Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 116

"Do you think they'd be surprised if we stay?" Harry asked, eyes closed, leaning against Daryl completely content. The smell of smoke, earth, and roasted venison and wild mushrooms and carrots penetrated the air, but hidden behind that was the smell of an oncoming rain that would torrent down upon them. Not that they'd need to worry about that, the magical tent couldn't even get wet, the water would just bead up and roll light off impervious to the water.

"You might give em a heart attack," Daryl murmured out, the rumble in his voice causing Harry's lips to twitch. They wouldn't be used to Harry not doing something he said he would. If there was one thing, they all knew was that Harry stuck to his word no matter what. Randall became a threat, Harry promised to take care of it if it came to it. Harry kept that promise even when Rick Grimes failed, and even then, Harry expected to be hated for it. "Or worry em," holding onto Harry's plate (when he was handed it) as he got more comfortable.

Harry sniggered a little, "It's possible," hooking his leg over Daryl's, these past two days had been beyond amazing. He and Daryl had never been the most tactile of people…but it seemed both of them alone had been exactly what they needed for the remainder of the barriers to fall. They'd barely taken their hands off each other. "This might just be the best venison I've ever tasted." He confessed, as he plopped a cube of the meat into his mouth. They hadn't bothered with a stew (even if it would have given them more) they just roasted the venison and used what wild veggies they had growing. "How do you think everyone would react to going camping and eating this way?"

Daryl snorted, "They ain't going to be happy with that idea, we've all gotten used to our creature comforts," which was true enough Daryl wouldn't choose to sleep on the earth instead of tent bed. It was simple as that; he'd gotten used to a proper bed. It shouldn't have been that way as a grown man, but the life they'd led didn't exactly allow for 'creature comforts' unless you counted squirrel or rabbit stew as a creature comfort. That Daryl had gotten plenty of growing up.

"Very likely true, the kids would like it though," Harry grinned just imagining it.

"Hardly kids now," Daryl commented, drinking his one allotted beer – he was alone here with Harry and their child he wasn't going to get drunk – his own plate empty. It was insane really, when you paused to think about it. With how tiny Sophia, Carl and heck even Andre had been when all this began. Carl and Sophia were teenagers now, about as fully grown as they were going to get. They were instead watching a new generation starting to grow up and their twins would be added to it. His fingers traced along Harry's stomach, mindboggling that he'd never know they were there. Wizards' pregnancies didn't show as such, all the growing happened in the 'sacs' so to speak.

"Mad, isn't it? ours are going to grow that quickly too." Harry confessed, setting the empty plate aside, he wasn't one for mushrooms. "I worry though, I mean we were calling Lori for all things, then we turn around and do the same thing."

"Big difference though," Daryl said quietly, gripping Harry's side tightly, "We have security, family, food, water and an abundance of resources." When Lori got pregnant with little ass-kicker they didn't have a place to stay, food to spare or any security and the group was on the verge of splintering. Hell, as far as everyone else was concerned, they didn't have baby food either. Then the group did break apart, it was probably for the best it had likely helped immensely when Rick's group joined theirs. Helped them integrate better, realize they were far better off for it. He didn't think for a second whether Harry might regret this, he knew he didn't, it was just idle thought.

"We really do," Harry said smugly, unable to stop himself, their community was thriving, there was always room for more, but they had to be careful long term, so they didn't overwhelm their resources. His would run out at some point, and their community needed to know its limit. "I'm really glad the twins want to stay here." He confessed, it meant that it wouldn't just be Luna and him struggling to keep their communities going and thriving.

"How many magical's are in P.A 2?" Daryl asked, he wasn't sure if that had ever been confirmed.

"Twenty now that they all have wands," Harry said pleased, "And back up's of course."

"Best watch, sooner or later that box will run empty too." Daryl pointed out.

"Trust me, Ollivander's has millions it's not something we're going to have to worry about any time soon. Luckily for us, there is a wandmaker, admittedly just an apprentice, he didn't quite finish his Mastery, in Charlie's group." Harry explained, "We'll need to as a group of magics, decide on a time and place to get into magical alley's and get them sorted." Which means naturally, clearing it of all walkers, and making them liveable.

