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"Hello." – Normal talking.

"Hello." – Ichigo's thoughts.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō speaking.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō thoughts.

Ichigo and Sabrina continued their journey towards Pastoria City, where their next Gym Battle would be at. They crossed through Route 214, Lake Valor which was full of camera crews, and Route 213. Ichigo and Sabrina spent that time training up all of their Pokémon. Staravia, Monferno finally evolved into Staraptor and Infernape. While the newly caught Duskull, Misdreavus, Murkrow, and Bagon also evolved into Dusclops, Mismagius, Honchkrow, and Shieldon. Ichigo began to teach Kubfu basic martial arts katas. Kubfu eagerly devoured Ichigo's teaching. While in the trainer, Skorupi evolved into a Drapion. Sabrina's Kirlia evolved into a Gallade, her Bronzor evolved into a Bronzong, and her Inkay evolved into a Malamar. They finally arrived at Pastoria City. They spent a day in the local Pokémon Center before going to the Gym.

"We've been expecting you." The receptionist said as she accepted Ichigo's Pokédex and Sabrina's Trainer ID. She scanned them on her computer and escorted them to the battlefield. The battlefield was a large pool with a few floating platforms.

"Greetings!" Crasher Wake said, in a loud voice. The referee took his position on the battlefield.

"The match between Gym Leader Crasher Wake and Cardinal Ichigo will begin. This will be a three-on-three match with substitutions. On the count of three, both of you will send out your first Pokémon." The referee announced. "One." Ichigo and Crasher Wake took out a Poke Ball each. "Two…Three!" Ichigo and Crasher Wake sent out their first Pokémon. Ichigo sent out his Roserade while Crasher Wake sent out his Gastrodon. "The first match is between Gastrodon and Roserade." The referee paused and glanced at Crasher Wake.

"I will stay with Gastrodon." He said.

"Ichigo has the first move."

"Roserade use Sunny Day," Ichigo said.

"Gastrodon use Ice Beams." Crasher Wake ordered. Roserade's eyes began to glow as a white ball from in front of her bouquet arms. Magmortar fired the ball up in the air. Suddenly the sunlight began to shine brighter. Gastrodon opened its mouth and fired Ice Beam at Roserade.

"Shadow Sneak." Roserade suddenly disappeared into the shadows.

"What?" Crasher Wake said, shocked at what just happened. "Keep your guard up Gastrodon." Gastrodon stayed on the move, looking at the surrounding area.

"Energy Ball," Ichigo ordered. Suddenly Roserade leaped out of the shadow behind Gastrodon and fired a green ball of energy.

"Ice Beam behind you!" Gastrodon quickly turned its head to the left and fired an Ice Beam. The two attacks collided with each other, causing an explosion.

"Solar Beam!" Ichigo shouted. Suddenly a beam of energy slammed into Gastrodon's right side. Gastrodon wasn't prepared for the surprise attack as it was sent flying. It crashed on the ground besides Crasher Wake. The dust settled to reveal Roserade standing there. She used one of her bouquets to cover her mouth, like a noblewoman covering a chuckle.

"Gastrodon, are you ok?" Crasher Wake asked.

"Gas." Gastrodon groaned as it stood up.

"Good. Ice Beam!" Crasher Wake ordered. Gastrodon opened its mouth and charged up its attack.

"End it with Solar Beam," Ichigo said. Energy began to gather toward her bouquet before she fired her attack. Gastrodon failed to react in time, receiving the full force of the Solar Beam. Gastrodon crashed beside Crasher Wake's foot.

"The battle is over. The winner is Roserade." The referee declared. Crasher Wake recalled his Gastrodon and sent out his Ludicolo. Ichigo recalled his Roserade and sent out his Gengar. The referee glanced at Crasher Wake, who nodded his head.

"The battle between Ludicolo and Gengar will begin. Crasher Wake has the first move."

"Ludicolo, use Rain Dance!" Ludicolo began to dance.

"Gengar use Sludge Wave," Ichigo ordered. A big wave of dark purple sludge forms around Gengar. Rain clouds began to form above them. Gengar hurled the sludge at Ludicolo, who was still dancing.

"Dodge it!" Crasher Wake ordered. Ludicolo leaped up in the air, avoiding the wave of sludge. The sludge fell into the pool, which began to contaminate the pool water.

"That's going to be a pain to clean up." He thought.

"Sludge Bomb!" Ichigo quickly ordered as Ludicolo was still up in the air. Gengar fired balls of sludge from her mouth.

"Ludicolo, use Hydro Pump to dodge!" Crasher Wake ordered. Ludicolo fired a large jet of water from its mouth, soaring away from the Sludge Bombs.

"Don't let up," Ichigo ordered. Gengar continued to fire more Sludge Bombs at Ludicolo.

"Keep dodging." Crasher Wake ordered. Ludicolo continued to move side to side with the help of Hydro Pump.

"What is he planning?" Crasher Wake thought.

"Enough," Ichigo said. Gengar stopped her attack. Crasher Wake's eyes widen as he realized the trap Ichigo set up.

"Ludicolo get back on the platform. With another jet of water, Ludicolo landed on the platform, avoiding all the toxic water around it.

"To think he would turn all the water against me." Crasher Wake thought.

"Shadow Sneak," Ichigo ordered. Gengar quickly disappeared.

"Damn it. This again." Crasher Wake thought as Ludicolo kept moving around the platform. Suddenly Gengar shot out from underneath Ludicolo and knocked it into the water.

"End it with Sludge Wave," Ichigo ordered. A big wave of dark purple sludge forms around Gengar as it was sent towards the Ludicolo, who struggled to swim in the toxic water.

"I forfeit Ludicolo." Crasher Wake suddenly said as he recalled his drowning Ludicolo. The Sludge Wave slammed into the water, increasing the toxicity of the water.

"Who should I send out?" Crasher Wake thought. "Empoleon would be able to resist the poison attacks but would be stuck on the platform. On the other hand, Gyarados would be able to fly in the air in addition to using the platform." Crasher Wake concluded his thought as he sent out his Gyarados and revealed his Mega Stone. Ichigo recalled his Gengar and sent out his Sceptile.

"MEGA SHINKA!" They yelled. Gyarados and Sceptile were engulfed in spheres of energy. The sphere of energy broke apart, revealing Mega Gyarados and Mega Sceptile.

"The battle between Mega Gyarados and Mega Sceptile will begin. Ichigo has the first move."

"Sunny Day!" Ichigo ordered. Mega Sceptile's eyes glowed as he let out a loud roar. The rain clouds began to disappear, revealing the hot sun.

"Flamethrower!" Crasher Wake ordered. Mega Gyarados unleashed a large steam of flames towards Mega Sceptile.

"Dodge it with Double Team," Ichigo said. Clones of Mega Sceptile appeared. Mega Gyarados's Flamethrower destroyed one of the clones.

"Use Flamethrower to destroy all the clones!" Crasher Wake ordered.

"Extreme Speed and Solar Blade," Ichigo said. The side appendages on Mega Sceptile's arms glowed white and elongated as Mega Sceptile and his clones rushed towards Mega Gyarados, who unleashed a large Flamethrower as it tried to hit Mega Sceptile. Mega Sceptile managed to get one or two hits in before having to leap away from Mega Gyarados's flames. This game continued for a minute. Mega Gyarados and Mega Sceptile stood on their respective floating platforms. Both Pokémon were out of breath but kept their guard up. The harsh sun continued to shine down.

"Sceptile, end it Solar Blade!" Ichigo ordered.

"Gyarados, FLAMETHROWER!" Crasher Wake ordered. Mega Sceptile's arm blades shot out once again as he leaped towards Mega Gyarados. Mega Gyarados opened its mouth and prepared to unleash one final Flamethrower.

