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"You can't be serious."

"Why not?" Practically making puppy dog eyes, Kara pouted at her sister. "Pleeeeaaase?"

"No." Alex firmed her jaw. "No. We are not helping out at the puppy drive."

Kara frowned, crossing her arms. "Why not?" she repeated.

"Because you're going to want to adopt all the dogs, that's why." Shaking her head, Alex muttered under her breath, knowing full well Kara would be able to understand her, "Such a soft-heart. No common sense."

Huffing, Kara took a step forward. "Weren't you the one who wanted a dog when we were growing up?"

"I was fifteen. Be glad it wasn't a pony."

"Well you're an adult now." Kara grinned at her. "But fine. Even if you don't want to - "

"Can't," Alex interjected.

" - take care of a dog, you can still play with them." Kara's smile grew, her puppy dog eyes increasing in power, "Get them ready and excited to go to their forever homes!"

Alex sighed. She threw up her hands. "Your guilt trip is not going to work."

"Are you sure?"

Trying to ignore her sister's needling, Alex stepped away. "Yes. And that's final. I can't allow you to go. Between your time as Cat Grant's assistant and Supergirl, you have no time to take care of another being. Especially not one that would have to look to you for all its needs." She stared forcefully at Kara. "I'm not budging. Volunteer only," she frowned at Kara, speaking forcefully, "If you'd be able to be a spectator, not recruiter."

When Kara looked away, wilting, Alex sighed again, walking over to her; she put her hands on her shoulders, gently squeezing them, waiting for her sister meet her gaze, "Hey. Kara."

Kara shuffled on her feet, slowly looking back at her. She tucked her hair behind her ear. "Yeah?"

"You have the largest heart of anyone I know. But that doesn't mean you can guard it as tightly as you might like." Alex smiled. "Especially against cute animals. I know you."

Exhaling heavily, Kara dropped her shoulders, nodding. "I just..."

Alex nodded. "I know. And that's one reason why I love you."

Managing a smile, Kara knocked their shoulders together, sighing as she took a seat on her couch, pulling Alex down with her a second later. She wrapped around her. "You are annoyingly making sense, you know."

Alex grinned. She squeezed Kara to her. "That's my job as your older sister."

Laughing, Kara snuggled into her. She humphed. "Are you sure I can't convince you to go?"

"Yep." Alex shook her head, "I am going to stay innocent and animal free."

Kara pouted. "No fair."

Alex smirked, practically trapping Kara in her grasp. She poked her affectionately, grinning triumphantly as she managed to draw out true, unfettered laughter, "Never said I was~"