Walking Dead Wizard

Chapter 125

It went against everything in him to laze around, he wasn't geared that way at all. Neither was Harry actually, which made them a good couple, they were in sync and understood each other in a way another partner might not have. Although, Daryl likely wouldn't have sought out a partner if the world hadn't ended. Harry was it for him, his understanding and calmness had allowed Daryl to come to terms with affection, well, his brothers kick up the ass helped too.

It was going to be difficult for Harry to hand over the reins so to speak. Not because he needed to be in control, a lot of people likely didn't remember that Harry had balked at it initially, but fundamentally just not able to remain with someone who would blame others for the deaths he'd caused. Shane had been killed by Rick, it hadn't been done out of malice, but self-defence, but that hadn't been enough for Rick. He'd begun his own downward spiral blaming everyone for his actions it had been stupid. He'd lost not only half the group, but the half that were strong enough to keep the group going, and feeding them to boot.

To be fair, Glenn had done well in keeping Rick's group fed. They likely wouldn't have survived if Glenn hadn't remained with them. Glenn didn't regret staying, he loved Maggie, but wished it would have been easier, those months with Rick before they joined the group? Glenn said they'd been a test unlike anything he'd ever been through. It had frustrated him a great deal that Rick just refused to listen to anyone, not him, not Hershel, hell, not even Lori could get through to him. What had was their near-death experience, they'd nearly died at the hands of bloody cannibals. Glenn confessed to still having nightmares about it. Why he elected to tell Daryl of all people, Daryl didn't know, maybe because he didn't talk much and assumed it would remain between them? Which wasn't accurate, Daryl had actually told Harry about it.

Shaking off his thoughts, Daryl turned back to the book in front of him. it was a book on fatherhood, the dos and don'ts. It was like his father had read it and did all the 'don't' just to be an asshole. He hated the asshole and was glad he was dead, his ma would have loved any kid though, when she was sober. He wouldn't have trusted her with a hamster though, never mind his kids.

He did wonder where the twins had come from, there was a reason they asked if there were twins in the family since usually it was a family thing. He knew a family with twin brother and sister, with a mom who had a twin brother, and the sister gone on to have twin boys, they'd been what…maybe four or five if he remembered right before the pandemic hit. It was either his family or Harry's, neither knew as much about their families as they wished.

Harry made a soft grumble, as awareness begun to penetrate his sleepy mind, "Mmm, time izit?" unable to force himself to move, even if it was solid muscle he was leaning fully against.

"Roughly ten to ten thirty in the morning," Daryl idly commented, peering down at Harry, green eyes filled with fondness and love. He didn't say it often, he wasn't a very vocal man, but he did let him know in other ways.

"Let's find out how accurate you are this time," Harry said, turning around in the bed so he could stare up at Daryl, seeing him reading another book had him almost rolling his eyes. It was cute, really, but my goodness, he reckoned Daryl had almost read nearly all the books he had in his collection. Which by the way was quite a number, fifteen to twenty, most were old books though, but they were magical and that was definitely something important to both him and Harry. Neither were familiar with what was normal accidental magic and how best to deal with it. Harry had just been thrown in his cupboard for goodness sake. It wasn't an example either would follow.

"You mean if they let you?" Daryl pointed out in quiet amusement, green eyes gleaming with merriment as he watched, waiting to see if his magic would be interfered with again.

"Funny," Harry grumbled, but flicked his wand, casting 'Tempus!' and the time appeared in front of him. "Damn it, you're getting more and more accurate, how is that possible?" amazed that Daryl was able to just come up with the correct time like that.

It was 10:15 AM American time, his wand changed to the local time of the location he was in. He'd figured that out quite quickly after his malfunctioning Portkey had him out in the open. He had been quite luckily to bump into the Dixons as rough around the edges as they were, they hadn't killed him thinking him the 'devil's child' because he had magic.

Daryl just chuckled in amusement, "What do you want to do today?" he knew that Harry wouldn't remain in the house, he wouldn't be able to tolerate it, he'd want to get at least one thing done so he felt like he'd accomplished something, even if it didn't mean interacting with another soul.

Harry made a thoughtful noise, "I think I'll help Carol with the weekly chart other than that, nothing much. Everything pretty much runs on its own, thank Merlin for runes." Otherwise, they wouldn't be as well off as they were.

"I'll go get some meat then," Daryl told him, "Anything we need or want up?"

