Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 120

"You doing alright?" Harry asked, giving Michonne an intense look. She had been through a trauma and it needed to be addressed if it was a danger to becoming worse. Here he was thinking PTSD for her and Mira too. The fact they were better and nobody was worried or asking if they were okay, must be a little jarring. Hell, getting better so soon must have been as well, it would take her mind far longer to heal. Her previous traumas didn't come into it. She wasn't 'stronger' and less likely to get PTSD because of everything else she'd been through; it could strike at any given trauma.

"I'm fine," Michonne rushing through packing up her sniper rifle. It was hers, she kept it on her along with her Katana.

Harry pressed his hand tightly on her shoulder, his gaze sombre, "Really?" wanting to make sure she really was fine. He wasn't about to put her on the back bench if she wasn't, he just wanted to make sure she was okay, in and on herself.

A few others passed by, not stopping sensing the seriousness of the situation. It wasn't for their ears or eyes. Instead, they moved off to the gates to wait for their next order. Letting them all know that it would be a few more minutes until Harry caught up with them.

"Honestly, I'm coping well, I'm just…more bowled over what magic can do. I was in so much pain, and with potions and spells I was better. It's jarring really, since I know here," pointing towards his mind, "It should have taken months to recover fully and instead within a day the pain was gone entirely. Without visible injuries I almost feel like…"

"It didn't happen at all," Daryl murmured, he got it all too well.

"Exactly," Michonne nodded, a sardonic quirk to her lips.

Harry smiled, "I get that, I remember my first time being awake and being healed," he mused, the incident with Quirrell didn't really count. He couldn't remember anything about it and he wasn't majorly injured. No, he was thinking of the time his bones in his arm were vanished. It had been painful, then bam nothing.

"You can talk to us if you need it," Daryl stated, "We ain't goin' to set you aside."

"History doesn't show that," Michonne pointed out bluntly, but with mild hesitance.

"Grimes," Daryl realized immediately.

Michonne nodded.

"Grimes is different, he was shot in the line of duty, and woke up to an ended world." Harry sighed, "His PTSD was masked by everything, it wasn't until it was almost too late and Rick had become severely paranoid. I mean he was blaming everyone except himself for what he had to do, which was shoot his best friend. Regardless of what we do, Grimes hasn't recovered even now, with Hershel's help. He was a cop before the world ended, and he was used to being in charge he's never been able to accept us as his leaders."

"Despite his leadership nearly resulting in a dozen deaths including his son, wife and unborn daughter." Daryl was quick to defend Harry, especially against Rick Grimes. They weren't sure why she was defending him in a way, or maybe she genuinely did just think she'd be relegated to the side-lines like him. "He's worse now if anything…he doesn't have the support structure you have." Everyone had tried to help Rick but he just didn't want that help.

They had to want the help first, like Bob, it had taken a while to accept the help. Eased along by the fact they did not judge him, but alcoholism was different from PTSD. Each came with their own problems.

"He doesn't want help, he's…too far into the delusion he knows best," Harry said sadly, "I've been in touch with Madam Pomfrey regarding it, she's going to try and help. I do believe though, that he won't touch the potions." They'd run out of any combination of drugs that would help him according to Hershel. That he was at a loss, thus he had hoped the Hogwarts Healer would provide something to help the unravelling Grimes male.

They thought they were successfully keeping him in the dark regarding Grimes moves. A foolish act on their parts, in both keeping it from him and thinking they could keep it from him.

"If you find yourself struggling, come to me, that's all, it's not that I don't think you can cope, you know me." Harry said firmly, he did not care about gender, he cared about capability. He'd grown up surrounded by strong capable women, witches.

Michonne relaxed fully, giving a grateful nod. She did know him and she knew he would never do something without a real and genuine reason. It was good to know that they would have her back against all odds. Which she'd already knew, but this was just reaffirming it for her. She'd foolishly let Rick get in her mind.

Daryl nodded, chin jutting out in agreement, essentially saying 'me too' to the woman.

"Two minutes out," Carl's tinny voice came through the radio, in more than one radio.

"Let's go," Harry said, already jogging towards the entrance to P.A and re-joined the others within a few moments. Carl was just a little further ahead of them, keeping watch with his mother. It didn't cease to amaze him how grounded Lori had grown, and how she kept watch over her son now better than she had in the beginning when he was a child. Shaking off his thoughts, they'd all needed an adjustment period. Lori's had just been more painful than most.

Harry moved towards Carl, shuffling past him to see what he was. "That's…quite a collection." He conceded, staring at the advancing group.

Whether he meant the Walkers or humans nobody knew.

"How do you want to deal with this?" Daryl asked, arrow cocked and bow aimed ready to defend the group.

