Chapters 1-3: Fluff
Chapters 4-5: Nick meets Judy's family
Chapter 6: Fluff
Chapters 7-current: Nick at the academy & Judy recovering

Chapter Notes:

This is my first fic so bear with me, well I'm writing this in tandem with another fic, but still. This chapter will take place just after the ZPD arrive in the museum. Enjoy-

Change of Pace:

"Predators won't be so nice forever Judy! You'll see, next time Nick won't be just acting savage!" Yelled ex-mayor Bellwether as she was pushed into a police SUV with her crooked officers.

"There won't be a next time." Said Chief Bogo roughly as he slammed the door even rougher. He ordered an officer over and began giving him instructions.

A weight suddenly pressed against the side of Nick's chest, "Carrots? You alright?" He said looking down at the grey rabbit pressed leaning on him. His only response was her collapsing against him and panting heavily. "HELP! SOMEONE GET HELP!" He yelled around at the officers.

"Coming through! Clear a path!" A pair of medics call as the rushed in between the officers and jumping down into the pit. "Officer Hopps, can you tell me where you are?" The first medic, a panther, asked as she began checking Judy's vitals only to receive a mumbled and incoherent response.

"101, she has a fever." Stated the second medic, an otter, as he put a breathing mask on her to help reduce the uneven breathing. "And she has a severe laceration to the outer right calf." He finished off as he looked at the blood beginning to pool from the handkerchief Nick tied on earlier.

Squeezing his paws together watching from the side was a fox worried for his new found friend, "Come on Juddy hang in there." He said supportingly.

"Alright we need to move." The panther said as she finished securing Juddy to a gurney for transport, "Jerry you go up first." She said as she helped the otter out of the pit and then hoisted the top half of the gurney to him before pushing it out of the pit and climbing out herself.

Brown paws tried to grab onto the edge of the pit but couldn't find a hold. "Is she going to be alright, please?" Nick's voice called from the pit, only to hear an ambulance driving off sirens blaring.

Hooved fingers reached out and grabbed the foxes slipping paw before pulling him up safely. "Nick, was it?" A firm voice asked, "I'm going to need to take you down to the station so we can get a statement while officer Hopps is in surgery." He said as he took his glasses off to wipe the lenses.

A concerned look crossed Nick's face, and all that came to mind was the safety of his friend Judy, "Uhhh, yes of course. Sir." he added quickly out of respect for the massive oxe standing before him. He followed the chief to his personal ZPD squad car and began opening the back door when a hoof stopped him.

"You are not under arrest there's no need for you to ride in the back, you can join me up front if you would like, the choice is yours." Chief Bogo stated before opening his own door. Nick stood there with his paw on the handle deep in thought.

'Is this a test? Does he know about my hustling? What-' he was shaken from his thoughts when the engine roared to life. 'Well it would be the first time in the front.' He thought with a smirk to himself as he walked around to the front door, barely managing to climb into the tall vehicle.

The ride down to the station was quiet as both animals in the car were worried for Judy's well being, worried about the worst possibilities but still hoping for the best. Neither said anything while on the road, but both began to feel the weight of the situation and let out a sigh.

"Please have a seat," The cape buffalo told the fox as he opened the door to his office, "Is there anything I could get you, water? Coffee?" He asked slightly uneasy as this is the first time questioning someone outside an interrogation room. He didn't feel uneasy or endangered by the fox, but this was a high priority case so he felt he should get Nick's statement personally. "And I'll need you to fill out this form too." Bogo stated as he put a background form on the desk for Nick.

"Okay, and water is fine." The fox said back before climbing up into the plastic chair. 'I knew this was coming' he thought as his tail shifted behind him while reading over the form. Thinking back to Judy telling him he would make a great officer he pushed those thoughts aside and took a pn from the desk to fill out the form.

After a minute or two he had finished the form just as the chief walked back in with a cup of water for both him and Nick. He gave one to Nick and started looking over the form before getting caught on one section "Occupation: hustling/con-artist" he read allowed and looked up from the paper to see the brown ears of the fox droop down and his muzzle frown.

Nick closed his eyes and sighed, "Like you said the day, I'm just a fox."