"Nobody has asked for anything, and everything Luna brought from The Kingdom people was given to Hershel." Harry stretched out, he couldn't believe he'd slept in until ten o'clock, it was highly irregular, man, all those hormones must definitely take it out of you. He wondered how Lori had endured it, the lack of food, mood swings and not to mention the constant movement and fear she felt. "Bring up some hot chocolate, I have a hankering for some."

Daryl grunted his agreement, as he snatched up the wicker basket on top of the chest, before he opened it and made his way inside. He was an expert at navigating the inside of this thing now. Helped along by maps and layouts of what was what, the chilled and frozen section would have been a nightmare otherwise. Trying to find something while you were freezing? Not nice. Especially when you come up to a very different climate. The basket was spelled so everything you want to put in could be put in.

Daryl added some eggs, and a variety of meats for breakfast. The makings of pancakes, as well as some premade bottled stuff ready to go. They didn't use a lot of the stuff in the chest anymore, not unless it was to build on the food already made for the day. They had what felt like hundreds of hens laying chickens, so they had a real good quality of eggs most days. Sometimes it was less, but the group was so big that it would be felt if more weren't added. The dates though, would probably make most people blanch if they weren't well aware that Harry's chest was capable of preserving them from the moment, they went in. They were actually still using items from the UK, Harry hadn't been shy about taking as much as he could before he got here, never mind the haul he had from any shop they went to with them.

He backtracked and added a dozen packs of chicken, and placed dozens of sweet and sour jars in too. Luckily, all the jars were spelled unbreakable, better safe than sorry. Every single item, jar, piece of food was going to be needed before the end. It would stave off the really bad times ahead. The food would be a lot plainer but if their plans went off without a hitch, then they'd survive this until the day came where you could get stuff like that again. Like gravy granules, herbs, stock pots and shit.

He'd never bothered with it, and he didn't feel like he'd lost out.

He popped into the drinks section, napped a few beers for himself, before adding in what he'd came for. Hot chocolate, adding a new of the Maltesers ones, the kids seem to really like them best. As always, he noticed things, it might seem trivial to most, but Harry said it was the most important things and meant a lot to everyone.

"You're running low on your favourite hot chocolate," Daryl commented, as he climbed up the trunk, setting the food on the bed for a moment, as he climbed out and closed the lid, reactivating all the spells. "Might be some in the boxes that have yet to get done." they were constantly putting more and more stuff down there, if it was in date, or if it was possible to keep for longer. Otherwise, they were just put in the middle of their 'den' for everyone to help themselves to.

"They sell it in America too, so it's likely packed up in a lot of the boxes," Harry commented, "People were only going for the preserved stuff, tins and that." The items he'd noticed going fast and first were surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) baby milk, toilet roll and bread then it was anything they could get their hands on.

"Wasn't someone meant to be getting that tided up?" Daryl asked, nine times out of ten, he was already gone by the time whoever was coming came into the trunk to tidy shit up.

"Percy, and yeah, he's spending time at Potter Abbey with his brothers," Harry said, "He'll get back to it, he'll need the routine, Percy's very anal, obsessive to the extreme when it comes to doing things properly. A lot of it will have been bled out of him, out of sheer need when the Ministry went on lockdown. "In fact, they might actually already be back…I can't recall what exactly was decided."

"Redheads?" Daryl questioned, as he sat down and begun to do up his boots.

"Yeah, the Weasley's." Harry replied, "Ron's brothers." Ron had been one of the first walkers he'd ever had to put down. It made his stomach roll just thinking about it, he'd confessed to them what had happened. Instead of being angry or upset, they'd been grateful, thankful that he'd put their brother down.

'Ron would have been devastated to know he might have hurt you, or anyone for that matter. You did the right thing, even Ron will be thanking you when it's our time to join him. Ron wouldn't have done well in this world.'

Charlie was right, Ron wouldn't have done well, he hadn't lasted long before complaining when they were on the Horcrux hunt. Bitching about everything, he loved his food too much, was lazy, and didn't like to work too hard. This was exactly what he would have had to do, had he survived. He wouldn't have let Ron thrust his chores onto the others, and he definitely would have tried. He loved Ron but he hadn't been blind to his faults, neither had his brothers.

"You alright?" Daryl asked, squinting at Harry.

