Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 114

Percy stared down at the young child happily reading from a magical book, on fantastic beasts he realized. Lori had asked very kindly if he would babysit for her. That she had been asked to aid the next supply run – in the hospital – and Lori, so rarely got asked to do anything on the outside felt she had to agree. Percy had naturally, agreed almost immediately, not at all awkward, even after all these years. He'd helped to raise Titus and Tristian for the past few years – part of him couldn't believe it had been so long, another part of him felt like it wasn't accurate that it had been longer – even without that, he'd helped to raise his younger siblings.

His mother, bless her heart, had been completely overwrought by looking after all her children on her own. She'd never accepted help, determined to do it all on her own. Then there was the fact they couldn't afford help. So, Bill, Charlie and him had become babysitters. Merlin, most of his childhood he could recall was being called for in order to do something for his mother. Fetching this, fetching that, de-Gnome the garden, fetching fruit and such and actually taking care of them while his mum headed out to fetch anything they needed. Whether it was food, clothes, potions or a book on spells his mum needed.

He'd also spent a great deal of time itchy, thanks to his mother's penchant for putting knitted clothes on them. The dratted things had constantly had him scratching relentlessly at himself. He missed her so much, but he knew, he knew she was up there watching over them. He laughed a little just imagining what she'd be saying, while his father just remained quiet and content to let his 'Mollywobbles' do the talking. 'I miss you guys' Percy thought, tears shining in his eyes, but not falling. Not quite yet.

"Who are you and why do you have Judith?" came the abrupt protective voice of a young man causing Percy to quickly swipe his eyes and turn to meet the speaker of the voice. Kneeling down to Judith's level, and smiling when the girl wrapped herself around him.

"You must be Carl?" Percy said, grimacing when he knew he said it wrong. It came out sounding like 'Carol' instead of 'Carl' his tongue twisting a little, trying to say it correctly the way Lori had.

Carl grinned, far more used to it than he ought to be, "I am," trusting him, trusting that Harry would never allow anyone just to roam free without being verified. "Who are you?" he asked again, "Are you a wizard?" eagerness suffusing his words, excited at the thought of meeting more magical people. He unlike his father, loved wizards and their abilities, and read everything he could. His dad didn't like what they were capable of, but Carl was always quick to explain that it was no different than having a gun, it was the person and decisions not magic itself that was bad. Just like he had been taught all his life.

Percy swallowed thickly, this teenager was a Muggle he realized, fascination surged within him. despite his father's love of Muggles, he'd – they'd – never ventured into the Muggle world. Nor had he ever spoken to a Muggle, and he couldn't help but confess he'd expected…something different. Something that screamed their Muggle nature compared to wizardkind. His father would be having the time of his life, "My name is Percy Weasley, it's good to meet you." he said politely, but awkwardly. It had been such a long time since he had really spoken to anyone that wasn't his group with the exception of Hogwarts. This…this group was a whole new territory, his old professors and of course, his siblings didn't matter.

"Are you a wizard?" Carl asked, assuming he was, rubbing the mud all over his trousers, he'd been digging up potatoes all afternoon.

"I am," Percy nodded, smiling, "Do you…do you know what's…uh, what's going on?" Percy asked, the massive group had dispersed from the building over there, but he noticed a few were still inordinately focused on the area. Something had clearly happened, and a few people had left and not returned, was it bad? Should he be helping? He knew he wouldn't get to help, but it didn't mean he didn't feel like he should be.

"Of course," Carl said, simply, anyone that had a radio knew what was going on which was ninety-nine percent of the group. He gestured towards the radio, expecting him to understand, after all Harry would. He had no idea how separated the two worlds actually were despite being told.

Percy frowned, wordlessly shaking his head, not understanding, what was that contraption?

"It's a walkie talkie," Carl said, giving Percy an odd look, "Haven't you seen one before?"

"A walkie talkie? No," Percy confessed himself stumped. He hadn't even heard his father mention them, and he loved all muggle items he could get his hands on.

"Do you not have walkie talkies in the magical world?" Carl asked, eyeing the walkie talkie curiously, wondering what they used to talk to one another. "It's sort of like the Floo network, but using this, we can talk to each other and listen to one another." Handing it over to let Percy see.