"NOW!" Ichigo ordered. Mega Sceptile suddenly used Extreme Speed again, appearing on Mega Gyarados's right side.

"It's on your right side!" Crasher Wake warned but it was too late. Mega Sceptile swung his Solar Blade at Mega Gyarados. The force from the attack knocked Mega Gyarados off the floating platform and it crashed into the pool of poison. Mega Gyarados yelled out in agony as it tried to get up. Mega Sceptile guarded the floating platform, preventing Mega Gyarados from escaping the water. A few moments later, Mega Gyarados floated on the poison water, unconscious. Crasher Wake quickly recalled his Mega Gyarados.

"The battle is over. The winner is Mega Sceptile. Cardinal Ichigo is the winner of the match." The referee announced.

"We will continue with the other match in a few hours." Crasher Wake said as he glared at Ichigo. Ichigo shrugged his shoulders. Crasher Wake sighed as he walked to the Pokémon Center. Ichigo followed behind him. Crasher Wake left his injured Pokémon in Nurse Joy's care while Ichigo remained in the Pokémon Center to wait for his Pokémon. Once his Pokémon were fully healed, Ichigo returned to the Gym. Ichigo sat down and watched Sabrina go against Crasher Wake. Sabrina used her Gallade, Exeggutor, and Mega Medicham vs Mega Empoleon, Ludicolo, and Gastrodon. Sabrina was able to win with her slight type advantage. Ichigo and Sabrina stood at the edge of the pool as Crasher Wake presented the Legacy Fen Badge, which was shaped like a lake with gray reeds around it all on a golden plate. Ichigo and Sabrina accepted their badge.

Suddenly the entire gym rumbled as they heard a loud explosion outside. They all ran outside. They looked to see a large cloud of smoke.

"It's coming from Lake Valor." Crasher Wake said. They all ran out of the city towards Lake Valor. As they approached Lake Valor, they could see uprooted trees and tipped vans around them.

"Some of these people are still alive," Sabrina said. Crasher Wake turned to her.

"Help me rescue them." He requested. Sabrina nodded her head as she sent one of her Alakazams. They began to find the survivors while Ichigo walked closer to Lake Valor. He arrived at Lake Valor to see a giant crater. All the water has disappeared. Around the edge of the crater were unconscious water types. In the middle of the crater was a cave. Someone walked out of the cave. It was a young woman with red hair and in a modified Team Galactic uniform. In her hand was a statue of Azelf, one of the Lake Guardians.

"Are you the ones who did this?" Ichigo asked. She ignored Ichigo as she released her Bronzong and teleported away.

"She's likely teleported to the Team Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone City." Ichigo thought as Sabrina and Crasher Wake arrived at the scene.

"It was Team Galactic," Ichigo said. "I arrived just in time to see them disappearing."

"I see…" Crasher Wake said as he pulled out his phone and called Byron and Candice, asking them if there was any Team Galactic activity near their location. Byron confirmed that Team Galactic attacked Lake Verity. While Candice isn't able to investigate due to a large avalanche descending towards the town. Ichigo and Sabrina helped Crasher Wake collect all the injured water types and placed them in water tanks. After a few long hours, they finished rescuing the injured Pokémon. Ichigo, Sabrina, and Crasher Wake were at the Pokémon Center, waiting for their Pokémon to be fully healed as well as to hear about all the injured wild Pokémon.

"Cardinal Ichigo and Ace Trainer Sabrina." Crasher Wake said, using their formal titles. "Please head to Lake Acuity and help us investigate the situation there."

"Sure. What's the fastest way to get there?" Ichigo asked.

"You have to go on foot." He replied.

"Can't we Fly or Teleport over there?" Crasher Wake shook his head.

"You can't teleport across Mount Coronet because the entire mountain is covered in strange energy, which interferes with teleportation. Flying is dangerous due to the harsh icy winds around the mountain. It also doesn't help that the majority of Mount Coronet is complete wilderness." Crasher Wake explained.

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"I do recommend you fly to Eterna City and rest there before heading inside." Crasher Wake said. Ichigo and Sabrina nodded their head in understanding before going to rest for the night. The next day, they flew to Eterna City before they started their long trek through Mount Coronet to Snowpoint City.

Scene Change: Snowpoint City

It took Ichigo and Sabrina a week to cross through Mount Coronet, Route 216, and Route 217 before they arrived at Snowpoint City. During their journey, Ichigo captured a male Sneasel and a female Snorunt. Surprisingly, Kubfu enjoyed the snow and practiced breaking the ice with her attacks. They arrived at the city and met up with Candice. She told them that Team Galactic's explosion also caused an avalanche to distract her from their operation at Lake Acuity. When she arrived, the entire lake was devoid of water and all the nearby water types were scattered all over the lake. All of those Pokémon were injured from the explosion. They laid there in the snow and slowly died either due to their injuries, from the lack of water, from the cold, or a combination of the three. Candice and the local residents buried those Pokémon near the lake. After mourning, Candice accepted Ichigo's and Sabrina's challenge. Sabrina took her place at the audience stands while Ichigo stood at the frozen battlefield. The referee, dressed in a fur coat, took her place in the middle of the battlefield.

"The match between Gym Leader Candice and Cardinal Ichigo will begin. This will be a three on three." She announced. Ichigo and Candice nodded their heads. "At the count of three, send out your first Pokémon. One." Ichigo and Candice pulled out their first Poke Ball. "Two…THREE!" Ichigo and Candice sent out their first Pokémon. Ichigo sent out Mika while Candice sent out a large white bipedal bear. Ichigo pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon.

"This Beartic is Ice type. This Pokémon is owned by Gym Leader Candice. No other information allowed." The Pokédex identified. Candice recalled her Beartic and sent out her Walrein. The referee glanced at Ichigo.

"I will remain with Mika," Ichigo said. The referee nodded her head.

"The first battle between Ninetales and Walrein will begin. Ichigo has the first move."

"Sunny Day!" Ichigo ordered.

"Hydro Pump!" A ball of energy appeared in front of Mika before she fired it up. The cold morning suddenly turned warm. Walrein opened its mouth and fired a large blast of water towards Mika.

"Dodge it and use Solar Beam!" Ichigo ordered. Mika leaped to the side, avoiding the Hydro Pump. She opened her mouth and fired her Solar Beam at Walrein.

"Ice Beam!" She ordered. Walrein opened its mouth and fired its Ice Beam. The two attacks collided with each other, canceling each other out.

"Confuse it with Double Team and then Solar Beam!" Ichigo ordered. Mika created clones of herself and began to charge Solar Beam.

"Walrein use Protect!" She quickly ordered, not bothering to try and find the real Mika. A barrier appeared around Walrein as Mika unleashed her Solar Beam. Mika's clones vanished as she concentrated on attacking Walrein with Solar Beam.

"Keep it up Walrein," Candice ordered.

"Stop it, Mika," Ichigo ordered. Mika stopped her attack but continued to glare at Walrein. Walrein finally lowered its protect. "Double Team and scatter!" Ichigo ordered, changing tactics. Once again Mika created more clones and they all scattered. Walrein looked around, trying to figure out which one was the real one. "Energy Ball!" Ichigo ordered. All the Mika charged up a green ball of energy and fired them at Walrein.

"Protect!" She ordered. The Energy Balls slammed into the barrier. Walrein stood its ground, fueling the barrier.

"Continue with the Energy Balls," Ichigo ordered. Mika continued her assault on Walrein's Protect. "Aim at the ground in front of the barrier," Ichigo ordered. Mika adjusted her aim. The Energy Balls hit the ground in front of the barrier, kicking up ice and snow. The debris-covered portions of Walrein's barrier.

