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To say Detective Danny Williams was annoyed was an understatement. They were cops; they were supposed to put the bad guys in jail. Not protect them. Yet here they were protecting General Pac and his family. Thankfully, HPD had just arrived and the Five-0 team was one step closer to getting rid of this guy.

Danny stood up and walked over to the door. He didn't care how; he just wanted General Pac off their hands. Ready to greet HPD, Danny opened Steve's front door. Something must've sent Steve's internal alarms blaring because his partner's shout reached Danny's ears moments later.

"Danny get back!"

If Danny was honest, it wasn't Steve's words that had him moving immediately to shut the door. It was the blatant fear in his partner's voice that had him moving. A loud crack rang out and the next moment Danny found himself lying on the ground. There was a fiery pain in his shoulder and he could hear Steve's 'Commander voice' as is sounded from his right.

The pain rose as Danny felt himself being dragged from his spot. As he closed his eyes against the pain, Danny took a couple of deep breaths. A hand rested on his shoulder and Steve's voice urged him to open his eyes from above him had Danny doing just that. Danny opened his eyes and saw Steve's face looking down at him. There was a pressure on his opposite shoulder and Danny groaned in pain.

Danny's eyes found Steve again but the edges of his vision began graying out on him. He didn't think he should have felt this bad; it was just a shoulder wound. Steve's voice had Danny looking at his partner again, not sure when his gaze had shifted. It was hard for Danny to follow what Steve was saying but his 'I'm scared out of my mind right now' face was looking at him. The deep voice of his partner sounded again but it was just a jumble of words to Danny.

Danny watched as Steve looked somewhere and said something. The pressure on Danny's shoulder released only to have came back full force. Danny groaned in pain once again and Steve's calming voice sounded again. Danny felt sluggish and found it harder and harder to keep his eyes open. Before he knew it, the sounds had begun to quiet before they diminished all together.

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