I learned the hard way that the greed of man is like a festering wound upon the Earth, oozing malicious hatred and spreading the infection among the masses in uncontrollable waves of despair. Man never appreciates what he has, but lusts over that which he does not. Man destroys that which is light in his overwhelming shadows. Man has no good.

I was born among them, a beacon of light and hope among the darkness granted to them by magics man could never hope to understand. The faries were my parents, my guides, my torch in the bleakness of the world I was born into. Even their magics, light as the sun though they were, could not combat the all consuming darkness of man. I was gifted upon this undeserving world that would try and destroy my light. But the magics of faries is resilient and would pull me back each time I would finally be consumed. The silent battle raged on for years until the faries themselves were forced to accept that the hope they had for this world was held in vein. They fled in droves, taking their light and the magics that would soon be lost to stories with them, as well as me. I was to become the guardian of their new haven, a guide to those still harboring a light within them. And so Neverland was born.

I have lived more years then can be counted, seen more things than man could begin to dream. I have watched my once home become a wasteland, dark and oppressing and those born with the light fewer and farther between. I would liberate those I could, saving them from the pain and suffering and bringing them back with me to this wondrous land of light, but the greed and darkness of man is far reaching and deep seeded, always springing forth to bloom in their hearts and Neverland is lost to them. Magics flow through every living thing here, be it the leaves upon the Never Trees or the petals of the moon flower; even each drop of the Never Sea pulsed with its light. Every color of the spectrum could be found upon this land, blooming in multitude and some seen nowhere else that ever was or ever will be. This place is light incarnate, and darkness has no place here. So I would return those lost to their world, only passing thoughts fancied as dreams to remind them of the brilliance of this place and the boy who would care for it all for all of eternity.

Peter they call me. Peter Pan of Neverland.