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Previously on Socio Secrets - "You okay?" She asked softly. I tried to nod my head but instead a frieghtning scene caught my eye causing me to jump. There standing behind Jade was the sight of someone I was hoping I would've never seen again my father.

I couldn't believe it, there he was standing behind her with malice in his eyes ready to kill her. I jumped up to my feet and got protectively in front of her. "Get the hell away from her you monster!" I called out, but when I looked back there was no one there. Great, now I'm hallucinating. I thought drawing in a shaky breath. Way to go Danny, now Jade not only thinks your liar for not telling her the truth about everything, but now she proably thinks your crazy ontop of it.

"Tori?" There was no response and a horrible sinking feeling raced through me like a blast of ice. The entire room was the same as it always was and nothing seemed out of place not even the sight of the piano, but I knew how crafty Charlie could be, and as I walked around the room searching for any sign of life. I turned to Jade and said, "Go upstairs and check to see if her mom, dad and Trina are still here. Just because their car isn't here doesn't mean that they might still be here."

"What about you?" Jade asked as I shook my head. "I'm going to staty down here and see if I can figure things out." I said softly. "Something is telling me that I need to stay down here. Text me of you find out anything okay?" Jade slowly nodded and wlked up the stairs in silence.

"Jade?" I dropped the towl and started racing toward the stair when something large and heavy piled ontop of me wrestling me to the ground hard. Pain shot through my entire body but I tried my best to ignore it as I tried to fight off against whatever it was ontop of me, which felt like a person and my heart started to race inside my chest. "Hello son, miss me?" The sound of my father's voice reached my ears causing me to go cold with fear as I heard Jade cry out, "Beck Help me!"


Chapter 6 - Sins Of The Father


Jade's voice reached my ears once again and immediatly my entire body went into a state of fight or flight mode, but my father had me pinned to the point where I couldn't move and I began to panic. What if this is it? What if this was how things would end for me and everyone else I care about? I shook the thoughts from my brain. No! I couldn't let that happen. I was done taking the blame for him. My father was done terrorising me, my mother and my friends.

"I got to say son, I always thought you could do a much better job then her." My father said getting off of me and grabbing me by the shirt lifting me roughly off the ground.

"Besides a girl like her doesn't deserve you. She's too controlling and you need to show her who's in control. This is why men are much more supioror to women because we know how to keep them in line."

"You don't know what the hell your talking about." I growled in anger while clenching my teeth. "Jade maybe jealous, moody and dark, but that doesn't matter to me. She's the one I love and that will never change."

My father's brown eyes stared at me with intimidation and a shiver of fear ran down my spine as I tried to hide it.

"I thought you would've gotten this lesson by now son." He said his voice low and meancing as he tightened his grip on my shirt.

"Guess I'll have to teach it to you agian, and when this is done you will never disobey me again especially not for that little slut."

"Don't call her that" I said through clenched teeth, which I automatically regretted as my father then threw back down to the floor again, and when I tried to get up again and make a break for the stairs, it was then that I felt a blast of pain hit me as I felt my dad kick me with his steel toed boots causing me to fall back to the ground doubling over coughing up blood, retching and clutching my stomach in pain.

"Stop being such a weakling boy!" Dad demanded angrily kicking me again with his steel toed boot which caused me to cry out in agony as I coughed up more blood. My vision started to grow dim and hazy from the pain but I knew I couldn't let that stop me. I had to get to Jade before I lost her too.

"Now then, what lesson did I just teach you about men being supieror to women boy?" Dad asked which I barely had time to register the question before another blast of pain shot through me and I screamed as a sickening crunch sound was heard and immedialty I knew one if not more of my ribs were broken and that I could be bleeding internally.

I laid there on the floor not moving hopefully praying that my dad would think that he had somehow killed me, but of course playing dead never worked with him. I held back a scream of pain and ground my teeth ito keep myself from crying out as dad got down on the floor ontop of me.

"answer the question son." He replied his voice threateningly as I saw him look over toward Tori's dead body that was still lying in the kitchen with the towl over it.

I saw him smirk in a sick twisted smile before he turned back to me and said, "You know out of all your friends Charlie got rid off, I think that one over there was his favorite to ride on before he had to end it. Wonder if this time he'll have his way with that slut of yours so that you can see how a real man keeps his woman in line."

A surge of anger flowed through me like red hot fire as I thought about Tori. All the horrible things Charlie must have done to her and how I wished I'd have been here in time to save her. "Beck! Help me!" Just then the shril voice of Jade snapped me out of my thoughts as the image of her being harmed by the same bastard made me even angrier.

Without a second thought I puched my dad as hard as I could in the jaw catching him off guard as he toppled off of me and with a burst of adrenaline shooting through me numbing me of all the pain from my injuries I got to my feet as quickly as I could and made a dash for the stairs just as Jade's shrill terrified voice yelled out, "BECK!"

I was halfway up the stairs when I felt my father's grip on my leg pulled me back down with bursts of pain shooting through me as he threw me across the room and through the glass of the back door of the house, which, shattered on impact. Bits of broken glass embedded themselves in my back and arms as I slowly came to. My head spinning and the adrenaline was slowly starting to wear off as I saw my father looming back over me.

"Now, I'm going to ask the question again boy, and this time I want you to answer it or I'll make sure Charlie has his way with that little slut while you watch all the fun."

Realising I was running out of options, and despite the amount of pain my body was in, I managed to deliver a kick to my father's shin and as he went down in pain, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to make it to Jade. Forcing myself to stand I made it to my feet without so much as a slight wince and a whimper as I tore up the stairs like a bolt of lightning.

Following the sounds of Jade's frantic screams I manuvered a hard right until I came into a room I could only speculate was more then likely Tori's. It was there that I found Jade pinned down on the top of Tori's bed with tears flowing down her cheeks and Charie on top of her. He turned and saw me with a malicious grin.

"Perfect timing Danny." He said coldly as he looked down at Jade's trembling form beneath him. "Your just in time to see the show."

Seeing Jade so vulnerable and insecure made my mind snap into pure rage and even though my body was still in increasing amounts of extreme agony I managed to run at full force into Charlie knocking him to the ground like a football player. Once Charlie was down I made it shakily back to my feet and made my way over to Jade.

She turned her head, stifling a stiff groan as her eyes fell onto me. "Beck," I heard her murmur my name softly and I felt my heart sink low in my chest. If I had only been late by a few seconds or even minutes Charlie would've had his way with her and then probably killed her or made her his sex slave which more then likely sounded much worse in Jade's case. She may seem tough but I knew who she really was and that's what tore me up was knowing how vulnerable she really was despite her tough girl exterior.

"You okay?" I asked softly as I went to help her sit up on the bed but Charlie's presense sent my mind whirling as I noticed him getting to his feet and felt a hard punch connect with the side of my head. I felt myself go down wit black spots slowly filling my vision, and the last thing I heard as I passed out was the sound of Jade screaming followed by the sounds of someone heavy barreling through the doorway like a battering ram and I could only pray that things weren't about get any worse.

TOO BE CONTINUED...Is this the end for Jade? Will she be the next to die? Will Beck/Danny be able to gather enough courage to save her? And who was the person that came barreling into the doorway? His father or perhaps someone else? Stay tuned to find out more as I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can...