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Chapter 26 - Shushutto the Special

Emma remained quiet while Doc patted Gai's shoulder and said, "It's okay. Thanks." "Doc...?" Emma said, looking at him. Ahim touched her shoulder, "This is no time for us to be quarreling." She pulled the Hurricanegers Keys and held them out to their original users.

However the three Hurricanegers looked unsure at the trade, Gai said, "Ahim-san. Don-san." Doc nodded and patted Emma's shoulder, she tried to wipe her eyes of tears. Ahim spoke what she wanted to say, "Please save the people turned into bikkuri along with Marvelous-san and the others. Please." "Ahim..." Emma said, looking at her as she bowed her head.

"Plus, take a good look at Marvelous and the others." Doc added, smiling. "Check to see what they're really look."

"Are you sure?" The red Hurricaneger asked, looking at the remaining pirates with a serious face. "We might decide to not return them."

"There is no need to worry." Ahim said, Emma and Doc looked at her. Ahim told them, "If that happens, we will take them back by force." The three Hurricanegers were slightly taken back by the supposed threat that Ahim was posing.

So the three Hurricanegers were given their original keys back, taking a moment to let the fact sink in that they were temporary regaining the power that they had given up to stop the Empire the first time. The red Hurricaneger said, "Let us try it." The remaining pirates nodded and watched the three Hurricanegers took a few steps ahead.

Opening their hands, the keys glowed and floated around the three Hurricanegers, giving them back their powers and their uniforms. Almost immediately after regaining their powers, they used their Chou Nippou to open a portal, jumping up and entering the portal which closed shortly afterward. Emma sighed and looked down.

"This is okay... right?" Gai said, looking at them. Emma kept quiet, Doc touched her shoulder. "Of course. All we need to do is wait."

"Okay, how to convince them to keep Emma on the team." Gai began to think, rubbing a hand on his head in a thought manner. Gia was walking by and looked at her, wondering what was going but suddenly there was gun fire and Isarn along with Barizorg, Goumins, and Sugoumin walking up, Isarn spoke first, "You wanted pirates. Today, you're finished!"

"Looks like it's no time for relaxing." Ahim said. Gai and Emma nodded at her, "Yeah." While the four remaining pirates changed into their regular Gokai forms, Gia hid and changed into her uniform, putting her mask and ran out to help them, pulling her katana.

"So, can one of you explain to me what is going on and why half of your team is missing?" She asked, slicing at the Goumin. Emma looked at her and said, "It seems a former enemy of the Hurricanegers was recruited by Zangyack. Marvelous, Joe, and Luka were sent to a subspace after they pushed me and the others out of the way. The only way the Hurricanegers would agree to go to save them is if I leave the team."

"Yeah!" Gai said, holding his trident to block a staff from hitting him. "So I'm trying to figure out how to prove them that she can try on the team."

Gia kept quiet and Emma asked, after shooting at a Goumin, "What should I do?" She looked at the masked person that she didn't know was her best friend, slashing at the same enemies that separated them from each other years ago and now brought them back together.

"There's not much I can say to help you." Gia said, sheathing her blade and using her sword to hit the Goumin and Sugoumin. "Maybe show the Hurricanegers that you prefer to be with the Gokaigers and want to stay with them. You know what they say, actions speak louder than words."

Emma looked at her, not sure what to say and gasped as the Goumin fired at Gai. She ran to him with Ahim and Doc, "Gai!" The four of them changed into the DekaRangers, Ahim and Doc changed into their respective DekaRanger counterparts while Emma changed into DekaRed and Gai changed into DekaBreak. Gia ran to Barizorg, bringing out her katana, Emma protected her from a Sugoumin, firing at it. Barizorg pushed her back and she gasped for air.

Emma touched her shoulder, "Lay low. We'll face Barizorg." Gia gasped for air, watching Emma fight the robotic commander of the Empire. However, they were sent flying and knocked out the form of DekaRanger. Isarn said, "It's about time we finished this." 'Emma...!' Gia thought, grabbing her mask to pull it off but suddenly there was a explosion and Marvelous, Joe, Luka, the Hurricanegers along with Saturakura Jr. came from a portal.

"Marvelous! Joe! Luka!" Emma shouted, smiling. Gia kept her mask and stood up, putting her sword bag over her shoulder. Doc shouted, "Everyone!" The yellow Hurricaneger and Luka put the bag of bikkuri in a safe place with Luka returning the bikkuri to the bag. The red Hurricaneger asked, "Are you okay?!" Emma just hugged Joe while Ahim smiled and looked at the Hurricanegers and asked, "What did you think of Marvelous-san and the others?"

