Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 112

Daryl wrapped his arm around Harry's bicep, neither forceful or painful. Merely a grip made to guide, to guide Harry over towards him. Daryl's green eyes were filled with worry. He knew how much magic Harry should be doing – none at all – and how disastrously it could go wrong. "Should you be going?" worry and fear getting the better of him. He didn't think Harry should be leaving. It should be up to him and his brother and Luna. They could do it, get the others and be back without a problem. He knew though, that it wasn't going to happen.

"Something really bad has happened, Daryl, we need to take everyone we can, we have no idea what we're up against." Harry pointed out, in other words, as many magical people as they could. So, that they had a hope in hell of winning, this other group might have more weapons than they're about to take. The unknown was terrifying.

"Exactly, we don't know what we're up against…they might have just fallen, gotten hurt…might be surrounded by walkers…" Daryl pointed out bluntly, for someone who didn't normally talk it was a lot of words. "This group might have bombs or dynamite." There was no telling what others had claimed as their own.

"Then I'd rather die with you, than live without you," Harry said simply, and it was the truth, and easy to say. As easy and breathing. He didn't want to live in a world without Luna, Merle and Daryl, he'd rather die with them.

"Ain't supposed to want that," Daryl scowled staring down at the floor, cheeks a little red. He didn't know what to do or say to declarations like that. He knew Harry loved him, just as he loved Harry, and he would never do anything to hurt him. How did he tell him that if anything happened to him it would hurt him? Kill him?

Harry leaned forward and kissed him softly, "We're all going to be okay, we're going to take the best fighters with us." kissing him again, despite the company. Daryl accepted the affection but didn't return it, still too worried. That and he wasn't one for public displays of attention.

"Fine," Daryl murmured, staring at the floor, an intense look on his face, as if he was blaming the floor for Harry's strong determination. As if that determination hadn't been what had attracted Daryl to him in the first place. Nobody wanted someone useless in this day and age. Nobody wanted someone they'd have to constantly try and save.

A bit like Lori Grimes was in the start, the first year actually.

"We'll be fine," Harry said squeezing his wrist before turning back inside and gathering up his weapons. He had more than enough to deal with any threat, between his guns, knives, compound bow and his wand. "Let's get to it."

"We've got visitors!" came a shout from outside the property, it wasn't panicked but it was cautious.

"What next?!" Harry cried out in exasperation, if they were cautious, it was people they hadn't seen before…hadn't dealt with. "Luna, can you go deal with them please?!"

"Abe didn't mean from outside," Carol explained as she wandered into the property, "The cabinets,"

Harry relaxed, well, that was much better than dealing with outsiders right now. He wouldn't turn them away, but given what was happening? He would have had to invite them in, keep them contained until he could deal with it.

"Who is it?" Daryl asked in interest, as his heavy footsteps could be heard leaving the house. Normally you could never hear Daryl, which conveyed just how upset he was that Harry was coming.

Harry pursed his lips, divided on what to do. Daryl had a point, his magic could act up, while he liked to underestimate himself and his magic…he couldn't do that when it came to something as important as this. It was Daryl's children as well; he should have a say in what happens. Groaning in sheer annoyance, he slotted his knife into place determinedly.

Harry's steps faltered, causing him to almost stumble down the last step, "Fred? George? Percy?" he croaked out, sheer unmitigated shock consuming him. Blinking rapidly, the numbness beginning to get the better of him. It was shocking enough to be reunited with the others. With Hermione, with Minerva McGonagall, with Severus Snape…he felt tears burning in his eyes, perhaps there was hope for the world.

"Harry," Fred said, staring at the boy he saw as a brother from the moment his youngest male sibling had befriended him. The moment the teen handed him, them, the Triwizard winnings as if it were nothing. They'd never been best of friends, no, they'd been family.

Suddenly that thought had Fred rushing over, his twin hot on his heels – as in all things – the pair wrapped themselves up in the young man.

