A/N: I found this in my files and realized I'd never shared it. So here we go: some Kalex thoughts/a Kalex potential from Cat Grant's POV. :) Just imagine there's some DEO reason for Alex to be required to watch over Cat at CatCo.

They were married. They had to be.

Same last name… Emotional, affectionate gazes and glances and smiles… Cat was prepared to eat her latest solely fashionable hat if it turned out she was wrong.

Which she wasn't going to have to do. Because goodness knows women, as tightly knit and joined at the hip and romantic as Agent Danvers and Sunny Danvers were… There was more than just pedantic affection there. There was pure - and Cat tried not to gag, as skeptical and disbelieving of the true happenstance of happily ever after being real she was - love there.

Though honestly, seeing how Kara insisted on denying it, muttering something as absurd as sisters, it only served to annoy her.

What old, tired homophobia made those excuses fall from her assistant's mouth? Cat wondered. Who made her decide that lying instead of holding her head high and enjoying her union was the correct course of action?

Cat wasn't one to force herself into another's relationship, but with these two, she frowned, watching as Kara barely stopped herself from reaching for Alex's hand as her wife smiled back at her in between diligently monitoring her security for any sign of the delusional criminal targeting Cat and CatCo, she really felt she must.

It was, after all, nearly time for CatCo's annual June Pride issue. And what would make for a better cover story, Cat knew, than an intimate, CatCo exclusive, feel good tale?