"Pip, Crain, Oban," Harry called out, stepping away from the crowd for a moment.

It didn't take more than three seconds for the bound elves to answer the call.

They silently awaited answers, knowing their master detested the fawning and babbling. In this world now? Silence was a life saver, quite literally as the case maybe.

"It's good to see you, I need you to fix the barracks up for…how many do you think?" Harry turned to Daryl, mentally really calculating how many were there.

"I wouldn't put it over one hundred," Daryl cautiously stated.

"No way there's that many, sixty or seventy I'd say," Andrea commented, hearing them due to being so close. Everyone was trying to remain inconspicuous as to not draw attention from the group yet or the walkers.

"Make two of the Barracks habitable, pillows, mattresses, bedding and covers, duvets and throws." Harry explained, "Don't make it a long-term comfort thing, they might not be here for long."

"And keep an ear on everyone," Andrea stated sharply, "Any sign of discontent, malcontent or a coup…inform Harry or Luna right away." The house elves perked up considerably, no doubt due to the long term 'job' to look after their Masters needs. Normally they weren't called at all, Harry refused to let them do everything, it wouldn't be fair in his book.

The House-elves did glance silently at their Master in query, he was after all, their Master, and it was his orders they follow.

Harry glanced at Andrea in exasperation, before a thoughtful look came across his face. It was a good thing; they barely knew about magic never mind having met any of the House-elves. They were so good at doing everything they needed to do and not be expecting such a thing. It wasn't just his group he had to keep safe, but his unborn child too.

"It's a good idea," Daryl murmured, "With so many of them we are risking a lot with no reward." Giving his opinion knowing Harry held it in high regard and often (more often than not) took his ideas and suggestions and ran with it. Not that he gave his opinions often.

Harry shrugged, "Alright," it's not like he was going to ask the House-elves to spy on them all the time, or reveal everything that goes on in their lives. "Take turns in keeping an ear on the proceedings, and Andrea is quite correct, any dissent in the ranks, or plans to take over, let us know immediately." gesturing towards the people in his close vicinity, whom he trusted fully to have his back and deal with any situation.

The satisfaction and happiness from his people were enough to make this worth it.

"And I've got another two to contend with," Harry grumbled half-heartedly. He couldn't believe Winky and Kreacher had somehow gotten a Hippogriff to ride here. They must all be exhausted and starving.

It didn't get beyond Harry that he was more worried about the magical creatures than the humans making their way to him. That's not to say he wasn't sympathetic to their plight; the situation wasn't ideal.

"They can take over your tasks," Daryl was quick to suggest, "Since after today you're off the schedule."

"I am not!" Harry protested.

"Yes, you are," Daryl argued right back, "You know you're not supposed to strain yourself."

"I'll be fine," Harry said, "Plenty of women and carriers have carried children without a problem."

"Not everyone is as powerful as you!" Daryl pointed out, "They're already manipulating your magic, and it will continue happening until they're born." He couldn't help but feel inordinately proud and smug.

Luna and Merle apparated to the spot

"Does that mean you know they've got magic already?" Andrea asked looking amazed, not just that a man was pregnant but performing magical feats.

"I don't…" Harry begun, but glanced back at Luna and Merle, Harry felt a smidge of envy, he wasn't Apparating, or even considering apparating someone. He couldn't risk his magic being changed, thus the longest bloody run he'd ever done outside of training. He almost wanted to pout petulantly, but they were worth it.

"They've likely got magic, yes, we've never heard of any interference happening then someone having a child without magic." Luna was quick and supremely smug to explain. "However, the difference of being born a squib or a wizard is whether their core attaches to yourself or not."

"I do detest the terms they use for non-wizards and those born without magic," Lori confessed, "It's almost debasing."

"It was meant to be," Harry said with a sympathetic smile, "Wizards don't adapt well to change." Not putting him in the same category.

"They're here," Carl said, just off to Harry's right.

"You got the runes?" Harry said eyes lighting up.

"Portals?" Luna deduced what Harry was thinking, when you were friends with someone long enough, you learn to anticipate their movements.

"Exactly," Harry said gleaming wickedly. "Alright guys, we're going to try for the portals, if it works all the walkers should find themselves passing a threshold that will theoretically remove their brain, and they'll be dumped in the Dragon/Thestral's enclosure."

"If it doesn't work, you're condemning those creatures," Carl protested, worried about the beautiful creatures he'd only read about.

"Dragon's will be impenetrable, no matter how many try and hurt them," Harry told them, glancing at Luna, "Want to pop over at least until a few have come through to make sure they work?"

Carl relaxed, relieved that no harm would come to them.

"Sure," Luna agreed, "Get everyone inside, I'll get the portal open." Already rummaging for the portal runes they'd created.