"You reckon they'll end up moving there?" Daryl asked, wondering if that was something Harry wanted now that more and more magical people were found. He knew it wasn't something he'd needed, otherwise he would have gone back to Hogwarts and that would have been that.

"Actually, those that are magical will feel more at home in Potter manor." Harry confessed, "It's the sort of places they're used to. Added with Luna's array of runes they'll be perfect even for those that don't have magic to accomplish their tasks." She was even giving over what she made to the Kingdom people as well, they were truly all going to be alright, barring no complications.

Daryl remained silent.

"Shouldn't be long before Hogsmeade is up and running, there's dozens of cottages for the families. Then there's the train being converted into flats," Harry confessed.

"You alright?" Daryl asked, feeling rather than sensing that Harry wasn't quite happy about something.

"The train, the Hogwarts express…it was the first time I allowed myself to hope." Harry confessed wryly, before then it had been all a wonderful dream, a good escape from the reality and drudgery that was his life. "I was convinced they'd realize it was a mistake and I'd end up back at the Dursley's."

"I ain't ever saw the point in hopin'," Daryl told him, "Until I met you. You are my hope." His cheeks and ears going red at his admission. He reckoned if his brother was here, he'd be laughing at his sappiness, he wasn't a romantic person. Until Harry he'd been convinced that any sort of relationship wasn't for him. He'd just never felt anything other people did, but this group made him feel like whatever he felt was just fine.

Harry didn't fawn over the words, he knew that if he made a big deal, Daryl would retreat into himself. He was not good with social interactions even with him sometimes. Daryl needed to be on his own to recharge, but Harry hoped if they did this frequently, he wouldn't feel the need to do so, quite so frequently. It didn't matter either way though, he didn't really mind. Daryl needed it, and he understood…being surrounded by people all the time when he was a child.

Harry instead kissed Daryl's bicep, there was no sexual meaning behind it just a quiet thank you. They didn't need sex every day to reaffirm what they meant to each other. Felt no need to have sex every other day, they were very happy with whom they were and the pace they set for themselves. Harry wasn't holding himself back for Daryl's sake, and Daryl wasn't holding back either. It didn't make either of them abnormal, it's just exactly what it was, how they wanted to be.

Anyone else who thought otherwise well, they could go screw themselves. Trying to live your life according to others' expectations…was no way to live life at all.

"You ready to get goin'?" Daryl asked, bringing Harry out of his light sleep.

"Did I fall asleep?" incredulous to the extreme, stretching out, wincing at the aches, "Shit, you should have moved me." If that's how he felt, he wondered how Daryl was feeling. His partner just shrugged his shoulders unbothered.

"S'amost daylight," Daryl commented, a load of sticks sharpened to a point for arrows were picked up and shoved into his bag.

"All night?" Harry gaped, "Well, actually, that explains the aches." Rubbing his shoulder, as he looked around still slightly fuzzy and a little cold as well, if he was honest. He didn't say anything though, he didn't want Daryl to feel bad about it.

"Charlie and Bill will be through with a few other wizards and witches," Fred explained to Percy, who was having a lot of trouble adjusting to life outside of the Ministry. Fred reckoned Percy couldn't believe he'd actually survived, but that was a feeling they all felt and dealt with. Percy had been through it twice, once in the initial wave of infected, then the secondary one where they realized they had to get out or die of starvation.

"What?" Percy's breathing hitched, anxiety bubbling up with him, "Why?" he had hoped to have a few more days before he was put face to face with his brothers. He loved them, they were his older brothers, he admired them and Merlin, they were the best. He hadn't been as strong as them though, he'd wanted to please his parents so much, too much really. Along the way he became someone he didn't like, but he had, had time to change thankfully. Still, as much as he loved his family, he wasn't sure how Bill and Charlie would react…would they blame him for not being able to save Ginny, Ron, and their parents? It was terrifying, and Percy was suddenly desiring to return to Hogwarts, feeling like a coward, then he gazed at Lori. Lori's tale had touched him, he could see himself becoming friends with her (a Muggle of all things! His father would have been giddy) and she had been very brave doing all that without magic, without hope, without knowing Harry could be there in seconds. No, he couldn't run from this. He was put in Gryffindor for a reason, he could do this.

