Gardevoir's Farting Problem

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Author's Note: Would you believe no one else has used this title? Also, Pokken Tournament is awesome.

It was another typical day at the Pokken Mansion, which was not as big as the Super Smash Brothers Mansion due to being relatively new, and the roster not being as big. Everyone was going about their business as usual, with several fights going on.

Until Gardevoir farted so loudly that it shook the whole mansion. Gardevoir blushed as she placed her hands on her butt, all the other Pokemon of either the Roster or Assist staring at her as she ripped another loud butt blast. Gardevoir was like the Princess Peach of the Pokken Mansion, even though she needed time to actually enjoy farting and to hardly embarrassed about it.

"So sorry...those spicy Pokepuffs are messing up my intestines!" Gardevoir stated as her dress was constantly lifted by her big butt blasts.

"Damn! To think part of the reason I came here was to get away from Princess Peach and all those other farting women!" Lucario growled as he wanted to use Aura Sphere on Gardevoir's gassy ass.

"Gosh that girl is so gassy...imagine if Melly or some other gassy Pokemon got in..." Whimsicott stated, conversing with her partner Jirachi.

"She sure is." Jirachi gasped, surprised by Gardevoir's brassy butt blasts, which continued as Gardevoir pooted up a storm, filling the mansion up with her smelly methane.

Then there was a knock on the front door. Lilligant, who set up her lemonade business in the mansion, used Sweet Scent to clear the air of Gardevoir's farts as Mewtwo answered it.

"Let me guess, you wanna join the Pokken Tournament roster?" Mewtwo asked a female Mawile, who was standing in front of the mansion.

"Oh, yes please! Or at least part of the Assist duos." Mawile stated.

"It's not that easy! But I'll give you a shot." Mewtwo sighed. "Alright, who's up?"

Everyone else pushed Gardevoir forward out of annoyance for her farting ass. Gardevoir let out a tiny poot from the tension.

"All right, you're up, Fartevoir." Mewtwo remarked.

"Ok." Gardevoir agreed, a cute little poot escaping her windy posterior.

"So…you're just gonna let this happen, aren't you?" Volcanion stated, conversing with Arceus as Magearna was also with them.

"Yes, yes I am." Arceus replied.

Meanwhile, Magearna bent over and ripped a foul, brassy smelling tuba fart, sighing of relief as she giggled.

"Gosh that fleshy Gardevoir is so gassy! She just makes me wanna fart more!" Magearna stated as she kept farting brassy poots while Arceus and Volcanion rolled their eyes, especially Volcanion, who could never release more steam than Magearna was releasing steamy farts from her ass.

"Good luck, girl!" Gardevoir stated as she got into a fighting stance, she and Mawile being in the Pokken Tournament Mansion's arena.

"Oh, flattery will get you nowhere!" Mawile remarked as she began using Crunch, the battle shifting from the Field Phase to the Duel Phase as Gardevoir shrieked and turned around, crouching down with her butt outwards.

Mawile began using Crunch on Gardevoir's butt, biting it with her head jaws as Gardevoir screamed from the pain, before ripping a fart so powerful that it stemmed to literally punch Mawile in the face, blowing her back.

"Ooh, was that me?" Gardevoir blushed as she pushed on her butt cheeks, several raunchy farts pushing out of it, blowing her dress aside as her white butt cheeks were revealed under her dress.

Mawile rubbed her cheek, then she smelled Gardevoir's fart, gagging as she used Sweet Scent to get rid of Gardevoir's rotten gas, disgusted by the foul smell. "Oh sweet Arceus! That stinks so bad!"

"My bad!" Gardevoir rubbed the back of her head. She then began farting up a storm again, letting out a series of loud, brassy farts, much to Mawile's annoyance as she charged after Gardevoir again, only for her to turn around and rip another powerful fart that punched her hard in her face.

Gardevoir blushed, realizing with each fart that she was enjoying her own fart blasts. She started to love farting. She loved the feeling of each fart blast from her ass. She loved that she was stinking up the field. "Oh, Arceus this….is nice!"

As Mawile tried to fight back, Gardevoir kept ripping big farts, which were literally like punches to Mawile's face. As much as Mawile would use Sweet Scent to keep fumigating the fart gas that was coming from Gardevoir's pooting, tooting big butt, Gardevoir would constantly replace Mawile's Sweet Scent with more of her smelly, gassy blasts, each of which punched Mawile in the face, bruising it as they gave Mawile two black eyes.

After a few moments, Mawile finally fainted, anime swirls appearing in her eyes, the entire field stinking from Gardevoir's farts.

"Oh gosh, did I win?" Gardevoir giggled as she rubbed her gassy, white ass with her dress aside, which vibrated as she was still ripping brassy, bassy butt burps.

Meanwhile in the spectator seats, Lopunny blushed at the sight of Gardevoir's farty butt. "That's my girl!"

Lilligant rubbed her chin with her right leaf, Whimsicott and Jirachi sitting beside her. "I think I have an idea to sell more lemonade here."

"Let me guess, you want her to fart in front of your lemonade stand so you can get more customers?" Jirachi asked. "Mr. Lanky Purple is already doing something like that."

"Yeah selling tacos, not lemonade!" Whimsicott added.

Meanwhile, Gardevoir walked away, celebrating her gassy victory as she farted with each step, blowing the openings of her dress aside as her butt could be seen. Mawile then woke up, coughing and gagging from Gardevoir's poot gas as she used Sweet Scent again to cancel out the rotten butt fumes.

"Wow, good thing her farts didn't kill her or that would've been…..a fartality!" Magearna gasped, still with Arceus and Volcanion.

"That's Mortal Kombat, idiot." Volcanion remarked.

Magearna scoffed as she pooted another fart.

"You're both idiots." Arceus sighed.

This was only the beginning of Gardevoir's fart filled misadventures.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Chun Li, who was wearing her usual attire with her butt appearing big in it, grunted as she was ripping a fart storm so powerful that it not only knocked out her opponent, but also disintegrated them, with the announcer voice saying: "Chun Li wins, Fartality!"

"Man, what a powerful, huge butt you got there, Chun!" Cammy stated as she hugged Chun Li, both of them farting loudly as Chun Li blushed.