Several weeks passed…

Nick spent most of his days lethargicly meandering the stalls in Bunnyburrow. It was the definition of a "sleepy little town." Almost nothing ever happened. The only causes for concern came with the occasional passers-through from out of town.

He had only bumped into Judy a handful of times, and they exchanged few words. Nick didn't forget his first night in town, he couldn't… but he didn't know what to do next. Nick felt like his life had been dragging him down for too long, and he'd never had someone to really share with and be himself. He needed Judy in his life, but what happened on that first day happened in the moment. He thought constantly about how to tell Judy he needed her…

Nick came out of his deep thoughts to a terrible sight… an army of tiny bunnies was converging on him like a grey tide. Screeching and holloring they overtook him.

"Girls! boys! … Stop it!" Nick recognised Judy's voice. It made him weak in his fight against the bunny storm. "I have to show her I'm good with kits…" he thought.

"Grrraaaa!" He stood up with several of them over his shoulders and swung them around. They squeeled and giggled "no no! don't eat me!"

Judy looked on genuinely impressed… most of her siblings didn't even care for Gideon. It looked like they were pretty fond of Nick though…

"Oh geez Miss Hopps!" Nick panted. "I didn't see you there." Even though he knew she was, he wanted to impress her.

"Well officer Wilde, looks like it'll take more than a bunny storm to take you down." Judy giggled.

"Well… I do love the kits." He chuckled and brushed himself off. In honesty Nick couldn't say he LOVED kits, but he wanted Judy to think he did.

"Why don't you kits run along, I'd like to speak with your mom…and stay out of the street." Nick said as he scooted the bunnies along.

Judy laughed. "These aren't my kits officer Wilde, they're my siblings."

"…oh, OH!" Nick looked worried. Did I offend her?

Judy giggled. "It's ok officer." Judy took one of the kit's hands. "Why don't you take them to the park?" The little bunny grinned and nodded and corraled them towards the other side of the street.

One kit was left at Nick's feet. "Are you guys gonna get mmaaarrieed!?" He sneered at Nick. Nick crouched down to his level and said "If we do everybody except you gets to fly everyday" and stuck his tongue out at him. The little boy pouted and stormed off in a huff to catch up with his siblings.

Nick stood up and brushed himself off again. He met Judy's gaze. "So…"

"So…" Judy found it hard to keep eye contact with him and rubbed her neck nervously.

"Did you decide whether or not you want me?" He said it solemnly. He desperately wanted her to return his feelings, but he couldn't let her see that he was struggling with this.

Judy's eyes went wide with surprise. They had kissed in the heat of the moment, but it was still sudden for him to bring it up again.

"Oh…. um…" She looked down and away. She couln't look him in the eyes. "…I'm still thinking about it…"

Nick wanted to say something but he couldn't. He was so worried she might say no but he had to keep his composure.

"I'll be here whenever you're ready to talk about it." He gave her his most gentle smile. He knew she was struggling as much as he was.

Judy looked worried and wanted to say something but she could find the words.

"See you around… carrots." He smiled and winked at her. She didn't seem upset by his teasing, it actually seemed to calm her down and she was able to return his smile.

"….bye." She waved and went after the kits, and Nick went back to his boring patrol…


It was the next evening. The sun was going down and Nick was getting ready to finish his day of patrol when he spotted Judy on the porch of her family's home gazing out towards him.

He made his way over to her. "Evening Miss Hopps…" He noticed right away that she looked down, and she wouldn't look at him. "Are you alright?"

"…Could you come in?" She sounded as down as she looked. "I want to talk now…"

"…. Sure."

They went into the living room and sat down in opposite chairs. "So…" Nick felt a little giddy, as if this could be the first day of the rest of his life. "What's the verdict?" He gave her a sly smile.

There was a moment of silence.

"… I'm sorry Nick." She still wouldn't look at him. "It's just….. Gideon…. wants to start a family…."

When Nick finally processed that he'd been dumped it crushed his heart into a million pieces. "Oh! That's great isn't it?" He smiled as big as he could. Judy was finally able to look at him but she didn't look happy, she looked terrified.

At that moment Nick felt like he would have rather re-lived every horrible moment of his life than be here, feeling the way he did now. This moment had broken him.

"I mean… you love Gideon… don't you?" The look of fear and anguish was growing on Judy's face, she was beginning to regret her decision.

"…..Nick…." She could only go as loud as a wimper.

Nick really thought that by now he wouldn't be able to fight his tears back, but it seemed that his mind had gone into survival mode and he didn't feel any tears coming. Maybe he was doing it for Judy? Or maybe he felt like the whole thing was a mistake anyways. They had only just met a few weeks ago, and they hadn't really had time to grow close… but why was it ripping him apart?

"Well…" He sighed and slowly stood up. "Chief said I can come back whenever I want, so…"

Judy looked on the verge of tears. She couldn't figure out if she was making a horrible mistake.

"Judy… Miss Hopps… you'll always have a piece of me here… maybe we could try again next time around." Nick turned, and headed for the door.

Judy's heart sank.

"….. no… wait." It was barely more than a wisper. She quickly chased after him, but it was too late.

Nick started his car and drove off torwards the city.

Judy chased his car down the street until she couldn't see it anymore, then collapsed in the street. An old farmer helped her up and guided her back to her porch.

She couldn't help but feel like she may have pushed away the true love of her life… As quickly as he came, he was gone…

Later in the evening after Gideon had fallen asleep she snuck out of the house. She laid down by the side of the road and cried herself to sleep…

The end.

Quick notes: I'm sorry if it was a little mushy. I have other slower moving fics in the works. Follow me on tumblr: uzrfrndlyfiction