Hello and welcome to my newest fanfic, a cross between Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I don't remember where the idea came from, but I had a idea where there was another member of the Gokagier when they first arrive at Earth. And that person happened to be Emma Goodall, the Megaforce/Super Megaforce Pink Ranger. To be honest, her Gokai power doesn't have a mecha and if the team does a Gokai Change into a full team, she usually takes a member of the team from before or after the team used.

And why white? Well, I had seen fan art of a Black Gokaiger and wanted to make one of the opposite color, but not all of what she can do as GokaiWhite is fully thought out. Also, the idea of her having a power from another series came from a rp I'm in where she uses the Sengoku Driver and Genesis Driver, being Marika alongside her Megaforce powers.

Summary: A take on the Gokaigers if they had a sixth member when they arrive at Earth for the greatest treasure in the galaxy. A young girl from Earth with little memory of her past. When the Gokaigers arrive at Earth for the greatest treasure, their sixth member must rediscover her life on Earth and help fellow her space pirates to find the galaxy's greatest treasure. With the help of the Gokaigers, can this young girl regain her lost memories?

Pairing: Not sure about that.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers or Super Sentai, Super Sentai belongs to Toei TV and Shotaro Ishinomori, Power Rangers belongs to Saban, I only own my love of the two, the idea, and Emma's power as GokaiWhite.

The Seventh Gokaiger

Chapter 1 - Return To Earth

The 34 Super Sentai, the protectors of dreams and smiles. When the Earth faced its fierecest crisis, the Super Sentai stood together and fought against the Space Empire Zangyack. The fierce battle that ensured had become known as the Legendary Great War. When the battle seemed impossible to win, the Sentai used all their powers together to defeat Zangyack and thus Earth was safe for the time.

However, the price of protecting Earth cost them their powers, leaving them powerless and their adventures faded into legend. And so, time had passed on.


Sounds of a loud heartbeat rang out in the ears of a panicked person who was running through a ruined building. The person gasped for air, running and looked around for someone. '-! Where are you?!' The person shouted, the name of the person they were calling for not being heard. The person tried to catch their breath and gasped when they saw Zangyack footsoliders approach them.

When the footsoliders went to attack the person, someone hopped in between them and protected the person. The masked person turned to the person that they had saved, then held out their hand. The person hesitantly took their hand, asking, 'Who are you...?' Before the masked person could answer, the person gasped as they heard something.

-End Flashback-

"I sense it! I sense it!"

The person woke up, rubbing their eyes as they heard the loud noise of the mechincal bird that flew around. They sat up from the arm of the couch they were on, taking notice with a yellow coat with a dark rim over their shoulders as a blanket. The person next to them, a young woman with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, wearing a striped shirt with torn short jeans and black leggings, she asked, "What is it, Navi?" The person looked at the bird as it flew around.

"It's Earth!" Navi spoke, looking at her and her companion and flapping its wings as it stood on the control panel. "It's the galaxy's greatest treasure!" "Really?" A young man with blond hair and green eyes in a dark green coat with a plaid shirt and tie said, pressing buttons on the control panel as the woman stood by him. The screen changed to the planet Earth coming as they passed the moon.

Another person, a young girl with long black hair and light brown eyes in a white dress with a pink shawl, set the teacup in her hands on the table and said, "What a lovely planet! The people must live comfortably." "That's the kind of commentary you'd expect from Ahim." The woman said, smiling. The person on the couch kept quiet, the woman said, "As for me, all I see a big jewel!" "Luka, that's always the first thing on your mind." The man said, smiling.

Another man appeared, one with long black hair in a ponytail and dark blue eyes in a blue coat spoke, "Who cares about that? What we seek is on that planet. The greatest treasure in the universe." "You're just acting cool!" Luka said. "I bet Joe's secretly excited!" "But is it really on this backwater planet?" The blond haired man said, before Luka elbowed him in the stomach. "Don't say that. This planet is her home, you know." He looked at the person, who was a young girl with long wavy black hair in a side ponytail and light brown eyes, she wore a white sleeveless top the shoulder shirt with a long gray vest over her shoulders, around her waist was a short pink skirt with tan leggings and brown boots. Around her neck was a amulet-like necklace with feathers dangling from it

She looked at them, "It's fine. I don't remember much so I can't say if it's that bad or not. All I know is that Earth is where I come and there might be people there waiting for me. Anyway, I wasn't really told but how much is the greatest treasure in the universe?" "They say this treasure is worth as much as the whole galaxy." The blond haired man said, "Hence its name." "Of course, it's here." A new voice said, everyone looking at a man with short black hair in a red pirate's coat.