"Dam it." Candice thought. "Walrein has to lower the Protect to remove the debris but that would leave Walrein open to his Ninetales's attacks."

"Walrein quickly release and reforms your Protect!" Candice ordered.

"SOLAR BEAM!" Ichigo ordered. Mika opened her mouth and gathered sunlight. Walrein lowered its Protect, allowing the snow and debris to fall on the ground. Mika fired her attack at Walrein. Walrein began to raise its Protect again. Mika's Solar Beam hit Walrein before Protect finished forming. Walrein was knocked off its feet and landed on its back. Mika aimed her Solar Beam back on Walrein. Walrein was sent rolling to Candice's side. Mika stopped her attack as she let out a tired breath.

"The battle is over. The winner is Ninetales." The referee declared. Candice recalled her Walrein and sent back out her Beartic. Ichigo recalled Ninetales and sent out his Chandelure.

"The battle between Beartic and Chandelure will begin. Candice has the first move.

"Beartic use Hail!" Beartic's body glows light blue as it let out a roar. The clouds began to darken and cover the sky.

"Chandelure use Flamethrower!" Chandelure fired a stream of flames at Beartic.

"Dodge it!" Candice ordered. Beartic leaped to the side, avoiding the flames. Hail began to fall. Beartic quickly disappeared, hiding among the ice and snow.

"Chandelure, find Beartic's Aura," Ichigo said. Chandelure closed her eyes as she focused on finding Beartic.

"Beartic use Shadow Claw!" Candice ordered. Beartic's claws glowed with ghostly energy as it lunged towards Chandelure.

"Flamethrower!" Ichigo ordered. Chandelure turned around 180 degrees and spewed a jet of flames. The flames hit the approaching Beartic.

"RAH!" Beartic roared in pain as it was forced a few steps away.

"Beartic get out of there!" Candice ordered. Beartic turned around and ran away from Chandelure.

"Don't let up," Ichigo ordered. Chandelure followed behind Beartic and continued to spray her flames at Beartic. Beartic struggled to escape Chandelure's pursuit before it fainted from exhaustion and the damage from Chandelure's Flamethrower.

"The battle is over. The winner is Chandelure." The referee announced. Candice recalled her Beartic and sent out her final Pokémon. Ichigo pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon.

"Abomasnow is a Grass Ice type. This Pokémon is owned by Gym Leader Candice. No other information allowed." The Pokédex reported. Candice pulled out a necklace with a Mega Stone on it. She put it on her neck. Ichigo recalled Chandelure and sent out his Blaziken.

"Mega SHINKA!" Ichigo and Candice yelled. Abomasnow and Blaziken were engulfed in a sphere of white energy. The sphere shattered, revealing Mega Abomasnow and Mega Blaziken. The hail became much harsher.

"The battle between Mega Abomasnow and Mega Blaziken will begin. Ichigo has the first move."

"Get rid of the hail with Sunny Day!" Ichigo ordered. Mega Blaziken began to glow red.

"Abomasnow use Earthquake!" Candice ordered. Mega Abomasnow stomped on the ground, shaking the entire icy battlefield.

"Jump!" Ichigo ordered. Mega Blaziken leaped up in the air, dodging the Earthquake. While in the air, Mega Blaziken let out a loud roar. The hailstorm began to weaken. "Blaze Kick!" Ichigo ordered, taking advantage of Mega Blaziken already in the air. Mega Blaziken's right foot erupted in flames as she flew down towards Mega Abomasnow.

"Hyper Beam!" She ordered. Mega Abomasnow opened its mouth and began to gather energy in its mouth, forming a ball of orange energy.

"Elemental Aura FIRE!" Ichigo ordered. Mega Blaziken's body erupted in blush flames.

"FIRE!" Candice ordered. The orange ball of energy turned into an orange beam as it was fired towards the incoming Mega Blaziken. The two collided, causing a massive explosion. The force from the destruction shattered most of the ice on the battlefield and ended the last of the Hail. The dust settled to see Mega Blaziken wasn't badly injured from the attack but no longer surrounded by the blue flames. "How?" Candice questioned.

"Flare Blitz." Ichigo quickly ordered. Mega Blaziken was engulfed in red flames as she slammed her flaming body into Mega Abomasnow's body. The force from the attack sent Mega Abomasnow flying. It crashed behind Candice. Mega Abomasnow collapsed on the ground, too tired to move.

"The battle is over. The winner is Mega Blaziken. The winner of the match is Cardinal Ichigo!" The referee announced. Ichigo and Candice recalled their Pokémon and went to the Pokémon Center. They returned to see a Glaceon, Piloswine, and a Lapras using Ice Beam to fix the battlefield. Ichigo took his spot on the audience stand and watched the battle between Sabrina and Candice. Sabrina's team consisted of her Jinx, Gallade, and Mega Medicham. While Candice's team consisted of her Weavile, Froslass, and Mega Glalie. Sabrina's match with Candice was once again a long one due to her team having the overall type advantage but, in the end, Sabrina managed to win. Ichigo and Sabrina stood on the destroyed battlefield as Candice presented the Legacy Icicle Badge, which looked like either an iceberg or two icy mountains on a golden plate. Suddenly Candice's phone began to ring. She pulled it out and answers it.

"Hi, Maylene."

"Hi, Candice. Earlier, you sent a text asking us to keep an eye out for anything strange in our areas, right?"

"I did." She replied.

"I noticed we have a sudden large jump in guests in the city. All of them go walk towards a privately owned multi-story building in northern Veilstone City."

"Thanks for the info." She hung on. She turned to Ichigo and Sabrina. "Can both of you look into this?"

"Why can't Maylene look into it?" Sabrina asked.

"Two reasons," Candice said as she raised her first finger. "The first is that it is considered illegal since the building is private property. Our reputation as Gym Leader and the Sinnoh Pokémon League would suffer." Candice raised her second finger. "The second is that all of us are well-known public figures. They will immediately suspect something if they see us gathering there."

"I see…" Sabrina said.

"We'll do it," Ichigo said.

"Great," Candice said.

"Will we have to trek through Mount Coronet again?" She asked. Candice nodded her head.

"It would be more suspicious if they spotted you flying towards Veilstone City." Ichigo and Sabrina accepted Candice's mission and returned to the Pokémon Center for a day of rest. The next morning, they were off.

Scene Change: Veilstone City

It took two weeks before they finally arrived at Veilstone City. They crossed Route 217, Route 217, and Mount Coronet, before arriving at Celestic Town. They took a break there before crossing through Route 210 and Route 215. During that time, Dusclops, Shelgon, Sneasel, and Snorunt evolved into Dusknoir, Salamence, Weavile, and Froslass. Kubfu's training continued smoothly. Ichigo began to teach Kubfu Tiger style, Leopard style, Crane style, and Seven Star Mantis style. Ichigo and Sabrina checked in at the Pokémon Center. A few minutes later, they heard a knock on their door. Ichigo opened the door. Maylene stood outside their door.

"May I come in?" She asked.

"Sure," Ichigo said. Maylene entered their room.

"I had a few of my men observe the suspicious location." She began. "They noticed a few of them would walk towards the old warehouses in town."

"Were you able to pinpoint which one?" Ichigo asked.

"We were," Maylene said as she pulled out a picture. "It's the one on the far right."

"Hears the plan." Ichigo started. Maylene and Sabrina turned to Ichigo. "Sabrina will invade the warehouse while I invade the main building," Ichigo said.

"When?" Sabrina asked.

"Four in the morning." He said.

"That early?" Sabrina asked.

"Yes," Ichigo said. "Most of the people would still be sleeping in the property. While the guards would be tired from their night shift." Ichigo reasoned.

"I see…" Sabrina said, understanding Ichigo's reasoning.

"I will have my men and the police on standby," Maylene said.

