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Crystal island: 3000 years ago

The dark skies filled the inhabitants with fear, lighting struck as the shadowy demon known as Mertaclede (Mer-Tackle-de. That's how you pronounce it. And yes I made that name up!) Stood on the top of the tallest mountain on the island visible to everyone who lived on crystal island, he Grinned showing his gleaming fangs, and blood red eyes. In his claw he held what appeared to be a silver ring with a flawless Ruby on top. But, it seemed to have a dark aura around it.

"Soon I will be invincible!" He announced

"Soon I will gain my ultimate form and bring Crystal island and every other island in this world down to their knees." He looked up.

"It is now almost midnight, then the ring will be completely corrupted with dark power and nothing will stand in my way!"

"That will never happen, you Monster!" A vocie shouted out. The surprised Mertaclede looked down and saw a minty green bird run up the path of the mountain to where he was. She had sapphire blue eyes. She had several long head feathers that were pink, orange, and light blue that were all tied in a high pony tail with some brown cloth, she also wore a golden headdress that had a Emerald in the center. She wore a long Royal green cape with a hood that flapped behind her. She wore a necklace that was wooden and had some symbols on it. She also had one large eye in the center of her forehead that was closed. And she held a long yet sizable staff. It was brown, and at the top was an egg shaped crystal, it also had different colors of ribbons and beads hanging down from it. And she had a small black tail.

"It's Calypso!" Mertaclede shouted angrily.

"I'm not going to let that brat get in my way!" he turned and looked at his shadow minons.

"Stop her!" He ordered and pointed at the bird. The creatures nodded and jumped in front of her path. Calypso stopped and made a surprised gasp. But then she dug the bottom part of her staff into the ground and began chanting.

"Darkness may rise, and plan to consume all

But, as light appears the darkness shall fall

For the ocean of fear may be large and cold

Oh, hear me out spells of old!

Let the Glowing warm light clear the way

And the demon of darkness, shall never stay!"

Just as she finished a blinding light erupted from the staff the shadowy creatures howled in terror and vanished, into black mist. Without hesitation, Calypso ran the rest of the way up. But surprisingly Mertaclede didn't send down any more monsters. This made Calypso suspicious. When she got to the top Mertaclede was facing away from her still holding the ring.

"I see your skills have improved…" he began still not looking at Calypso. He held up the ring, and stared at it, almost hypnotized by it's glow.

"..however…" he turned around, smirking.

"They have no effect on me. I have absorbed almost all the power I need, and those pathetic chants are useless." Calypso however, only gave him a look that showed she wasn't backing down.

"You may have gotten powerful, and the chants may be useless, but I will stop you even if the result is critical for me." then the crystal on her staff began to glow, and Calypso closed her eyes, Mertaclede knew what was about to happen.

"No! You wouldn't dare!" He said surprised.

"Yes. I. DO!" she shouted and opened her large eye on her forehead it glowed a blinding light causing Mertaclede to sheild his eyes, and the staff shot out a blue beam of light the hit the ring perfectly. The dark Aura vanished.

"NO!" Mertaclede shouted, he began to shrink and lost all his power and went back into his weak form: a small cloud of black mist with red eyes. And Calypso fell to the ground also weakened, and her large eye closed. The dark skies still remained however.

"Grrrrr… why you obnoxious girl! I may have lost my power but I still can do this!" He flew around the island at a super fast speed and the ocean began to spin as well and then shouted in a loud vocie.

"Crystal Island shall remain at the bottom of the sea,

Till no living soul remembers thee!"

The people of crystal island panicked and just and the demon said, crystal island began to sink into the ocean! Calypso looked over the side of the top of the mountain and gasped but their was nothing she could do. She was too weak from her attack to stop Mertaclede's spell. But then she had an idea!

"The Ring!" she shouted. She quickly ran over and picked it up. She closed her eyes and with the last of her power whispered a chant to the ring so silent you could barely hear it and blew on the ring. She then dropped the ring on the ground and the ring began spinning then stopped and a read beam of light shot out and wrapped it's self around Mertaclede like a rope. And began to pull him towards the Ruby part of the ring, Mertaclede struggled as he was pulled closer. But he knew he couldn't break free, however at the last minute his claw shot out and grabbed Calypso's cape!

"If I'm to spend eternity in the ring, then I'm not going alone!" he shouted. Calypso gave Mertaclede a annoyed look but sighed.

"Well, then…" she began

"So be it." So, Mertaclede shrunk and was sucked into the ring along with Calypso. Then the ring stopped Glowing and laid on the ground. And sadly crystal island a few minutes later had successfully sunk into the ocean leaving few survivors, and the ring was lost in the ocean. Years passed and people began to forget about crystal island except for the survivors, who believed the ring was gone for good, and that so was Mertaclede.

But little did everyone know, that thousands of years later the ring would be found once more…

And a new adventure would begin…