"I'll make sure nobody is stupid enough to go near the portal," Harry confirmed, although they had no clue if the portal would do the same to them, but it was likely. So, if someone did cross over into the portal, it would be the last thing they ever did.

"How are you going to do it? They'll need to see the secret, and then the building, then entering it…" Carl pointed out the obvious.

"As quickly as humanly possible," Harry said, acknowledging Carl's point, "Urge them on if you can." There were a lot of people, and they had guns, they might not want to go with them, and he couldn't force them.

"And if they don't come?" Andrea asked, loosely prepared for anything that might come their way.

"Then leave them to go," Harry said seriously. "We won't abduct them off the streets, even if it would be for their own good." He couldn't exactly tell them not to train their guns or weapons on them, he wasn't risking their lives. Patting Carl on the shoulder, squeezing firmly.

"Lori where's Judith?" Harry asked, glancing around for the blonde child.

"She's with Amy," Lori told Harry, giving him a curious look.

"Good, children would have had them relaxing a bit but I wouldn't risk her." Harry explained, "Get into position, be ready." Handing over a card with the Fidelius charm address written out so everyone could join in. Jogging out, his feet absolutely killing him, he could not wait to sleep.

Everyone did as they were told, as they spread out ready to help them if they wanted to be helped.

"Over here, we can offer aid, food, and rest, even if only for the night," Harry said, their confusion clear as day, wondering where they'd come from since they could see nothing. Letting them read the card, before propelling them forward to the next person, urging them to either get into P.A or seeing them off further down the street.

None of them elected to go it alone, the magic they were seeing stayed their hands. Not that they were letting them think it through in all honesty. It's not like they were going to force them to stay, but they were going to force them to rest they were bound to be exhausted. Especially those they saw with children.

By the time they got everyone to the Barracks the place was warm and cosy for everyone. Those with kids were guided towards the double beds, so they could stay together for the evening. None had babies or toddlers so there was no need to ask someone to bring up a cot or such.

"Who are you people?" was asked, a woman staring at Harry, correctly gauging that he was the leader.

Harry turned to face her, "My apologies, my name is Harry Potter," Harry told her, his first impression of these people was that they were soft, wholly untouched by the apocalyptic world they were now living in. It was like something you'd expect during the beginning months but now? Years into it? It was baffling, where on earth had they been? "Carl, Lori, Merle, Daryl, Andrea, Michonne, Rosita," Harry introduced those closest to him. All of them armed, and all of them cautious and it made the newcomers very leery despite their exhaustion and delight in their accommodation as temporary as they were.

"I am Congresswoman Deanna Monroe, my sons, Spencer and Aiden, my husband Reg is here somewhere." She said, glancing around, unable to find him but seeing two others, she introduced the men who went beyond the wall to bring back survivors. "These are Eric and Aaron."

Now these two definitely knew how to fight, they were very cautious of everyone around them. Although, Aaron seemed to find his and Daryl's positioning curious, and if he wasn't mistaken there was relief in his gaze. A few seconds reading his mind was the prejudice they faced, even in their home.

"If you two want privacy, the second Barrack is also set up," Harry informed both of them, green eyes glowing softly, nobody should be judged, least of all in this world. "You won't be bothered while you're there." homophobia still existed in the end of the world, figures.

"Thank you," Aaron said in gratitude, so he'd been right, they were together, he hadn't been one hundred percent sure. However, the intimacy of the fingers brushing up against each other felt like they were silently reassuring each other they were there.

"Food will be passed around equally amongst you in an hour," Harry called out so that everyone could hear him. "You may shower, and yes, in hot water, and some clean clothes will be provided for you in fifteen minutes."

"You've been somewhere with amenities and hot water especially." Luna said shrewdly. They were happy to have a warm shower but nowhere near grateful as they could have been if they'd went without far longer.

"They can explain all later," Harry said, "Rest, be well, tomorrow we can talk, until then I ask you not to wander off too far." Or not at all, but if he did say that he knew they'd be suspicious.

"Not because we've got anything to hide," Merle told them, "But we trained our people well." Let them assume they had people watching over the entire area, truthfully, they didn't need to do it, Harry would know any and all movement within P.A

"Follow me, you two," Harry said, jerking towards the door, noticing the congresswoman's indignation that he was ignoring her. She'd likely presume it was because she was a woman but it was far from it. "Until tomorrow." He added, as he and his people walked out the door.

There was already a House-elf in watch, listening and observing, doing its job well.

For Master Harry.

That and if they did a good job, they'd hopefully be given other chores or orders.

They couldn't wait until the twins arrived. Oh, yes, they knew their master was having twins, elf magic was different.

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