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Chapter 2 - Value of the World

Everyone listened to Doc as he pressed the buttons on the control panel and said, "Those Zangyack bastards. They've established headquarters for their fleet between the moon and Earth." "Looks like they intend to stick around." Luka said, Emma kept quiet as she finished braiding her hair, sitting at the table with Ahim while she had her tea. Emma looked out one of the windows and thought about their situation.

It had been a few days since they had arrived at Earth to find the greatest treasure in the galaxy. The Space Empire Zangyack had attempted a second invasion of Earth and they had managed to stop them, revealing themselves as the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigers who used the powers of the past Super Sentai teams. In the battle against one of their commanders, they had officially become enemies of the Space Empire.

She listened to Navi while the small robotic bird shouted, "What to do? What to do? If it were you, what would you do?" Navi turned its head to Ahim and Emma, Ahim asked, "I wonder if this planet's people will be to maintain their peace? I worry for them." "That's their problem." Joe said, playing a game of cards. Luka said, "Yeah!" "Should you two really be saying in front of Emma?" Doc said, looking at the quiet younger member of the team.

"Sorry, but I wonder how our treasure hunt will go?" Luka said, taking a seat and playing with Joe. "Seems like we caught up in fights. I'm sure they have their eye on us now." Emma got up as Marvelous appeared, saying, "Guess we just need to get the treasure then flee this planet. No offense." "None taken." Emma said, holding herself. Marvelous looked at Navi and said, "Hey, bird. Do your fortune-telling."

"I'm not a bird!" Navi said, angrily. "I'm Navi!" "Whatever, just do it." Marvelous said, bored. Navi made a rustling noise and spread its wings with everyone surrounding it, saying, "Lets Treasure Navigate!" Then it flew straight up to the roof, hitting its head and floated down, saying, "A person in black clothes will tell you something very useful. That's it!" "That's it?" Emma asked, confused, Joe asked, "What's that mean?"

"How obscure." Luka said, sighing. Doc gave a small smile, "But we don't have any other leads." "A person in black clothes." Ahim said, smiling. "I wonder just who are we looking for." "Think I should use these predictions to help find my lost memories?" Emma asked, looking at her teammates. Doc smiled and nodded, "Sure, seems like a good idea." Everyone seemed to agree as Emma wondered who in black clothes she would need to find to tell her something very something useful.

On the ground, stepping off a train that had just arrived in the station was a young girl with long light blond hair and light brown eyes. She wore a black coat over a light yellow shirt, black pants and black boots. Around her neck was a small key on a silver chain, the girl held a druffle bag over her right shoulder, she took out a letter that she had kept folded in her pocket. Unfolding it, she read over it and looked around. The girl wondered, "So where am I supposed to find her?"

She stepped out of the station and noticed the Galleon being anchored in the city. The girl looked at the ship, she said, "What is that? A pirate ship?" She looked confused and walked off, looking around to find the person that was in her strange letter and a place to stay during her visit.

Hopping off the ship, the group walked down a flight of stairs into a plaza, looking around. "Looks like this is the first major place where humans gather." Ahim said, Doc looked around, "A person in black... a person in black..." Emma looked around, walking off in a direction as the group found three different people in black at the same time, causing a big 'Eh?!' Just Marvelous and Joe noticed that Emma had disappeared while Doc, Ahim, and Luka looked at the various black clothed people in the area.

"Where did she go?" Marvelous whispered, noting that she had been acting strange for the past few days. He knew she could handle herself since she had her Ranger Key and Mobirate, but he worried about her wandering off on her own. Emma walked down a path, minding her own business. She admited that the prediction Navi gave was odd and strange as well as somehow vague, but she wasn't sure how it would help her though she was the one who gave the suggestion.

She wasn't sure if she should, but she couldn't tell Marvelous that she was beginning to doubt her ability as GokaiWhite. She was also worried about what would happen when she got her memory back and met someone she knew on Earth, would she still be accepted as GokaiWhite and still be with the Gokaigers? Emma gripped the rim of the wool coat over her sleeveless vest, bitting her lip. She was quiet until she heard her Mobirate go off, making her jump.

Taking it out and opening it, Emma put the phone to her ear and spoke, "H-hello?" "Emma, we found someone wearing black who knows where the greatest treasure in the galaxy is!" Doc said, happily. Emma gasped, "Really?! That's great! I'll try to meet up with you as soon as I can!" "Alright!" Doc said, and Emma closed her Mobirate, putting it in her pocket and began to walk when she saw the blond haired girl in black. "Hello..." She said, confused, then thought, 'Black clothes... But Doc just told me that they found who we needed to find. So, is this the black clothed person for me?'

