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Chapter 25 - Pirates and Ninjas

Yawning as she sat on the couch with Joe and Luka, Emma rubbed her eyes as Gai shouted, standing in front of two bulletin boards with images of all the Sentai of history, "Attention! Today we are going to study Super Sentai history." "Eeh?!" Luka asked, looking confused. "Sounds like a pain. I don't want to do it." "That's no good!" Gai said, pouting at her lack of willing to go along. Then he pointed at her, "There's also going to be a test!" 'When did this turn into school?' Emma thought, listening to Gai.

"A test?!" Joe asked, looking at him. Marvelous stood up and said, "You better be joking!" "But if we study, we might understand Navi better when he navigates." "That'd be good." Navi said, feeling good about it. Ahim asked politely, "Let us listen." Marvelous sighed and sat back in his chair, looking at the silver colored member of their crew. Gai smiled, then cleared his throat and began the lesson, "Well, first... Let's review all the Grand Powers that we got."

"The first one we got is MagiRanger's MagiDragon." He said, putting a circle on the picture of the MagiRangers. Then he put another circle on the picture of the DekaRangers, "Then, DekaRanger's PAT Striker." Next he put one on the image of the GaoRangers, "GaoRanger's GaoLion." He turned to everyone and said, "And using Shinkengers' power, GaoLion transforms and combines to form Shinken-Oh." He put the circle on the image of the Shinkengers.

"We've gotten pretty good at using them, haven't we?" Doc said, smiling at Ahim. Gai said, "Don't forget, GekiRanger's GekiBeasts!" He put the circle on the picture of the GekiRangers, them smiled, doing the same with the images of the rest of the teams that they had gotten Great Powers, "Furthermore, CarRanger! Gingaman! GoGo V! And the ones entrusted to me. TimeRanger! ZyuRanger! And AbareRanger's Grand Powers!"

"Two, four, six, eight..." Luka counted, Emma looked at the images that had circles and Luka spoke her thoughts, "That makes 11. That sure was a lot of work." "We're forgetting the ones we obtained during the team-up with Goseiger though." Emma said, Gai nodded, "However, we got that many more when we fought Black Cross King. It's amazing!" "We received everyone's acknowledgment by fighting with the Goseigers." Doc said, smiling.

Gai nodded and put circles on pictures of the teams whose powers that they had gotten during that time, "Goseiger. Go-Onger. Boukenger. DaiRanger. TubroRanger. Bioman. Dynaman. Google V. Denjiman. JAQK. And... GoRanger." Adding al those teams to the 11 from earlier, Emma said, "So, we got 22 Grand Powers now. That's awesome." "At that moment, I felt something..." Ahim said, recalling the moment they had received the blessing from the teams. "That this planet is really beloved by its heroes." Emma looked at her and nodded, keeping quiet.

Trying to hold back his tears, Gai shouted, "I wish I was there! If I had met AkaRanger-san and Big One-san... They're legends among legends!" While Gai was going into fan boy craze, Marvelous got up to leave, followed by Luka, Joe, and Emma. Unaware they had left, Gai continued, "I wish I could meet them. Now, getting back to the subject." Recomposing himself, Gai said, "Em-chan's right, now we've got 22. To obtain the greatest treasure in the galaxy, we still need 12 more Grand Powers. So this is the big question. Just how do we obtain these powers? Everyone, join me and..."

He turned and saw the room was missing about half of their team was gone, "Huh? Where's Em-chan, Marvelous-san, and the others?" "They're gone!" Doc said, surprised. "When did they...?!" "No way..." Gai said, calmly at first then cried, "WHY?!"

Walking in the city, the four pirates had gotten ice cream to snack on, Luka said, "Gai's not a bad guy, but..." "He's a little too passionate." Emma said, Luka nodded, "He's so unnecessarily passionate." "Exactly." Joe said, agreeing with them. "He's even doing tests! That's too much!" Marvelous just smiled, but their snack time was disturbed by seeing crowds of people running in fear and people getting turned into chestnuts. Luka ran up and picked one up, "What is this?! Humans turned to chestnuts?" "There's only explaination for this." Emma said, putting her finger to her chin in thought.

