they survived too?" Percy asked, trembling with incredulous relief, he didn't dare to imagine that nearly his entire family had survived.

"Charlie and Bill, they're running Potter Abbey together, it's normally just called P.A," Hermione told him, "Fleur is with them, and quite a few Romanian nationals who lived on or around the reserve that Charlie was running before the apocalypse hit." She unfortunately, didn't know their names.

"To get back to the cure statement," Severus stated, "Everyone is infected, it was an airborne virus, every single living breathing human being was infected. It's never been a more perilous time to have children, because yes, if the baby dies, it will…claw its way out…it's the most disturbing thing you'll ever see." eyes haunted in a way that even the war hadn't affected him. Glancing at Hermione as he did so, silently trying to get through to her. It was bad enough that Harry was pregnant without Hermione being to.

"You mean we could have…" Amelia paled, "If we had died, we would have become into an Inferi? Bitten the others…" they had shared close quarters for years, to think it could have gone so wrong so easily?

Hermione nodded sombrely; it wasn't often she had to give this sort of talk anymore.

Percy gripped Amelia's hand tightly, "Are Susan and my brothers in the same place?" glancing at the others, he probably should feel bad that he was wanting to leave.

"What are we? Next door neighbours?" Fred and George frowned feigning offence.

"You're not coming then?" Percy asked, lips twitching into a smile. Oh, bloody hell, that actually hurt, it made his face ache. He was so unaccustomed to barely moving his facial muscles anymore. Which turned his smile more into a grimace, maybe he wouldn't be able to go anywhere today. He was so exhausted, he felt as if he was going to pass out, despite the surge to energy his body had courtesy of the coffee. "You've seen them?" cocking his head to the side, he could scarcely believe this was not a dream.

"That's not possible," Hermione said, "Only certain people are able to open what were originally called the 'Vanishing Cabinets',"

"They actually existed?" Amelia blinked in astonishment, "I heard so many rumours about them, the Unspeakables would have done anything to get their hands on them."

"Yes, they existed, one was at Hogwarts and the other in Borgin and Burkes until Draco figured out what they were." Hermione said.

Draco flushed, remembering his teenage folly, but he had felt as though he had no choice, his mother's life had been threatened.

"It came in handy; we have the means of getting to America, which is where Harry resides now." Hermione explained.

"Bacon!" Titus shrieked, before he absolutely began stuffing the sandwich into his mouth a if he was worried it would disappear.

Minerva flicked her wand, and the food disappeared, "I do not want to see you eat like an animal again, you will chew with a little grace otherwise I shall continue this." her accent broad as she stared at Titus her lips pursed but alert.

Titus looked devastated, and a little stunned, it had been a long time since he'd been reprimanded in any capacity. It wasn't like they could go off and get into mischief. He could barely remember his mum giving him a row. Part of him was angry at her for giving him a row the rest of him was just…overwhelmed that there were new people…if not for the food they would definitely be annoying everyone asking so many curious questions.

"Minerva, he's just a child," Percy said protectively, he had sworn to their mother to take care of them and he'd damn well do it.

"Yes, and it's best to start learning how to behave right away," Minerva said, feral little things, yes, they needed a firm hand. She would have mentioned Percy's mother and her reaction to such a thing but thought better of it.

"Have you seen Bill and Charlie? How are they?" Percy asked again, desperate for any scrap of information. His brothers were in America? Bill had been in Britain, hadn't he? He supposed they could have been visiting Fleur's parents, but that puts him in France…and Charlie was definitely in Romania, how had they got through all those Inferi? Hell, they hadn't even been able to get out of the Ministry unscathed. Its why they'd holed up thinking a rescue would be mounted…well, one had just not in the way he thought it would and years after the fact.

"We haven't, we only made it up to Hogwarts the other day there," Fred confessed, a faraway look on his face. "We and the goblins were slowly and systematically clearing out the alley, one day at a time once we got through the wards. The entire area went on lockdown, our magic, our wands did nothing. Luckily, the goblins had tunnels under the shop, and a lot of people were saved that way. Fortescue and the goblins found the weaknesses in the wards, and it took them months and months to chip away at them. All of us it took us a long, long time to make a hole big enough…then we had inferi to deal with. The goblins were amazing though, with their spears still as sharp as when they were made, we dealt with quite a lot in one day."

"It must have been the day we went to the chamber," Hermione said in realization, "There was talk of beginning to start getting rid of everything down in Hogsmeade."

"Yeah, took all of a day before they realized someone else was working in Diagon Alley too," Lawrence said, making his presence known. Someone else had took up the position at the gates now it was time for him to rest. "Scared the crap out of each other, thankfully someone in the group recognized Fred, George, Angelina, Lee and Alicia." Otherwise, he dreaded to think. Although, they had goblins on their side, they would have won if it had come to a fight.

"Do you think there are any other down there, in tunnels?" Hermione asked leaning forward.