The two were quiet for awhile and Emma pouted, not liking the silence. "Um, hello? Can I help you?" "Do I... know you?" The girl asked, looking at her with narrow eyes. "Huh?" Emma asked, confused, the girl repeated her question, "Do I know you from somewhere? You feel so familiar." "I can't say that I know you." Emma said, looking at her. "But I don't have a clear memory, so we might have known each other at some point."

"At some point?" The girl asked, confused. Emma smiled, "It seems that you don't know, but I'm a space pirate. A member of the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I used to live on Earth but at some point, I left and became a space pirate." "That would explain that red ship I saw floating anchored when I left the station." The girl said, thinking. "But what's with that phone?" "Oh? This?" Emma said, showing her Mobirate. "This is how my team transforms. And we can change into the past teams of this world." She brought one of the pink colored keys as a example.

"How do you know that?" The girl asked, Emma thought and said, "I did some looking up." The girl kept quiet for a moment before quickly grabbing the key and running off, Emma gasped, "Hey! Get back here!" Before she could run after the key captor, Emma received another call, "Hello?!" "Emma, the person in black stole one of the Ranger Keys!" Doc said, paincking. Emma said, "I hope it's not coindience. I met a person in black who took one of the Keys from me." "Oh no!" Doc gasped, Emma said, "Lets meet up to see these thieves will catch up to each other."

"Well, Marvelous went after the thief." Doc said. "But Ahim went after him. Meet me, Joe, and Luka at the docks." "Okay." Emma said, closing her Mobirate and ran in a direction. Stopping after she ran a distance, she gasped for air. She thought, 'I can't believe I let my guard down to allow someone who seem to know me take one of the keys. I was so stupid, Marvelous will not forgive me!' She sighed, walkiing to sit on a bench to catch her breath.

Looking at the sky, she took a breath and calmed down. Emma stood up, stretching then went to look for the girl, though she knew Doc wanted her to meet him, Joe, and Luka at the docks. She stopped when she reached the dock, seeing the girl stop for air. "Finally got you." She said, taking out her Gokai Gun and hiding it behind her back. The girl gasped for air and turned to face her, gripping the pink key in her hand. Doc gasped at seeing the key in her hand.

Emma held out her hand and said calmly, "Give it back." "No, from what it sounds like to me, it's not like you don't plan to protect Earth with those space pirates." The girl said, Emma said, "So?" "But you know this power originally belonged to Earth as do you!" The girl said, looking at her. "If you are who I think you are, I'll take this power and you back!" "Why?!" Emma shouted, "I don't even know you! Even it was Earth's power in the past, it belongs to us now!"

The girl looked at her, shocked by her reponse. Emma looked at her and said, "The one who saved me and brought me to Marvelous entrusted it to me and him." The other Gokaigers looked at her as she kept quiet and thought about the last time she and Marvelous saw the person who guided them before the Gokaigers were girl kept quiet, looking at her. Wiping her eyes of small tears that were appearing in her eyes, Emma looked at the girl, "Do you have a reason to use the key against Zangyack?"

"If I have a reason, it would be to find someone I thought I lost during that first invasion." The girl said, gripping the key. "We got separated during the attack and I went unconscious. When I woke up, I was bandaged but none of the recusers had seen my friend. I feared that she had captured or worse, but they just didn't know where she was." She held the key in her hand, Emma said, "Sorry, wish I could help you..." She closed her eyes.


Coughing from the smokes of the fires around them, Emma felt Marvelous hold her as they tried to escape, she fell and held onto the railing, feeling very faint, while Marvelous tried to fight the foot soliders, protecting her. Seeing him fall, she managed to crawl to him, touching his shoulder. The two held each other when a super soldier was about to attack them but they saw a red being attacked the super solider and protected them, gripping a Gokai Saber.

They watched as he slashed and fought against the super soldiers, Navi flying around in concern. "Your journey has only just begun!" He said, turning to them. The two looked confused by what he meant, "Live on for my sake as well! And be sure to get the greatest treasure in the galaxy!" Opening the chest, they looked at all the keys inside, then closed it. He handed Marvelous the chest, then gave Emma a small package, saying, "Understand?!"

Emma fell, but Marvelous caught her, trying to hold her and the chest, the two of them watching as the red figure ran and fought against the Zangyack soldiers. She went unconscious after seeing him fade in the explosion.