As if on cue, there was a annoying laugh and the guadiest commander that they had seen appeared, moving quickly to pick up the chestnuts, "That's right! When I surprise them, they turn into bikkuri!" "Zangyack again?!" Joe said, not at all surprised like Marvelous and Emma. The commander turned to them, "That's right! I'm Action Commander Saturakura Jr.!" He stretched his face out and ate all their ice cream cones. "Hey!" Emma shouted, Marvelous shouted as well, "Give it back!" "Thanks for the meal!" Saturakura said, sounding happy. "I've gathered enough bikkuri! All that's left is turn them into a missile!"

"What'd you say?" Joe asked, shocked. Emma gasped, Marvelous shouted, "Let's go!" The four pirates changed into their Gokai forms, immediately firing at the commander. At first, the four of them thought that they had shot him down and he disappeared, but he spoke, reappearing at a higher point, "Just kidding!" He jumped to another space and said, "Come on!" The four of them ran to him, trying to slash at him with their Sabers. While trying to dodge the slashes from Emma, Marvelous, and Joe, Saturakura tripped and grabbed Luka's chest.

"Hey!" Luka said, hitting him. "What are you doing?!" She also kicked him in his private area, he said, "You guys are pretty good. Just what you'd expect from the rumored space pirates. But..." The four looked and were sudddenly fell to the ground due to the speed and strikes of a new commander. Emma gasped and looked up, "Who...?" "I was waiting!" The new commander said, turning to them. "I am Action Commander Sundahl Jr. sanjou! From now on, I will be your opponent!"

So the four Gokaigers ran and tried to fight against the two commanders, Emma and Marvelous against Saturakura and Luka and Joe against Sundahl, while they fought, a pair of tourists came upon the fight. The one in blue looked concerned while the one in black was awed to see a actual fight between the rumored heroes of the city and the alleged monsters that they had heard. There was another tourist, one in black and red. He had a blank look on his face, watching the fight.

Emma went to Marvelous' side when he went flying, Joe said, "They're pretty good." "What are we going to do?" Emma said, Marvelous stood up with Emma, saying, "It's been a while since we had a challenge." "Let us see how long you can say that." Sundahl said, Marvelous said, "As long as eternity." The four of them changed into Liveman, Marvelous in Red Falcon, Joe in Blue Dolphin, Luka in Yellow Lion, and Emma in Black Bison. Emma, Joe, and Luka sent a kick to Saturakura and Sundahl, then Marvelous jumped up and attempted to slash at the two of them, but they disappeared.

Suddenly, Saturakura try to pirece them being in an enlarged form and stabbing the ground with his weapon. Emma was tossed when it hit the ground, hitting the tourist in black and red. She looked at him and he looked at her, his expression being empty and blank. "Um, sorry about that." Emma said, standing and ran to her friends. After Sundahl used his Space Nippou, the four Gokaigers gasped for air, Sundahl asked, "Is that it from the space pirates?" "You're surprisingly weak!" Saturakura said.

"Then how bout this?" Luka suggested, having the four of them changing into the four person team of AbareRanger, Marvelous, Joe, and Luka in their respective counterparts while Emma was AbareBlack, the four of them used the DinoDynamite on the two commanders. But the commanders sent their own blast and the two blasts met each other, unable to move til Saturakura added more power and sent the four of them flying to the ground.

At that point, the rest of the Gokaigers appeared, Gai asked, "Is everyone okay?" "Joe-san. Emma-san." Ahim said, looking at the two. Saturakura said, "Look at the time. We've got to make the missile soon!" "Next time, amuse me more than that." Sundahl said, pointing his sword at them then the two commanders disappeared. Gai shouted, "Wait!" But Emma grabbed his hand, stopping him. He looked at her who was looking down and Marvelous groaned in anger. "Marvelous-san... Em-chan..." He helped her up and Marvelous got up and said, "Let's go!"

