Nick Wilde is a "hard-boiled" type of cop. He has a rough and tumble charm, but he's all business when he's on the job. When he was a child he was the victim of bullying and descrimination. On top of that his mother always had trouble raising him in a single home. He knew what it was like to be seen as untrustworthy, but what bothered him was that for his father… it was true. He couldn't stand that, or the fact that it made life so difficult for his mother. So one day he decided he was going to break the mold, and make a better life for him and his mother. He would eventually become sergeant of the zpd, and though his hard work he would earn respect from his peers, but to the general public he was still seen as shifty and untrustworthy despite his success, or maybe because of it?

He was accused of fraud and misconduct shortly after he recieved his promotion. Because of his love and respect for his best officer, chief Bogo decided to send Nick away while this scandal blew over.

"Where are you sending me?" Nick asked, the weight of the situation had sucked the life out of him.

"Tiny little village called Bunnyburrow." The chief sighed. This situation was draining him as well.

"Bunnies hate me more than anybody chief. You think that's a good idea?"

"It's mostly for looks Wilde. You won't even need a uniform." He pulled open the drawer and handed Nick an assignment file.

"You'll be like an old west sheriff. You're really only there so that you won't be here." He said as he crossed his arms. "You'll be in civilian cloths just keeping an eye on the place. There isn't so much as a jaywalking offence to come out of there in 20 years. So why don't you just consider it a vacation?"

Nick didn't offer up any complaints. He knew bunnies didn't like them but figured they would leave him alone.

The next morning he left. As the sun came up he was passing the sign that said "Welcome to Bunnyburrow." He rolled down the window to see the cold air rush through his fur. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He decided to pull over and watch the sunrise, and so that he could safely get lost in his thoughts. As he pondered his life he was suddenly grabbed from behind…

"Gideon listen! …I know you don't want me anymore but what about all of the times we spent together? What about the pastry business you wanted to run together? What about wanting me to marry you!?"

She was sobbing and sounded desperate. Nick could feel she was shorter than him, about the size of a bunny. But how could she mistake HIM for a bunny?

"Please Gideon… don't leave me… you're the only fox for me…" She choked. He could feel his back getting warm with tears.

So she didn't mistake him for a bunny? This poor little bunny was in love with a fox? Nick didn't even know there would be any other foxes in Bunnyburrow.

She continued to sob and Nick couldn't bring himself to turn around. He didn't know that a bunny existed in the world that saw a fox as anything more than bad news.

Who was this Gideon? It started making him mad. Why didn't he want her anymore? What could she possibly have done?

"Gideon… please talk to me!" She cried, but Nick wasn't paying attention. He was still lost in his thoughts about Gideon.

Is he shady? Is he everything that gives us a bad name? Then Nick turned his thoughts to the bunny girl.

How did they meet? Has she always been kind enough to accept a fox? …. Is she ugly?

He started to think about his mother.

Mom always said she wanted grandkits, but I'm constantly working. Would I say that I'm lonely? I think so… am I even attracted to bunnies?

Nick was thinking these things in an attempt to figure out how he could stop her crying… and the only thing he could think of was to offer her himself…would it be selfish?

"Gideon!" She cried and gripped his waist tighter.

Nick closed his eyes and slowly placed his hands on hers. They were soft and warm. He was so overwhelmed by his life that his emotions flooded him with warmth and he shed a tear. What was he thinking? He didn't even know her name…

"…please… you're the only one…"

He took a deep breath.

"… Are you sure?"

She gasped and pulled away from him. He slowely turned around, and when he saw her it took the wind out of him. All of his questions seemed to have been answered right then and there. He had no more doubts…

He reached out his paw and she pulled away, but then she stopped and let him wipe her tears.

"… What about me?"

Her eyes widened with shock, but she didn't look afraid… almost as if she understood.

"… what's your name?" He asked.

"…Judy." She almost smiled.

"I'm Nick…" He smiled and wiped the tears that kept coming. "I'm sorry about Gideon,… but I'm not."

She looked confused, and wiped some of her tears.

"I can't replace Gideon…" She looked closely into his eyes, examining him. "But if you want me… I'm yours."

She laughed. "It's like we've already met… I just can't explain it."

"Maybe you just have a thing for foxes?" They both laughed.

"Are you sure Mr. Nick? Or are you just trying to make me feel better?" She giggled.

With the paw he still had on her cheek he gently pulled her towards him. For a moment she looked afraid, but then she closed her eyes… and he kissed her.

The end.

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