Eeeeeeee! So excited! In this chapter we get to find out who Calypso's friend is! Oh… and Spoiler Alert: He is not AT ALL what you may be expecting!

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Everyone watched the cloud of smoke cleared out. While the cloud was clearing everyone could hear some coughing coming from inside. And once the cloud of smoke vanished, everyone's jaw except Calypso's dropped to the ground!

A small yellow star was floating there… with it's eyes closed still coughing. It was wearing small red bootie shoes with brown bottoms and wore two orange gloves. The star also had no limbs, and there was several rainbow colored sparkles raining off it. The star then opened It's eyes revealing them to be Almond brown. The star looked at Calypso and recognized her immediately!

"Calypso!?" the star shouted surprised. And it was clear by his vocie that the star was a child! He rushed over to her, not noticing the Stella flock at all.

"Calypso! Wha- how- when did you get here!? I just saw you on the tallest mountain with Mertaclede! And to make matters worse the island is sinking and-" he then realized the island wasn't sinking, the sky was blue, and everything was encased in crystal.

"-the Island is covered in crystal?!" Then rubbed his eyes "Calypso… what's going on?!" Calypso sighed and looked down…

"Well… you see-" but before she could say anything else Poppy just blurted out,

"WH-WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!? IS THAT A TALKING PLUSH TOY OR PIXIE OR SOMETHING!?" the star then looked at her surprised to see other birds and very insulted by what Poppy said. He had is hands balled up into fists.

And very angrily said "Oh! I'm sorry, but you sound like you've never seen a star chip before! Lady, I might be small but you do NOT want to get on my bad side!" the star was starting to advance towards poppy but was pushed back by Calypso. "No, Sprite! Don't! First off, mother wouldn't want you attacking people! Secondly these birds are guests here. So, forgive her for her outburst." The star stopped looked down then nodded. Then looked at Poppy and said with a more calmer expression

"Sorry, I didn't know you're not from here… so, I'll ignore that insult!" then he looked at them all and chuckled a bit.

" hehehe! Well, now I do know their not from here! Because they all wouldn't be making those funny faces!" Calypso gave him a annoyed looked and bonked him over the head with the wooden part of her staff. Causing the star to let out a small: "ow…" and rub the top of his head. Stella and the others then snapped out of their shocked trances. But, they we're still speechless that Calypso's friend wasn't anything they' veseen before! After he was done rubbing his head he looked at the Stella flock smiled warmly and said,

"anyhow, let me introduce myself… My name is Sprite! I'm a star chip, and I am eight years old! And you are…?" stella shook her head trying to get her brain to function again so she could talk. And she was able to get out,

"H-hey, m-my n-name's S-S-Stella…" she then looked at her friends and saw that they were having the same trouble too.


"I'm Will-willow…"

"Wow… I'm Luca!" well, Luca was doing okay… stella then looked over at Poppy who looked like she was having the hardest time getting words out!

"P-p-p-p, pop-pop-pop poo-poo poop… poopy!" Poppy then realized what she said and quickly corrected herself. "I MEAN POPPY!" that star was giggling like crazy!

"Okay… hehehe! Whew! It's been awhile since people made faces like that around me!" then calmed down "But I really shouldn't be laughing…." Once the stella flock was back in there normal state of mind. Poppy and Dahlia looked at Calypso and yelled with frustration. "CALYPSO!" Calypso looked confused.


"Why? Just how- why? Just why? I… we…" Poppy was having trouble saying anything. So she just gestured towards Sprite. It took Calypso a moment, then she realized what Poppy was trying to say!

"Oh! Now, I never said my friend was a bird!" Calypso reminded.

"Yeah well, you never said he was a talking star with boots and gloves either!" Poppy shot back.

"Would you have believed me if I did?"

"Good point…"

"B-b-but… he's eight, and you said you were… close." Dahlia studdered.

"Yes, of course. Why?"

"Well, it's just that we thought… you two were… you know,… together?" Calypso was confused then her eyes widened in realization. Then started laughing.

"What! No!... I never said we were in a relationship!" Calypso laughed,

"That's what I said!" Dahlia whispered to Poppy. Sprite looked at Calypso confused and asked her what they were talking about. Calypso whispered to Sprite what Poppy and Dahlia meant by "Together" and "Relationship".

"Ugh! No! We're NOT DATING! I'm too young for that! That would be disgusting!" Sprite responded then made a fake vomiting reaction.