"You're way too thin," Harry said, he could feel their ribs, "Both of you," they were far better off than Charlie, Bill and Fleur, there was no doubt about that. "Shit, I have to go, something's happening, I don't know what, two of my people have been injured…I can't feel them anymore." Reluctantly and painfully pulling away from the twins, twins, he thought, pressing his hand against his stomach, a small smile gracing his face, oh, he hoped they were like Fred and George not just in similar personality – which he knew wasn't realistic in this world – and goodness, which might be possible depending on the state of their world by the time Harry and Daryl 'retired' to let the next generation take over from them.

Because that's exactly what would happen. If they lived long enough at any rate.

There was no way the world would be back to 'normal' by the time his children were fully grown adults.

"I can't believe it…" George said, his voice tremulous. "I didn't expect…" he trailed off choking on the words and feeling embarrassed by all the strangers around them. even if they honest to Merlin, had their hands over their hearts in awe and happiness that they were there. His hands still clutched in Harry's.

"I know," Harry said, and it wasn't an empty platitude, everyone here all understood what George was going though. What they were all going through. All of them wanted to see their family again, friends again, but they'd come to terms with that just not being a possibility. About six months in, Lori had been reunited with her husband and of course, they had thought Harry was reunited with Luna, which was true, just not as near impossible as it had been for Lori and Rick. Still, it was a beautiful sight, all these months, years, later. "We'll have a proper catch up later," he belated realized once again that his people needed him.

Percy was watching everything with intelligent gleaming eyes, not at all surprised that Harry was a leader with a group of his own people. None of them, absolutely none of them - except Luna – had a wand. These people had probably followed him not knowing a thing about him. He had that presence around him, that made you want to. He'd hated him for that, for having everything, or so he thought. His anger and frustration at Dumbledore had been aimed at two people instead of one. Not that it mattered, they'd both been right. Percy had been wrong, and it had been the first time too, which had been overwhelming, he didn't know what to say or do.

Harry coming towards him and enveloping him in a hug had him jerking back to reality. "Hey, Percy, how are you doing?" Harry said and did nothing at his stiffening or little jerk when he came back to himself. This all still felt like a wonderful dream…and he wondered if he was still trapped in that room, having ran out of food and all of them slowly dying off and this was a last desperate measure from his brain convincing him he'd survived. "You're here, you survived man," slapping him on the back hard enough to cause pain but not hurt lastingly.

"Thanks," Percy stuttered out, it helped, the pain, you didn't really feel pain in dreams, or so they say. Not surprised that Harry realized that this was all too much for him. However, he knew something was happening, they must be going to help others. He wondered just how big his group was…and they were thriving. Just look at them, they weren't gaunt, sickly and pale like he and the rest of his group were.

"Where are we going?" George asked, stretching out, much more familiar with a chain of command and rescuing people than Percy and his group who had literally only been in one place during the entire apocalypse.

"We?" Harry asked, shaking his head, not happening.

Luna laughed, making herself known as she hugged them all too, rolling her eyes and ignoring Merle's grumbling. "I'd love to see you try and stop them." she told Harry amused, "The more people we have the better chance of success," her blue eyes flickered to Daryl who was still standing far too stiff, he was angry but listening intently.

"We're ready," Andrea declared, stepping back in line with him, very surprised to see him still there. She was slightly out of breath, she'd gone right to the gates expecting them there, but they hadn't been. So, she, Amy and Abraham had made their way back here, and traitors that they were, they weren't even slightly out of breath and she was.

Harry groaned, "Fine, screw up and I'll leave you there," he huffed, and everyone must have thought his threat was adorable since they laughed.

That was an empty threat if there ever was once, unless you were a danger to this group…Harry would go out of his way to help you. Regardless of how you treated him, Rick and Lori were fine examples of that.

"Shall I get some clothes for them?" Lori asked, eyeing the group – siblings for sure, estranged as they had been, she could see they were related – she had Judith strapped to the buggy since it was an emergency. Not that her daughter minded, she loved when they rushed anywhere in the buggy. It filled her with elation that she could look after her children without a man in her life. "Something to drink and eat?" they looked like they needed it desperately. Carol nodded alongside Lori, agreeably, she'd make something for them, healthy but hearty.

