Chapter 7

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The corridor was dank and musty, lighted only by the brilliant white light at the tip of Remus's wand. Ghostly cobwebs drifted in the small group's wake as they pressed forward, sometimes stepping over- and once even tripping over- rubble and lumps of mysterious unidentified substances. Hermione shivered to think of what they might be.

She still wasn't quite sure what was happening. In a matter of hours, she had somehow been transported into the center of one of the most famous tombs on Earth, witnessed an extremely dark ritual, met someone who claimed to be a magician, and was now trudging through an ancient passageway that somehow smelled like old rocks and eggs.

Hermione had had her fair share of adventures, and this was all very nicely educational and all, but getting transported to an ancient Egyptian pyramid that smelled like eggs? That was stretching it a bit.

Though of course, Hermione was sure that the smell didn't come from actual eggs, but rather from the reaction that had likely took place when they had come here and released oxygen into the tomb, which had likely not touched actual O₂ in centuries. But still.

Some of the passageways in the great pyramid had been cleared out and studied, but apparently this was not one of them. A part of Hermione felt a thrill at being one of the perhaps first humans in centuries to step on these stones, but it was almost outweighed by a sense of dread. Who knew was waiting for them at the end of the tunnel? Some Gryffindor you are, she thought moodily. Bravery and courage, all right.

But you're in here now. It's not like you can do anything about all of this.

And so, their motley little group trudged on.

Mum is going to just love this. I doubt she's going to believe us when we tell her we were randomly sent to some random tomb in the middle of Egypt, even if Lupin and Tonks are here to back us up, Ron thought. But on the brighter side, I've got to tell Bill about all of this, Egyptian magic being his expertise and all. Maybe he'll be able to make something out of all of this. Merlin knows I sure can't.

And besides, he reflected, I guess it's not a total loss- magicians?! Who knew? And that blood thing back there was pretty cool. Even if it was dark magic.

The condition of this corridor, though, most definitely wasn't cool. The air was damp and musty, and even smelled a bit like eggs (which was unfair, because Ron was already extremely hungry, and judging by the pace they were going now, they wouldn't be out here any time soon). But the worst part was the eerie quietness. It wasn't the quiet itself that bothered Ron, though- with four siblings at home, moments of peace were treasured- rather, it was the sounds he thought he heard in it. A quiet scuffle of a spider, perhaps, or a squeak of a rat. Merlin knew he hadn't liked rats since Scabbers.

But it wasn't like he could do anything about it, so he trudged on, hoping beyond hope that they would see daylight soon (and food).

Tonks did not like walking down this hallway.

Or maybe she did. It was all a rather confusing situation.

On one hand, it was horrible, because with the darkness and lumpy floor and that distracting egg smell added to her natural clumsiness- well, no need to say more. But then, there was Remus's hand on her shoulder, attempting to keep her accidents to a minimum. Admittedly, he wasn't doing a very good job of it (even though that was more Tonks's fault than his), but Tonks wasn't about to protest.

It wasn't just walking (or rather, stumbling) down this corridor that was confusing. To be honest, it was this whole situation. First, they had been at King's Cross, escorting Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys to the Hogwarts Express. Then, strange girl, Hermione's curiosity… and poof! Suddenly they were here. Then some strange, Egyptian magic, and then they were suddenly walking down the oldest, eggiest hallway Tonks had ever been in in her life. Which was saying a lot.

Tonks's auror senses didn't like any of this. Something kept nagging at the back of her head. This isn't right, this isn't right, this isn't right…

But it wasn't like that could be helped now. And so, Nymphadora Tonks kept stumbling away.

Harry Potter had been in some strange situations before. But this one definitely took the prize for most strange.

Perhaps it was because the other situations had been at least somewhat believable. But this? Well… suffice it to say that when Harry had stepped into King's Cross, he had not even imagined something like this happening.

But it had.

Worse things could have happened, Harry reflects. After all, it wasn't like any of them seemed to be in immediate danger… but you don't know where this girl is leading you, he thinks. She could be leading you to a death trap, and you wouldn't know it.

But what could they do now? Sadie was the only one who knew the way out of this tomb, it seemed, and there was no way to apparate out.

We'd better cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Even though he had come to the conclusion that Sadie Kane could be trusted, Remus still felt jumpy.

It's just that the past half hour has been anything but normal, he reassured himself. But in truth, something about this whole situation just felt… wrong. It wasn't Sadie- it was something else. Something hovering around them, something indescribable…

Tonks suddenly tripped, painfully pulling Remus's arm and jerking him back to reality. His face went a bit red as he realized the tight grip in which he had been holding Tonks' shoulder unconsciously, and he hoped beyond hope that no one had seen his face color.

By the time that Remus thought back to the strange feeling, it was gone.

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