"But you said your friend meant so much to you calypso! And said you were close!" Poppy reminded

"Yes! As a younger brother!" Poppy and Dahlia were silent for a moment processing what Calypso just said. Then They both went, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and began to laugh as well. Stella, Willow, and Luca began to laugh too! Even the critters were making little laughing noises! Once everyone calmed down and caught their breath Sprite piped up.

"Whew! Okay, now that that's all settled…" he inhaled and turned to Calypso "CALYPSO, WHAT IS GOING ON?!" he shouted. His outburst startled everyone.

"oh… right… that…" Calypso sighed "well, Sprite you see… here's what happened when I fought Mertaclede…" she explained to him what had occurred and ended with Mertaclede pulling her inside the ring...

"Oh… that… didn't sound fun…" then whispered to Calypso in a very upset tone "You could of at least brought me with!" Calypso sighed sadly, then Sprite continued "But that doesn't explain why the Island stopped sinking! Or, why there are other birds here!"

"Um… Sprite… I have to tell you something very important and it's going to be very hard for you to take in." Calypso then lead Sprite to an area that was further away from Stella and the others. She told him to wait there and went back to The Stella flock.

"I would like to explain this to Sprite alone… Will you all please give us some privacy?" she asked politely.

"Sure…" Stella answered. Calypso then went back over to Sprite and began talking to him. Because of their distance stella and the others couldn't really hear what they were saying.

"Poor kid…" Stella sighed "I don't know how he's going to react from this…"

"Well, I sure didn't know how to react to the kid!" Poppy said.

"I'll say!" Dahlia deadpanned "what is a star chip even!?"

"Guys! We're over that!" Willow groaned

"Oh come on Willow! You brain short circuited too when you saw him!" Poppy pointed out

"Well… yeah it did…"

"And I believe we can safely confirm that Calypso's friend wasn't a woodpecker OR a hawk!" Stella added while looking and Poppy and Dahlia.

"Oh boy, that's clear!" dahlia sweatdroped

"Clear as crystal! Pun unintended." Poppy sighed. Stella smiled then turned to look at Calypso and Sprite. She saw Calypso say something to Sprite and he froze up and it looked like he turned white. He actually started to float down and sit on nearby crystalized rock breathing heavily. Calypso walked over and tried to comfort him.

"It looks like he's taking it pretty hard" Stella turned and saw Willow looking at them with concern in her eyes. Stella took a few steps forward and could faintly hear Caylpso say: "I know this is hard to take in… and I know it feels like days, but the truth is you nor Crystal island haven't seen the sun in centuries. *Sigh* I'm sorry for leaving you behind Sprite. That was a foolish move on my part. But what's important right now is that everyone's alright, You're safe, and I'm here for you now." Stella stepped back and saw Sprite calming down.

"He looks like he's getting better." Stella said.

" Stella?"

"yeah, Luca?"

"is Sprite going to be okay?" Stella looked back at him and saw he was starting to float again, then she looked down at Luca and smiled warmly.

"Don't worry, he'll be just fine!"

"yay! I really like Sprite!" Luca giggled. Stella nodded and looked back to Calypso and Sprite. Sprite started to head back to them but Calypso stopped him and called "One last thing!" Sprite stopped and went back to her and Calypso began talking to Sprite again.

"Hey, stella!" Poppy called

"Yeah?" Poppy gestured stella to the side. And when stella went over she asked

"what's up?"

"look, Stella I know you want to be friends with that girl but, I'm really still not sure about trusting her!"

"Poppy! Your still going on about this!?" Stella asked ticked off.

"Well, you saw she had a third eye, blew up a crystal, and has a talking star for a friend! Which all sound pretty awesome now that I say it out loud, BUT I still don't see why she should be trusted." Stella rolled her eyes,

"Well, technically she's still an acquaintance. But right now we really don't have that much of a choice. We are on a island we've never been to or heard of and don't know much about, and there is a powerful demon that will not hesitate in hurting innocent people on the loose! Besides, you rather venture alone on a island you know nothing about with a high chance of probably dying by the hands of a dark evil maniac?"

"Uhhh… well… when you put it that way… following Calypso and Sprite doesn't sound like a bad idea now." Poppy laughed nervously. Stella smiled Poppy smiled back then looked away and muttered to herself "For now anyway…" Stella looked over to see Calypso walking and Sprite floating back only the child was looking a bit down.

"You okay?" Stella asked

"Huh? Oh! Yes I'm fine." Sprite reassured then looked back at calypso.

