I am loving how you are all loving this Bella. And there was one reader who was turned off by my mousy Edward. Don't be. He mans up quickly if you know what I mean. ;)

"She's our boss?" James asked, interested.

"She's our boss?" Edward groaned, embarrassed.

"She's our boss?" Lauren shrieked, outraged.

Oh shit.

Edward resisted the urge to bang his head up against the nearest brick wall.

Way to make a good first impression, Cullen. Accuse her of trolling for a rich husband while insulting her appearance.

"Well, that is not the way I thought that would go." James said.

"This is not good." Edward said.

"It's not that bad." James insisted.

"You are Plastics. I will be seeing her every damn day. She is Neuro." Edward hissed. "She is going to torture me."

"Well, you did insult her."

"You tried to give her syphilis." Edward countered.

"That shit has been gone for a long time and you know it." James told him hotly.

"Will you two shut up? Who cares? She is a nobody. Who cares who her mother or step daddy is? She is here as a pawn… a substitute. She holds no real power over us. She is simply a babysitter until Daddy Dearest gets here." Lauren said confidentially.

'I will let you tell her that." James said, leaning over Edward.

"Oh please, I can handle her. She is nobody to me. She will be gone in three months and no one will ever remember her. I eat little girls like that for breakfast." Lauren said, dismissing James as she normally did. She couldn't wait until she was married to Edward and then she would kick James to the curb. Kind of like a stepchild you sent to boarding school.

They returned their attention to the front, where their new boss was still speaking.

"Now, I consider myself to be fair. If you have a problem with anything I put into effect, just let me know and we will see if we can come to an agreement that everyone can live with. I am not here to change everything that this hospital is, but if it was running as it should be we wouldn't have had the opportunity to take it over, so obviously some changes are necessary. On that note, I will need a team in place to help me get things going. I intend to be on the surgical rotation three days a week, which leaves me three days for admin work. I will be off on Sundays, I am always off on Sundays. That is nonnegotiable. I will be accepting applications for my team effective immediately. Fourth year residents and up only, third year and lower and attendings need not apply. You already have enough on your plates as it is. I will keep the board informed as I see necessary. Do not call me sixty times a day for some answer to an inane question you should already know the answer to. You wear a suit, you are not stupid. If you need to know the answer to the square root of pi… google it. I will be meeting with the Chief of Surgery and the surgical attendings in one hour. That is all for now."

Bella walked off of the stage and walked back up the aisle with her head held high and a smirk on her face. She slowed down to raise an eyebrow at her attendings. They looked…apprehensive.


She found her office and looked around at the surroundings. It was… posh and blah. Ugh! So not her. Oh well, a little black paint and a stripper pole and it would be home in no time. She turned to the door when she heard a knock.

"Doors open." She called.

A slim straight-haired strawberry blonde stuck her head in.

"Yes?" Bella asked.

The woman walked all the way in and sat down, draping her leg over the chair arm.

"Please, make yourself at home." Bella said sarcastically.

"Don't mind if I do." The woman said meeting her eyes in challenge.

"What do you want?"

"You said you were looking for help."

"And you want to help me, Dr…"

"Tanya Denali." She supplied.

"I shall call you Strawberry Shortcake."

"I would rather you not."

"I didn't ask you. You want to help me with admin? Bullshit. You are all about the cutting."

"True, but it will look good on my CV." Tanya said.

"That it would. Okay, we will do admin WTFIWT."

"Excuse me?" Tanya looked confused.

"Whenever the fuck I want to. WTFIWT."

Tanya chuckled.

"You are all bitter and pissed off… we will get along just fine, Dr. Swan." She said.

"Call me Bella. Now do you know any others who would want to do this shit?"

"Yeah, they are all fellows though."

"I don't care at this point. I would let the lunch lady do it if it meant more time for cutting." Bella said.

"Okay, I will have them come by. Jasper Whitlock is like me, he doesn't care about tact. Alice Brandon and Alec Volturi however…" Tanya winced.

"Oh God… shiny happy people?" Bella asked.

"Yep. I will keep you stocked with Tequila." Tanya quipped.

"I will love you forever. So give me a heads up. What's the 411 on our illustrious attendings?" Bella asked leaning forward.

"Okay there are four main attendings…"

"I have met three of them."

"You have? Damn, you just got here. You work fast." Tanya said.

"You have no idea and yeah, they definitely made an impression." Bella smirked.

'Do tell."

"Let's just say that Blondie, Bronzie and Firecrotch have a few hoops to jump through."

"Firecrotch?" Tanya gasped, letting loose peals of laughter.

She settled down after a moment.

"Okay, James Riley… total ass… one step away from a sexual harassment suit, sleeps with anyone or anything he can get his hands on. Hates interns, thinks they are beneath them and he just about refuses to teach them anything."

"So in other words… prick with a dick. Next?"

"Edward Cullen… nice guy, needs to loosen up some. Great teacher, great bedside manner… patients and doctors love him."

"So, he is a stuffed shirt with a heart of gold… probably a Momma's Boy. Go on."

"Lauren Mallory… thinks her shit don't stink and she treats Cullen like a lapdog… dresses him and all… trust fund baby from the East Coast… decent doctor but arrogant to an almost pathological degree."

"Alpha Bitch…"

"That leaves us with Major Jacob Black… he is the head of Trauma… stays out of the drama fest that is the other three. Served two tours in Iraq as a surgeon… directly in the line of fire… he has some PTSD but has come a long way with therapy… he is fair, he likes to teach and he doesn't cause too much trouble… has different ways of doing things…"

Bella looked at her shrewdly.

"How long have you been banging Major Hottie?" She asked.

"Long enough." Tanya smirked.

"Tell me about the Chief." Bella demanded.

"Dr. Rosalie Hale… never call her Rosalie… she answers to Hale or Dr. Hale… tough as nails but actually has a heart of gold… she is an enigma. Brilliant General and Pediatric surgeon, doesn't take shit off of anyone… doing an excellent job as Chief."

Bella nodded. She glanced at the door when she heard a brisk knock.

"Would you mind letting the Geek Squad in? Oh and have the other three Amigos come in and meet me." Bella asked.

"No problem Boss." Tanya said, her trademark smirk in place as she opened the door.

"Already sucking up huh, Denali?" Lauren said hatefully.

"You know what they say about the early bird. Don't worry Fire C she is waiting on you five." Tanya looked meaningfully at Jake. "Y'all have fun now, ya hear?" She said imitating a southern accent.

"Fire C?" Lauren asked. "What is Fire C?"

"Oh, I am sorry that is need to know information. Now I must be going…,those hearts won't cut into themselves."

Bella laughed quietly as she heard Tanya depart. Then she schooled her expression.

"Come on in and have a seat. Welcome to the first of many meetings we will have during my reign."

The five looked at each other, clearly apprehensive.

Exactly, what she wanted.

How are you loving this Lauren? At least my Tanya is cool as shit.