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For once Marinette had arrived to school on time! It was so… satisfying. She was the first one in class (Which she was also surprised at) so she decided to use the time to think about the 5 questions.

Wait, 5 questions! I only asked 4! I need to think of another one! Umm, 'How old is she.?'No not enough info. It has to be something that gives her one last push to know who it is. She started a checklist of what she already knew.

Fav. color: Pink + Purple

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Personality: Quirky?

Hmm… What school does she go to?

Where does she live? No scratch that, too specific…

Do I know her? Maybe but that might be too specific again.

Is she in his class? That doesn't help, I don't know who he is…

Are they in my class? Maybe…

"Marinette? What are you doing making a list of yourself?" Alya asked. Looking over her shoulder.

"Gah!" Marinette quickly shut her notebook. "Uhh, no it's just umm..." Oh jeez, I can't tell her about Chat! Alya would flip, maybe literally….

"Well?" Alya leaned in to her face.

"Umm, well this is just, um, a character i'm making, for my, um, book!" She hated lying to her friends but this was the only way.

"So it's like, an OC?" Alya pondered

"A what?" Marinette was so confused…

"Oh nevermind." She patted Marinette's head and giggled as she sat down next to her.

Class started and everyone stopped talking as they began last day activities.

Class was over, summer began. Ugh this whole Chat thing was wracking her brain and setting it to mediocre mode.

She got home and plopped down on her bed.

Who was the girl that Chat liked? She enjoyed playing his game but whenever she thought who she might be, it… hurt, it hurt a lot. Not because she didn't know who it was, but because she was afraid it wasn't her.

Tap tap tap

Marinette jumped at the sudden sound. She jumped up and walked over to the window.

Chat was about to do something risky, very risky. It might kill Chat if his plan didn't work, but he was confident, confident about her feelings.

"Hey Chat! Ready to continue our game?"


"Okay," She was so giddy (And she wasn't think straight, all her worries slipped away when Chat was around. Including the problem with the last question) "Do I know her?"

"...Yes.(?)" Does she herself count? He just supposed it did.

"Hmm...Who?" She couldn't figure out who in her class Chat liked.

"Do you want one more hint?" Chat was starting to get nervous. Was he really about to do this?

"Yes, please!"

Marinette was so focused on hearing his whisper.

Can I really do this? -Chat

I'm so scared to know… -Marinette

I hope this goes right... -Chat

He lightly grazed her lips when she finally realized -Marinette

I'm kissing her...

I'm kissing him...

It was a moment, but also the whole world, everything changed.

He placed his hand on her cheek and then left through the window.

Marinette was shocked, how did this happen? She can't remember when exactly she admitted her feeling for Chat, but right now, nothing could falter her pure bliss.

It was her.

Her notebook page changed

5) Kiss~

"Plagg, don't ever give me ideas again." Adrien was pacing wildly.

"Aww c'mon she's probably really happy right now!" Plagg rolled his eyes.

"She probably thinks i'm some masked pervert!" Adrian was freaking out.

"She can't know i'm Adrian now."

"Adrian," Plagg laid a paw on the boy's shoulder. "Everything will be fine."

Adrian calmed down a lot after Plagg's words. It was the most serious he had ever seen him.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm 100% positive"

...Next Day


Wake up

Say morning to parents

regular, frustrating akuma attack

Patrol with chat

Return home

Meet chat

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