Percy accepted the small but weightily item mesmerised, this could be used to talk to people and they're able to talk back? A small rueful smile appeared on his face, for the first time fascinated by Muggle items, and getting a dose of what his father felt whereupon stumbling into items that were so utterly foreign.

'Daryl and Harry are back with a new group, Lori, Carol, Sophie, Rosita and Eugene have gone ahead to the hospital' came a voice through the walkie-talkie and Percy jumped and fumbled with the device which had Carl sniggering into his hand, trying to stop himself. The look on Percy's face was hilarious, honestly, you'd have thought it was a cat talking the way he looked at the radio.

"You really haven't seen one before," Carl commented, taking it back, and putting it back in its spot on the belt he had around his waist.

"What's going on?" Percy asked, gesturing towards the device, He'd always thought Muggles were a primitive sort, how could they be anything else without magic to get by?

"Where?" Carl asked, glancing around, showing his young age, as he looked around curiously. "Oh, you mean right now?" gesturing to the surgery where he knew Michonne and Mira were. "Mira and Michonne…"

"I'm familiar with that much, are they going to be alright?" Percy asked, interrupting the young man, wincing at how curt he sounded. Damn, he hadn't meant to sound so severe, glancing apologetically at the teenager for his rudeness.

"There hasn't been any news yet, but they'll be fine," Carl said, not even slightly worried, he knew the miracle that potions could produce. "Harry has potions and supplies to use." And he was sure this was a situation where they would be used the garbled words, he'd heard on the walkie-talkie meant it was bad, Hershel needs all hands on deck.

Percy canted his head a little, awed in which the ease that Carl spoke about magic as if it were an every day thing. "How long have you known Harry?" he gauged the young man to be around fourteen-fifteen years old, but he knew sometimes children had growth spurts really young, so there was no actual guarantee that he was. Then there's the fact he might not know, even he didn't even with trying to keep an eye on the dates.

Carl scratched the side of his head, "I don't know, maybe a month into this being declared a pandemic?" time had gotten really odd. That's to say he didn't know the date, and he had no need to. "We were told to stay at home in the beginning, but my Uncle Shane got us packed up and away from the house. My mom got scared when they started bombing the city when they either lost control or were ordered to." at least that's what the consensus was, this Carl had actually overheard from Harry, Daryl and Merle when they were talking about the situation. His Mom said to stay away from them, and he hadn't had the guts to approach them yet so he'd watch them hidden.

Of course, they'd all known he was there, they'd never revealed that they'd known. The trio of men never considered anyone too young for vital and important information. All for various different reasons, and if he was with them, then they knew where he was. Carl had been notorious for wandering off.

"Bombing?" Percy asked, "As in Bombarda?"

"Similar, but bombs are much stronger and vastly bigger," Carl said, "Your Muggle studies teacher sucked," he added shaking his head. "Napalm is what was used and it's made…" and the youngster prattled on about everything he'd learned. Unfortunately, having to use good old-fashioned books instead of the internet these days, but luckily he hadn't been allowed too much internet time before it all went to hell.

Percy listened to Carl, feeling a cross between utterly fascinated, shocked and sick at what he was hearing. Muggles had the ability to do that? To just point a finger and obliterate anything they liked out of existence? A shiver of fear consumed him, and they were just sitting out there? For some maniac to find them and use them? Not that there was much left, but realizing just how vulnerable the magical world was…how easily their entire world/infrastructure could have been decimated was terrifying.

It made him realize…maybe just maybe…Voldemort had a point, on just how dangerous Muggles were. Well, some Muggles, at any rate.

"Are you alright?" Carl asked Percy, he looked very shocked, how could they not know about these sorts of things? It was basic education; he'd known for years. Did they have their own devices that they used to blow up things that weren't just simple spells. "Do I need to go get Harry or Hershel?" realizing he'd really, really shocked him. Which was strange, the man looked to be around his dad's age maybe.

This was causing premature aging in everyone, given that Percy hadn't been in direct sunlight, it was a surprise he wasn't sicker to be honest.

"I'm fine," Percy reassured the younger boy, opening his mouth to ask another question, when the radio crackled to life. Judith stirred when she heard it but didn't wake up, sleeping across his big brother's chest contently.