Everyone looked at each other, smiling, and nodding before the screen went red and the alarm went off. Luka tried to work the control panel but groaned, "Ah mou. Doc!" "Right, right!" Doc took over and pressed a button, the screen revealing several battleships. "It's Zangyack space fleet! This is bad. They've found us!" He hid behind Luka.

"What'll we do, Marvelous?" Joe said, looking at the man in the captain's chair. "If things go badly, it could be a big problem." "Then just make sure it goes well." Marvelous said, Doc said, "That's your decision?!" Marvelous stood up, he said, "That's... what pirates do." He flipped open a key in his hand, smiling. Most of the others took their keys out, but when the girl took hers out, Marvelous touched her clenched hand, "Emma, you stay here and make sure we make it safely." "Marvelous..." Emma said, looking at her captain. "Okay."

She watched them change into spandex pirate themed outfit, each in a different color, Marvelous in red, Joe in blue, Luka in yellow, Doc in green, and Ahim in pink. Then they ran to their respective battle stations on the ship while she went to the control panel. Navi looked over her as they heard Marvelous command, "Ready the cannons!" Emma held onto the panel as she and Navi felt the shock of the fleet ships firing at the ship.

"Portside Galleon Cannons!" Marvelous commanded, as the cannons on the left side of the ship fired. He commanded, "Hard to starboard!" Emma closed her eyes as she felt the sharp turn and the ship rammed through one of the fleet ships. She heard Marvelous say, "Emma, hang on! We're going mecha!" "Okay!" Emma said, gripping the control panel. She watched as she felt the rambling and the exterior changed then the room shook with the movements from the outside.

"You can come in now." Luka's voice said, Emma slowly stood up and wobbled her way to the cockpit where Marvelous caught her as she was about to fall. Luka stood up, smiling as she rubbed Emma's hair. "Alright. From here, it's a straight route to Earth." "Excited to be back?" Doc asked, looking at her. Emma kept quiet, looking at the image of the Earth. Noting her silence, Doc looked away and said, "I hope it's really there."

"It's there." Marvelous said, letting go of her and whispered, 'Hold on.' He turned the wheel, and they headed for Earth. Sitting at the table, Emma breathed, as Ahim set a cup of hot tea in front of her. "Thanks." She sipped it and sighed, Marvelous drove to a location and dropped the anchor. Standing up with everyone, Emma looked up at the screen and was picked up by Marvelous. "Um, Marvelous? What are you doing?"

He just smiled, walking with the others while Emma looked confused, her arms around Marvelous. Doc said, "You might want to close your eyes." Emma squeezed her eyes shut as they rode on ropes to a rooftop. Peeking one eye open, Emma looked at the crowd of bewildered citizens who were looking up. Marvelous set her down on her feet and she fell back in relief, with Joe holding her as Marvelous took a megaphone out and spoke, "Listen here, Earthlings. We're Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I'm Captain Marvelous."

Evearyone was bewildered at the fact they were pirates, Marvelous continued, "This planet has the greatest treasure in the galaxy, right? Just tell us where it is." "I doubt it would be that easy, Marvelous." Emma said, smiling nervously as the people kept quiet, mumuring to themselves. Luka took the megaphone and spoke, "No use hiding it." "You should not do that, Luka." Ahim said, taking it. Then she spoke, "Fair tidings to you all."

She picked a confused bystander and asked, "Do you know anything?" He replied that he didn't know anything and she seemed disappointed, "Have you heard any rumors about it?" He told them that probably no one on Earth knew about it. Emma sighed, Joe asked, "Do you want to say anything?" "Uh, no thanks, I don't think I would be any help." Emma said, rubbing her hair. Joe said, "This isn't what I was told..."