"But, Calypso you didn't tell me how the island got… like this." then gestured to the entire meadow.

"Actually… we were hoping you would know." Everyone else nodded after Calypso said that. Sprite looked surprised, then he pondered.

"Actually, I do remember when the island was sinking…"

Flashback Crystal Island 3000 years ago

Sprite was zipping through the meadow after he heard that crystal Island was sinking,

"Calypso, why did you leave me behind!?" he muttered under his breath. He stopped when up ahead he saw the small boat had left the island and the small shore had been completely submerged! Very scared Sprite glanced up to the tallest mountain only to see Calypso and Mertaclede were no longer there… then he heard a loud BANG! Sprite looked around and saw eight different colored lights shoot up and land in different parts on the island. He saw a green light land much further away in the meadow. Then he saw a wave of green light headed right towards him. Sprite was so scared he couldn't move, as the waves of light got closer he held his hands up, closed his eyes and screamed. Then everything went black….

Flashback over…

Everyone had a stunned look on their face after hearing Sprite's story.

"so, the island was crystalized after me and Mertaclede were imprisoned inside the ring." Calypso realized.

"And those lights had something to do with it!" Dahlia added

"Sprite, where did you say the light landed?" Calypso asked

"Well, it looked like it landed in the heart of the Meadows." Sprite said as he pointed North. Calypso looked over to wear he was pointing.

"hmmm… usually in the heart of the Meadows there's a large brush of rose bushes with hornet nests surronding it… and even with them most likely crystalized too it will far too much of a hassle to get past it, maybe even harder than normal."

"oh, just perfect…" Dahlia groaned sarcastically

"However, I know another way in… a farmer I knew when I was little had a secret route built as a way to get in through underground. It was a trapdoor inside the windmill."

"Really!? Well looks like I don't need to calculate anything anymore!"" Dahlia sighed in relief.

"so where is this farmer?" Willow asked. Calypso pointed her staff North east.

"That way, we shouldn't have any problems getting there!" Calypso started to walk in that direction.

"Well, whatever you say Misty." Poppy shrugged. Calypso stopped in surprise and turned around confused.


"It's your new nickname. Like it?" poppy asked.

"Well… I've never had a nickname before…" Calypso stopped when she heard Sprite giggling.

"what's so funny?"

"Nothing. I like that name! It suits you!"

"Well, I… guess I'll accept being called Misty."

"Yay!" Luca cheered "Misty! Misty! Misty!"

"he he! Alright, alright Luca. Save your energy, we have a ways to walk." Calyp- err I mean Misty laughed.

"Speaking of… I still feel a bit drowsy after that near death experience, and holding that same pose for 3000 years." Sprite yawned while rubbing his eyes.

"Misty is it okay if i-"

"Go ahead Sprite." Misty nodded. Sprite then started spininng in place then, he turned into a flash of light that went right into Misty's necklace. Then the appearance of the necklace changed. The necklace turned light blue and a gold start appeared in the center of it. Once again everyone was filled with awe.

"WHAT THE-?! HOW THE-!?" Dahlia blurted out.

"Once again… mind. Blown." Stella said.

"I'll explain later. Shall we get going?" Misty asked

"What about the ring?" stella asked. Misty's eyes grew wide. She had forgotten about that!

"oh NO!" Then she started looking around to see where it landed, she then spotted the ring by a crystalized tree. The critters standing by it. Misty walked over and picked it up.

"Thank goodness… who knows what would of happened if we forgot it here!" then she turned to the others.

"Alright… now we can get going!" Misty said as she walked Northeast. Everyone began to follow her. Luca was even singing "~A hiking we will go, a hiking we will go, hi ho a dero a hiking we will go!~" just after they left. Gale, handsome pig, and the three minoin pigs came running in soaking wet and stopping with exhaustion.

"Whew! We should be safe now!" Gale said while panting, handsome pig looked behind them "yeah, if I was in that water for another minute I would have been shark bait!" Gale took a look around.

"Where are we? It looks like some frozen crystal wasteland!"

"Mmmm… sounds yummy!" pig #2 said. Then he walked over to a crystalized tree and began to lick it. Then the two other minion pigs proceeded to do the same. Gale gave them a weird look.

"Why did I pick those three to come with me?" Gale muttered to herself.

"hey! Is that the flock?" handsome pig asked. Gale immediately looked over to where handsome pig was looking and saw everyone further in the meadow. Gale got a huge grin on her face.