'One floor of the hospital done,'

'Be cautious, two look outs at all time' came Harry's voice.

'How are they?' Lori's voice crackled through the radio next.

'I've not had an update yet, I'll let you know when I hear anything' and with that the radios went silent again.

Percy was listening intently, and that was when he noticed the runes glowing on the walkie-talkie. They'd actually imbued magic into a Muggle item and it worked? He flushed a little recalling that his own father had done exactly the same thing repeatedly. Including making the car go on its own without any petrol, given it the ability to fly, and to top it off made sure it could become invisible.

Harry, Daryl, Noah and the rest of the new group were in the 'waiting room' which used to be the receptionist area before they had…repurposed everything to suit their needs. Well, to suit Hershel's needs, the second reception was filled with books, paperwork and vital information for those learning everything they could about being a doctor. Hershel, Lily and anyone with a medical background were partaking in creating everything to ensure the next generation had the best possible chance of survival.

The new group huddled together at the far corner of the room, stupid really, they were boxing themselves in. If it had been Daryl and Harry, they would have…actually not moved, a direct line of sight to the door. Unsheathing his radio, he spoke into it, 'Carl? I need you and Tara to make some food and drink, enough for five people and bring it to the surgery.'

'Copy!' came the voice sounding extremely amused.

Harry smirked wryly, the kid hadn't stopped doing that, not since the day he'd got his radio. Far be it for him to dissuade him from doing something that he found fun. Especially in a world like this, where happiness wasn't quite so easily achieved or gotten. When it was gotten? It was very, very hard earned. Sighing softly, he leaned against Daryl, all muscle and awkwardness, and all blessedly his.

"It's hard to believe they're grown up, isn't it?" Harry murmured, watching the door. "Feels like just a few months ago he was sneaking everywhere. Getting into mischief I despaired on whether he'd survive this world." at least Sophia had been a sweet girl and more importantly actually listened to her mother.

Daryl grunted, agreeing with him there, constantly trying to get into trouble worse still, either Rick or Lori had seemed to give a shit. They just let him go off on his own, while stewing in their own bullshit. He'd known Harry cast a welfare spell on Carl, and had honestly expected it to go off a lot sooner than it had. Although, to be fair to the kid, what happened that day was in no way his fault. No, it was Rick's, he disregarded everyone's worries, their cautions and led them right to danger. It wasn't entirely Rick's fault either, his PTSD had worked against him. Still might be as a matter of fact, he didn't know, he didn't interact with Grimes. He saw Judith, Lori and Carl more often.

"I wonder if time always flies that fast…or if it's the lack of keeping track of time." Harry sighed, paying zero attention to the new group. Who were steadily beginning to relax, as if perhaps beginning to realize the group might be telling the truth, that they were going to be fine. That they were safe, not that they'd said they were safe, just that they had a working society.

Daryl turned to face Harry, an inscrutable mask over his features, but his eyes, were soft and adoring. His green eyes trailed down to Harry's midsection, and couldn't help but think about it. In a few months – time that was sure to fly by – he'd had two babies to take care of along with Harry. Were they mad wanting to bring a kid into the way the world was? Maybe, but only because they were conditioned. Back in the day people gave birth to kids without medicine and shit, and lived. Here they have tools to make their lives better, and it was up to Harry and him to make them strong.

Like Sophia. Like Carl. Like Judith, Like Meghan, Like Andre and all the other children of P.A.

It would be a better life than he'd had growing up.

He would make sure of that.

Harry grinned just seeing the protective gleam on Daryl's face, in his eyes, not having to wonder at his thoughts. "You're going to be…" but before he could finish the soft warm statement, the door opened, and Hershel came in. He didn't even blink at the sight of the new group of people that had been brought in.

"How are they?" Harry asked, "I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to get a read on what they may have been given." Medication wise, that is, and that had not been a smart move, since they could overdose if they were given too much of anything.

"They have severe to life threatening injuries," Hershel told Harry grimly, "Spinal injuries that if heal will need a lot of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Luckily we have all the facilities needed to facilitate their care."

"But…how? They don't…they don't usually do that," Noah asked, blanching when everyone turned to look at him.

"It's a good question," Harry agreed, making a face of contemplation, "They normally only take one, I wouldn't be surprised if one tried to save the other, and well, ended up hurt worse because of it."