-End Flashback-

Emma kept quiet, keeping her Gokai Gun behind her. The girl said, "Look, I just... want to find her and protect her and this world this time..." Opening her eyes, Emma looked at her as Doc, Joe, and Luka went to her side. The girl looked down and said, "Hear her talk about the beauty of the nature of this world again..." "The nature... of this world..." Emma said softly, before the girl saw a fleet of Zangyack and ran off in a direction. The four Gokaigers looked in the sky and saw the fleet as well.

"They're here again?" Joe said, looking at the sky. Doc looked worried, saying, "What'll we do?!" But Luka punched him in the face, saying, "For now, lets all meet up with the other two." "Right..." Emma said, still fearing what Marvelous would do if he found out. They ran and found Marvelous and Ahim watching someone who had changed into the ShinkenRed fighting the footsoldiers with the girl appearing to watch as well.

"What's going on?!" Luka asked, surprised. "Who's that?!" "The boy who stole the Ranger Key," Ahim explaned. "Marvelous-san made a deal to give him the Ranger Key if he beats the enemy." "No way!" Doc said, surprised and looked at his captain. "He's just an Earth child!" "That truly is reckless." Joe said, while Emma noticed how quiet he was, watching the young boy and saw him attempt to go after the commander. They watched as his attack was blocked and the commander taunted him.

The boy tried to attack the commander, though failing at attempting to do so. Then commander beat him back, ultimately getting tossed against a wall. Ahim ran to the boy after he changed backwhile Marvelous noticed the girl and how she tried to hide the key she was holding. "Emma... did that girl take a key from you?" "Y-yes..." Emma said, looking away, "I wanted to tell you but... I was afraid. Afraid how you would react." He montioned them to follow him as he went to collect the ShinkenRed Key and his Mobirate.

"You two understand now?" Marvelous said, having the others see the girl as she looked away. "If you want to protect it, then find a different way to protect it." "How?" The boy said, looking at them. Marvelous said, "Don't be a spoiled child. Figure that out yourself." As he began to walk away, he shouted, "Hey! Is this planet worth protecting?" "It is." The boy and the girl said at the same point. The boy said, "I swear it!" "Which part of it?" Marvelous asked.

The two kept quiet, before the boy said, "All of it." "So, if you're pirates, then figure that yourselves." The girl said, tossing the key to him which he caught. Everyone looked at the two black clothed people, Marvelous smiled, saying, "I see..." Doc and Ahim got up as they, along with Joe, Luka, and Emma, went after their captain. The girl thought for a moment and followed them.

Running to where the commander was with a new group of footsoliders, the six Gokaigers stepped forward, looking ready to fight. The new commander said, "It's the wanted pirates! What do you guys want?!" Taking out their Mobirates, Marvelous said, "We're just searching for something." Then everyone brought out their keys and shouted, "Gokai Change!" "Gokaiger!" The Mobirates shouted, as each member did their roll call and announced their appearance as the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Then they all brought their Gokai Guns and Gokai Sabers as Marvelous shouted, "Lets make this showy!" Firing, they ran toward the commander and the soldiers, along with her team, Emma fired and slashed the soldiers, before flipping backwards to avoid a attack. "Marvelous!" She tossed her Saber to him while he tossed his Gun, catching it. Aiming her arms to the sides outward, she fired and spun around, spinning on her foot.

Then everyone got together, standing next to each other, Emma gave Marvelous his gun back, opening the slots on their weapons, then selected the keys to use, each one taking out two keys of their respective color. One key in each slot of the dual weapons, using the weapons to close the slots and having them announce the Final Wave. First, Emma, Ahim, and Doc fired, then Joe and Luka slashed at the soldiers, then finally Marvelous fired and sent a energy wave, destroying the last one.

Looking as the commander appeared and fired at them, they ran for cover. "Don't be cocky!" The commander said, looking at them. "I'm not as eay to beat as the Sugoumin-domo!" "He has a point, sadly." Emma said, seeing him fire. Marvelous just scoffed, everyone pressed the top of their buckles and took out new keys, shouting, "Gokai Change!" As the missile hit, causing a smoke cover, the commander heard, "Dekaranger/Magiranger!"

The smoke cover disappeared to reveal the main five as the Dekarangers while Emma took on the form of MagiPink, using the wand to protect them while the others shot at the missiles. Then the six turned their attention to the commander, the five firing with Emma casting a spell to join the fired shots. The commander groaned, "I'm not done yet!" Revealing the blade on its arms, it ran to them, shouting, "I'm a man who can do more than just shoot!"