He heard a grunted chuckle and prepared for the worst thinking what the chief of police would do with this information, "I have to be honest with you Mr. Wilde, I didn't think highly of you when we first met. In fact, you and officer Hopps were wearing thin on my nervs." The buffalo stated, "But I'll tell you one thing, it takes a lot of bravery and courage to do what you did today, and even more so to admit to me; a 2000 lb chief of police, that you are a con-artist. That takes courage Mr. Wilde." He finished with a drink of his water. "This is something we will discuss later, but first why don't you tell me how you first got involved with the case."

Nick began slowly telling him the short version of how he started his involvement with the missing mammals case. He gave chief Bogo a full report from when he took Judy to the Naturalist Club all the way to when the police showed up, however he left out his past with Mr. Big along with the almost icing incident and when Judy was asking for his help under the bridge seeing as it was her personal moment. The whole process to close to two hours with the chief asking for clarification and more details during some parts of the explanation, but 4 note pages later they were finally done.

Bogo cracked the stiffness from his knuckles and Nick rubbed his temples both somewhat exhausted with the long documentation. "Well Mr. Wilde that will be all for now, be expecting to hear from me once this is all over." Bogo said neutrally. "Thank you for your assistance with the case, and for looking out for officer Hopps." He said gratefully.

With a hard swallow Nick nodded, knowing what would happen when he was contacted again, it would mean another questioning, a different kind of questioning all together. "It's the least I could do. Do you know if Judy, I mean officer Hopps is going to be okay?" He asked before while sliding off the chair.

"We haven't gotten word back from the hospital yet, but I will have officer Clauhauser inform you when we do. It goes without saying but for the time being I'm going to ask that you refrain from talking about the details of the case with anyone else." He responded before watching Nick leave after giving thanks. Before turning to his computer and typing up the official statement working late into the night, and possibly early into the morning.

Chief Bogo walked through the hospital doors late in the morning on his way home after giving out the tasks for today to his precinct, interrogating suspects and gathering statements and evidence for the case. "Listen fox," he heard a receptionist rudely say to a familiar red fox carrying a purple bouquet of flowers at the entryway desk to the building's main floor. "We have already called the ZPD to have you escorted out of the building if you refuses to leave. I saw you threat officer Hopps on the news and you've been pacing in here all night with no right to visit her. So for the last time please leave before the police arrive."

"Look buddy, I didn't mean to threaten her, and you don't know the whole story. Can you just tell me how she is?" Nick was asking politely yet clearly beginning to lose his patience with the receptionist.

"The entire city saw you, a fox, threatening officer Hopps on live t.v. Is it because you are a fox or a predator hu?" the giraffe asked accusingly before hearing a stern grunt catching both the fox's and his attention. "Ah just in time," he said smugly, "Officer, this fox has been disrupting the hospital all night, will you please escort him out?"

"That is Chief Bogo to you, sir." Bogo said glaring at the giraffe while standing beside Nick, "This fox here was very helpful in solving this case, and saving officer Hopps' life, so if you would kindly take us to see my officer." He said leaning in closer to the receptionist.

The giraffe might have been nearly twice the buffalo's height, but the hunch in his neck showed just how much shame he felt with those words. "Yes Chief Bogo, right this way sir." He said while escorting the two to Judy's room.

'Thank you.' Nick mouthed to the chief with a small smile before turning to follow after a gentle nod back from the chief. Clammy paws held the bouquet tightly as they stood next to the massive officer, grateful he may be for the kindness he was able to feel the intimidating feel coming off of him keeping the giraffe in line.

"Ah, Chief Bogo." They were greeted by a beaver when they stepped out of the elevator, "I'm Dr. Castor, Judy's Dr. I was just about to send word down to the station for you." He said while taking the chief and Nick the rest of the way to the room with his tail sliding on the tile floor. "Reports show that officer Hopps had fainted from fatigue and exhaustion from some extraneous activity, the chase I'm guessing. Along with that she was suffering from severe blood loss coming from the wound on her right leg." He said while reading off of the chart he got from the foot of the bed and began reading off more details to the chief.

Nick stepped away from the two to go over to Judy's side looking at her small figure which looked even smaller in the massive bed clearly not made for a bunny. The occasional twitch of an ear and the constant rise and fall of her chest under the thick blanket brought a smile to his muzzle. The clearing of a throat pulled him from his thoughts, "and you are?" The dr asked directed to Nick.