"You should stay here," Fred said automatically, his hand shooting out to grasp a hold of Percy, who had swayed a little without realizing. "You're not quite up to a trip just yet." George held onto the other side, his own eyes filled with worry, agreeing fully with Fred.

"Come on, you can sit in here and wait for us to return, unless you'd like to get some sun?" Harry asked, seeing Percy's reluctance to go inside, even with his brothers urging him, urging only not pushing. "A little bit Claustrophobic?"

"I…don't understand I…was happy to go to Hogwarts…" Percy said, bewildered by his own reaction. Staring at the door as if it had sprouted tentacles and was surviving outside of the Black Lake.

"I'll take care of him," Lori said, she understood that sort of fear, that bewilderment. She'd felt it too many times since the world had gone to hell. "You go get our people back home."

Carol took his other side, and both of them eased him towards their sitting area. Honestly, if the world hadn't gone to hell, it would look like a teenager's den, or a gang's clubhouse. Still, it would allow him to be outside without feeling the burn of the sun so much. He didn't look like he'd been outside in years – a very strong possibility – and settled him on the sofa in the middle of what used to be a road.

"Would you like some Hot chocolate?" Carol asked, ignoring the cheering of her daughter and the youngsters in the group.

"Let's go," Harry said, "Hold on, I'm going to take us to their location, be ready, we could be facing anything."

"How close to their location?" Andrea asked, she needed to know, gun out, safety on, ready to do what she must.

"Very," was all Harry had to say, Andrea, Amy, Abraham and Daryl held on, and within moments they were Apparating away with Harry's aid.

Luna and Merle took the twins with them, and Apparated to Harry's side, guided by the locating charm she had on him. There were way too many people for Harry to realistically Apparate. To be honest, there were too many even now, but they didn't know what they were walking into.

All they knew was that two of their own were in danger.

"A hospital? Must be Grady's Memorial," Merle frowned, "Ain't possible that it's still operational…" not with all the walkers outside…none of the hospitals were what you'd call state of the art in the area, with solar panels, at least none that he could recall.

"Clearly it is," Harry said quietly, the lights were on, "Keep quiet, weapons aloft, we have no idea what we're walking into. Do not take any chances, shoot first ask questions later." His people came first…before all else. They were in pain, could be dead for all he knew, and he was going to make them pay if it were the case.

"Wouldn't it all have been evacuated this place looks like it's still operational…" they'd long since given up hope that a government still reigned.

"Reckon the Docs stayed after the bombing?" Daryl wondered; weapons held aloft.

"Or a group just using it as a base," Andrea said thoughtfully.

"Quite clean if it's just being used as a base," Fred whispered. "Too clean, I think he's right, it's definitely been doctors staying here I think."

Harry murmured quietly, his wand jerking him further on, leading him towards Michonne and Mira. His worry for the girls was palpable, the group on whole froze when the eavesdropping charm Fred cast allowed them to listen to something they'd rather not listen to.

'The black bitch is yours,' a voice said darkly, 'I'm all for her partner, give her a real man she'll never go back'

'Did you see the blade she had? Too bad it broke, I would have liked it'

'We have weeks to wait before we can get a taste of them,'

Harry snarled viciously under his breathe, "They don't leave here alive, Fred George, Merle…corral them into…the cafeteria," his green eyes flashing with seething fury, Merle laughed under his breathe, before moving, jerking his head, gesturing towards Fred and George to move with him. He knew everyone else there, so it stood to reason that the twin red heads he didn't know where Fred and George.

"Last time Harry was this pissed it was at…" Merle continued to explain to Fred and George what had gone done with the ocean people as they wandered down the corridor away from Mira and Michonne. Hopefully though, Merle didn't swear too much, the twins weren't used to uncouth language. Hell, if they'd attempted it, they would have had their mouths washed out with magical soap and then forced to de-gnome the garden. Molly pulled no punches when it came to disciplining her children unlike Arthur. Although, they'd both been way too soft on Ginny Weasley but as their only daughter they'd been suckered.