"Very well," Ichigo said. Maylene stood up and left the room. Ichigo and Sabrina went to bed early.

Time Skip: Next Morning: 4 AM

Ichigo stood in front of the Team Galactic Headquarters. Ichigo had Gardevoir, Metagross, Gengar, Zoroark, Mismagius, and Honchkrow survey the perimeter and knock out anyone that walked of the Team Galactic Headquarters. Ichigo released Malware.

"Can you go in and hack their security camera, causing them to loop?"

"Easy." Malware replied as it dove into the shadows towards the hideout. It shot out of the shadow towards a nearby security terminal. It took a few seconds before Malware dove out. It waved its electrical hands at Ichigo. Ichigo walked over to Malware.

"I got good and bad news." Malware said.

"What's the bad news?" Ichigo asked.

"Everyone is already awake." Malware reported.

"Did they discover our plans?" Ichigo asked.

"It doesn't look like that." Malware said. "It appears that their leader, Cyrus, is addressing them right now."

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"Looks like we arrived right when Cyrus is giving his motivational speech," Kyōka said.

"Unlock the door and guide me down there," Ichigo said.

"Got it." Malware replied as the doors opened. Ichigo rushed down the hallway. Any grunt in his way was quickly knocked out before they could respond.

"Warning! Intruder Alert!" The intercom announced.

"Dang it." Malware said.

"Ignore it," Ichigo said as he knocked out another grunt. A few grunts released their Pokémon, revealing a few Toxicroak, Weaviles, and a Skuntank.

"Want me to take them out?" Malware asked.

"No thanks. I got it." Ichigo said as the Pokémon charged at Ichigo. Ichigo easily defeated them with a few powerful punches.

"He's a monster!" One of the grunts yelled out in fear. Some of the other grunts recalled their Pokémon and tried to run away. Ichigo knocked them out and arrived at the packed auditorium. Ichigo could see Cyrus, Mars, and Saturn standing on stage.

"You must be Ichigo," Cyrus said. "I know why you're here. I can sense it in you. It's about Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, correct? You want to save them... I no longer have any need for them. I am finished with them. If your heart aches to save them, go right ahead. I couldn't care less. It will save me the trouble of disposing of them." Cyrus said as he walked away followed behind by Mars and Saturn. None of the grunts stopped Ichigo as he ran downstairs. He arrived to see Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf trapped in three large test tubes filled with a strange liquid. Standing in front of those test tubes was a young man with well-kept blond hair which he keeps brushed over one side of his face. He was dressed in a white shirt with long black sleeves and neck with a silver vest with a golden G on the left breast area.

"It seems Alexi was right to be careful with you." He said.

"You know Alexi? Are you a spy from Team Rocket?" Ichigo asked.

"The name is Arthur and I'm not a spy from Team Rocket." He said as he pulled out a Poke Ball. "Something bigger."

"Is he talking about the Dark Knights?" Ichigo thought as he ran towards him.

"Go Salamence!" He said. Ichigo sent out Drapion.

"Deal with the Salamence," Ichigo said. He glanced at Rotom. "Free those legendaries."

"Got it." Malware replied as it dove into a nearby computer. Salamence let out a roar as Drapion approached it. Both Pokémon began to fight against each other while Ichigo charged at Arthur.

"Shit," Arthur said as he grabbed another Poke Ball. Before he could release it, Ichigo smacked it out of Arthur's hand and punched him in the face. It took a few punches before Arthur was knocked unconscious. Ichigo glanced over to see Drapion standing on top of an unconscious Salamence.

"Good job." Ichigo complimented as he recalled her back to her Poke Ball. "How is it going Malware?"

"Another minute before I finish." Malware said. Ichigo walked over to Arthur and lifted his eyelids.

"Legilimens." Ichigo mentally cast as he looked through all of Arthur's memories.

"I can't find any traces of these men," Kyōka said as she looked through the Pokémon anime, movies, and games.

"It seems Alexi joined with this Ryan after the fall of Team Rocket." Ichigo thought as he saw Arthur's video conference with them. Ichigo delved deeper as he tried to find more information on Ryan.

"From the looks of it, this Ryan is a member of Team Яeverse, located in Kalos. He promised Arthur a high position on Team Яeverse if he assist Team Яeverse's spies, who's mission is to steal any Legendary Pokémon Team Galactic captured." Kyōka said.

"Do you think Team Яeverse is connected with the Dark Knights?" Ichigo asked.

"It's possible." Kyōka admitted.

"Got it!" Malware announced as the liquid in the test tube began to drain. Ichigo pulled himself out of Arthur's mind and walked over to the test tubes. As the liquid drained out, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf floated down to the bottom of the test tube. Ichigo gently picked them up.

"It seems whatever they did to them, drained them of their Aura." Ichigo thought as he forced some of his reiatsu into Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. The reiatsu flowed into the red gem on their foreheads, causing it to glow.

"Whatever you are doing is working." Malware said. A few moments later, they opened their eyes, staring at Ichigo.

"Are you ok?" Ichigo asked. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf nodded their heads and floated out of Ichigo's arms. "You three should go hide somewhere else. Your home in the three Lakes had been destroyed." Ichigo warned. They nodded their heads in understanding before teleporting away.

"You know most trainers would never encounter a single Legendary Pokémon in their lifetime." Someone said. Ichigo turned to see Sabrina, Maylene, and one other person with them. "But not only met three Legendary Pokémon but you also allowed them to escape."

"It's nice to meet you, Champion Cynthia," Ichigo said, ignoring her words.

"Same as well, Cardinal Ichigo." She replied.

"Sabrina called us as soon as she discovered that the warehouse was empty," Maylene said.

"Did your men grab all the unconscious grunts?" Ichigo asked.

"They did," Maylene said.

"Now we need to think where they went," Sabrina said.

"There is only one place they would go," Cynthia said as she turned around and walked away. Ichigo recalled Malware as everyone else followed behind her.

"Where?" Maylene asked.

"Long ago, when the Sinnoh was still called the Hisui, the local residents built a large temple on top of Mount Coronet. It was dedicated to Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina." Cynthia said.

"That would make sense since Cyrus planned to harness the powers of Dialga and Palkia to create a whole new world," Ichigo said. They exited the Headquarters and were surrounded by police officers, quarantining the area. They were allowed to leave. Cynthia took out a Poke Ball and released her signature Pokémon, Garchomp, and flew away.

"Both of you should go with her," Maylene said. "I'll stay here to help deal with this."

"Thanks," Ichigo said. Ichigo glanced at Sabrina. "Can you teleport us to Oreburgh City?"

"Ok." Sabrina sent out her Alakazam and teleported them to Oreburgh City. They appeared in front of the Pokémon Center.

"Does your Pokémon need to recover?" He asked.

"No." She said.

"Then let's go," Ichigo said as they ran towards Mount Coronet.

Scene Change: Spear Pillar

Cyrus stood in the middle of an ancient stone temple. Next to his feet were two large metallic suitcases with locks on top. Most of the stone around the ancient stone temple has eroded through the passage of time, except for a mural on the wall. The mural depicts Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in a downward triangle while Dialga and Palkia were a part of an upwards triangle, while the top of the upward triangle was destroyed. These two triangles overlapped, forming a hexagram with a glowing golden cross-like wheel in the center. A few feet away from Cyrus, Commander Mars, and Commander Jupiter were standing guard of the entrance of Spear Pillar. They had their remaining grunts standing guard along the path towards Spear Pillar.

"It's time." Cyrus thought as he grabbed one of the suitcases and opened it, revealing two large orbs, one appear metallic silver and was formed from hexagons. While the other one appeared ocean blue and was completely round. Cyrus took each orb and placed them in front of him. The orbs began to glow and float. Mount Coronet began to rumble. In the distance, Commander Mars and Commander Jupiter watched.