Fred blinked perplexed by the way Percy was acting, if he didn't know any better (and he did) you'd think he didn't want to be anywhere near his own brothers. George draped his arm across Percy's back and neck, it was a good grounding he'd found, "We're going to Ilvermorny, Harry's likely to be pissed, but it's a go." They had been busy the past few days while Harry and Daryl stepped back from the forefront.

"What…why would he be angry? Did you put a prank item into his bags?" Percy asked, glancing between the twins, before the end of the war he wouldn't have been able to tell them apart. Now though, it was glaringly obvious who was whom.

"What do you think we are? Harry's pregnant, we'd never risk that," George shook his head, removing his arm from around his brother. It's like nobody could see them for anything other than their pranks, pranks that had by the way, saved the groups lives (maybe a little) with their little displays. They didn't have the means to create more stuff, so once the supply was gone…it would be gone. To think Percy thinks for a second, they could do the unthinkable was horrifying. You endanger a baby? You endanger the wizard, or witch. Especially in this kind of world where they were now forced to live in.

Percy immediately latched onto George, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I swear," he told him fervently. "It just…slipped out." A grimace at how childish that sounded showcased how lacking he felt the words were. He gripped him tighter still, knocking their heads together, "I'm serious, George, I'm sorry."

George stiffened, surprise bursting through his eyes at the fact he'd been correctly identified by his brother. Then yeah, they weren't exactly identical twins anymore, he lacked something that would have made them so. Still, Percy hadn't exactly looked at his ears, or ear to see if it was the case. Merlin, it had been years since his brother had done this. After Percy got in trouble…because the twins nearly made Ron swear an unbreakable vow when Percy was looking after all of them on his own. Throwing his arm over, "You're forgiven." He could see how desperate Percy was for forgiveness.

Percy closed his eyes, relief flowing through him, "Thank you," he murmured before bringing his younger brother into a hug. He was going to have to be careful, if he fell into old habits, he'd lose his brothers and that wasn't going to happen. He didn't have work to get lost in now and he wasn't going to overwhelm Amelia who was with her niece.

It felt odd not being with her every minute of every day, a good odd though. It meant they'd actually have something to talk about instead of uselessly suggesting they make a break for it when they ultimately knew they wouldn't. It was beautiful to see Amelia coming out of her shell, every night when she returned, she flowered a little more.

"From what we've gathered…there's been no outings without Harry taking part," Fred explained watching his brothers fondly.

"That's not true though, I've seen them go scavenging and it seems like a regular thing, it's on the board in the communal dining room." Percy blurted out; his confusion very real. "Usually the same group, but they rotate and add to it, Lori said it was to teach everyone to be able to scavenge on their own." Gesturing towards the museum that had been turned into a kitchen and dining room when they first settled here at P.A.

"That only actually started happening when Harry was confident in everyone's abilities and acknowledged they needed to split more and get more done." Lori told them, handing out 2.5 litres of watered-down orange juice. They were shaped to model actual water bottles. Orange juice was a safe bet until she got to know them better. "He pushed us all to be as vigilant and strong as possible, he taught us well." Far better than Shane and Rick would have, this she acknowledged without bitterness or anger. She had loved both men, always would in her own way, but she was no longer in love with them.

Percy made a sound of acknowledgement recalling Harry's protective tendancies.

Lori had a faraway look on her face, "Considering this new attack…we'll be lucky if we can make him stop and take a break. What he fails to realize is that if not for him…I'm not sure we'd all still be here." He had removed the task of scavenging off the list but they were not afraid to go back out again. Luckily, they didn't need to see the board to know who was on duty and whom. Neither Michonne and Mira were listed, except for other chores inside P.A and Lori had already offered to take up Michonne's chores while Carol took on Mira's. As always branding together to help each other.

Fred grinned, "Sounds like our Harry…don't it, George?"

"Yeah, well it's just too bad, he'll have to get used to staying here, won't he?" they weren't about to let Harry risk both himself or the kid.

"Do you know someone called Rick?" Fred asked the brunette before she could go away.

Lori froze, slowly turning around.

"Why?" Percy was quick to defend her, as he would any woman – not that he believed they needed it – that could use a few moments to herself.