"This is Mr. Wilde, he is here with my permission to stay with officer Hopps." Chief Bogo explained sternly to beaver.

"Very well, if you'll excuse me I have other patient to check on." He said with a nod before leaving politely.

"The Dr. said she will be fine, there were no complications with the surgery." He said much to Nick's relief, but then that soon changed. "However, the Dr said its a grade three rupture which will take up to three months to heal."

Nick went to speak but he was stopped as the chief continued, "but because rabbits are so dependent on their legs, he thinks it might take five months in her case."

"Five months? But she will be okay right? After those five months there won't be anything wrong with her will there?" The fox asked very quickly. Concern overflowing from with with new found worry.

Seeing how Nick was reacting in the situation only seemed to make him more presentable in the chief's eyes, 'Only the utmost care for his friend. Yes Nick you would make a great officer indeed' Bogo thought silently. "Yes, after the five months officer Hopps should be good as new. She will have some physical therapy to go through but nothing I'm sure she can't handle." With that Nick sighed with relief as he lowered his tense shoulders. "I've got somethings to take care of." He said before taking his leave.

Green eyes smiles widely, "Okay sir, and thank you, for everything." He said with a honest smile, and with that the chief left the two alone to seek the comfort of his own home. 'Maybe everything will turn out alright.' Nick thought to himself seeing as the chief of police bared no hostility towards him.

Pink ears began to perk up to the sound of soft snoring and amethyst eyes opened slowly blinking away the pain from the bright light overhead. They looked over to see a snoring fox holding his tail in his lap with his head slumped on his shoulders sleeping peacefully, sleeping tiredly. 'Oh Nick.' she thought feeling so happy and lucky to have a friend who cares so much for her. She laid there in bed taking in her surroundings, the white walls, steady beep of the monitor hooked up to her, the softness of the large bed and blanket keeping her warm, and finally the loud grumble from such a small stomach. And with that she decided to push the call button to let the staff know she was awake, and possibly famished.

A light knock on the door a minute later and the call of a female voice, "Well it's good to see that you are awake." She said as she walked up to the foot of the bed the medical file. "I'm nurse Quills, how are you feeling? I heard you had a pretty bad cut on your leg" She asked as she jotted down the vitals from the monitor.

*growwwl* a pink blush quickly overcame Judy's cheeks, "hehe, well a little hungry, but besides that I feel okay." She said before another growl from her stomach made her blush further.

With a light laugh the porcupine put the file back, "Don't you worry, I'll have some food brought up in a minute." Nurse Quills said before excusing herself from the room.

After seeing the door close Judy lifted the blanket only to find her leg in a large and heavy cast. "No no no no…" she whimpered as she could barely bend her leg at the knee only to hear a high pitched whine, the sound of a canine yawning. She looked over to see none other than Nick rubbing sleep from his eyes and smacking his lips together. "Oh Nick you didn't have to stay here all this time. You should have gone home and rested." But despite her saying that she was glad she wasn't alone when she woke up in the hospital.

"Hey Carrots, looks like you're finally up." He said with a smile, "How you feeling?" He asked softly as he got up and stretched his back out, satisfied with the popping it made.

"I thought I was feeling fine, until I saw my leg." She said sharply as she pulled off the covers to show him the giant cast of bandages over her small grey leg getting a sympathetic 'oh' in response. "How long have I been asleep?" She asked both him and herself for the first time.

Working his brows and counting on his fingers, "one, two, three? Yeah, three weeks." He said neutrally with a nod. "You know you do this cute thing with your nose when you sleep?" Nick said with a smirk.

Amethyst eyes rolled at the statement, "Nick you can't-WAIT three WEEKS?!" She yelled allowed. "How have I been out for three weeks?! What happened with the case, what happened with you, does my family know where I am?! Does-" She shot out question after question before the sound of laughter stopped her. "What's funny about this? I'm in a cast and have been unconscious for three weeks!" She explained animatedly with an angry pout on her brow.