"Michonne has the most severe injuries, we need Skele-Gro and a lot of it." Hershel said, "And something that heals the nerves?" he had been doing a lot of reading when he wasn't education the next generation. It wasn't anywhere near enough to be considered a beginner never mind advanced. Even with the potion it would take a while for them to be walking he thought. Weeks instead of months if not years the miracle that potions were. He was stretched thin in so many ways, but his work was vital.

Harry nodded, unsurprised that Michonne was worse off, while Mira lacked active magic, she was still magical. A squib had magic, they just couldn't use it, access it, there just wasn't enough. "I believe Mira had just finished the potions supply unit she built specifically for the surgery. I'll retrieve it, but if they're getting Skele-Gro they can't get anything else." it was a particular downside to that potion.

"As of right now they're unconscious, the injuries they've sustained have ensured that," Hershel said, lips pursed, "How on earth did they receive vehicular injuries and what's this I heard about a hospital?" glancing briefly at the newcomers, "Shall we have Lily tend to them?"

Just then Tara and Carl sauntered in, Harry was pleased to see bland foods, although the group weren't exactly malnourished looking. Well, not all of them, he reckoned it had something to do with the length of time they'd been with that particularly sadistic group. Noah was the worst actually, and whether it was because he was a growing boy, or giving his share of the food elsewhere he didn't know.

"These work so well!" Lily said, making her way through, a clipboard in hand, shaking her head in amazement. "To think if we had this when all was right…the money that could have been saved on medical bills, especially for those less fortunate!"

"Luna got them working then?" Harry deduced, glancing at the clipboard that was filled with Michonne's medical details, past and present. He pursed his lips seeing the scarring that had been left behind after she was sexually assaulted. It made him want to cast the Cruciatus curse on the self-proclaimed 'Governor' but he was already dead, that was all that mattered. He should have realized with the swiftness of Hershel's diagnosis shortly after Lily went in.

It was a blood rune, quite literally, you placed a drop of the patient's blood on the Rune, and that activated it. Then within a few moments, it had all injuries from birth right until that very moment. Sure, they could use X-ray machines and scans since they had enough power for that, when required. However, it wouldn't last forever, so this, this was a good way to ensure that everyone was able to be seen to easily and problems discovered.

"We'll have a meeting and discuss what happened before dinner," Harry informed Hershel, not forgetting what Hershel had asked. "I think things are going to get a bit hectic to waste time."

"So, do we give them the food?" Carl asked, ignoring the sound of distress that left one of their mouths. They'd come to understand they wouldn't be neglected here. Everyone was healthy and fit, they all ate well, and they would too.

"That will be up to Hershel," Harry commented, "Before or after?" cocking his brow at the vet. He smothered his amusement at the thought of their reactions. At least Bob and Lily were Doctors of the right species but he'd never dismiss how invaluable Hershel had been to everyone.

Hershel's critical gaze zeroed in on the newcomers, while it was impossible to tell one's health from a single glance…it was possible to glean whether someone was about to keel over on you. While the group were rather pale, they seemed sturdy enough – but he'd been working with the oceanside children so his perception might be slightly off – but were starving. They were literally standing there begging with their eyes for the food that Harry had sent for them. "Go ahead," he gestured for Carl and Tara to hand over the food and drink to the group.

"Take your time, dinner will be served in a few hours, and yes, you'll receive a portion of it." Tara declared, using her 'cop' voice, even if she hadn't been on the beat long before the apocalypse. She'd been a rookie, but had still gone through all the training.

"Did you know Percy didn't know what Napalm was?" Carl asked as he approached Harry, shaking his head a little.

"Oh boy," Harry muttered, "No, not surprised."

Everyone stared at Harry as if he was suddenly spouting a third eye.

"It's an improvement!" Harry said defensively, "His dad didn't know the function of a rubber duck!" with that he gave Hershel a firm nod, time to get Percy before he was traumatised beyond belief. He could only imagine what Carl had been saying and how Percy had reacted. Then he needed to get the potions.

Daryl as always followed ever drawn to his orbit.

Everyone else was still gaping, all wondering if Harry meant an actual rubber duck or if it was a euphemism.

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