** This is my very first story so please keep that in mind + thoughts will be in italics, but if it's in quotation marks then it's said.

Chapter 1 - 1st Visit

Adrien lay on his bed and sighed. "Plagg, what should I do?" He moaned

"Get me some more cheese?" The tiny Kwami suggested. At that remark Adrien just rolled his eyes.

"I'm being serious,it's so confusing," Adrien went on without doing what Kwami wanted, "I can't believe Marinette is Ladybug and she loves Adrien, me." Adrien sat up and swept his hands through his hair. "The problem is, Ladybug hates Chat Noir, the real me."

"Seems like the only one who doesn't absolutely hate Chat Noir is Marinette." Plagg put plainly.

"Plagg, You're a genius!" Adrien jumped up from his bed

"I am? I mean, of course I am!" The tiny Kwami puffed out his chest proudly.

"Wait, Marinette is Ladybug so, she does hate me right?" Adrien pondered aloud.

"Not necessarily, do you think Marinette acts like Ladybug?" Plagg points out, " She might

not turn you down right away, so try to grow on her, get her to know your true side."

Adrien smiled and shouted Plagg claws out!" Adrien whisked across the city to meet his princess, he had the perfect plan. The sky was a soft orange with long shadows casted across Paris. He smelled the sweet, floury smell of Marinette's home. He landed on her balcony without a sound and soon found that the hatch was locked. Of course, it's almost 8:00 PM. Chat Noir thought. He went over to her window and looked inside. Marinette was working on homework with a little lamp lighting the room. He gently tapped the window so he wouldn't scratch it with his claws. She jumped at the sudden sound and softened when she saw Chat Noir. She went over to the hatch and unlocked it. Chat, without a sound, slipped inside.

"What are you doing here Chat?" Marinette asked, her hair was in messy pigtails and her eyes had dark circles under them, " It's literally 8:05 at night." She said groggily as she looked at the new watch Alya gave her because she was always late.

"I wanted to see my princess." He remarked as he gave her a sly smile. Marinette rolled her eyes and walked back to her homework.

"Go away silly kitty, I have homework to do."The young girl told off Cat. This was going to be harder than Chat Noir thought.

"Then i'll help you," he said as slid to her side, "So, this one is 79 degrees" He pointed to a math problem that was wrong and explained why.

Marinette brightened when she was all done. "Thank you Chat! You're so smart!" Chat Noir's ears pricked at this praise. She's so sweet and her voice is like a song… Chat thought. "Chat?" Marinette asked when she saw the dreamy look in his eyes.

He immediately snapped back to cold reality. "Yes Princess?" Chat asked.

"Are you okay? You had a dre- weird look in your eyes." She didn't want to say dreamy because she knew if she did she wouldn't hear the end of it.

"Really?" He blinked as if that would get rid of the look.

"Yeah, anyway, why did you come again?" She asked, surely he didn't just come to see her.

"Yeah, I- do you know love?" Chat asked and the expression on her face told him she was surprised.

"Y-yeah s-sorta." She stammered

"Well, there is this girl at my school, and she really likes me but I don't think she likes the real me. I like her back but. Y'know …" Chat explained

"I thought you liked Ladybug?" Marinette raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, this sorta applies to her to," Chat sighed, " She likes me as a kind person, but I don't think she likes me, Chat Noir, who I really am. I honestly think that she, along with Ladybug, don't like my purr- fect puns."

Marinette smiled at his pun. " That was so bad, the pun I mean."

"Y'know, I think my puns are purr-etty funny!" He said but, even with the pun, it sounded more serious than he intended.

"Heh, you got it bad. So do I actually, there's this boy at my school and he's so out of my league. He is so kind and generous and he's also a very good student. I think though, he has another side because, well, I just know." Marinette described him so well.

"May I know the name of the boy that captured my princess's heart?" Adrien didn't think it would hurt to tease. Besides, he wanted to hear it from her lips.

"His name is, well you know him, he is um… Adrien Agrest." Marinette was stuttering. Chat thought it was cute how she stuttered. Right now from the very mention of his name he blushed as red as velvet cake. Marinette looked at him, her eyes blinked with surprise. Oh no, I must be blushing! Will she find out just from that? She's Ladybug of course she's going to find out!

"Chat Noir?" Marinette asked.

Oh crap… "Y-yeah?" Chat Noir was calm on the outside but was having a heart attack on the inside.

"Do you," Marinette started. Chat was tense, god please have mercy on my poor soul….

"Have a fever?" Chat stayed tense because Marinette put her hand upon his forehead.

"I'm fine uh… Purrincess." Chat smiled at his pun. He was also sure his blush was going away because his face didn't feel like a tea kettle about to whistle.

"Then, wh- nevermind." Marinette was about to ask why he was blushing when she mentioned she loved A- ohhhhh. "Chat? Are you, Adrien?"

"O-of c-course not mmy princesss," Chat was shattering. "Does A-adrien make puns?"

"Oh yeah, but, out of curiosity, who is the girl in class you were talking about?" Marinette was curious ( not jealous, absolutely not jealous)

"Are you jealous?" Chat asked with a smirk.

"Probably not." Marinette answered, she decided to go with him on his game tonight. Chat smirked an evil smirk at that remark.

"How about a game like 20 questions, but, instead of 20 it's 5." Chat was willing to give away a bit of information."

"Okay." Marinette was honestly curious.

End for now.