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Chapter 1 - It's Happening Again

There's no way to describe the feeling I had when I saw her body lying there in the middle of the hallway. Her eyes wide open in pure terror as a pool of dark blood matching the same shade as her hair, began to pool out from underneath her. Damn it. I thought running a hand through my hair as I drew in a shaky breath full of fear. It's happening again. "Beck?" I heard someone call my name and as I turned I realized it was Jade. Her green eyes which gave her, her name were open in terror upon seeing our friend's lifeless body as she turned now to look at me.

"Beck? Did you?" Her voice came out soft and horrified. My heart pounded wildly in my chest pounding painfully against my ribcage as waves of panic flowed through me and everything within me was telling me to run. As I looked into Jade's eyes now, my breath caught in my throat as the sounds of police sirens now caught the attention of my ears and with that, I realized I was out of options. With one last look at Jade then to Cat's lifeless body I took off running. Running down the hall of Hollywood Arts as fast as my legs would go. My vision blurred as I tried to keep myself together as I avoided the glances of shocked and panicked faces of the other students as I pushed my way through.

How could this be happening again? Was the only thought I had that was running through my head now as visions of my past filled my head. The last time I was able to live my life as a kid when I was eleven and I was found guilty for a crime I didn't commit...Murder. The murder of my aunt Tara who was babysitting me and my two best friends Lacey and Jo. Suddenly the thought of seeing their faces shot through my head followed by Jade's shocked face and all I could think about now as I kept on running was, Why me? What the hell did I do to deserve this? I kept on running as fast as I could tearing my way through the hall and down the staircase not caring who I would run into, and only caring about getting the hell out of there and back home.

My breathing and racing heart thumping against my chest was the only thing that I could hear now as everything else around me became distorted. As if time itself had stopped and I was the only person still moving forward, and as I tried to get the horrible image of seeing Cat's body out my head, no matter how hard I tried the vision would leave me. The sound of sirens now filled my ears as I turned the corner of the hallway and was about to make my way toward the front door of the school, when a sudden flashback flowed through me and I suddenly felt as if time had flowen backwards. I could see myself at eleven years old again walking out my house clutching the red jump rope in my fist as I caught the sight of Jo and Lacey's shocked faces as they saw me. "Please, don't hate me." Was the last thing I remembered hearing myself say before my entire world went black.

When I woke up next, I expected to find myself somehow either in a hosptial bed or rather inside a jail cell behind bars, but as I looked around now I noticed I wasn't in either places, but in the comfort of an office that I knew so well. It was the office of the Hollywood Arts Guidence Counselor Lange. Just my luck. I looked around the office and saw Lange's chair swivel toward me as he caught sight of me. "I see your awake," He said with a small smile on his face that sent waves of uneasiness down my spine. "Now let's talk about what happened shall we Beck?" I swallowed a breath of air back into my lungs and tried not to show any sign of guilt but the memory of seeing Cat's lifeless body was still etched in my brain. "What am I doing here?" I asked looking around the room. "Don't worry you're not in any kind of trouble Beck." Lange said calmly. "I just need to hear from you what happened is all. You were the last person to see Cat right?"

I swallowed another breath of air into my lungs and nodded slowly. "Yes sir, I was." "So mind telling me what you two talked about?" I hesitated for moment and shook my head trying to clear it. "We didn't really talk about much, I mean you know Cat, she get's these crazy wacky gadgets and then brags about it, so-" I cut myself off and cleared my throat as Lange asked, "Do you consider yourself a violent person Beck?" I shook my head and replied, "What kind of question is that sir?" I began to get nervous now as Lange repeated, "Do you consider yourself a volent person?"

"No of course not." I replied trying to keep myself calm to avoid suspicion. "Why would you even ask that? I care about my friends." "Easy Beck, I'm not accusing you." Lange said calmly. "I just want to know what happened." "So you think I killed her is that it?" I sat up from the chair and stared right at Lange's face about ready to lose my temper and let my emotions loose. "Just because I was the last person to see Cat alive, that automatically makes me guilty is that it?" I asked running a hand through my hair as everything around me began to spin violently. "That's not what I'm saying Beck." Lange said calmly. "Just calm down."

I drew in a deep breath and was about to reply when a sudden knock came at the door and I saw Sikowitz's face poking his head into the doorway. "Sorry to intrrupt Lange, but Beck's mom is here." I caught sight of my mom's face and immediatly turned and walked over toward her as she wrapped me up in a hug. "Are you okay sweetheart?" She asked softly. "Let's just get out of here." I whispered in her ear. "It's not safe here for us."

That night, I couldn't sleep as I laid in bed staring up at the cealing of my trailer when a knock came at the door. "Danny?" I let out a sigh of relief when I realised it was my mom as she asked, "Can I come in?" I nodded slowly as she shut the door behind her and said, "Honey, I know this has been dificult for you, and if you want to go back to Green Grove I mean we can-" Mom, with all due respect, there's nothing that I can do to make me feel happy anymore. I mean I thought that once I got out of juvie that we could somehow try and start over, and now it's all gone to hell. My friend Cat is dead and now just like five years ago, everyone thinks that I'm the prime suspect." "Honey, no one thinks that. Nobody in this town even knows about what happened in Green Grove." "Well it's only just a matter of time before they do." I replied.

"I'm sure by tomorrow, thing will clear up sweetie." Mom said as she went over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Now get some sleep and I'm sure everything will be fine." I nodded and watched as mom left the room and shut the door quietly behind her. Once she was gone I let out a heavy sigh and sat up in bed reached over and pulled out a box from underneath it and opened it. Inside was a picture of me, Jo and Lacey as kids, along with the necklace that belonged to my late aunt. I took the necklace from the box and put the box back under the bed as I laid back down in bed holding the necklace as tightly as I could in my fist, while visions of my lost childhood and my father filled my head as I fell to sleep.

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