Somehow managing to calm himself down from his seemingly random fit of laughter Nick wiped a tear away from his eye, "Calm down Carrots, it was only a joke." He said hearing a relieved sigh from the bunny before thinking about how she reacted and chuckled again. "You've only been asleep for three days, the ZPD are still gathering all the evidence and information for the case. After you fainted your chief even asked for my side of what happened. And the Dr. said he did call home to let your parents know how you are." He said to answer all her previous questions.

"Don't scare me like that again." She said before flopping back onto the soft mattress, "Wait you gave a statement? You're not going to get in trouble because your hustling are you?" She asked with a spark of worry in her eyes and voice, and the soft sigh Nick gave didn't help her already concerned thoughts.

"I- I don't know." He said as he stood by the window looking out at the morning sun peeking through the other buildings, "he said he would get in touch with me. And that's it, I couldn't tell if it was a bad or good thing, I didn't bother asking."

Long grey ears drooped down sadly, 'he knew he would get in trouble if he gave a statement, but he still did.' The thought almost brought tears to her eyes "Why did you tell him if you knew it would get you in trouble Nick?" She asked feeling guilty for forcing him to risk his life on her case.

"Well I met this bunny who really seemed to change the way I see things." He said as he turned around with a said smile, he knew his statement would be enough to get him in trouble with law but he now felt it was the right thing to do.

With that statement, a statement that seems so small but meant so much to hear, amethyst eyes began to water as a little pink nose began to sniffle. "Oh Nick," Judy said before tears rolled down her soft fur, "I'm sorry for getting you caught up in this. I risked your life on this case, with Mr. Big, Manchas, the train, with Mrs. Bellwether, and now the rest of your life." With that she was wrapped up in soft red arms before she fully gave in and clung to Nick's green shirt.

"It's okay Carrots, it's okay. You bunnies are so emotional." He said as he rubbed down her ears softly careful not to push the fur the wrong ways, "It will only be for five year, and besides I know a few prison guards, I'll be okay. Don't you worry." He said trying his best to calm down his sad friend. "I mean look at it this was, if Mrs. Smellwether had darted me I would have been locked away for the rest of my life, a lot of predators would have been." Hearing her breathing even out he smiled inwardly. "Here look what I brought for you." He said as he turned to give her the somewhat wilting flowers off the table, "oh and your chief wanted me to give this to you, he stopped by early this morning apparently" he added handing her the parcel.

She took the flowers in her arms and set the package down on the bed next to her. Deep purple eyes taking in the flowers that at one point were the same deep shade, a soft smile stretched across her face, and a small pink nose took in the still present scent of lavender. "They're beautiful Nick, thank you." She said just as the door opened and a cart was pushed in with a covered plate of food.

"Here you are Mrs. Hopps." Said Nurse Quills as she set up the bed tray and placed the still covered food on it with a blue smoothie. "I went ahead and called the precinct for you to let them know you had woken up and are doing fine." She said before leaving the room again politely.

Nick strode over to the side of the bed, "here let me get that for you." He said lifting the cover off the food revealing a plate with mixed vegetables and a cup of berries. "Might as well just give you another smoothie right?" He said coyly before taking a berry for his troubles. "You know, the ones from your farm taste better." He said while picking a second berry.

"Well it takes a bunnies touch right?" She replied with a silly grin while munching on some carrots from her plate. As she was eating her paw brushed over the package left forgotten on the blanket grabbing her attention back onto it. She picked it up and looked it over seeing a sticky note of the parcel 'officer Hopps' was all it had.

"So what's that anyways?" Nick asked curiously as her saw her open it and pull out a letter.

It read;

"Dear Officer Hopps,

By now you are probably curious about how things have been going with the Missing Mammals case which is now being recorded as the Night Howler case. We at the precinct have been gathering information and evidence from surveillance cameras and phone records as well as collecting statements from witnesses and suspects involved. Your friend Mr. Wilde has been very helpful and informative in working with the police and has given us his full cooperation. Mayor Lionheart has been reinstated after a trial was held in his defense and we are all working to clean up the mess from this case. However in the meantime we have released a press announcement saying that the 'savage outbreaks' were directed attacks on predators, and that they have been stopped. A possible antidote has also been found and is currently being tested with promise.