"See?!" Doc said, sighing. "Didn't I say so?!" He shook Luka in defeat, but she elbowed his stomach. She looked at Marvelous, "What'll we do, Marvelous?" "Lets eat." Marvelous said, after a moment of thought. He held Emma's hand as he walked. Emma said, "But we don't have money for this world, Marvelous." "Yeah, what are you planning to do?!" Doc asked, Marvelous stopped, saying, "Luka? A ring." Emma sweatdropped, "Daring, Marvelous," as she heard Luka shout in disbelief.

Managing to find a jewelry store, everyone waited while a jeweler examined one of Luka's rings and was offered 10 million yen for it. "Oh, that's it?" Marvelous said, looking away. Emma looked at him, saying, "I think that's more than enough for us." "Damn it." Luka said, as she sadly took the ring off her finger. She said to their captain, "This is only a loan! You better pay me back with interest!" As she gave the jeweler the ring, she received the money.

While they walked to find a restaurant, Luka counted the money as Doc said, "I'm sure he has no intention of paying her back." "No doubt." Emma said, as they walked with Joe and Ahim. Ahim looked at them, "Eh? Really?" "He's a pretty carefree guy." Joe said, keeping Emma close to him. She smiled, "Yeah, he is." Marvelous stopped and looked around, saying, "This is a pretty nice planet. Too bad you have no memory of it, Emma." He looked at her.

Emma looked down, "What memory I do have, it's faded and fuzzy. Sorry I couldn't be of any help." "It's okay." Doc said, holding her hand as Ahim, Luka, and Joe nodded. Luka smiled, "Even if you manage to find your family or friends, deep down, you'll always be a Gokaiger." "Right." Emma said, as the scene was ruined by Marvelous saying, "The food should be pretty good on a planet like this." "Well, lets go a place and find out." Emma said, smiling. Doc smiled, "Yeah, lets find a expensive restaurant and have a gorgeous meal!"

So they walked around and found a place called Snack Safari, Doc and Luka asked, "Why this place?" He, Ahim, and Luka sat at a table while Emma, Joe, and Marvelous sat at the bar. Marvelous said, "It smells good. I hear curry is pretty good." "Guess I can't blame you for that." Emma said, smiling. Doc said, "I understand but..." "A taste of commoner's lifestyle can be a good experience." Ahim said, smiling. Luka said, "The only unusual thing here is how ridiculous this is."

She looked at her handful of money, Joe asked, "Well? Just how are we going to find the greatest treasure in the galaxy?" "Don't be in such a hurry." Marvelous said, turning to him. "Your brain won't work if you don't eat." At that moment, the chef gave everyone their curry. Smelling the aroma, Emma said, smiling, "Smells wonderful." "Thanks for the meal." Everyone said, about to dig in. There was suddenly a explosion, stopping them in middle of their actions.

Luka shouted at seeing her precious money being wrinkled, then everyone ran out and looked up at the sky. They saw various Zangyack ships flying overhead, Luka asked, "What's that huge thing?!" "That's Zangyack space fleet's flagship, Gigant Horse." Doc explained. "The guys we fought earlier were just the vanguard." "What's that mean?" Luka said, Emma said, "I'd imagine not good." "Yes, if they're here," Doc said, looking at her, "that means they're serious about taking over this planet."

When one of the ships fired at where they were, Emma felt Joe cover her. "Ah mou!" Luka shouted, looking up at the ship. "Go do that somewhere else!" "What'll we do?!" Doc asked, lowering the damaged sign that he had used as a shield. Marvelous said, "For now, let's return to the GokaiGalleon." As they walked to the Galleon, Emma held Joe's hand as he guided back. On the way there, she bumped into someone. "I'm sorry bout that. But I'm in a hurry. Bye."

The person she ran into was surprised to see her but was stopped by a Zangyack footsoldier that appeared to capture him for the empire. As they ran, a blast from a footsoldier caused a explosion that caused Joe to let go of Emma's hand and she was sent flying. Groaning, she shook her head and took notice of the similiarity of the scene bebefore her. 'This feels familiar...' She thought.