"Great! C'mon let's follow them! But not too close! If we follow them we can ambush them and steal that gorgeous ring when the least expect it!" Gale called to her minion pigs but they didn't come. Gale and handsome pig looked over and sweatdropped when they saw the pigs still licking the tree. A nerve popped from Gale's head as she raced over grabbed the pigs and dragged them away from the tree.

Ten minutes later

"So Misty, what's this farmer like?" Dahlia asked out of curiosity

"Well he's very nice, an elderly old man, and he's got a knack for gardening all sorts of plants. Not just crops." Misty answered

"Well to be fair the last one was a bit obvious." Poppy remarked, Stella glared at Poppy and gave her a slight push in annoyance.

"What a coincidence! I happen to have some skills in gardening myself!" Dahlia said proudly.

"Really?" Misty asked surprised.

"Indeed! I grow all sorts of exotic plants! I even have my own garden! I do much more than just tinkering with machines. Maybe me and this farmer could have a conversation when we meet him."

"But, the farmer is probably going to be trapped in crystal too. And Misty can only break one crystal per day!" Willow reminded. Dahlia slumped down.

"Oh… right…."

"Rest assured, there should be a way to restore Crystal Island to the way it was. And the light that landed within the heart of the Meadows should be a key." Misty responded. They walked for a few more minutes, then they got to a crystalized wooden sign with two arrows on it. One arrow was pointing right and said "Heart of the Meadows" written on it. And the other arrow which was pointing to the left to a path. Had "Hickory acres farm" written on it.

"'Hickory acres'" Misty read out loud. "That's the name of the farm! We head this way and will be in the heart of the Meadows soon enough!" everyone turned and headed down the path. Just as they went down it Gale and the pigs appeared from behind a crystalized bush.

"So… off to Heart of the Meadows eh?" Gale asked slyly and looked at the sign.

"well, I don't know what the heck you're doing going that way, but we're going to beat you all there!"

"Uhhhhh…. I don't get it Gale… weren't we supposed to follow them?" minion pig #1 asked

"yeah, but now we know where there going! So, we just beat them there!" Then she pointed to the right.

"I don't know why there going that way, when the 'Heart of the Meadows' is clearly this way, let's go!" Gale and the pigs marched off toward that direction

"Oh yes! I cannot wait to see the looks on there faces when we ambush them" Gale snickered but then they stopped when right in front of them was a very large line of crystalized rose bushes with ever-loving SPIKES coming out of them! And on top of that above the bushes were thin crystal walls of hornets trapped inside and they also had spikes coming out of them.

"Uhhhhh…. Maybe we should turn-" Handsome pig was about to ask when Gale snapped at him.

"NO! We are going this way and that's final! Now help me over this row of spike bushes! And one of you break that hornet wall!" the pigs looked at eachother and gulped loudly.

Back with Stella's group

After running down hills, passing by crystalized sheep, and walking down the dirt path they finally arrived at the farm. It was a quiet looking place, it was small and it had a small cabin, a wooden fence with crystalized cows, and sheep inside. A few yards away from the fence was a windmill!

"That the place?" stella asked Misty nodded. As they were walking past the cabin Dahlia noticed on the porch of the cabin was an old man. He wasn't a bird or a pig. He was human! He wore a red shirt with tan pants, a straw hat, and brown shoes. And he was frozen inside a crystal chunk…

"I'm… guessing that's the farmer?" Dahlia asked, Misty stopped and looked at the porch and at the old man. His frozen fearful expression made Misty wince in guilt.

"Yes…" she answered quietly. "Mr. Johnson one of Crystal Island's best farmers…Now… frozen like everyone else." She sniffed.

"Oh no, don't you dare start crying again!" Stella warned. Misty fluttered her eyes to prevent any tears from flowing, and shook her head.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." She assured "Right now our main objective is getting to the 'Heart of the Meadows'. So, let's head over to the windmill." She turned and walked away. Dahlia looked at the old man and back at Misty.

"huh, she seemed to be pretty attached to this man." the owl pondered out loud.

"Well, she did say she knew him since she was little." Stella reminded then looked to her friends. "maybe once we find whatever Sprite saw land in the meadow it can fix this whole mess! And we can go home!"

"Or, he could have just made the whole story up and he and Misty are just leading us into a trap for Mr. Smokey Darkness!" Poppy injected.

"POPPY! Really!? What the heck gave you that idea!?" Stella was really annoyed at her friend. It's one thing not to trust someone but to actually go and accuse them for something like that was low.