It seems you accidentally dropped your badge before leaving the office, it was found in the mayor's room the other day, be sure not to lose it again. Also the ZPD has prepared for you a 5 month paid medical leave due to your injuries sustained on duty protecting innocent lives, as well as your choice of physical therapy in regards to your injury. We expect you at 100% 5 months after you are released from the hospital.

Best Of Luck,

Chief Bogo"

Judy was deep in thought as she read over the short letter 'my badge. I-I'm still a police officer!' She thought happily with a smile, 'and if Nick has been cooperating they might let him off the hook!' She thought even more enthusiastically before wrapping said fox in a tight hug. "I'm still a police officer! I'm still a police officer!" She cheered happily as she bounced in Nick's arms.

"Well duh, you're the first rabbit officer they can't just fire you." He said as she released him, "and plus you make an okay officer." He finished off jokingly.

Judy was back to the package and shook it out into her paw to once again feel the familiar weight of her badge fall into her fury palm fingers glossing over its emblem. "But Nick he said you've been cooperating with the ZPD, I-I think that chief Bogo is going to let you off the hook for hustling!" She said with a wide smile on her face as she clutched her badge.

"Here let me see." The fox said as brown paws took the letter in question. As emerald eyes passed over the page sharp teeth showed brightly through a smile. "That's a relief, because I don't actually know any prison guards." He said laughing and still smiling only to receive a light punch to the arm.

Judy pulled her arm back with a light scold on her face, "dumb fox" she said with a smirk before happily slurping on her smoothie.

A few days after Judy had woken up dark brown paw signed the last of the needed paperwork as a flat tail tapped against the floor, "Aright officer Hopps there you go, just stay off your leg for a few more days." Dr Castor said handing the file to Judy who was sitting in a wheelchair a little too big for the small animal and giving her a bag of medicine. "The papers for your release are in there along with a few official documents for your leave time at the office. There's also a few recommendations on physical therapy offices to go to once you are ready." He said while looking over a clipboard list checking things off as he went along, "your first batch of painkillers are in the bag with their own instructions, make sure to take them both with food every 8 hours. And most importantly stay off your leg for at least a month, while the skin tissue is healed enough for you to leave the muscle tissue isn't head enough for use." He said with a slight scold.

Sharp teeth grinned while a set of long grey ears folded back showing that this conversation was obviously needed thanks to a certain optimistic rabbit.

As they walked past the front desk a rude grunting was heard from the receptionist, Judy turned to ask Nick but was told some giraffes are just stuck up, earning another grunt as they went through the sliding doors.

Nick smiled amusedly while pushing Judy in her wheelchair not really sure on where it was they were going, "So where to Carrots?" He asked his friend, "I don't mind going for a stroll, but I'm pretty sure you don't like this wheelchair." He added with a smirk. "You know, this is probably what you get for booting my stroller."

A pink nose twitched slightly and a pair of grey eyebrows furrowed, "I hate being stuck in this wheelchair." Judy said with a pout. She had the flowers from Nick on her lap and her badge pinned to her shirt shining in the bright sun. The parcel from her chief was stored in a pocket on the back of the chair accompanied by the files from the Dr. "Well I have to take some of the papers to the Precinct." And with that they headed the short walk over to the ZPD's main office, the receptionist counter was still empty. "Poor Clawhauser, he got sent down to the boiler room because this whole thing." She said sadly to no one in particular remembering how depressed he looked boxing up his belongings.

"Don't worry I'm sure he'll be back up here soon. Why don't we go visit him after we talk with your chief?" He offered supportingly getting back a happy response from Judy. They rode the elevator up to the top floor of the building and headed to the chief's office. When they got there they heard two deep voices conversing, they weren't yelling but the voices themselves being loud, one of which was definitely chief Bogo's.

Two firm knocks on the door by Nick and a call from Judy, "Chief Bogo, it's officer Judy Hopps. I have some papers from the hospital."

There was a small comment that wasn't heard well through the door but it opened revealing the chief and standing in the center of the room was mayor Lionheart. "Officer Hopps and, Mr. Wilde" Bogo started off sternly, "please come in." he said with a gesture to the room before closing the door behind them. "I was just discussing with mayor Lionheart about the two of you."