"It's happening." Commander Jupiter said.

"Indeed." Commander Mars replied. In the distance, they could hear footsteps. "Our guests have arrived." They turned to see Ichigo, and Sabrina arrived in front of Spear Pillar.

"It's too late!" Commander Jupiter yelled. "Master Cyrus has already begun the process to summon the Legendary Dialga and Palkia!" Mount Coronet shook even harder as the orbs began to release more energy.

"We can still stop him," Ichigo said.

"Not with us here." Commander Jupiter said as she sent out her Pokémon. Commander Mars followed suit. Sabrina turned to Ichigo.

"I'll take care of them. You go stop that madman." Sabrina said as she sent out her Meditite and Gallade.

"Ok," Ichigo said. Sabrina surrounded Ichigo in her psychic energy before throwing him over their heads. Ichigo quickly did an over-the-shoulder roll before standing up and running towards Cyrus. Two large portals opened as Dialga and Palkia began to appear. Cyrus opened his second suitcase, revealing it to be full to the brim with small red gems. The gems began to glow and shot out towards Dialga and Palkia. The red gems united to form two long chains of red gems and wrapped themselves around Dialga and Palkia. Cyrus placed two bracelets with two large red gems on his wrists.

"Dialga! Palkia!" He yelled. The red gems glowed brighter. Dialga and Palkia landed in front of Cyrus. "Kill these fools!" Dialga and Palkia charged up their attacks. Ichigo smirked as he sensed his shadow move. Suddenly Yami shot out of Dialga and Palkia's shadow. Everyone paused at the unexpected guest. Before anyone could react, Yami forced Dialga, Palkia, Cyrus, and Ichigo into the shadows, disappearing from the Spear Pillar. The two orbs fell to the ground, powerless once again.

"MASTER CYRUS!" Commander Jupiter yelled. She abandoned the battle and ran towards the spot Cyrus was standing at. "MASTER CYRUS!" Sabrina stared in confusion, unsure what happened.

"I didn't expect Giratina to show up." Sabrina turned to see Cynthia, who just arrived.

"About time you got here," Sabrina commented.

"Sorry. Team Galactic attacked my hometown for the Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orb. I had to check up on them before I showed up." Cynthia said.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"It's nothing." She said as she walked towards the center of Spear Pillar. Commander Mars quickly ran away from them. Sabrina turned to her, ready to stop her.

"Leave her be. My agents are on their way up. They will intercept her." Cynthia said. "We have much more important things to do." Cynthia took out a bag and took back the Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orb. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Commander Jupiter, who was still trying to comprehend the loss of Cyrus.

"What did you mean? Didn't Cyrus summon Giratina?" Sabrina asked.

"Not necessarily," Cynthia said. "According to ancient Hisui legends, the Adamant Orb is used to summon Dialga while the Lustrous Orb is used to summon Palkia. It's uncertain why Giratina showed up and rescued its siblings especially considering Giratina was banished to another dimension due to its aggressive nature towards Dialga and Palkia, once again according to ancient Hisui legends." Cynthia said.

"So what can we do now?" She asked.

"There is nothing we can do." Cynthia sighed. "Their fate lies with the Legends (1)." Sabrina took out a sheet of paper and a pen. "Are you planning to write a note in case Ichigo comes back?"

"I am."

"Then write that you'll be waiting for him at Celestic Town." She said.

"Celestic Town?" She asked.

"It's my hometown and it holds a lot of ancient history regarding Hisui legend," Cynthia explained. Sabrina nodded her head and wrote the note. She found a large rock and placed it in front of the stairs. With that, they walked away from Spear Pillar.

Scene Change: Distortion World

Ichigo, Cyrus, Dialga, and Palkia were thrown out of the shadows. Ichigo, Dialga, and Palkia were able to land on the ground while Cyrus slammed his head into the ground, knocking him unconscious. Yami fired two Shadow Balls at the Red Chains around Dialga and Palkia. The attack destroyed the Red Chains. Both Dialga and Palkia let out a loud roar as they charged up their attacks.

"Enough," Yami yelled as she floated in front of the unconscious Cyrus. They stopped charging their attack.

"Young one," Dialga said. "Why are you protecting him?"

"Do you understand what he did!?" Palkia added. "That man abused one of the fail-safes Lord Arceus created in an attempt to abuse our power!"

"We must punish him for his crimes and let his punishment serve as a reminder to humanity that we are not to be trifle with," Dialga added.

"How?" Ichigo asked.

"How?" Palkia repeated.

"Do you plan to broadcast Cyrus's execution throughout the entire region?" Ichigo asked. Surprisingly Dialga and Palkia nodded their heads. "Then both of you are idiots."

"HOW DARE YOU!" Palkia yelled. Yami quickly stood in front of Ichigo, protecting him from Palkia if it decided to attack him.

"Calm yourself." Dialga said to Palkia. It turned to Ichigo. "Clarify what you mean."

"Your action may inversely cause everyone to go into a panic and try to capture both of you, 'for the safety of Sinnoh'," Ichigo said. Dialga's eyes glowed as it tried to see alternative timelines.

"Why can I only see alternative timelines where his human is not there?" Dialga thought. It decided to look into other alternative timelines without this human. Eventually, Dialga saw what it wanted and let out a sigh as its eyes stopped glowing.

"Well?" Palkia asked.

"He's speaking the truth," Dialga said.

"So how do we remind humanity that we Legends should not be trifled with?" Palkia asked.

"I got a plan," Ichigo said as he told Dialga and Palkia his plan. Palkia turned to Dialga. Dialga's eyes glowed again as it traveled through the alternative timelines, seeing the effects of Ichigo's plan.

"Why can't I see the plan in action?" Dialga thought. Suddenly Dialga could sense Arceus's presence in its mind.

"Dialga," Arceus said.

"Father." Dialga greeted its creator.

"Follow Ichigo's suggestion," Arceus ordered before leaving Dialga's mind.

"It will work." Dialga lied.

"Great," Ichigo said. Dialga turned to Yami.

"We are in your debt for saving us from the Red Chains and preventing us from making a horrible mistake," Dialga said.

"No. I was simply following Ichigo's orders." Yami replied.

"Nonetheless, we still owe you a debt," Dialga said. Dialga began to glow. A small ball of energy formed from Dialga's chest gem. The ball of energy floated towards Yami and entered her body. Yami let out a roar as her entire body glowed blue as her body began to transform. The light died down to reveal Yami's new form.

The six black ghostly tendrils combined to form two large black ghostly wings with three red tips. The six golden-tipped spikes grew into large and thick legs with golden claws. Two golden half-circles, similar to those on its neck, appear on each side of each leg. The other golden-tipped spikes disappeared from her tail.

"What is this?" She asked.

"I gave you my blessing," Dialga said. "It allows your body to gain the Steel-Type and it increases your defense capabilities at the cost of your speed."

"I see…" Yami said. "Am I able to shift back to my regular form?"

"You can," Dialga said. "Just imagine your regular form." Yami transformed back to her regular form.

"Now it's my turn," Palkia said as it began to glow. A small ball of energy formed from one of Palkia's shoulder gems. The ball of energy floated towards Yami and entered her body. Yami let out a roar as her entire body glowed pink as her body began to transform. The light died down to reveal Yami's new form.

Yami's head and neck are slightly longer. The golden-half circles that were on her neck are now at her chest where there were now a pair of hands and feet. The feet looked the same as her other form. As for her hand, she has five fingers on each hand and at her wrists were a set of golden half-circles, similar to those on its neck. Her tail lost all of its golden-tipped spikes again and grew shorter. She retained her black ghostly tendril.

"With my blessing, you gained the Water-Type and an increase to your physical attacks and speed at the cost of your defenses." Palkia explained.