"I'll be fine, but he would have made an awesome uncle," Harry confessed, feeling particularly saddened today over Ron's passing.

Daryl huffed, "God help us with Merle," although, he had more experience than him, Merle will likely remember his time as a baby. That was experience at least…wasn't it? He was half afraid his brother would accidentally hurt his kid. Hell, he was terrified he would, never mind Merle.

Harry laughed softly, "I reckon he's going to surprise us," he knew Daryl didn't actually mean anything bad about his brother. Although, only he was allowed to talk shit about his brother. Anyone else attempts it, then they would be in for a beating of a lifetime.

Daryl grunted, giving his agreement with a nod to top it off.

"If Percy doesn't have the time, it would be a good thing for me to do, I'd mostly just be sitting and writing down what's what on the paperwork…" Harry said thoughtfully, it would give him something to do without straining himself.

"No magic," Daryl declared, as Harry wrapped his arms around him, leaning against his back, sighing softly.

"Spoil all my fun, why don't you," Harry murmured, "Fine, Percy can do the hard work, I can do the writing." Pouting a little, but truth of it was despite his complaining he'd do it anyway, anything for everyone's safety, even if he wanted to cry at the loss, then get angry. "It will be good to get a good idea of what's in there, it took Carol, Percy and I think Carl maybe Soph like hours to get the dozen Walmart bread makers out."

They were finally producing the makings of bread, making flour and all the rest. While they made a few loves by hand, the bread makers made the rest. The handmade ones were the best, in his opinion anyways. There had been comments from both Lori and Carol about wishing to make sourdough bread, he wasn't sure why they didn't make it? Perhaps they knew he didn't have what they needed for it on hand? He needed to ask them, since he had a lot of things, not everything though, but it didn't hurt to check, now did it?

"You want to stay?" Daryl asked, tempted to stay himself, but nobody had, had breakfast yet, he was surprised nobody had been at the door…unless they had enough to get everyone through a breakfast without interrupting them? Wouldn't really surprise him, there was always a surplus in the kitchens under Carol's watchful gaze.

"Yes," Harry replied immediately, "Do you think they're even still alive?" he'd basically just dropped them in the middle of nowhere without anything to help them. Was it wrong of him? probably, definitely, yes in polite society, however they were lawless now.

"Necessity is a mother of invention, you once said, they will be, at least most of em," Daryl commented, "Maybe not the Munroe family." They were fucking deluded; it went beyond the realm of understanding just how clueless and fucked up they were. If they hadn't had others helping them all this time, they wouldn't have survived.

Harry winced, he didn't consider himself a bad person, but he felt a little bad for just you know, shoving them into a potentially precarious situation. He could have killed them but he didn't have that in him. At the heat of the moment, yes, to protect his own, again yes, but just killing them for being complete dunderheads? No.

"Hey, no guilt," Daryl warned him, rubbing Harry's arms more firmly, feeling the goosebumps, moving forward slightly, he nabbed one of the hoodies he wore around the house when they weren't going out. He preferred his vest and t-shirts but sometimes when the weather got chilled, he wore it. At least until Harry complained about him not complaining about the coolness and using his magic to make the house warm.

Harry was from a much colder climate initially, and had lived in a cold draughty castle for six years. He barely registered the coolness here, despite having been here for bloody years now he should have acclimatised to it.

"Thank you," Harry kissed Daryl on the neck, before detaching himself to put the hoodie on. He would prefer to use his magic to keep himself warm if he felt cold, but this wasn't a bad alternative. The hoodie even smelt like Daryl, not a bad trade he must admit. "Back in the day I could go without using magic for days, I don't use it for the little things, but now I can't I feel a little lost without it, like a limb has been cut off. I hate complaining about it, it's so annoying."

"Time will pass quickly, before you know it, you'll be able to use your magic again…" Daryl commented, "Unless you need to wait for the hormones and shit to come out of whack."

Harry blinked owlishly, gaping at Daryl's back, "You're actually right, it might take even longer than I anticipated. Too bad there's nobody else to ask, although I could ask Charlie to ask his friends, but even then, our bodies are all different it could take less or longer before everything rightened."

Daryl shrugged, "Couldn't even answer that one in the book, sorta wrote around it, stupid if you ask me." he wasn't sure why they'd even put it in the title, or index when they didn't answer that shit.