"They piss me off." The red Hurricaneger said honestly, looking away. Emma looked at him as he continued, "But... I don't think they're bad." "You can't know a person til you meet them." The yellow Hurricaneger said, smiling.

Seeing as Saturakura was upset, the ten Sentai gathered together looked at him and the remaining minions, Marvelous smiled and said, "Shall we do this with ten people this time?" "Hurricanegers..." Emma said. "I will stay with the Gokaigers and I will prove it to you by showing it in this fight." "Plus, we need to show you our good points." Luka added, patting her shoulder. Emma nodded.

"I'll be counting on you, Sempai." Joe said, flexing his wrists. The red Hurricaneger smiled, "Sure!" as everyone got into a line, ready to fight. The red Hurricaneger said, "This will be a hearty collab between pirates and ninjas!" The two teams transformed into their respective forms and did their respective team roll calls.

"Today's an expection." Marvelous said, HurricaneRed nodded, "Yeah. More than usual..." "Shushutto and go!" The two red leaders shouted at the same time, ingiting the battle.

During the fight, Emma ran with the other girls, firing her Gokai Gun. She slashed at the Goumin and let the three girls do a triple blast, finishing it up with her White variant of the Final Wave, using the power of KibaRanger and AbareKiller to finish off the remaining Goumin in their group. Gia ran up and watched as Isarn used a whip weapon to hit the girls, however HurricaneBlue used her Chou Nippou to send a water blast to the female commander.

Then, Emma, Luka, and Ahim jumped up, doing a triple slash at Isarn then the four girls fired at her with their firearms firing together. However, Barizorg and Isarn left since Saturakura was back, thanks to the combined slashes of Marvelous and HurricaneRed, they combined to knock him back as the teams came together.

The two teams a combined Final Wave while Gai in his Gold Mode, adding his own attack. With Saturakura destroyed, all the people changed into bikkuri returned. As expected, Saturakura returned in a giant form and Emma got a idea.

"Gai, lets show the Hurricanegers what we can do together in GouZyuJin." Emma said, looking at the excitable silver colored member. Gai nodded, HurricaneRed said, "Wait!" They changed back and took a look at their keys, he said, "You forgot something." The three gave them back the Ranger Keys, and the red Hurricaneger said, "We're counting on all of you, legendary successors."

Emma happily gasped, Marvelous nodded as he entered the Galleon while Emma and Gai entered GouZyuDrill. They formed Gokai-Oh and GouZyuJin, getting ready to fight Saturakura. However, he wasn't easy as he had his own nippo which caused lighting to strike down. Marvelous looked at GouZyuJin, "Emma, Gai, get back."

"Alright." Emma said, Gai nodded, "Got it." They watched as Fuuraimaru appeared, tossing his blades at Saturakura then combined with Gokai-Oh, becoming Hurricane Gokai-Oh. Emma smiled, "That's the Hurricanenger's Great Power." They watched as Gokai-Oh used the shuriken weapons to hit Saturakura. However, he wasn't beaten so they called Fuuraimaru who created copies of himself to finally defeat Saturakura.

After he was defeated and Fuuraimaru disappeared, promising to come back, everyone boarded the Galleon and Luka and Joe practiced the technique that the Hurricanegers used to listen in while Luka, Joe, and Marvelous were chained up, summoning a large ear. Ahim joked that she did it as well, but she wore a adorable headband with furry cat ears.

"Ahim, you look so adorable!" Emma said, hugging her while surprising Gai and Doc. Luka said, "That's cheating, Ahim." "Indeed," The blue Hurricaneger said, smiling. "Oneesan thinks that's against the rules, too." Emma laughed, Navi said, "Against the rules! Against the rules!"

"Nice ship." The red Hurricaneger said, "So you've used this ship to travel in space all this time?" "Yeah." Marvelous said, the red Hurricaneger said, "What do you think of this planet?" "I like it." Marvelous said. "Sides, it's the home of my youngest pirate. So I'm glad... the greatest treasure in the universe is on this planet." The red Hurricaneger smiled.

"Um... is it okay if I take a photo for the memories?" Gai said, holding a camera. He bowed, "Please. You too, Marvelous-san." Emma smiled to see him so embarrassed and so Gai set the camera while everyone got in front of the stairs and smiled before Navi photobombed the picture.

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