"Still want to stay?" Daryl asked as Harry flicked his wand and had everything cleaned dried and set in the tent again. He sounded thoroughly amused, barely blinking at the sight of magic, truly used to it by now. Not that he'd ever feared magic, he'd known it existed, or believed it to, having witnessed a Chupacabra with his own eyes.

"As much as I'd love to, we can't we still have so much to do before I stop for now," Harry confessed, his brow furrowed, he was unhappy with the prospect. "There's a lot still to be done."

"There is," Daryl agreed, stomping the remains of the fire out with his boots. "Luckily for us, we got a lot of people you trust that have that special ability to ensure everyone's safety too, not just Luna." Not that Merle would let her go anywhere without him. He wouldn't let Luna and Merle go on their own, splitting himself in two wasn't possible and he didn't like it…but Harry would be safe in P.A.

Harry's brow entirely wrinkled at that, "Fred and George and their group, I agree, they were dealing with walkers all the time over there nearly. The others though? They've been mostly safe at Hogwarts or you know…the Ministry. I'm not disparaging what they've been through, never that." Harry added solemnly, as he waved his wand and the tent and everything they'd used shrank down and propelled itself in the bag and the area looked as if they'd never been there, except for where the fire had been going but that had been carefully contained.

"Between Merle, Luna, Andrea, Sophia and I we'll have em all in good shape." Daryl murmured, gravitating towards Harry, it didn't feel awkward when nobody was around. Either that or it was knowing that Harry was just a tad more vulnerable than usual. His magic after all, was reacting oddly, not all the time luckily, but even just sometimes could have devastating effects.

"And the weirdo's deciding to dress as walkers?" Harry asked dryly, "How the hell do you deal with something like that?"

Harry shook his head, before Daryl could even ask, "Walking?" knowing they both preferred to walk when they could. The sun was just coming up, dawn peaking over the horizon.

Daryl nodded once, he was just as perplexed as Harry on that, "Maybe they lost their base and it was the best way to stay safe until they found a newer place?" he didn't care either way, they weren't his people, weren't his problem.

"Could be anything," Harry sighed, "But enough about that…have you thought of names yet?" both of them were sort of drawing blank, Harry didn't want to use names of his lost love ones, he hadn't really ever known them and the only family Daryl had…had been abusive. Why the hell would he want to name a child after them?

"It's a tradition to give a child the family surname as the middle name," Daryl confessed.

"Why would they do that when they're going to have the last…oh, you mean the mother?" Harry realized, wanting to smack his head for his stupidity.

Daryl nodded, biting his nail as they walked around the lake.

"Huh, Evan Dixon, Evan Dixon Potter-Dixon," Harry mused, "Makes a good boys name, kind of screwed if it's girls." Sniggering as Daryl blanched at the thought of it, but the reality was he would do well, he'd been amazing with little Ass-kicker as he frequently called her much to Lori's exasperation because she didn't want her daughters first word to be ass (spoiler alert it had been one of her first words) Lori wouldn't exactly ever be really close to Harry or his inner circle but she'd changed a lot from the earlier days. She no longer believed she deserved better than others, it sucks that it took the end of the world to make her see it.

Daryl ducked his head, extremely pleased, he didn't have any names he liked enough to pick for their child. Maybe it would change when they got here, he was really excited for that day already, and he still had a long while to go before it happened.

Harry nudged him smiling in utter besottment.

"Maybe Hunter," Daryl added shyly, peering at Harry through his long hair.

"Hunter Evan Potter-Dixon," Harry said as he mused, "I like it."

"Why do you combine the names? We ain't married," Daryl pointed out.

"Because that's what their names are going to be," Harry said definitively, "Whether we are bonded or not."

Daryl made a soft sound, almost a grunt.

"Would you like to get bonded, right now I mean?" Harry asked, refraining from stopping and turning to give Daryl his full attention. He knew doing so would make Daryl feel cornered, defensive. This way Daryl could think about it, and give him a real, honest answer. Despite the suddenness of the question, despite the fact he hadn't thought on it, or considered it…Harry felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest. Sudden as it may be, the truth was, they'd spoken of bonding and what it entailed before.

He loved Daryl wholly and completely, married or not…but why did Harry feel like their entire lives was on a precipice that depended on Daryl's answer?

Harry needed that unconditional love, needed it as much as he needed oxygen to breathe, it's all he'd ever wanted his entire life.

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