"Hey, I'm just being cautious! I mean you said it yourself: she's still an acquaintance . So how are we supposed to know she and her friend aren't secretly working for Mertaclede?!"

"Then how are we supposed to know they are?"

"Alright, that's fair. But I'm still suspicious!"

"Poppy I don't think, someone working for a person as bad as Mertaclede would cry mentioning the sinking of an island."

"She could be just faking it!"

"You are being very difficult! And may I add, I ALSO said that we don't know this island and Misty does! So we're better off with her right now! Oh, and should I mention you were the one who gave her the nickname!"

"Well, I was having trouble remembering her name!"

"yet, you remember Mertaclede's"

"The guy tried to kill us! Of course I would remember his name! "

"Just stick with Misty a little longer! We'll find out who's side she's on!"

"Gah! Fine! We'll go find the shiny thing the kid saw! Then we are leaving! The sooner the better!"

"That's better Poppy! And believe me I want to head home too! So let's get this search over with right guuuu-…. They left…" Stella and Poppy then realized Willow, Luca, Dahlia, and the critters had left during their argument. The two eventually spotted their friends way ahead of them walking to the windmill.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" stella called and ran after them. Poppy refused to follow at first but then she heard some screams that sounded like pig squeals and needless to say she started booking it to the windmill.

"Trap or no trap I am not staying here!" she said to herself. As the flock approched the windmill Misty tried to open the door. But the door was stuck due to the layer of crystal covering it.

"gah… it's… not… opening…" Misty looked at the door and got an idea. She pulled out her dagger.

"Misty, what are you doing?" Luca asked

"I have an idea, but I don't know if the crystal is thin enough…. But it's worth a shot." She stabbed the dagger into the outline of the door and began draging it through. Up, down , to the right, and to the left. She put her dagger away and tried to open the door again and it worked! The door opened! She walked in and looked surprised.

"Why! This is odd… yet very fortunate." Stella, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Dahlia looked in and saw that the inside of the windmill was completely normal! Nothing was crystalized at all! Just then Misty's necalace began glowing and Sprite flew out.

"wow! This is great!" he exclaimed as he flew around. "If the inside of the windmill is all normal like this, so will probably all the other buildings!"

"Yes, Sprite. Anyway we need to find a trap door it should be on the floor somewhere" Everyone began searching the windmill for any hidden passages. Sprite ended up tipping over a bastket and something rolled out. Sprite picked it up.

"Misty!" he called, she turned around

"Look what I found!" Misty saw what he was holding. It was a small black stone with white cloth tied around it with some Red powder on it.

"A crystal cracker bomb!?" Misty asked surprised

"Uh huh!"

"Wait, a what?" Stella asked confused

"'A crystal cracker bomb' it's a small explosive that can destroy crystal! Before the island was crystalized there were still locations that had crystals" Misty explained

"really?" Dahlia asked "that's great! We can put it on the farmer's crystal and-"

"oh, nononono! I understand what you're trying to say Dahlia. And believe me, I wish to free Mr. Johnson too, But these bombs are made for clearing away crystal. It's far too dangerous to try and free trapped civilians with them!"

"Aw, phooey!"

"but maybe this could still be useful!" Sprite suggested while handing to Misty.

"Sprite! This isn't ours! We can't just take Mr. Johnson's-" Misty began to protest but was cut off by Sprite.

"Misty, judging by the situation we are all currently in. From the fact the island is completely crystalized, to the fact Mertaclede is just frolicking around somewhere. I'd say that taking a single crystal cracker bomb from Mr. Johnson is the least of our worries. Besides once we fix Crystal island we can apologize to him!"

"Well… doh… alright Sprite, you have a point there…" Misty said defeated. She put the bomb in her cape and went back to looking for the trapdoor, while Sprite chuckled to himself knowing he won. After thirty seconds still nobody found a door.

"Still nothing!" Stella said after looking under another basket.

"I don't understand, there was a secret passgeway here I promise." Misty responded. Poppy sighed aand leaned against a garden hoe.

"Well, there's Nothing here so I guess that means we can't-" before Poppy could finish the garden hoe she was leaning against tilted over and it made cranking sound when it did like a lever being pulled. Before anyone could react a large trap door opened underneath Poppy and she fell in. Everyone ran over and looked down. It was a hole the went down at least 10 feet, and at the side of it was a wooden ladder to get down. Everyone then saw Poppy at the bottom laying face first on the ground.

"I think I found the secret passageway way" poppy groaned while lying there

"Poppy! Are you okay!?" stella called.

