AN: Here's the last chapter! A little epilogue after Danny gets out of the hospital. Enjoy!


"Hey," Danny said before he sat down on the beach next to Steve. A grimace appeared when the movement caused pain to shoot into his shoulder. Danny glanced at his partner, come best friend, before his gaze shifted to the water.

Steve had been out here for awhile and Danny left him alone. However, he didn't kid himself. Something had happened while he was out and Steve had been tense since Danny had woken up. It was Chin who had relayed what little information Danny now knew.

Bullfrog had gotten in the house and had tried to use Danny as a negotiation tool. When he was going to shoot Danny, it was Steve who shot Bullfrog. Danny also knew Steve rushed him to the hospital. What happened between that and when he woke up no one would say.

Danny shifted and grimaced as the movement pulled on his wound. He let out a sigh and looked over at Steve. The man was tensed to say the least. And Danny knew he needed to get him to talk. Even if the Neanderthal threw a fit over it.

"You going to tell me what happened after you got to the hospital?" Danny asked as he watched his partner.

Steve stared out over the ocean. He knew Danny wanted to know what happened. Knew he should tell Danny. The scene at the hospital flashed before his eyes. The doctor's words echoed in his head. Steve forced a swallow past the lump that had formed in his throat. Steve knew he and Danny had gotten close in the short time they'd been partners. They became best friends even with all their bickering. Steve trusted Danny with his life and hoped Danny felt the same.

What he couldn't explain was the reaction he had to Danny's "death". Upset? Yeah, he knew he would be. What he wasn't expecting was to lose his lunch. To have had his world crumble around him and the anguish that encompassed him. Steve shook his head. He didn't know why the reaction was so strong. They hadn't known each other for a year yet.

Steve glanced over at Danny and realized he was waiting for Steve to respond. Steve glanced back at the ocean and forced his emotions back down. He couldn't tell Danny everything; his walls weren't strong enough again. However, he knew Danny needed to know.

"You died. They brought you back and fixed the problem," Steve forced out with a shrug of his shoulders.

Danny narrowed his eyes at Steve. He knew his partner was holding back. The emotion Danny had witnessed as it played over the SEAL's face was proof enough. Danny sighed and made a decision.

"Something else happened," Danny said and didn't leave any room for Steve to try to weasel his way out. He watched as Steve forced a swallow and looked down at his hands.

"Nope. That was it," Steve said as he felt the emotion as it rose up again.

Danny clenched his jaw. As much as he wanted to know, Steve obviously wasn't ready to share. He'd tell Danny when he was ready. And when he was Danny would be there to listen. Danny rested a hand on Steve's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"I'm glad you were there. I'm sorry about Bullfrog," Danny said and Steve looked up at him in surprise.

"He was going to kill you D," Steve said with wide eyes.

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