"Taking it like a champ!"

The several prisoners kneeling down all knelt there screaming in complete and utter horror as they watched their friend get beaten to death before their very own eyes.

One year earlier.

Lucy couldn't believe this was happening. At just sixteen, she knelt there in jeans, and a faded gray T-shirt beside Chris, the man who had rescued her from the city when everything had fallen apart. He was older than her, almost by twenty or so years. He was a Southern man, who owned his own bar, divorced twice, with a skinny face, and thick dark hair. He had fired the bullet into the creature that had grabbed a very stunned Lucy just mere minutes after watching her parents get torn apart before her very own eyes. He was good with a rifle and had grabbed her arm, hurrying her off the street. Nearly two weeks later, Lucy figured she loved him, even though before all of this she was just another stupid high school girl with average grades, and stupid teenage problems. She lived in the city, with her biggest fear before being if she could sneak back into her parent's condo without them noticing when she was past curfew. In just the matter of days everything had fallen apart. At first she had watched the news in school thinking of it as a big joke. Within days she saw things she only believed existed in nightmares. Her family had planned on leaving the city, going up North like the news was telling them to do. There was some sort of military base they were going to drive to. Instead, she watched as those things came out of nowhere. The streets were filled with burning cars, bodies, and the smell of rotting flesh.

Chris had grabbed her as she stood screaming for her parents, watching them get eaten alive as he dragged her down an alleyway. He yanked her into his truck and they had driven until finally they reached the countryside. The truck ran out of gas, and they walked. That first night, she couldn't sleep. Instead flashes kept repeating of her mother and father's screams. She sat awake up in a tree with Chris who stood guard with his gun, promising her that nothing was going to hurt her. It took a while, plenty of moments of Lucy hysterically breaking down, screaming and crying that she couldn't do this. That she wanted her mother, and didn't want to go with him. Each time Chris would roughly grab her by the arms, give her a good shake, and slap her across the face. Finally one morning after hours of walking through the woods, dirty, and exhausted she broke down in his arms. Gently he rubbed her back, hushing her, and holding her against him until finally she settled down. The next morning while they washed up by one of the streams, he insisted on teaching her how to shoot. They spent three months together, looking for survivors, camping out, and killing more creatures than she could remember.

Chris was a gentlemen to her. He taught her how to survive outside, camp, fish, hunt, and use weapons. He was tough on her, but most nights allowed her to fall asleep against him as they camped out underneath the stars. He was protective of her, whenever a man who crossed their path was fresh, he would wave his gun and tell them to move along. Just a few days before they were captured, they were traveling with four others, strangers who seemed trustworthy enough who had plans on heading down to Mexico. That night, the two passionately made out in each other's arms against a tree while on watch. Breathless, and pulling away Lucy's hand began to travel down to his belt buckle when he stopped her. Taking her hand gently, he lifted it and kissed it smiling. "Not now. We have all the time in the world." A few days later, here they were. Captured, scared, and kneeling. Lucy hadn't been this scared since her parents died. That's when a man stepped out of the shadows. Dressed in jeans, a leather jacket, and scarf. He laughed, holding a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire. Boots clinking, he paced in front of them.

"Well, well, well...here we are. I know you've been those troublemakers passing through my roadblocks. Well guess what...time to pay the toll."

Swinging the bat with ease, he kept walking up and down past them, grinning with his dark brown eyes. Nervously, Lucy eyed Chris who remained calm. Her hair hanging in her face, she felt her insides shake before the man squatted down right in front of her. Smiling, he leaned forward, grasping her chin and causing her to turn her face towards him.

"Well ain't you a sweet little thing? What's your name?"

Lucy shook all over before gulping. Silent tears trailing down her face.


"Lucy, ain't that a pretty name."

"It's actually Lucille."

"Lucille, now that's beautiful. I haven't seen something as sweet and as pretty as you in a long time...I'm Negan."

"Leave her alone."

Chris said. Instantly, Lucy felt her heart hammer in her chest. Staring at him as if he was crazy, she went to speak before Negan rose, grasping his baseball bat. Walking over to Chris he grinned.