The two tourists left to find a hotel or place to stay when night came. So all seven Gokaigers went back to the ship and Luka explained what she, Marvelous, Joe, and Emma saw, bringing out the chestnut that she had picked up. "Huh? That chestnut is a person?" Navi asked, confused. "I'm surprised, surprised, surprised!" "That's what caused them to turn into chestnuts." Emma said, looking at the brown robotic parrot.

"If they are a match for the four of you..." Ahim said, "then the enemies must be pretty powerful." Luka and Emma kept quiet as Marvelous scoffed and Joe said, "We'll defeat them next time." "For now, let's find their missile factory." Doc suggested. Ahim asked, "But... how?" "There's a way to find them!" Gai said, thinking of something. Everyone looked at him, surprised and curious what he had in mind. First, Gai changed into his Gokai form then changed to BoukenSilver. Doc smiled, "I see. BoukenSilver!" "What can BoukenSilver do?" Emma asked, slightly confused.

"Just watch, Em-chan." Gai said, bringing out the SagaSpiner and switching it to Search Mode. Then he began to scan the chestnut and explained, "See, Em-chan, I have this set to scan and find things of the same composition." "You can do that?" Luka asked, surprised. The scanner beeped and Gai said, "Here we go!" Everyone watched as he held the scanner and walked around to find the factory. He said, "I've found it! It's 10 kilometers in this direction!" "Let's go!" Marvelous said.

Changing into their Gokai forms, the seven pirates jumped into the factory from above. Unaware, the two tourists found the hole and hid. The two commanders were shocked to see the pirates, Saturakura shouted, "What are you guys doing?!" So the seven pirates did the team roll call, Sundahl said, "It is unexpected that you found this place... but now you've made things more interesting!" "We were so close!" Saturakura whined, then snapped his fingers. There was a bright flash, but Marvelous ran forward, saying, "Let's make this showy!"

They ran to the two commanders, but even with the full team working and fighting together, the two commanders still proved to be stronger. As before, the two commanders sent the blast to them, but the seven Gokaigers ran through the blaze, while five of the pirates fought the two commanders, Emma and Gai went and saved all the chestnuts, including the ones getting roasted to make the missile. Meanwhile the rest of the team destroyed the missile launcher. Marvelous sent Saturakura outside of the factory, while Luka was facing Sundahl, she said, "You sure made fools of us before!" "Time to pay you back for that!" Joe said, angry.

Soon enough the entire team was together and the two tourists tried to hid, the one in black smiling excitedly while the one in blue asked himself how he got into this mess. Emma fired with Ahim, Gai, and Doc before sending a slash with Marvelous, Luka, and Joe. However, the two commander used a jutsu to swap places with Ahim and Doc, then found the two tourists as well as taking the bag from Gai. "Gai!" Emma shouted, seeing Saturakura squeeze him and the two tourists in his hand and fired at him, then ran forward and slashed at him, standing in front of Gai and the two tourists, the one in blue surprised while his companion was dizzy and unconscious, which the blue one had to drag him away and hide.

The rest of the team ran to join her, Sundahl said, "Too bad!" "Well now..." Saturakura said. "Welcome to my fun fun boki subspace!" He created a pit beneath them but Marvelous, Luka, and Joe pushed everyone out the way. Emma gasped and shouted, seeing them fall into the pit, "Marvelous! Luka! Joe!" Gai, Ahim, and Doc surrounded her, equally worried. Saturakura said, "Oh my my my my! Four are still left! Oh well. Sandal-chan, take care of this. And some special service for you!" He disappeared into his own pit and brought some red and black creatures to fight them.

"Weird things appeared!" Doc said, as they all stood up. Gai shouted, "Magerappa!" So the remaining Gokaigers fought the Magerappa, however, Sundahl changed into giant form. Emma gasped, "We can't fight him without Marvelous and the others!" "Emma-san, Gai-san, please take care of that." Ahim said, Emma looked at her and Gai nodded, but did note Emma seem shaky. He said, "Okay! Got it! Let's go, Em-chan!" He summoned GouJyuDrill, then he and Emma entered the mecha, having it change into GouJyuJin. Gai patted Emma's shoulder to keep her calm.

