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Sadie Kane ran through King's Cross station in London, cursing her stupidity. How, how could she have forgotten the fact that today was the third day of the Demon Days? Sadie had been spending Christmas at her grandparent's flat in London for the first time in four years, and the meeting at the First Nome she was supposed to attend tonight had completely slipped her mind until yesterday. Of course, she had quickly dismissed the fact that she didn't have transportation to Cairo, thinking she could just summon up a portal, until this morning, when she had remembered with a jolt that it was in the middle of the Demon Days, meaning she most definitely couldn't make a portal of any sort. So now, Sadie was hoping she could somehow catch some sort of transportation to Cairo the morning before she was supposed to be there.

Sadly, she knew the chances were not in her favor.

Thoughts of how Carter, her brother(and the pharaoh), would kill her if she missed this rather important meeting for such a mundane reason running through her head, Sadie wasn't looking where she was going at all. That is, until she ran headfirst into someone, knocking them both to the floor.

"Sorry! I'm really sorry. I wasn't quite looking where I was going," Sadie apologized, looking at, for the first time, the boy she had run into.

He was, without a doubt, one the strangest mortals Sadie had ever seen. And that was saying a lot, since Sadie had seen a lot of strange things. The boy had extremely messy jet black hair, piercing green eyes, and was rather short. But that wasn't the odd part. The odd part was the thin, lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, the trolley he pushed that was filled with several large trunks and a cage with an owl in it, and the fact that he was wearing robes. Not robes as in a bathrobe, but the kind that instantly made you think about Merlin, the old adviser from Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. In fact, there was a whole horde of weird looking people, all dressed like him- a young woman with striking purple hair and a man with sandy colored hair, whom were standing behind the boy; a tall redheaded boy and a girl with puffy brown hair and brown eyes, whom were helping the boy with the scar up, and a pair of twins and a girl, who had run on ahead. Sadie noticed that all of the kids were pushing a trolley like the black haired boy's, all with a strange assortment of things on them. Everyone in the area was looking at the robed people weirdly(Sadie couldn't blame them) and suddenly she was glad she hadn't changed into her linen magician's clothes yet.

"It's alright, really, I wasn't paying attention either-" The boy started to reply, pulling himself and the rather heavy-looking trolley up with some help from his friends.

He was cut short by an indignant hoot from the snowy owl on his trolley. With a jolt, Sadie realized she could understand what the owl was saying.

Muggles these days! The owl exclaimed in a rather haughty way. They're so self-obsessed, they can't even look where they're going!

Sadie was so dumbstruck by this turn of events that she did something very stupid.

"What are muggles?"

Sadie cursed herself internally. Now she'd have no way of explaining herself other than telling them that she could talk to his owl, which she presumably could do because owls were related to falcons.

The look on the boy's face turned from apologetic to suspicious and guarded in a matter of seconds. "How do you know the word muggle?"

"I… Uh… Your owl said that they're self-obsessed…?" Sadie trailed off. All five of the robed people still standing before Sadie were staring at her with a combination of oddity and suspicion. Not that she blamed them, considering she had just claimed she could talk to their owl. Darn it. Sadie immediately backtracked. "I just meant… I mean…"

Thankfully, she was saved the explanation by the brown-haired girl, who had been staring, entranced, at her shen amulet, which was glowing, presumably because Carter had borrowed Walt's shen amulet to yell at her for not being at the First Nome yet.

"Is that… is that an Egyptian hieroglyph? Why is it glowing? Isn't that the symbol of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and magic?" The girl asked, all in one breath.

"Uh… Yes, I have no idea, and yes," Sadie lied smoothly. "Now, if you'd excuse me, I've got to go. If I don't make it to Cairo by five tonight my brother's going to kill me." It was the wrong thing to say. The fact that Sadie was heading to Cairo only made the girl more intrigued.

"You're going to Cairo? Cairo's the capital of Egypt, isn't it? It's really cool, by the way," she said, gesturing to Sadie's amulet. "Where did you get it?"

"Family heirloom," Sadie replied, annoyed. What did this girl not get about I've got to go? "I really need to be on my way, now."

"Can I touch it?" The girl asked in an entranced manner, staring at the amulet, eyes wide, right palm outstretched. The redhead hissed something unintelligible at the girl, but she just ignored him.

"Hermione-" started the sandy haired man.

"Please?" The girl, whose name was apparently Hermione, asked. "Just for a second?"

"Oh, alright," Sadie huffed, sensing that the girl wasn't going to let up until she got what she wanted. Sadie briskly untied the glowing necklace from her neck and dropped it into the girl's outstretched palm.

Biggest mistake ever.

Because the millisecond the amulet touched Hermione's hand, there was an earth-shaking tremor, and an explosion of light.

For a moment, all Sadie could see was white light.

And then darkness.

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