"You know, usually it's real hard to pick which one of you will be an example. But I got a feeling you are sweet on little Lucille over here, and sorry buddy...three is a crowd."

It all happened in the matter of seconds. Lucy's eyes widened as she screamed. Negan gave a frightening grin before he wound up his arm like a baseball player at home plate.

Laughing he swung and in just a matter of seconds he swung and brought down the bat with all of his might. One second Chris was kneeling there, strong, alive, and brave. Moments later his body was twitching, bleeding, and turned into a bloody pulp. Blood sprayed everywhere, as the others screamed. Lucy opened her mouth, but instead nothing escaped. Instead she watched as the bat went down again and again and again and again. When all was said and done, all that remained of Chris was a convulsing bloody body with chunks of brain, skull, and hair pooled around the ground. Blood had sprayed across Lucy's stunned face, splattering across her pale and frozen expression.

Before she could even react, Negan snatched a handful of her hair, hard enough to rip it out of her skull. Lucy screeched, before Negan began dragging her back to one of the trailers like a caveman. Struggling and fighting, she was dragged backwards across the ground. She yelled, clawing, and screaming watching the others watch completely stunned, all still kneeling around Chris' beaten body. Negan's strong arms were wrapped around her before she was brought up the metal steps, and within seconds all noise was cut off as the door slammed shut. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Lucy cried before she found herself being flung backwards onto an unmade bed in the back. Scrambling, she went to get herself up when Negan hit her hard in the face. Falling backwards, nose bleeding she spit blood before Negan tossed down his baseball bat.

Chuckling, he stood at the edge of the bed looking down at her. Reaching down, he yanked down her jeans down to her ankles. Seconds later, he tore her panties off in just a snap. Humiliated, Lucy cried, trying to turn over before Negan began unbuckling his jeans.

"God you are so sweet my dear Lucille..."

He muttered before unzipping his jeans. Lucy, who had never had sex, let alone really had seen a man naked before stared up frightened. No, this wasn't the way her first time was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be with Chris who was gentle, and caring. Not like this, not raped.

"No! Please no!"

She cried, bringing her hands up together almost in prayer. Negan pushed down his own jeans, still grinning the scent of his sweat and tabbacqo thick in this rusty dark trailer. Laying there, Lucy watched him crawl on top of her, and that's when she saw it. It was standing completely up out of a mass of dark public hair. Staring at it, Lucy screamed and went to roll over again. Grabbing her by the arms, hard enough to make bruises, he firmly held her in place before he roughly used his free hand to spread her thighs.


Lucy cried, begging him to stop. Instead, Negan licked his lips, staring down at her before he laid on top of her, his weight crushing her into the stained old mattress. Laughing, his hand reached up, roughly cupping her breasts over her T-shirt, pinching, and squeezing. That's when he drove himself forward and in that exact instant Lucy screamed, her back arching up as high as she could. She felt the pain of him ripping her apart, as she snapped her eyes shut. That's when he grabbed her throat, gently squeezing. "No, you open those eyes. I want you to see me damnit." Opening her eyes, she stared up at him before he pushed forward, bitting down on his bottom lip.

"Goddamnit your tight. Just lay back and enjoy the ride sweet pea."

In just mere seconds, Negan found a pace and began roughly thrusting deep into her. Spreading her legs apart as far as they could, as the mattress creaked underneath them. Feeling him drive into her, she whimpered and cried like a frightened child. Laying there, his large hand still pressed against her throat, she laid back getting raped listening to the creaking of the mattress and an odd wet slapping sound. Negan bucked his head, sweat rolling down his forehead before he leaned down his beard scratching her face as he mashed his lips against hers. Moments later he swore, thrusted once, twice, and climaxed. Feeling warmth drip down her thighs, she didn't know if it was from him, or if she was bleeding. Laying there in shock, she laid beneath him, still feeling him deep inside her. Finally, he roughly pulled out and rolled over. Laying there in shock, Lucy stared up at the tin ceiling before Negan wrapped his arm around her.

"One hell of a way to spend our honeymoon huh honey?"

Slowly, Lucy glanced over knowing she was stuck with a complete madman.