"mughhh! I'm fine." She said while getting up.

"Of course…" Misty realized. "a few years ago, before the island... *sniff* sunk…. Mr. Johnson had modified and disguised the passageway in order to hide it from Mertaclede!"


"I'm sorry! I just forgot!" she then stepped down onto the ladder.

"Come on! We'll be at The heart of the Meadows before sunset!" she started climbing down while Sprite just floated down. Stella shrugged and started to climb down too. Sprite flew up and closed the passageway door. Misty shook her staff and the crystal turned reddish orange. She closed her eyes and chanted,

"When the soft heat alone is not always enough

Hotter and stronger is used when rough

When I wish for fire, fast

I call upon…


Just as she finished the crystal on her staff turned into an actual ember with fire around it.

"whoa!" Willow said speechless.

"How many spells do you know!?" Dahlia asked

"A lot!" Sprite answered, Misty nodded and started walking down the corridor, while the others followed Dahlia began talking to stella and Willow. Poppy however was walking very slowly, very cautious in case of a trap. Sprite noticed and flew down to Misty and whispered very silently to her,

"The yellow one, Poppy was it?"

"Yes? What about her?" she whispered back.

"I don't think she trusts you…" Misty was silent for a few seconds and whispered back

"I know… And to be honest, I don't really blame her. We're only acquaintances."


"People who just met."

"Oh, okay…" he looked at Misty's staff. And whispered

"Why did you even use that spell. We don't really need it, mainly because you're kind of made of li-"

"SHH!" Misty covered Sprite's mouth with a piece of her cape before he said more. However this caught stella and the others attention.

"What's wrong?" stella asked.

"Was that a 'Shh' you heard something? Or 'Shh' you don't want Sprite saying something?" Poppy asked suspiciously. Misty silently panicked, she shushed too loud and one of the birds she was with didn't even trust her. So, obviously it looked suspicious. She started to think of an excuse.

"uh…" luckily however there was a scratching sound in the passageway Poppy made a surprised yelp. Everyone looked around and saw… Autumn and Emily trying to pull some roots out of the wall. Rose bush roots to be exact.

". Emily! Autumn! Stop that! The bush needs those roots!" willow scolded. the two critter stopped tugging at the roots. Luca looked at poppy then started giggling at her.

"You got scared!" he taunted

"No! I just… well… uh…. Fine… maybe a little…"

"Well, turns out Misty was shushed because of reason #1!" stella concluded. Misty swallowed a lump in her throat, and nodded reassuringly.

"Yes. I thought I heard something… and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't Mertaclede." She gave a small smile hoping that they would buy it.

"Surrrre…." Poppy said while raising an eyebrow at her.

"Oh, come on! 'The little bird who cried Mertaclede.'" Stella taunted

"SHUT! UP!" poppy shouted. Misty took a sigh of relief then she felt a tug on one of her ponytail. She looked saw sprite glaring at her. She then realized still had her cape over his mouth.

"Oops… sorry Sprite…" she whispered. She grabbed the cape that was covering his mouth and pulled it down.

"You could of pulled it down earlier!" he snapped

"Come on, let's just go. We're wasting time." She began to walk down the corridor again with Sprite following close behind. Stella's flock looked at each other and walked down too. As soon as Sprite and Misty were more further ahead they began whispering again.

"You promised not to say anything!" she reminded.

"And I wasn't I was just pointing out the fact your-"

"Sprite, that's something I haven't yet told them about either!"

"Well, you should of at least told them that!"

"sprite, they looked like they were going to pass out the second they saw you. I don't think they're going to do much better if I tell them about that now."


"Just like what told you earlier about… that. I will tell them about this" she gestured to her aura "in time. For now do no say anything to them. Not. A. Word."

"Well, I.. gah fine!" he pouted. Now it was Misty's turn to chuckle, because she won the argument

"Now we're even." She whispered and walked ahead of him Sprite glared at her and stuck his tongue out at her. Then floated to catch up with her.

And, stop! Alright that's enough for now. I was going to make it longer but then I thought… " Well, I've been taking a pretty long time with this and all my friends are updating plus it's now 2018… yeah I'd say this chapter is good." So mind blown after seeing Misty's friend? Well, I hope so because he was the reason I was excited to make this chapter! Anyway, it appears Misty and Sprite are hiding something from Stella and the others. Are they truly friends or foes? What was that mysterious light Sprite claimed to have saw? And what problems did pulling at that Bush's roots make? All questions will be answered next time! ;)