The two tried to fighte Sundahl, Emma gasped as Sundahl slashed at GouJyuJin. Sundahl said, "You're finished." Emma closed her eyes and felt Gai hold her closer when suddnely shurikens were tossed into front of them, the two looked at the screen. From a sudden cloud forming, a green colored mecha riding on a large shuriken. Emma asked, "Who is that?" The green mecha tossed his weapons and Gai was awed, the two Gokaigers watched as the green mecha tossed his weapons, pinning Sundahl to a building and looked at GouJyuJin, "Now! Finish him!" "Right!" Emma and Gai said, performing the GouJyu Triple Drill Dream and finally defeating Sundahl.

Emma breathed and the green mecha gave his farewell, flying off. "Em-chan, that was..." Gai said, softly and Emma looked at him. They left GouJyuJin, dismissing their Gokai forms and Gai smiled his biggest smile, seeing a trio of people in red, yellow, and blue. He ran to them and said, "You're the Hurricanegers, aren't you?!" Emma kept quiet, walking up to Doc and Ahim. Gai continued to fanboy, "You're the real thing, aren't you?! Awesome! The real Hurricanegers!"

"Pleased to meet you!" Gai said, suddenly bowing. "I'm Kaizoku Sentai appericate-" "Save the greetings for later." The red Hurricaneger said, the blue Hurricaneger said, "It looks like Sundahl Jr. has been defeated but Saturakura Jr. is pretty powerful too." "That's right!" Gai said, looking surprised. "Just now, Furaimura-san is your-" "Save that for later." The blue Hurricaneger said. The yellow Hurricaneger said, "Your comrades were taken by Saturakura Jr's boki subspace, right? And the people turned into bikkuri?" "Yes." Ahim said, stepping up.

"This is bad." The red Hurricaneger said, looking down. "This is the worst-case scenario. Terrible traps await in the boki subspace." "We've got to save them quickly!" Doc said, panicking. The red Hurricaneger said, "You guys have no way of saving them." "Then how you can save them?" Emma asked, looking at them. The blue Hurricaneger said, "To beat Saturakura Jr.'s space ninpo, one must fully master the Hurricaneger's Ranger Keys." "But you guys haven't obtained the Hurricaneger's Grand Power." The yellow Hurricaneger said. "That's why it's possible for you." "I don't believe it." Ahim said, shocked.

"Then give us Hurricaneger's Grand Power!" Doc said, looking at them. The red Hurricanger said, "No!" "Why?!" Gai asked, the yellow Hurricaneger said, "I'm sorry. But we don't trust you pirates." Emma groaned, the red Hurricaneger said, "Especially the three who got taken away." "No way..." Gai said, downhearted. The red Hurricaneger said, "That's why you should give us the Ranger Keys." The four pirates looked at them, the red Hurricaneger looked at them and said, "They originally belonged to us. We've mastered using them." "We need to defeat Saturakura Jr. as soon as possible." The blue Hurricaneger said, looking at them. "We also want to save the people turned into bikkuri."

"If he's defeated, your comrades will return too," The yellow Hurricaneger said, "So please give them to us." "However, if we do it and defeat him, Gokai White must leave the team." The red Hurricaneger said, shocking the four of them.

"Wait a moment!" Gai said, stepping in front of Emma. "There's something wrong about that!" "Gai..." Emma said, looking at him with Ahim and Doc. The blue Hurricaneger looked at him and said, "Why? As fellow Earthlings, I thought you two would be the most understanding." "It's true that they originally belonged to you guys and Em-chan probably has a family waiting for her somewhere." Gai said. "But... Who risked their lives to gather the scattered Ranger Keys from space?! And gave Em-chan a place to stay when she had no recollection of her past?! If not for Marvelous-san, the Ranger Keys and Em-chan wouldn't be here!"

"Because of that, there's something really wrong about that!" Gai shouted. Emma and the others kept quiet, looking at the staredown between Gai and the Hurricanegers.

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