(In honour of April Fools' Day, have a little harmless fluff of questionable quality. Sorry, not sorry.)

He didn't think she'd heard him walk onto the deck. The boots he'd been equipped with were just slightly too big for him, and thus made stealthy movement impossible, but Trinity remained completely oblivious to his presence just a couple of feet behind her.

She sat at the Core, hands in her lap, not touching anything, just watching intently. Her posture was attentive; not tense, no, she was simply waiting for something. Staring transfixed at the flowing lines of green. Watching in silence, as she had once watched him.

Neo padded round, taking extra care to deaden his clunky footfalls as he moved to stand by her side. He was within touching distance, and she still didn't respond. Her expression was serene, but her eyes (definitely more blue here, in the real world) were alight, darting from one corner of the large screen to the other in sharp, focused saccades, taking in every last detail. Her lips moved fractionally, but she didn't speak.

And she still didn't know he was there.

Careful not to betray his presence until the very last second, he leaned in and very lightly tapped the tip of her nose with a fingertip.

Her head immediately snapped round, her expression equal parts shock and confusion.

"Boop," Neo said calmly.

He knew almost immediately, from her sudden half-smirk as she rose from her seat, that he was in for it.

But, he mused as he bolted from the deck as far as his too-big boots would allow, the look on her face had been worth it.

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