Harry clenched his hands into fists, Merlin, he loathed humanity sometimes. Swallowing thickly, he exhaled firmly, closing his eyes before forcing his own calm. "Let's go," he murmured, and they began walking again, checking every room as they went. They were alright for supplies, all things considered. From what they'd seen anyway.

An African-American teenager turned around the corner just a few feet from the P.A group. Merlin, he looked like he was fifteen, sixteen years old, a scrawny thing.

"Don't scream, don't scream, don't scream," Harry urged him, hand up praying that the teenager did not alert everyone in the Merlin-damned hospital that they were here. They might be magical but they weren't able to magically find everyone, especially Muggles. Then again given what they'd heard, it was time to shut this shit down. They hadn't been scavenging this area, which meant they had been attacked at least a mile away.

The teen was terrified, huddled in the corner, watching them like they were the execution squad coming to kill him. He was smart enough to know that it wasn't the military, that the military was gone, maybe for good.

Luna cast a silencing spell around the area, and Harry sighed, approaching the teen, Daryl made a noise of discontent and followed. Harry could feel Daryl at his back, refusing to let Harry do anything on his own. He could feel Daryl's hand grip his hip tightly, for a second before letting go, trusting that Harry wouldn't allow harm to befall him or their child.

"I know you'll have trouble believing this, but we're not going to hurt you," Harry said slowly, softly, putting himself down to the teen's level.

The teen didn't answer, he was too busy staring down at Harry.

Harry glanced down himself, only for a second just in case it was all a ruse. He doubted it, not with Daryl right at his back, with his bow aimed at him. There was nothing he could see that would be captivating the teen as it was.

"You're a wizard…" he choked off, shuddering and shaking as if he was about to break down entirely.

Harry blinked, genuinely taken aback by the statement, "And you are?" trailing off in silent query, wondering if the teen was a wizard as well.

"I'm a squib, like my dad was," the teen explained, slumped against the wall not quite so terrified anymore but far from trusting. "My granddad and my older brothers were magical."

"Two of my people have been brought here, where are they?" Harry commanded, "Take me to them." praying to every deity he didn't believe in that they were still alive.

"We'll drop you off wherever you like, or you can come with us," Luna added, causing both Daryl and Harry to stiffen minutely, surprised by Luna's decision to intervene. It was a good idea, Daryl and Harry realized immediately, as the teen positively melted, he was still a child in so many ways.

Daryl stood in front of her, stopping her from advancing any further. Glaring suspiciously, age didn't mean anything these days. Especially considering he'd been surrounded by rapists by the sounds of it…for years. All it would take was one hidden blade and a perfect strike, he ain't going to let anything happen to his brother's girl. It wasn't the only reason, he adored Luna himself, same as anyone else he allowed close in their group. Like Carol and Sophia.

The relief on the teens face when he saw how protective Daryl was, how unafraid Luna was of him, or them spoke volumes. It eased Daryl a little, but not entirely, he wouldn't be until he knew for certain.

"Look at me," Harry commanded, soft but stern, he needed to know what he and his team were getting into.

The teenager glanced up at Harry, unaware of what his magic could do. Then images began to play across his minds eye. Was this wizard seeing it all too? He couldn't for the life of him stop it, shame curled into his heart at being so weak that he couldn't leave, couldn't protect Samantha from these people. Although, to be fair, they were in the middle of trying at least. They were never going to get out of there unless they tried.

When the teen came to, he was on the floor, panting outrageously, as if he'd just ran a marathon.

"There are five people here being held hostage, they're not to be harmed, try not to grab them," Harry stated, "Inform Merle and the twins, immediately, and tell Merle if he doesn't it's the last time he comes out. The cops are not to be trusted no matter what they say."

"I'll go," Andrea agreed, bolting towards the area Merle and the twins had headed in, she had Amy and Abraham following her, they never went anywhere on their own, they knew this.