"I see…" Giratina said as she reverted back to her regular form. "Thank you."

"No problem," Palkia said. Dialga nodded its head. Soon they left the Distortion World.

"So what are you planning to do with him?" Yami asked.

"I'll let the police deal with him," Ichigo said as he grabbed the unconscious man. With that, they left the Distortion World.

Scene Change: Spear Pillar

Ichigo stepped out of the shadow to see no one there.

"Strange wasn't we just in the Distortion World for like ten minutes." Ichigo thought as he pulled out his Pokédex and looked at the time. "It's been three days?" Ichigo walked towards the stairs to Spear Pillar and spotted Sabrina's note. "Celestic Town, here I come." Ichigo thought as he carried Cyrus down. On his way down, he spotted a Shiny Absol and caught her. He exited the tunnel and continued to walk down. Eventually, he arrived at Celestic Town. Ichigo walked to the Pokémon Center.

"Good morning," Ichigo said.

"Good morning." Nurse Joy said. She glanced and noticed the unconscious Cyrus.

"Ah. Can you call a Police Officer to take care of him?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure." Nurse Joy said as she picked up her phone and called the Police Station. A few minutes later, two police officers arrived at the Pokémon Center and took Cyrus away. Immediately after, Ichigo spotted Sabrina running towards him. Sabrina grabbed him and hugged him tightly. Ichigo glanced over to see Cynthia.

"She was worried about you when you were devoured by the shadows," Cynthia said. Ichigo mentally sighed as he gently placed his hands on her back and began to draw circles.

"It's all right." Ichigo tried to calm her down. "I'm back.

"Once Sabrina calms down, come find me. I'll be here for a few more days."

"What for?" Ichigo asked.

"To answer any questions that you have about the Hisui Legends."

"Hisui Legends? Shouldn't it be Sinnoh Legends?"

"The region used to be called the Hisui Region before changing its name to the Sinnoh Region after a major civil war broke the region apart," Cynthia explained.

"I see… Thank you for the offer." Ichigo said. Cynthia nodded her head and left the Pokémon Center. Ichigo looked at Sabrina, who calmed down. "Did you book a room, yet?"

"No. Cynthia allowed me to stay at her place," Sabrina replied. Ichigo glanced over to Nurse Joy.

"Can I book a room?" Ichigo asked.

"Certainly." Nurse Joy said. Ichigo pulled out his Pokédex and handed it to Nurse Joy. She scanned the Pokédex and booked a room for Ichigo. "Here you go." She handed Ichigo his Pokédex back. "You're in room 3." Ichigo and Sabrina walked into their room.

"Ichigo, we need to talk," Sabrina said.

"Ok," Ichigo said.

"I spent the past three days thinking." She began.

"Did Sabrina develop feelings for me?" Ichigo mentally thought.

"Thinking… why did you disappearing like that hurt so much." She continued. Tears began to form in her eyes. "I realized that it hurts because I love you."

"Sabrina. I care for you as well." Ichigo began. "But we can't be together."

"Why?" She asked. Her psychic powers began to levitate everything around the room. Ichigo cast a set of privacy spells around them. Sabrina sensed some sort of energy formed a dome around them. "What did you do?" She asked.

"I cast privacy spells around us," Ichigo answered.

"Privacy spells?" Sabrina repeated with a confused look.

"Allow me to explain," Ichigo said. He revealed to her that he's not a native to the Pokémon universe but from another universe. He told her that he was sent here to replace the original chosen one, who died in an unexpected accident. He finally told her that after he is done with his mission, he would be allowed to go home.

"I see…" Sabrina said. She stayed silent. "When you leave… can I come with you?" She asked.

"I should have expected this." Ichigo thought. "Should I do the same thing I did with Fleur? No, we're traveling together, and she doesn't have anyone else here."

"You can," Ichigo answered. Sabrina jumped in joy and hugged Ichigo. "But." Ichigo interrupted. "Your psychic abilities are too weak compared to people from my world."

"If I compare you to my peerage, which can easily destroy an army with one attack." Ichigo mentally added.

"I see…" Sabrina said. "Before we are ready to leave, I will make my psychic powers much stronger." She vowed. Ichigo nodded his head.

"We'll resume our journey to Sunyshore City tomorrow."

"Ok," Sabrina said as she stood up. "I'll talk with my psychic types to figure out ways to train my psychic powers."

"Ok," Ichigo said as Sabrina left the room. Ichigo took a quick shower before taking a nap.

Scene Change: Sunyshore City

Ichigo and Sabrina crossed through Route 210, Route 215, Veilstone City, Route 214, and Route 222 before they arrived at Sunyshore City. During that time, Kubfu received enlightenment (2) and was able to evolve into Urshifu. She was able to learn both Wicked Blow, the signature attack of the Darkness Style Single Strike, and the Surging Strikes, the signature attack of the Water Style Rapid Strike, due to Ichigo teaching her both styles and Kubfu's dedication in mastering both styles. When Urshifu uses Wicked Blow or Surging Strikes she gains the Dark or Water-type until she uses the other attack. This also means that her move pool slightly differs whenever she is in Darkness Style or Water Style. Ichigo and Sabrina checked into the Pokémon Center and rested for the day. The next day, they walked towards the gym.

"Good morning." The receptionist greeted. "Are both of you here for a gym battle?"

"We are." Ichigo and Sabrina handed the receptionist their identifications. She took their identifications and scanned them into the computer.

"Gym Leader Volkner is ready for both of you." She said. She escorted them down towards the battlefield. Sabrina took her spot in the stands while Ichigo stood on the battlefield. Ichigo spotted Volkner, who took his spot on the battlefield. The referee took his place in the middle of the battlefield.
"The match between Gym Leader Volkner and Cardinal Ichigo will begin. This will be a three-on-three match with substitutions. On the count of three, both of you will send out your first Pokémon." The referee announced. "One." Ichigo and Volkner took out a Poke Ball each. "Two…Three!" Ichigo and Volkner sent out their first Pokémon. Ichigo sent out his Garchomp while Volkner sent out his Electivire.

"I give up." Volkner immediately said as he recalled his Electivire. Ichigo looked at the referee with a confused look.

"Gym Leader Volkner has forfeited the match. The winner is Cardinal Ichigo." The referee announced.

"Hey! Why did you forfeit the match? We haven't even started yet." Ichigo yelled out.

"The battle is already over the moment you send out a ground type." He replied. He turned to Sabrina. "Are you planning to use any ground types?"

"I am a psychic specialist and none of my psychic types are ground types." She replied.

"An interesting match then." He said. Ichigo and Sabrina swapped places. "You're ok with a six on six?"

"I'm fine with that," Sabrina said. Soon the match began. Volkner used his Mega Luxray, Electivire, Zebstrika, Magnezone, Eelektross, and Lanturn. While Sabrina used her Mega Alakazam, Espeon, Bronzong, Exeggutor, Malamar, and Jinx. It took a while for the six-on-six match to finally end with Sabrina's victory. Ichigo and Sabrina stood in the middle of the battlefield where Volkner presented the Legacy Beacon Badge, which took the shape of a lighthouse on a golden background. With the final badge acquired, they returned to the Pokémon Center and stayed a day there for Sabrina's Pokémon to recover before leaving.