Both of them looked over to see the mayor dressed in suit and tie holding a filled out form that Judy recognized as a background form, and Nick recognized it as his background form. "I'm glad to see ZPD's finest officer is doing well." He said in his grand voice, "and you must me Nicholas Wilde. I've heard a lot about you." He said with a small wave of the paper in his paw.

Judy began to worry for her friend understanding what the previous conversation must have been about. "Please mayor Lionhea-"

"Just hear me out first," the lion said holding his padded paws up, "Now I do know about your hustling and coning." He said looking to Nick, "While I can't say I'm please with finding this out, but myself and chief Bogo here both agree that the ZPD could use a quick thinking officer like you. So I suggest we make a deal with you."

"A deal sir?" Nick asked curiously stepping out from behind Judy's chair and standing in the center of the room. "What kind of deal?"

"A chance to make up for your, past." Lionheart said as he sat on Bogo's desk earning a glare from the cape buffalo, "You give up your life of hustling, and join the ZPD. I can get you accepted into the program, but if you are serious about this you will have to go through the academy like all the other officers." Nick looked between both larger mammals and Judy to receive an encouraging nod from the small rabbit. "So Mr. Wilde, do we have a deal?" He asked almost testingly as he held out his paw.

Hardly a moment passed before a small padded paw was firmly placed into the larger one, "It's a deal sir." Nick said confidently, earning a strong grip from the lion along with a firm shake.

Chief Bogo grinned, out of grimace or respect it was hard to tell. He turned toward Judy and they began discussing her leave of absence as well as going over her side of the case's events, much to the happy rabbit's distress while Nick and mayor Lionheart finished up the details of their agreement.

Clawhauser sat at the desk in the boiler room with a sad sigh, and an even sadder face, the cramped room hardly has any airflow for him to enjoy. Worst of all he doesn't get to see the hustle and bustle of the ZPD, which he has grown to love and enjoy daily. Another sad sigh escapes as he types away at his keyboard. "Ooh Clawhauser," I familiar soft voice called out to him bringing him to spin his chair around.

"Judy!" He said excitedly, giddy in his chair. "Who's your friend?" He asked still happy to have company. He got along well with all of the other officers, and they were always happy to chat with him for a bit, but after being moved downstairs no one has come by to say hi.

"This is my friend Nick. Nick this is officer Clawhauser."

A brown paw extended to the cheetah, "Nick Wilde, it's nice to meet you officer Clawhauser." He said politely and genuinely.

The cheetah to the paw offered and shook it happily, " Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, but you can just call me Clawhauser." He introduced himself still animatedly and excited as he began talking with Nick.

Judy smiled wide seeing her friends getting along as they talked as if they have been friends for a long time. She was glad that coming down here seemed to lighten the mood of the room and her fellow officer even more so, but she was even more thankful that Nick was so being kind and genuine with Clawhauser. "Oh we brought something from the break room for you," she said holding out a paper bag.

"Oooo, what's the surprise?" He said taking the bag and peaking in curiously "AAWWW! You guys shouldn't have!" He yelled as he nearly crushed Nick in a hug and wrapped a tight arm around Judy carefully minding her hurt leg. He had already gotten word from their chief about what happened and figured the last thing she wanted to do was talk more about her leg so he decided against asking her about it.

After a few minutes of the three talking Clawhauser had more reports to type, but thanked them again for stopping by and bringing him his favorite treat. As Judy and Nick left they saw the cheetah typing away happier than when they had come and with a little sway in his long tail. "Thank you, Nick." Judy said contently to her friend behind her as he pushed them out of the front door.

"For what?" With the turn of Judy's face and the happy smile show bright in the midday sun, he understood what she meant. She was happy that he had been there for her at the hospital, proud of him for accepting Lionheart's deal, and grateful that he was so kind with her officer friend. "Any time Carrots, any time." Returning his own honest smile to her.

Author's Notes:

Well that's the first chapter, did I do okay? I'm kinda happy with how it turned out, I think. Let me know in the reviews all the goods and bad things. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know! In terms of where I plan to go with this I have a few more chapter ideas in mind so you can count on seeing a few more at the very least. I wanted to make this a series of stories similar in length to this one about what is to come following events of the movie as well as whatever else comes to mind.

That will be all for now, hope to be back soon! :D