"The Doctors death wasn't your fault, Noah, nobody blames the gun for the murder, and that's all you were, the weapon used to dispose of him." Harry said softly, sympathetic towards the unending guilt he could feel consuming Noah on a daily basis. All because the Doctor here feared being replaced. Holding out his hand, smiling a little at the move Daryl made, clearly still watching the boy like a hawk despite the measures they'd already taken. He had remained so good and pure despite what had happened to him, the pain he'd been in…what they were doing to people were horrendous. "Merle and the others went in the right direction," he added purely for Luna.

"Then why is the…their bands were removed." Luna realized, her lip curling in displeasure.

Harry nodded curtly, "Let's go," Daryl and Luna made to follow easily, hopefully they'd meet up with everyone else quickly and soon. "Are you leaving on your own or are you coming with us?" he asked the teen impassively.

"Leaving," Noah said stubbornly, jaw up obstinately.

Harry nodded sombrely, "Good luck," he told the teen, squeezing his shoulder, handing over his blade. "Try to avoid using bullets," he added, handing over the gun with an extra magazine. They didn't have any food, there was nothing they could give him.

With that they walked away, Harry had to supress his tired amusement at the look of openly displayed shock on the teenager's face. If he had to resort to reverse phycology to get the kids ass kicked into gear, and somewhere safe, then so be it. Don't get him wrong, he understood why the kid was reacting the way he has. The last time he'd encountered humans – the group they were hunting – they'd held him and everyone else they hurt on purpose captive.

Up until now Noah and the others had been nothing but a modern-day slaves.

Daryl's amusement wasn't even remotely curtailed. He had a good idea what his partner was doing, because he knew him well enough to know he wouldn't leave someone unless he had no other choice. He would have still been stood there trying to convince him to go with them. Then again…right now Harry knew what was it he'd called him? Noah? Better than anyone else, he'd just been reading his memories.

They'd barely taken more than five steps when they heard the soft hesitant sound from the young teen. It was unfair of them to use his fears against him, but they could not delay. Michonne and Mira were the most important in the grand scheme of things. People they knew, people they loved, people they admired.

"Come on," Harry said without pausing, he knew how terrified Noah was of being on his own. "Stay behind us, and for the love of Merlin give me back that gun if you're coming…I'd rather you not shoot me or my people accidentally. They're more likely to shoot first in retaliation even if it's an accident…and they don't miss." Reclaiming the gun, making sure its safety was still on, before shoving it into his pants.

The kid doesn't have what it took to kill, no matter what, he didn't even want to hurt his captors. It's why he was not as cautious as he needed to be with a veritable stranger at his back.

"In here! I've found them!" Andrea called out, rushing down the corridor, "The boys have everyone in the cafeteria, or what they're using as one." Not even slightly out of breath, "They're in really bad shape, they're breathing…barely." Skidding to a halt, she didn't wait before she turned bad ran back the way she'd come.

As they began running behind Andrea, they began to hear the commotion that Merle was no doubt causing. There was little doubt that he was terrifying them beyond belief, especially since Andrea had told them what he had asked her to inform them about.

Harry gasped, "What the hell have they done to you?" he said hoarsely, approaching the pair who were next to each other on hospital beds. He was closest to Mira, who's eyes fluttered open, and the sheer relief in her gaze when she saw them was profoundly disturbing. What had happened to them in the few hours since they were brought here?

"Do…do…don…don't…t…t..tr..tr…" Mira tried to speak but the sheer relentless unending agony seized her lungs, stealing the very breath from her.

"Don't trust them?" Harry asked softly, "We know, we're getting the both of you out of here." She should know he wouldn't just trust a stranger, but right now she wasn't thinking straight. Not only was she scared but in a lot of pain.

"The injuries, they're similar to ones I've seen from car versus human," Andrea said, accidentally slipping into her lawyer mode. They were even putting the injuries on the damn clipboards, it was unbelievable…but they couldn't change a habit of a lifetime. "There's definitely a doctor here."