Swapping their key, they shouted, "Gokai Change!" As the main five becamem the Hurricanegers, Emma became AbareBlack. As the other five performed special attacks of their respective changed form, Emma changed the dial on the Dino Thruster and performed the Storm Inferno, sending a mini tornado to the commander. "How bout we make feel you part of the group?" Joe said, as everyone took out a red colored key. Emma said, "Sounds good to me."

Annoucning the Gokai Change once more, Marvelous became ShinkenRed, Joe became GaoRed, Luka turned into MagiRed, Doc turned into GoseiRed, Ahim changed into GekiRed, and Emma changed into Red Hawk. Everyone assumed their fighting pose, leaving the commander surprised, "It's all reds!" "I owe you for before." Marvelous said, looking at his weapon. Ahim and Doc ran forward, sending a fire wall. As the commander was confused, Joe and Luka came up, striking him with their hits.

Bringing out the Bringer Sword, Emma ran and slashed with Marvelous at the commander when the fire wall disappeared. Patting her head as he gave a small laugh, they joined to the others as the commander shouted in pain and exploded as they changed back to their respective Gokai forms. Suddenly, a beam of purple light appeared and the commander was suddenly revived then grew as tall as a skyscraper along with the Sugoumin. "They're huge!" Luka said, looking at them.

"What's that?!" Doc asked, scared. "It regenerated their cells and turned them into giants?!" "Damn it, I'm getting tired of this." Marvelous said, taking out his Mobirate and pressed some buttons. Suddenly the Mobirate announced as the Galleon appeared, "Gokai Galleon!" "Em, wait here for us." Luka said, Emma nodded. "I'll be with you all in spirit."

"We'll make it quick." Joe said, patting her shoulder. She watched as it approached with the ropes appearing and them grabbing the ropes to enter the ship. Keeping quiet as she took off her helmet, Emma watched as the Galleon fired the cannons, then as it rammed into the Sugoumin. With a small sigh, Emma held her helmet in her hands as four small vechiles came out of the Galleon and approached the enemies. Each one fired at the enemies, then they all combined to form a large combined figure.

"Ah, that's what GokaiOh looks like." Emma said, smiling at finally being able to see the mecha that formed, seeing the Galleon formed, the green and blue were the arms and the yellow and pink were the legs. She watched as the GokaiOh slashed with its two swords and fought against the remaining Sugoumin and the commander. She gasped as the commander held GokaiOh still for the Sugoumin attack. "Everyone!" She shouted, but when the commander turned the wheel on the back, a cannon appeared on the chest and began to fire cannonballs.

"Wow, that's amazing!" Emma said, smiling at the power of the mecha. She didn't know that the whole time, the girl was watching and the boy came up, watching the fight as well. After the Sugoumin was defeated, the GokaiOh returned to normal and turned to the commander. After glowing for a moment, it regained the cannon and fired once again, until the commander was destroyed. Emma smiled, seeing the victory though a small tear fell down part her cheek.

Some time later, the Gokaigers were sailing along the sky, looking out a window to see the sun set. "This planet's sun is pretty, isn't it?" Doc asked, Ahim said, "Yes." "Yeah..." Emma said, sitting on the couch with Joe. Luka said, "I wonder what happened to that boy or that girl you met, Emma." "Who knows?" Joe said, Emma smiled, "Joe's right." "Marvelous-san said he'd kneelhaul him." Ahim said, "but he was actually looking out for that boy. I wonder if that's what that girl was doing for you, Emma-chan."

"Maybe..." Emma said. Joe said, "I'm not sure with him." "Aren't you imposing your assumptions on him?" Luka asked, leaving Ahim confused. Emma laughed, Ahim happily said, "Mou!" "By the way, was the clue about the person in black a mistake?" Doc asked, Emma looked at him and pondered while Luka said, "Speaking of which."

Everyone in the room looked at Navi as it looked away, scared. "That's not so!" It said, trying to avoid the stares. "Not so! What I said was right... probably!" While Luka, Doc, and Ahim went to confront the robotic bird, Joe looked at Emma and whispered, "You alright?" "Yes, just had a little bit of memory returned." Emma said, "That I love this planet's nature and its beauty." Noting his strange look, Emma looked away, "Probably shouldn't have said anything..."

Suddenly, she felt his hand on her head, Joe whispered, "That's good." 'Thanks...' She said, as he went to torture Navi with the others.

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