"The wizarding world is backwards; they don't even adhere to animal husbandry never mind DNA and other things including not marrying your cousins." Harry grumbled, or rather it had been backwards.

"So did my relatives," Daryl said, as he tied his boots, since Harry was no longer plastered across his back. He already missed the warmth if he was honest.

"So did mine," Harry huffed out in amusement, "I was just lucky that my father chose someone he wasn't remotely related to." Otherwise, who knows, he may have ended up like Neville. He loved the guy, he was good at magic, but to compare their power levels? Would be the biggest insult you could pay to Harry. He wasn't even going to bother mentioning the Black's and the Gaunts from a long distant cousin branch.

Magic needed new blood, it birthed extraordinary magically gifted children.

History was proof of that, and he couldn't help but wonder…if the added new blood of the Dixon's would make their children more powerful…or if his child would have similar power levels as him.

Only time would tell, as Daryl so eloquently put. He sniggered at his own sarcastic thoughts, as he shoved his feet into his trainers. "Hmm, they're starting to give, I might need a new pair soon."

"Get Luna to repair them," Daryl rolled his eyes.

"That's almost as bad as having a new pair of trainers, repairing charms make them awfully stiff again." Harry told him, "I hope they last until after the birth, I swear my feet are twice the size they normally would be."

Daryl refrained from stating the obvious – that they actually are twice their normal size.

"They'll last," Daryl reassured him, as both of them exited the bedroom. This was where they spent most of their time. Neither had watched TV much (if at all) before the world ended, so it wasn't something either instinctively gravitated towards. All the DVDS and that were in the Cinema that had been opened back up, there would be a constant limit of movies to watch… and limited times, since Harry absolutely refused to waste electricity to a massive degree. He stated firmly that yes, the cinema could be used, but only one movie a night at least until Luna came through with a rune that ran electricity instead of the solar power. "If not, you've got your old pair of boots." Which definitely would be roomy enough for Harry at the moment. its why Harry had stopped using them, they were to lose, and he'd almost tripped and stumbled, he was smart enough to know he couldn't risk it happening in more serious settings.

"Maybe we should bring those carts that are in the old golf course here," Harry commented, as he closed the door, the wards activating. "It certainly would be useful in the event of an emergency for those who can't use magic."

He noticed Carol and Sophie wandering towards the newcomers doors, Jessie and the kids, Sam and Ron. Clearly, she was going to get them in time for breakfast, either that or she was taking some to them. He hoped not, while he felt for them, it was a dangerous prescient to send, especially for someone who had come from that group. There was no way some of that…pretentious I'm better than you bullshit didn't rub off on them, even if it was only a little.

"The charging docks are there, even if we moved em with magic, we wouldn't know how to get em this far and still work, least not without a lot of research." Daryl told him, Harry hadn't seen them, only heard them mentioned, since Lori, Noah, Carl and Mira had been in charge of that patch of land when they had been fortunate enough to find some seeds, it astonished them really, that they were still usable given how long it had been. They should have been growing in the packet by then but they weren't about to frown at their good fortune.

"Oh, of course, why didn't I think of that?" Harry murmured, shrugging indifferently, oh well, was worth a thought. He just assumed it was a plug-in sort of deal, he wondered if it was a fancy golf club, sort of deal. Hmm, he might take a daunder down and have a nosey around.

"Merle adapted a motorised scooter though, got it working last night," Daryl said with a smug smirk.

"That doesn't sound good," Harry said wryly, "Hopefully he doesn't have any plans of taking it outside."

"Hardly, it's a racket," Daryl said, adopting the words Harry used sometimes as his own. "I'm surprised you didn't hear it. Luna gave him what for, he upset the chickens." A drollness added to his tone as he said that.

Harry sniggered, waving to those that were on the move.

"Did you go to the Cinema last night?" Harry called out to Carl, who was walking beside his sister, keeping a right eye on her. A smile slipped onto his face; Carl had come a long way since Harry had met him. He was proud of him, no doubt his mother and father were too, even if he couldn't stand Rick. It hadn't been his fault really, his PTSD had caused all that suspicion and anger, and being in the middle of a damn apocalypse nobody had noticed.

Carl scooped up his sister who laughed, as they got Judith situated on his back as he plodded over to Harry and Daryl. "Yeah, we went to see the pirates of the Caribbean, we're going to see the rise of the planet of the apes next time! It was so awesome! Do you think we could fix the bowling alley next?" positively thrumming with excitement.