She gasped as she saw a footsoldier approach her and got ready to fire at her, but another shot was fired. Joe ran up to her with a gun out. Luka ran to her side, "You okay?" "Yes, I'm fine, Luka." She said, as the yellow colored member helped her stand up. Watching Joe finish off the soliders, they continued to head toward the ship.

However, they stopped when Ahim noticed a group of schoolkids and their teachers being cornered by the footsoldiers and one of the commanders. "What is it?" Marvelous asked, as everyone saw the scene before them. Doc asked, "Um, aren't we going?" "We can't leave..." Emma said softly, Luka patted her shoulder, "I hate to say it but this planet might have no future. And Emma, you had just returned here after so long." "Then, it'll just be another part of the empire's territory." Joe said.

Emma kept quiet, gripping the hem of her skirt. Ahim said, taking her hand, "Just like our home planet..." Marvelous took her other hand, gripping it tight as they watched the commander point a gun at a child then at the teacher, laughing threateningly Marvelous said, "I don't like it." Everyone looked at him as he stepped forward with Emma at his side. Emma asked, "Should I stay out of this fight?" "No, we'll need you for this fight." Marvelous whispered, before taking out his gun and firing, as to get the attention of the commander as Emma let go of his hand

As they looked at them, the Gokaigers approached them, each one with a look of determination as Marvelous lowered his gun. The commander shouted, "It's you guys! If I recall, you're the wanted pirates! Just what do you think you're doing?!" "Who knows?" Marvelous said, the commander said, "I bet you're just looking for some tawdry treasure! I'm letting you go this time, so disappear from my sight!"

"Shut up, dumbass!" Luka said, smiling as the commander was shocked by the insult. Joe smirked, "You're the one who's going to disappear!" "I do not wish to listen what you have to say." Ahim said, Doc said, "Me neither." "Nor I." Emma said. Doc nodded, "I hate guys like you!" "Have you lost your senses?!" The commander shouted. "We are the Space Empire Zangyack! Do you know what happens to those who defy us?!"

"We do." Marvelous said. "But it's the plank for those I don't like!" Just then, everyone took their keys out, revealing their keys, Emma had the same kind as the others, her was colored white. Marvelous spoke, "That's what pirates do." They flipped the keys open and took out similar looking cell phones, flipping the phones open and shouted together, "Gokai Change!"

A light appeared and everyone gained a black spandex suit with silver braces, white collars and gloves then gained their symbol on their chest, then received the coats and finally the helmets.

"Gokai Red!"

"Gokai Blue!

"Gokai Yellow!"

"Gokai Green!"

"Gokai Pink!"

"Gokai... White!"

"Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!"

With everyone transformed, they each took out a gun and sword as Marvelous said, "Lets make this showy!" He fired at the the commander and footsoliders, then everyone ran over to them. They slashed and shot at the footsoliders. The people watching them were surprised to see their transformation, recongizing them as the 35th team of the Super Sentai.

Emma gasped for air, she shot at the footsoldiers that were facing her as Ahim shot from above. "Thanks, Ahim!" She slashed at one, somersaulting from a attack and ended up back to back with Joe. "Mind swapping?" She showed her gun and he nodded, giving her his gun while she gave him her sword. Then she ran and jumped, twirling as she shot at the footsoldiers.

Joe added extra damage by slashing at them, when the footsoliders fired at them, Emma shot at them as Joe slashed at the bullets. Emma heard Luka shout, "Hey, Em! Come over here!" She ran over to her teammate and asked, "Yes?" Luka hooked the guns onto the grappling hooks of the swords, twirling them around and firing everywhere. "Luka!" Doc shouted. Emma said, "Maybe we should save that move for another time." "Yeah, but thanks." Luka said, giving her the guns back.

"Ah mou!" Luka said, seeing more of the footsoldiers appear and they were joined by everyone else. "There's a ton of them!" "Shall we try that?" Marvelous asked, Joe asked, "That?" "That, right?" Doc said, Emma looked at them and said, "Well, I'm gonna be the odd one out if we do that." "It will be alright." Luka said, patting her shoulder.