Scene Change: Lily of the Valley

It took Ichigo and Sabrina three days to cross through Route 223 and the ocean before they arrived at an island called the Lily of the Valley. The island was full of tourists, trainers, and shop owners. Ichigo and Sabrina checked in at a nearby Pokémon Center and presented their Legacy Badges to register for the Lily of the Valley Conference. Only to discover that there is one additional challenge for them. They must traverse through a rocky mountain full of strong Pokémon called Victory Road. On top of the mountain is another Pokémon Center, which is where Trainers can register for the Conference. Ichigo and Sabrina easily completed the challenge and register for the tournament. Ichigo and Sabrina attended the opening ceremony for Lily of the Valley Conference. After the ceremony, they relaxed in their hotel room thought the initial parts of the tournaments. They both already had a spot in the Quarter-Final as a perk in completing under the Legacy Policy. Sabrina used that time to train her team and her psychic powers. Ichigo, on the other hand, used the time looking at the live streams of the matches and taking notes of the strong trainers who might arrive at the Quarter Finals. Ichigo spotted an interesting trainer.

"So it seems someone managed to catch Darkrai and used it to demolish all the trainers in his way." Ichigo thought. "Paul also made it as well… as expected of the protagonist's rival." Suddenly his phone began to ring. Ichigo looked to see it was Maylene. He picked up the phone.

"Hello, Maylene."

"Ichigo, Master Mustard is ready to see you." She said.

"Great. Where is he?" Ichigo asked. Maylene told him about their hotel room. Ichigo walked over and knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal Maylene. She moved aside, allowing Ichigo to enter. He entered to see Master Mustard and an older woman sitting on a couch, drinking tea.

"It's nice to finally meet you." Master Mustard said as he placed his tea on the table. "Show me your Kubfu." He arrogantly ordered. Ichigo silently sent out his Urshifu. Master Mustard's eyes widen upon seeing her.

"How?" He mumbled as he stood up and took a good look at her. "Which style did you pick?"

"You'll find out in the conference," Ichigo replied as he recalled her and left the room.

"That man should have answered your questions." The woman said.

"Honey. He's rude to me because of my actions before." Master Mustard admitted.

"What did you do?" Honey asked.

"I called him a thief, accused him of stealing a Kubfu from us, and demanded Kubfu back." Master Mustard said. Honey let out a sigh.

"If he's any like you back then, he would hold a grudge."

"Not only that, but he's also stronger than me." Master Mustard said.

"Huh?" Honey asked.

"During a Gym Battle in Kanto, his Charizard evolved and began to out of control."

"Oh no." Honey said.

"That insane man entered the battlefield and beat his Charizard into submission." Master Mustard said.

"Impossible." Honey said. Master Mustard pulled out his laptop and showed her the battle.

"Even in my youth, I wouldn't do something that reckless." Master Mustard admitted.

"So we made a powerful enemy." Honey said.

"Possibly." Master Mustard said. "We don't have anything that he would want." Honey sighed as her husband was right.

Scene Change: Hotel Room

Ichigo returned to his hotel room and turned the TV back on.

"Looks like the beginning rounds are done." Ichigo thought. He watched as the TV showed two announcers sitting at a desk.

"Well, folks we are down to our final eight trainers." One of the announcers said.

"But wait, we only have six quarter-finalists." The other one said.

"Your right and wrong." The first one resumed. "Two of our quarter-final spots have been taken by two trainers who took the Legacy Policy."

"Ah yes. The Legacy Policy." The second announcer repeated, recalling the policy.

"For our audience who don't know, the Legacy Policy is for trainers that are Ace Trainer or above. These trainers will still challenge our Gym Leaders for a gym badge but both trainers are allowed to use their strongest teams without any restrictions." The first announcer explained.

"With the explanation done, let's see who our first match for the quarter-finals will be." The second announcer said as the screen beside them turned black for a few moments before populating a bracket.

"It seems we'll meet one of our Legacy Trainers is in the first match." The first announcer said. Everyone could see Ichigo's name on the board. "Looks like his opponent is a new trainer named Paul!" Ichigo sat in his room with a smirk as he decided which Pokémon he'll use for the match.

Time Skip: Next Morning

Ichigo and Paul met in the middle of the main Battlefield. Neither person said anything. The referee walked towards them.

"Winner of the coin toss will get to pick who will send out their Pokémon first, in addition, gets to make the first move." The referee said.

"Heads." Paul immediately called.

"Then I will take tails," Ichigo replied. The referee nodded his head as he flipped the coin. The coin landed on the ground.

"Heads." He announced.

"He goes first," Paul said.

"Very well. Trainers, please go back to your positions." The referee said. Ichigo and Paul took their places at the edge of the Battlefield while the referee stood in the middle off to the side. "The match between Cardinal Ichigo and Trainer Paul will begin. This will be a six-on-six match. Each trainer is allowed to substitute five times. Cardinal Ichigo will be the first one to send out his Pokémon and make the first move.

"Go Milotic," Ichigo said. Paul sneered at the Pokémon.

"Torterra, stand for battle." He said. Ichigo scanned Torterra, learning that it was a Grass Ground-type. The referee glanced at Ichigo.

"I will stick with Milotic." The referee nodded his head.

"The battle between Milotic and Torterra will begin. Ichigo has the first move."

"Milotic, use Ice Beam!" Ichigo ordered. Milotic opened her mouth and fired a beam of ice towards Torterra.

"Torterra use Stone Edge to protect yourself," Paul ordered. Torterra stomped the ground. Large rocks shot up from the ground, forming a stone barrier around Torterra. The barrier was able to protect Torterra from Milotic's Ice Beam.

"Jump up in the air and trap it in ice!" Ichigo ordered. Milotic coiled her body up and shot herself up in the air and continued to use Ice Beam.

"Torterra use Leaf Storm to get rid of the Milotic!" Paul ordered.

"Terra!" Torterra yelled as the leaves around its tree glowed green and shot out in a tornado. Ichigo smirked as Milotic was engulfed in the attack.

"Good. That'll allow us to fight back." Paul thought. The attack ended and Milotic landed back on the ground. Everyone stared at Milotic in shock. "That attack didn't do anything?" In fact, everyone noticed that Milotic was surrounded by green energy.

"Milotic, use Ice Beam!" Ichigo ordered. The Leaf Storm destroyed a part of the rocky barrier, giving Milotic a direct opening to Torterra. She fired her Ice Beam at Torterra.

"Stone Edge!" Torterra stomped on the floor. To Torterra's shock, the rocks didn't come up. Torterra stood there helpless as it took the Ice Beam.

"Terra!" Torterra yelled out in pain as the ice began to freeze its body.

"Hyper Beam!" He ordered. Torterra opened its mouth and began to gather energy in its mouth, forming a ball of orange energy.

"Keep up the Ice Beam," Ichigo ordered. Torterra's lower body was completely frozen.

"FIRE!" Paul ordered. The orange ball of energy turned into an orange beam as Torterra tilted its head towards Milotic and fired it.

"Dodge it!" Milotic moved to the side, avoiding the attack. The Hyper Beam destroyed all the ice and stone in its way. Torterra soon ended the Hyper Beam. Exhaustion quickly settled at it tried to remain standing.

"Milotic, end it with Ice Beam," Ichigo ordered. Milotic fired one more Ice Beam.

"Dodge it!" Paul ordered. Torterra failed to react in time, being encased in ice.

"Trainer Paul has the count of 10 to get a response from his Torterra. If he fails to do so, then I will determine that Torterra is unable to battle." The referee announced as a ten-second timer started to go down.

"Torterra!" Paul yelled. To his dismay, Torterra did not respond to him. The timer went down to zero.

"The battle is over. The winner is Milotic." Paul recalled his frozen Torterra and sent out his Electivire. Ichigo recalled his Milotic.

"Looks like you have a chance to dish out your revenge," Ichigo said as he sent out his next Pokémon, Infernape. Infernape let out an angry howl as she recognized who was in front of her.

"Do you remember her Paul?" Ichigo asked. "It was the 'weak' Chimchar you released," Ichigo said. The referee turned to Paul.

"I will not substitute." He said.

"The next battle is between Electivire and Infernape. Trainer Paul has the first move."