Harry made a thoughtful moue, "Once Luna figures it out, we can't use too much electricity, we have no clue how these things work or for how long. Roughly ten years is the closest we've come to an answer. It's like we need one massive conductor of electricity…"

"To collectively power the runes…" Luna finished for him.

"Lightening spell." they both finished together in sync.

"Still no less annoying," Merle grumbled, as he stepped up, a shadow forever present next to Luna. They were rarely apart, it used to be due to the fact she had magic and was so obvious about it, and had no clue about muggle stuff. Now it was through the sheer fact Merle wouldn't be able to live without her. She had become his everything, and he'd be damned if he stayed a single minute longer than she did on this earth. Where she went, he would follow. He had a far better understanding of that damn doctor from the CDC, if he loved his wife like he loved his Luna…then he got it, hell, he was surprised he'd lasted as long as he did. This was coming from a man who would have done anything to survive this apocalypse and come out the winner, the pathetic redneck won where the assholes who thought they were better dying off one after another.

Funny how things changed. Especially considering Luna and Harry were rich fuckers with fancy educations he'd derided his entire life. Go figure.

"Please, you'd be dead without that 'annoying,'." Luna teased Merle, giving him a shove, which just had her bumping into him. He was an immovable force when he wanted to be. Far sturdier than Luna was, honestly, she looked like a strong wind would have her carted off in the air. "We need something to use as a conductor for electricity."

"Metal or alloys, although graphite and liquids would work well, especially water, which is a good electrical conductor, but not advisable." Harry murmured thoughtfully.

"Put it where the actual electric station is, ain't nobody getting in there without the help of magic anyway." Merle suggested, while Daryl nodded his agreement, it's likely the best place to put anything that was conducting. What would absorb the magic as electricity best?"

"Gems work best but there's no way they could store electricity, could it?" Harry answered, "Metal definitely, but it would need to be scribed with quite a few runes to work well, with well, anything. Is it doable?" anything runes related he asked Luna, she was the professional with Ancient Runes, if the world was still like before she'd have her Mastery in Runes for definite, although it wouldn't have been her main focus, no she'd always wanted to work with animals, a magizoologist. She could still be that he guessed, just not the way she'd likely originally wanted.

"They could, but they'd crack long before a metal conductor would," Luna said, arrowing her eyes, her mind going in overdrive as she came up with idea after idea either setting them aside for further perusal or dismissing them.

"Keep walking," Harry said.

"That would be so cool, like Storm out of the X-men!" Carl said in excitement. He could just about imagine it, the storm raining out of Luna's wand and going into the conductor. Only difference was Luna's hair was much, much longer than Storm's was but they were both magical and kickass.

"Where do you keep finding comic books?" Harry asked laughing, he actually knew that one, it was the 'forbidden' ones that Dudley used to hide, kept them at his friend's houses, didn't dare think of mentioning them in the house. Not after the first one had been found at any rate. Oh, they'd done on and on and on about freaks, and how abnormal he was for reading such material. He reckoned Vernon would have preferred for his son to have been caught with a pornographic magazine to be honest.

"We're cleaning out the library," Carl shrugged, they were venturing further and further out, who knows, maybe one day P.A would be filled to the brim with people. Hundreds of thousands of them, that wasn't including the Barrack's and the actual airbase. Although the training grounds had definitely come in handy.

"Do libraries keep comics?" Harry asked genuinely surprised, cocking his head to the side, staring at Carl waiting on an answer. He or Luna wouldn't know and the Dixon's definitely wouldn't. They continued to walk, Carl barely struggling with Judith, he was deceptively strong, they'd ensured it.

"Yes, not sure if every single of them does, but most do, Michigan state university library has the biggest collection of comic books." Carl explained, "It was one of the last things my teacher told me before I stopped attending school." Who would have thought he'd see the day where he actually would want to go to school, to have the world go back to normal?

"Hmm, might be worth venturing there, not just the comics but all the university books might come in handy. Not that the ones we have collected now are anything to be sniffed derisively at." Harry said thoughtfully, "But education is going to be the most important thing in the world, we're literally going to have to rebuild from the ground up. With random outbreaks I reckon, from idiots who refused to burn the bodies risking further pandemics in future."

