Um so hey, its been a while. So for the past few days I've been re-reading my fic and the comments and have decided to kinda scrap what I was first going for. Before I try to explain myself I just kinda want to thank everyone who commented and gave their time of day to write something, no matter how bad this was lol. So basically I started this story on a whim, not really planning something out. Also in my almost three year absence, im sorry to ay that I kinda lost interest in Hetalia. But for the sake of everyone who still is, I will power through! Though most of my original eaders probably lost interest a long time ago so rip.

IM proud to say that I have grown as a writer and is finally capable of writing a well thought out fic. Anyway back on the topic of the fic. Well... Lets just say I almost died while reading it. It was absolute cringe. So a few things before I post the real first chapter.

Firstly I will not be putting any ships on this fic. IN gonna try to focus more on America's relationship with the states. Even if I do forget that it will be something minor and unimportant to the story.

Secondly Ill trying to do as much research as possible on each state. Thank you to the guest that brought it tomy attention. Ill try to be as respectful as possible while still trying to be funny.(ill probably fail tho)

That's all for now. Ill be deleting this as soon as I post the next chapter. Which will probably be in a few days.

Thank you for putting up with my very very long hiatus and ill se yall next time


(p.s. I spent the longest time trying to post this. Its been a while okay:( I forgot how everything worked)