Mawile walked into a room, encountering a horde of female Gardevoir.

"I'm sorry, what is this? Where am I? Who are you all?" Mawile asked, oblivious to how she got to where she was.

The female Gardevoir all have glances at each other, then the middle one spoke, smiling. "All right girls, in three….two..…one…." all the Gardevoir turned around and bent over.

Mawile gawked in shock as they all farted as big and loud as possible, their farts being huge and smelly as Mawile was literally blown back by the intense foul blasts. Their dresses were blown up by their huge fart gas blasts.

"W-What the hell?" Mawile ran the other way, only to be greeted by Kalos Champion Diantha and her Mega Gardevoir.

"Gardevoir, use Poison Gas!" Diantha declared, pointing at Mawile as Mega Gardevoir turned around, her whole dress pushed up by the enormous, impossibly humongous fart that followed, erupting from Mega Gardevoir's butt, more powerful than the explosion of a Turtonator's shell, not only blowing poor Mawile away in a tornado of flatulence, but also poisoning her as she was blown upward, screaming.

Then she woke up, realizing it was a dream, but she gasped as it turns out Gardevoir was farting in her face, having ripped dozens of farts in Mawile's face.

"Oh, good morning sleepy head!" Gardevoir innocently greeted her, pushing out another raunchy, smelly fart.

"Gardevoir! Why the hell are you farting in my place?" Mawile fumed. "Why am I always your personal fart cushion? Why?"

Gardevoir frowned. "Sorry. It's just that these Pokebeans are really giving me gas, and you overslept, so…y'know, I tried waking you up by farting on you."

"Then stop eating them! They're called PokeBEANS!" It should be so obvious that they give you gas!" A very stinky Mawile remarked as she pulled herself out of bed, running into her nearby bathroom to wash Gardevoir's butt stink off of her.

Gardevoir kept farting as she grabbed her butt, which only made her fart more. "I can't! They taste so yummy in my tummy! Even if my tummy does turn them into loads of stinky fart gas!"

Mawile's eye twitched with each loud fart that Gardevoir belted out. "Fart you, Fartevoir!" Mawile suddenly grabbed Gardevoir by her head jaws, shaking her around as Gardevoir could only scream in pain as well as fart her thunderous butt off at the same time, which only enraged Mawile even more.