"Be surprised if there's anything there," Merle snorted, "When shit went down, folks will have grabbed stuff they could sell, either thinking it wasn't going to be as bad as it was made out to make a fortune after…or to make money there and then to buy food and other supplies."

"It's possible," Harry nodded in agreement, "Certainly wouldn't surprise me, it's nothing we need planning right now anyways." Waving it off as they finally reached the sitting area in the middle of what used to be a road but was now one big massive den for everyone who wanted to sit.

"Harry! Glad I caught you, here, this is from Severus and Poppy?" Percy handed over the letters still sealed with magic at that.

"Ah, the usual updates then, thanks Percy. How are you guys doing?" Harry asked, staring at the redhead, giving him his full attention. There had been a time where Harry would have gleefully stripped Percy of his skin in the most painful way possible. He'd come around but nearly too late, but not too late for his family though, and that was the only reason Harry forgave him. If they Weasley's could, then so could he.

"We're doing okay, I'm heading off to see Susan, is that alright?" suddenly feeling anxious, were they even allowed to come and go as they please? Or did Harry have expectations here that he had to follow? He'd never want to undermine Harry, no, his position couldn't be compromised.

"You can come and go as you please, at any time, you don't need to ask my permission." Harry reaffirmed, "Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll know when you come and go from the cupboards."

Percy nodded, "I figured as much,"

"Write down your observations, tell me what you're thinking about the place, up until a while ago it was…a…well a cult, you followed their ways or you got yourself killed. They were manipulated, and that isn't going to go away, it likely will have bled a lot of distrust in leader figures. Susan's awesome, she's likely the best person for this and don't feel bad about reading their thoughts, understand? Safety first." Harry started giving him a look, "Even if it's only the ones you suspect." He added when Percy gave him that look and Merle arched a brow in utter condemnation at the idea of Harry just letting anyone go around reading people's thoughts, their private thoughts. He knew Harry did it, but well, anyone else just made him very wary.

Percy gave a nod of confirmation, feeling far easier about only reading the minds of people who were suspicious. He was not the best at Legilimens anyway, but he'd do well enough against a muggle.

"Good, Blaise and the others are already keeping an eye out, I'd like as many people as possible doing that all the same." Harry commented, "Most of them are from Slytherin house." Giving him some warning on who was going to be there. Percy however, had never been as prejudice as the others. He'd never abused his prefect and head boy position, he treated all students equally, he'd say that for him.

"Okay, I'll see you later," Percy replied, "Around dinner time," he might even stay, it just all depended on a few things.

"Good, see you then," Harry answered, and begun to open the missives he'd received, humming softly, as the others all sat themselves down comfortably. "Hmm, it looks like the children from Oceanside are doing much better, they wish to thank me for helping them. Since I can't go through, they'll have to come here and since they're now healthy enough, Poppy thinks they should come here, interact with children their own age who at least understands the world as it is and not those at Hogwarts who have been shielded the entirety of the apocalypse. Not that she wishes that on them, it's just they're unjaded in a way we aren't."

"Oh, it will be so exciting to see them, I'll have to clean out and make the play centre perfect for them! They'll love it." Luna declared happily, "They are going to need families, well, most of them, or at least a guardian, what's to be done about that?"

"The adults that were with them likely bonded with the children, hopefully they'll want to look after them. Knowing about magic, its limitations and about accidental magic likely eased them further – if any of them were actually muggles to begin with – it's one thing not wishing to see children harmed for having magic and understanding it."

"I'm sure Poppy's thought of all this, and everything's fine." Harry added after a few moments of silence, at least he hoped so anyways. Leaning against Daryl, lifting his feet onto the couch, and sighing softly, perhaps not doing anything was going to be easier than he thought.

"Very likely," Luna conceded, at least she hoped so, perhaps Jessie might take in one or two…or even Lori? Shaking off her thoughts, Harry was right, it was likely fine.

The sound of a van skidding to a halt, caught all their attentions, "What the bloody hell?" he grumbled, shifting so he could see behind him, and found Michonne and Mira coming out of a van, going to the back and coming out with three boxes of crisps (chips in America) while another van parked next to it. Lays and Doritos all different kinds.

"We found a chip factory, it's completely untouched, stinks to high heavens though," Michonne declared, as she dropped the boxes, "They should still be good."

"Hmm, an intact chip factory," Harry said thoughtfully, eyeing the boxes, he nabbed a packet and opened it and tasted one, cheese and onion lays. Still perfect, he thought as he crunched on it. "Still good, how much did you get?"