Harry turned to stare at her coolly, "Well deducted, too bad he can't be trusted," it wasn't aimed at her, but the situation. "First do no harm," scoffing in disgust, he turned back to his people. "I don't know if giving them a Portkey is a good idea the condition, they're in…" and he didn't dare recklessly use phoenix tears, not knowing it actually helped against the virus. Car crashes could kill people…and it had already been hours…what had they been given? What potions could they get? Were bones broken? Afraid to touch them, hovering his hand over their faces, heads and bodies. He certainly didn't know what to give them since they'd been in a crash…or not, that was only Andrea's supposition.

"Luna…what do you think?" Harry asked the second the blonde entered the room; she was quick to walk over and begin scanning them. Wincing at the results when they popped up a few moments later.

"Broken bones, I can't find anything that's fatal, at this moment anyway, but they do need to see Hershel and Poppy…" Luna said staring over the results as she spoke. Stomach queasy, "Their legs and hips got the majority of the damage done to it."

"Like they were hit with a car?" Andrea questioned.

"Well, it would confirm it, it looks like they've got whiplash from the abruptness of the car ramming into them." Luna said thoughtfully, "Some pain relief, and we'll send them both back with Abraham and Amy."

"They can't get Poppy," Harry pointed out, pulling out two vials of pain relief, handing one over to Luna and he uncorked the one he kept. Carefully and cautiously, he helped Michonne drink the pain relief draught that would help them until they could get them home.

"Amy knows how to use the mirror," Andrea reassured them, watching over her two friends without getting in the way. It was clear the potion took the edge off the pain, as their bodies relaxed greatly after the potion was consumed.

"Alright," Harry agreed, glancing at Luna, "Portkey to the surgery?"

Luna nodded, grasping a hold of the bedpan – that had seen better days – but smelt of bleach. She created the both of them with care, she couldn't make a mistake, otherwise it would be costly…and well, they wouldn't know right away. Which could leave four of their members split up, out of P.A, in extreme danger and unreachable.

"I'll get Amy and Abraham," Andrea said, leaving quickly, already knowing where they are unlike Harry, Daryl and Luna. She did give Noah a curious look from where he was mostly hidden behind Harry. Good instincts she thought as she left.

"Amy, Abraham, Harry needs you two," Andrea called out as she peered into the room, everyone was huddled in the corners, terrified, who wouldn't be seeing Merle? Grateful that the room wasn't too far away, worried as she was about their injuries. Luna had said they weren't fatal, yet, which means they could be.

"Everything alright?" Merle asked suspiciously, not only was his girl out there but his brother and Harry.

"I hope so," Andrea said, brow furrowed a little, so worried about them. "They're alive." Harry and Luna didn't panic…at least not really, not from what she'd seen. They were so cool, calm and collected during the worst of situations. Even when one of their own was bitten, when they lost Big Tiny, and the others. Honestly, she couldn't say whether they truly had chance. Asking wasn't going to change anything.

Harry approached Dawn, the other officers parting like the red see so they weren't near her. Treating her like she had the plague…oh, wait, never mind. None of them wanted to die at the hands of this bigger and more ferocious group.

They thought technology was down…how had they found them? They always made sure to leave no tracks and make sure the coast was clear. So, how on earth had they been found out? They'd only wanted one of them, but ended up with two, still they'd been somewhat accepted, especially if it meant that Dawn didn't have to risk everything she was working for.

More girls meant there was less chance of her being…molested. She couldn't even admit to what it was in her own mind, what she was allowing to happen under his watch. It was so far removed from her days as an officer.

Harry stepped up into her face, Dawn at first stared at his shoulder, slowly moving to his chin, then nose, before warily meeting his eyes.

Green clashed with hazel, furious green and terrified hazel.

Fred and George primarily watched the group, learned to see what they did. They rather hoped if they had something to do with Harry's people being hurt that they were dispatched permanently. You didn't want people like that in the world now, it wouldn't be fair.

It was all the time they'd spent with the goblins talking, family came first, always to them. Fred and George had learned a whole new meaning to family first. One they rather liked, wands out, they narrow eyed watched the confrontation…judging Harry's worth as a leader.

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