"Earthquake!" Paul yelled.

"Counter it with your own Earthquake," Ichigo ordered. Electivire and Infernape jumped up in the air before slamming down on the ground, causing the entire stadium to rumble. Both Pokémon struggled to resist the attack. "Flare Blitz," Ichigo ordered.

"Wild Charge!" Paul ordered. Electivire was engulfed in yellow electricity while Infernape was engulfed in red flames. They both charged towards each other. The impact caused a massive explosion, sending Electivire and Infernape back towards their respective sides.

"Are you ok?" Ichigo asked. Infernape nodded her head.

"Electivire crush that rejects with Wild Charge or you're next." Paul threatened. Electivire was once again engulfed in yellow electricity before charging at Infernape again.

"Infernape wait until Electivire is close then use dodge and use Close Combat," Ichigo ordered. Infernape nodded her head as she stood there and waited. At the last second, before Electivire could hit her, she took a side step, narrowly avoided Electivire, and delivered a powerful punch in the face. The sucker-punched knocked Electivire off balance, causing all the collected electricity to dissipate. Infernape climbed on Elective and began to use Close Combat on Electivire's face. Electivire tried its best to cover its face with its arms.

"GET UP!" Paul yelled. Electivire tried to turn its body to the side, as an attempt to get up, but Infernape would immediately attack the side, causing Electivire to lie back down on its back. "Attack!" Electivire tried its best to obey Paul's commands, but Infernape was able to react in time, preventing Electivire from doing anything. Soon Electivire stopped struggling, falling unconscious from all the attacks.

"Stop!" The referee yelled. Infernape stopped her attacks and got off Electivire. "The battle is over! The winner is Infernape!" The referee declared. Paul recalled his Electivire and sent out his Drapion. Drapion let out a loud roar before glaring at Infernape.

"Do you want to continue?" Ichigo asked. Infernape shook its head. Ichigo recalled Infernape and sent out Garchomp. Both Pokémon glared at each other. The referee glanced at Paul.

"I will stay with Drapion," Paul said.

"The next battle is between Drapion and Garchomp. Ichigo has the first move."

"Sandstorm," Ichigo said. Garchomp let out a loud roar as the entire battlefield was engulfed in a Sandstorm.

"Drapion, when you see Garchomp, use Dragon Claw," Paul ordered. Drapion replied with a growl as it looked around, trying to find Garchomp. The ground beneath Drapion rumbled as Garchomp shot out of the ground, hitting Drapion in the belly. The unexpected attack sent Drapion flying in the air. "DRAPION!" Paul yelled out in angry, trying to regain control of the match.

"Grab its tail and slam it on the ground," Ichigo ordered. Garchomp flew towards Drapion and grabbed its tail with both hands.

"COMP!" Garchomp yelled out as she swung Drapion over her head and threw it on the ground.

"DRAHHHH!" Drapion yelled out in pain from the impact. The force of the impact ended the sandstorm.

"End it with Outrage," Ichigo said. Garchomp glowed with red energy as she attacked Drapion.

"Dragon Claw!" Paul ordered. Drapion tried its best to gather draconic energy for its attack, but Garchomp's assault was too fast and hard. Drapion's claws fell to the ground. Garchomp stopped her attack and took a few steps back.

"The battle is over! The winner is Garchomp!" The referee declared. Paul glared at the unconscious Drapion. He recalled it and sent out Ursaring. Ichigo recalled Drapion and sent out his Electivire. Paul remained with Ursaring. "The next battle is between Electivire and Ursaring. Paul has the first move."

"Earthquake!" Paul ordered. Ursaring leaped up in the air.

"Magnet Rise," Ichigo replied. Yellow disks of electricity appeared underneath Electivire's feet, allowing her to float above the ground. Ursaring slammed down on the ground, shaking the entire battlefield.

"Plasma Fist," Ichigo said. Electivire's fists glowed with white electricity as it soared towards Ursaring, while still using Magnet Rise.

"Slash!" Ursaring's claws glowed white as it met Electivire's attack head-on. Both Pokémon delivered powerful blows to each other but neither one showed any damage.

"Use Close Combat!" Ichigo ordered. Suddenly Electivire kicked Ursaring in the chest. Ursaring wasn't expecting the kick, preventing it from reacting in time. The unexpected opening allowed Electivire to continue to attack Ursaring with Close Combat.

"Fight back!" Paul yelled, losing his temper. Ursaring suddenly lunged to the left, causing Electivire to miss. This gave Ursaring a chance to recover. "Get back in there with Hammer Arm!" Ursaring's arms glowed white as it charged towards Electivire.

"Close Combat," Ichigo ordered. Both Pokémon continued to attack each other. It didn't take long before one of Electivire's attacks finally knocked Ursaring unconscious. Electivire took a few steps back from the unconscious Pokémon.

"The battle is over. The winner is Electivire." The referee declared.

"Dam it!" Paul yelled as he recalled his Ursaring and sent out his Magmortar. "You better win," Ichigo recalled his Electivire and sent out his Swampert. Paul glared as he swapped out his Magmortar to Honchkrow. Ichigo replied by recalling his Swampert and sent out Rhyperior.

"Dam it!" Paul thought. "Both his Pokémon have type advantage over me." Paul thought.

"I'll stick with Honchkrow." He finally said.

"The battle between Rhyperior and Honchkrow will begin. Ichigo has the first move."

"Rock Slide!" Ichigo said. White orbs of energy formed around Rhyperior. The orbs transformed into rocks as they flew towards Honchkrow.

"Dodge and use Steel Wing," Paul ordered. Honchkrow either dodged the rocks or used its metallic wings to break them.

"Keep it up!" Ichigo ordered. More rocks flew towards Honchkrow. Honchkrow tried its best, but the rocks quickly outnumbered it. "End it with Rock Wrecker," Ichigo said. Rhyperior raised its arms up, forming a large boulder. With a hard push, he sent the large boulder towards Honchkrow. The large boulder crushed Honchkrow. Everyone could see Honchkrow on the ground while being crushed by the boulder.

"Get the boulder off of Honchkrow," Ichigo ordered. Rhyperior walked over, grabbed the boulder, and lifted it. Everyone could see Honchkrow was unconscious.

"The battle is over. The winner is Rhyperior." The referee declared. Paul recalled his Honchkrow and glared at Ichigo.

"Is he going to send out his Magmortar or forfeit?" Ichigo thought.

"I forfeit the rest of the match." He growled. The referee nodded his head.

"Trainer Paul has forfeited the match. The winner is Cardinal Ichigo!" He announced. Ichigo recalled his Rhyperior and walked out of the battlefield. Many people moved aside and whispered among themselves. Ichigo ignored them and arrived at the Pokémon Center and handed his Pokémon to Nurse Joy. As his Pokémon were receiving treatment from Nurse Joy, Ichigo glanced at the TV. It was showing the trainers going to the semi-finals.

"So it's Tobias, Sabrina, someone named Conway, and I. I wonder who's going to be my opponent." Ichigo thought. Soon the semi-final bracket populated. "Well, this is going to be fun." Ichigo thought upon seeing the bracket.

Author Notes

(1) It's just like when we say, 'Thank God' or 'Oh my God'. In the Pokémon universe, the Gods are called Legendary Pokémon so in this situation, it would be 'Thank the Legend' or 'Oh my Legends'.

(2) Enlightenment is when a certain character suddenly completely comprehends something. In martial arts novels, enlightenment usually leads to a new technique or a new understanding of something.

(3) Magmortar can't normally learn Heavy Slam, but it can learn Iron Tail despite not having a tail… So, I changed it to Heavy Slam instead of Iron Tail.

(4) Malamar could learn Aerial Ace in gen 6 and 7.