"Only what we could fit in the three vans," Mira explained, as she took a packet as well, she'd been salivating for one since she found it. "There's still hundreds upon hundreds of boxes still there both in vans and the factory itself."

"What's celebrated in August?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"Of course, labour day," Michonne commented, it clicked as soon as Harry said it. "It's a state and federal holiday, they'll have made more due to the anticipation of keeping up with the demand."

Harry nodded, "That must be it then."

"Do you want to go back right now? Or wait until tomorrow?" Luna asked, almost jumping in her seat at having something to do.

"Traitor," Harry grumbled causing Luna to giggle in amusement.

"Come on, you don't want anyone else getting that kind of haul, not that they would get it, obviously, since they'd like Michonne would drive away with a few vans…speaking of which, where's the third?" Luna asked.

"Coming right now," Michonne said, pointing her finger to the back of her with a smirk just in time for them to hear it.

"Should I bring the building?" Luna asked thoughtfully, she meant foundations and all, settle it here for when and if they could have a use of it.

Harry laughed, "It's a factory, where the heck could we put it?" Harry questioned, not without making everywhere else a complete mess.

"We could find somewhere, even if its further out than usual, it's not like we're going to need it any time soon." Luna pointed out the obvious.

"What the hell, why not? Go ahead," Harry said, giving a shrug, it couldn't hurt. "If you're not going to be back by lunch, give me a message, you hear?" warning her, he was not going to let anything happen to his people.

"I'll have my bracelet." Luna reassured him, they all did as a matter of fact. If anything happened to them – even if it was just loss of consciousness – he would know. His worry was sweet, but definitely unneeded.

Harry nodded, settling down, "Alright guys, I'll see you all later, his legs back down on the floor as he stretched them. He couldn't get comfortable; he wrote it down to worry about Luna and Merle leaving with the others to get the rest of the food and the actual factory. "I wonder if these are Walkers in the UK, they have the same typeface." He was quite correct, the brand used only Walkers in the UK and Ireland, but the rest of the world they were called Lays.

Daryl grunted, he'd noticed that actually, but hadn't put any thought into it.

"A chip factory," Harry said, laughing, leaning back against Daryl, "Well, I suppose the workers left when it really got bad. Although, when you think about it…it wouldn't have been a bad place to stick to. Emptied out, food, and walled up security, yeah, there's definitely worse places, could have still been hunkered down…although it would depress the hell out of me eating crisps all the time."

"Agreed," he had been sick of the sight of squirrel stew, which was the only animal they'd managed to get at the quarry. The deer he'd managed to hit – he'd meant to hit to kill as he always did – ended up all chewed up by walkers. Poxy ridden thing. If he had hit it right, then they would have ate venison that day. Unfortunately, all the animals were so easily spooked and hungry, made for a horrible combination. He didn't hunt animals for sport, only for food. They had a massive herd here, only using what they needed, keeping the herd a good size but not too big as to pose a problem.

"What's Severus wanting?" Daryl questioned, noticing that he'd only read Poppy's.

"Likely their medical history if I'm not wrong, and a bit of information about all the people that's about to descend upon P.A." Harry said, opening the letter and nodding, "Yep, just a summary of everyone and their history, they really have made a massive improvement, I'm glad I sent them there, it's where they needed to be." They hadn't had the experience in dealing with so many children especially the way they had been. They needed real help from a medical professional, and Poppy was that. Hershel as amazing as he was wasn't a healer or medical doctor in human anatomy.

Severus could be a bit predictable well, nowadays, back when he was a kid, he didn't know whether he was coming or going with his stern professor.

"Hopefully Carol will get here soon," Harry commented as he handed over two packets of crisps with a wink to Judith and Carl, Judith naturally squealed in delight as she always did when she was given something well…let's call it unhealthy even if it wasn't the right answer. So much to do, and he couldn't lift a damn finger to help.

"You'll be fine," Daryl told him, wrapping his arm around Harry, bringing him closer, after opening the chips, using his boot and leg to keep it steady and in position and begun to eat them. He wasn't going to deny himself the indulgence. It's not like they didn't have any in the trunk, they still had plenty. The only reason they had plenty was because Harry only brought them out once in a blue moon.

Chips and sweets were definitely a rare indulgence for them all to enjoy.

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