"The Goblins were thorough," Fred said, shaking his head, there was definitely not any other groups in the Alley. Tunnel or shops otherwise. They knew because everywhere had been thoroughly investigated. "Someone did clear out Honeydukes though." A pout on his lips, "They left the blood pops." Rolling his eyes heavenward, it hurt because it's exactly what he would have done.

"I'd be very surprised if that was the only shop ransacked," Severus said dryly, with Minerva nodding her agreement, supressing her smile, she had sneakily given the boys an extra bacon sandwich. "I assume more people will be moving into Hogsmeade now since it's entirely cleaned out of Walkers?" people had already been moving in, to the train station area, where there were no shops. Where it had been cleared out and secured.

"Where are the goblins?" Minerva asked, realizing she couldn't see a single one.

"Oh, they asked for you to get in touch with them, to arrange a meeting…things are obviously going to be a bit different…they're not going to barter with money anymore its useless." George conceded, "It will be food, and they have lots of it growing underground, you should see it all." it's how they were so fit compared to say Percy and his group.

Percy looked around, noticing that one by one his group was falling asleep in their conjured chairs.

"Susan? Where is she? When is she set to return?" Amelia asked her question yet again.

"Susan is with a group that were called The Saviors, she's leading them, they need someone like her after what they've been through." Hermione went on to explain. "I don't know a lot more than that, but I'm sure Harry won't mind us visiting, and yes, you need to go through Harry to get to the Savior compound." She explained "Even I don't have the coordinates for it, so we use the Vanishing cabinets, they safe, even for Muggles." Not that they could Apparate all the way to America, let alone to succeed in actually making the stop The Savior compound. It would take a miracle.

"Will they be awake? With the time difference and all?" Amelia asked, standing up, ready to go.

"Right now? Look at everyone, they're nearly all asleep…even the kids," Hermione pointed out, they had to be beyond exhausted. To not be wide awake. Everyone couldn't wait to see Hogwarts; the boys were no difference. They should be so excited to see the school, to observe everything. Instead, all they'd been interested in was the food. "You've been through a terrible ordeal, get some rest, we'll go and see Harry tomorrow." She promised.

"How did you know your brother was alive? And why didn't you fight your way out of the Ministry?" Severus asked narrowing his gaze pensively, not understanding. Looking to the twins first then Amelia and Percy who were the only ones still awake.

"We lost our wands, a few snapped, we ended up trapped without a single wand between us," Amelia confessed, still entirely ashamed of her panic and fear. "For the past few years…we thought the Unspeakables had brought Inferi into the building and somehow it got loose and scratched and bit them. To find out that might not be the case at all is…terrifying." Her throat felt hoarse, she felt like she hadn't spoken this much in such a long time.

"Thus, the need for a cure," Hermione said, smugly, "We'll distribute them everywhere we can, and unfortunately the next part is the longest…waiting to see if it is a cure." Not that she wanted anyone bitten or to die just to test her potion, of course, not. She was impatient though. She disliked waiting for results.

"The clock, we uh, we went to the Burrow…" Fred confessed, stupid I know…I guess I hoped my…parents survived. Instead, we were uh…forced to put them down, burn them…mum, dad and Ginny, uh, Ron was…Ron was found quite near Hogwarts actually when we were uh, cleaning up." Having to pause to clear his throat and stop himself from crying.

The fact the twins weren't speaking over one another was a glaring indication of their emotional trauma.

"Hotchy?" Minerva called out, "Please escort our guests to one of the empty rooms, they need rest,"

"Hotchy can do," the House-elf said, perking up happily at having something to do, with a click of his fingers the group was either ensconced in a bed – those that were sleeping – or standing in the room Hotchy had chosen for them.

Percy grasped Amelia's hand and all but dragged her over to the bed, they didn't even bother with the covers, they lay on top of them. After years of sleeping on the floor the bed was a miracle.

They didn't remember anything after that.

Unfortunately, things weren't quite so idyllic and happy in P.A for once.

Andrea, Amy and Abraham pounded on Harry and Luna's doors, they were open but they weren't just going to storm in without being invited, that was just rude.

"What on earth are you doing?" Luna asked gruffly, as she yanked open the door, grasping Amy's first a she had just been about to pound on the door in mid move when Luna opened it. "Stop that!" Harry needed a lot of rest; he was pregnant for Merlin's sake.

"Michonne and Mira haven't retuned," Andrea declared, "We had no idea! Not until Andre began crying this morning!"

"When did they leave?" Harry barked out, all in professional mode, having heard what they said.

"Five to eight time slot they went scavenging," Andrea said calmy and concisely, "We knew that you have a way to tell us if they're alright and where they are…we can scout ourselves."

Harry closed his eyes, focusing on the bond strand he had for Mira and Michonne, and winced as pain rained down on him.

"Harry?" Luna asked, while Andrea, Amy and Abraham all stared in confusion.

"They're in pain, they're dying…" Fear crawling up his throat, no, he couldn't lose any more people, not now, not to another enemy.

"Get ready to go! NOW!" Harry barked, faltering when he felt the bonds snapping out of existence.

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