"Yes, that is a good idea." Ahim said, nodding in agreement. Pressing the button on the top of their buckles, they received new keys. Holding the keys in front, they shouted, "Gokai Change!" "Goranger/J.A.K.Q.!" The phones shouted, as everyone's forms were now different. Emma held the staff of her new form, still kinda feeling left out. Despite seeing the first Sentai with a member of the second Sentai team, a child asked what was that and the teacher said it was the first Sentai who were formed on Earth and with them was a member of the team who succeeded them., the Himistu Sentai Goranger and J.A.K.Q Dengekitai.

"GoRanger Hurricane!" Ahim said, having a small rocket in her hands. Everyone agreed, Marvelous said, looking at her, "Wanna help?" "I'll see what I can do!" Emma said, gripping the staff. As the others ran forward, Emma ran ahead while Ahim passed the rocket to Doc. Then he passed to Luka, with her passing it to Joe than he held it out, "Marvelous! Emma!" Marvelous kicked it with a hit from the staff as Emma used it as a baseball bat.

The rocket activated as it flew and changed into a dump truck. Suddenly, the footsoldiers were sucked into the back, Emma smiled underneath her helmet and then was caught by surprise from the super soldiers. She used the staff to fight back, as Doc said, "How obstinate!" "Gokai Change!" Everyone shouted, changing again. "Shinkenger/Goseiger!" The phones shouted, with the main five taking on the core Shinkengers while Emma became Gosei Pink

She fired the Skick Shot while the others slashed, then everyone changed again, "Gokai Change!" As the others became the the Magirangers, Emma became Bouken Pink. As everyone casted a spell, Emma fired the Survi-Buster, firing at the enemies. As that only left the commander, it appeared, saying, "That was quite the show, but I've grown tired of it." He aimed his gun at them, "Farewell!"

He fired at them, laughing but they all changed to their regular Gokai forms. Shouting in unsion, they attacked the commander. "Finish him off!" Marvelous said, everyone agreed, taking out their keys and inserted them into the slot on their swords, turning them and pressing them down. Emma ran her hand along the blade of her sword, as they announced, "Final Wave!"

Then everyone sent a powered wave of their respective color, making a rainbow colored wave that hit and destroyed the commander. After changing back and sitting around the rumble, Luka said, "We've done it now. Eh? If the empire didn't regard us as enemies before, it does now." Doc was worried at that comment, Joe said, "That's true."

"What shall we do?" Ahim asked, concerned. Doc ran to Marvelous, saying, "This is bad, Marvelous! I'm sorry to Emma, but we need to spend every second getting away from Earth!" But Marvelous pulled him off, looking at the young girl who was staring up at the sky a short distance from them then turned to the small group that they had saved. Emma turned and looked as Ahim asked, "What is it?" One of the children thanked them for saving them, the teacher also gave her thanks.

Marvelous just turned and walked, Joe said, as Emma joined them, "What are you saying?" "We're space pirates." Luka said, turning as well, "We just came searching for treasure. But then why did we fight for them?" Ahim looked at them, walking with Emma. Ahim said, "That was..." "For the curry rice." Marvelous said, Emma laughed, "Oh, Marvelous." The others just said, "Eh?!" "We were angry about not getting to eat any." He explained.

Emma smiled as he spoke, "Well, that's all it was." He walked off with Joe and Luka, Doc, Emma, and Ahim turned to the group, Doc said, "That's why you don't need to thank us." They turned and joined their teammates into walking back to their ship.

Watching them, the person that Emma had bumped into earlier looked at them and smiled, "Well, that's a interesting path for her to take. A space pirate, huh?" He turned and walked off.

To clarify, Emma was with Marvelous before the Gokaigers formed but because she's the youngest of the group, everyone cares for her like a little sister. Luka and Ahim most than the guys. I had a role for her among the Gokaigers, but I don't remember what it was. Maybe I'll remember it later. However, Gai will appear and join as GokaiSilver. Hope you enjoy.

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