A/N: My first pure Gravity Falls story... with no ulterior motive of writing it! HEHEHEHEHEEH! (sighs depressingly) As I said when my was diagnosed with cancer, starting new stories sometimes helps me through things... As you may or may not know, my dad's been sick for a while. He decided to finally end his treatment. So yeah, my depression is only going to get worse before it gets better, but hopefully this will help me.

So I'm finally dipping my toe in a Peggy Sue fic. I've always thought they were cool and but never wrote them.

Anyways I said in Titania Falls the Infinite Sided Die is a great AU jumping off point, you can have anything happen and turn it into a story. Hell I came up with two ideas, this one and an AU where reality is altered so that the Pines make up a study group in a community college (you'll understand when you read the story... maybe...) but I'm not going to write that one, not up for it. Anyways enjoy the story and I also hope that you get inspired to write your own AU that isn't they get sucked into the game (seriously, I've seen two of those... no other idea).

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravity Falls... not in the mood to come up with something goofy again... sorry...

Just a Roll of a Die

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Make it For the Better?

The Infinite Sided Die. When rolled anything could happen. Horrific things, random things, a number being rolled. Anything could happen.

Before we get to the true story, let us engage in a tale of old… Long ago at a table a die was used to determine a decision.

"IF you roll that you are creating 6 different timelines." Wanted one of them.

And so the dice was tossed.

However a 7th was created when the person giving the warning caught it, relating the true trick to it.

In that time line it went rather, not perfect, but still pretty well.

However in another, it was horribly, horribly wrong.

And a third, it went well as well… but only if you judge it from season 4, but season 4 sucked! They didn't have the original creator! It sucked so much they dubbed the season "The gas leak year!" the next season once the creator was able to return!


Okay it… was an episode of a sitcom but the point still stands.

When the Infinite Sided die was rolled, anything could happen and because of that a near infinite number of timelines were created.

It was wasn't infinite due to several factors, one was that many of the rolls would outright the destroy the universe on some level, thusly those timelines were destroyed.

Then there were the safe roles. Rolls it reached a number or something similar. When that happened (except in certain cases such as Pi) such similar timeline would merge, the number would be lost in their minds only remember that it was a number and they got very, very, very lucky.

But there were so many timelines left unlooked at. After all it was near infinite…

Well until now…

When Stan threw down the sack containing the infinite side die, a clock appeared and there was a bright flash of light.

When it died down, Dipper and Mabel found themselves in the gift shop.

"Whoa.. what just happened? Mabel.

"I don't know." Said Dipper realizing he was holding a spray bottle.

"Dipper! Your hat"! said Mabel.

"What about my hat?" asked Dipper taking it off, he took it off and stared at it.

It was his old brown one.

"Kids get in here now!" yelled Stan.

They looked at each other and ran to where Stan was.

"Okay! Can one of you explain what just happened!" said Stan.

Dipper sighed.

"You that dice bag you tossed?" skid Dipper.

"What about it?" muttered Stan.

"There was an inline-sided die in there." Said Dipper, "Throwing it causes something to happen. Anything at all."

"So what happened?" asked Mabel.

Dipper showed him his mosquito bites. They spelled out "Bewarb"

"I think we went back in time. "said Dipper.

That was when the phone rang.

Stan went to answer it.

"hello?" asked Stan.

"Hey! Mr. Pines… something weird just happened!" yelled Grenda on the other end.

He gave the phone to Mabel not wanting to talk to Grenda.

"It's your friend." Said Stan.

"Grenda, Grenda calm down… everything's fine." Said Mabel, "We just ended up going back in time."

"Oh…" said Grenda, "Should I come over?"

"You should." said Mabel.

"So Grenda came back with us?" asked Dipper.

"She did." Said Mabel.

Dipper's eyes widened.

"What's wrong?" asked Mabel.

"Great Uncle Ford!" said Dipper, "He must have sent back in time too! But…"

"Oh no…" said Mabel.

Stan didn't responds to this.

Before anymore could be discussed about Ford there was a bright flash of light and Blendin Blandin appeared, he began to pat out the fires.

Mabel went to help him.

"Thanks." He said.

Stan stared at the man.

"Who are you!" demanded Stan.

"he's from the future." Said Mabel.

Stan stared at the time traveler.

"What?" he asked.

"It's a long story." Said Mabel.

"Are you here to send us back to our own time?" asked Dipper.

"Actually no..." said Blendin, "You see…"

"Wait can you hold off the explanation until Grenda gets here." Said Mabel.

"Oh… okay…" said Blendin.

"So…" said dipper making small talk. "How has it been?"

"Good. Dundgren finally got early retirement." Said Blendin, "Now I don't have to listen to him babble on about how he wants to spend time with his kids."

"Good for him." said Mabel.

There was an awkward silence.

"How do you know a time traveler?" asked Stan.

"Let's not get into that." Said Mabel.

"Probably for the best." Said Blendin.

Thankfully Grenda arrived soon.

"Blendin Blandin, Time Anomaly Removal Crew." Said Blendin Interceding himself to Grenda and Stan, "Although my task is different."

"So you're not going to send us to the future." Said Dipper .

"No I was tasked to give you this message." Said Blendin.

He hit his watch and a hologram of Time Baby appeared.

"Dipper, Mabel and the two who are currently in this dimension. " said the Hologram, "You four and have gone back in time thanks to an Infinite Sided Die. However in situation such as this normally I would have sent you back to the proper time. However it was determined that is a most unwise decision."

"Why?" asked Mabel.

"This is just a holo-recording I can not answer questions, and I am only doing this because it is a better option than having Blandin explain it." Said the holo-recording

"Hey!" yelled Blendin.

"Now the reason why you will be allowed to stay in this time is because had the timeline proceed as it would have gone, would have resulted in my death." Said the holo-recording.

Dipper, Mabel and Blendin all gasped in shock.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" asked Stan.

Grenda shrugged.

"The timeline you will forge is in flux so it is completely unknown. That is why I will give you the task of changing the future as you see fit." Said Time Baby Holo-recording, "You will be allowed five additional people to help in this task."

That was when Blendin's watch suddenly shot out 5 strange orang orbs. Dipper and Mabel managed to catch them.

"You two have earned my trust and respect. That is why I'm giving you this task. I pray you are able to prevent my death." Said Time Baby holo-recording, "And my you and your allies be blessed. THAT IS ALL!"

The Holo Recording ended.

"Wow…" was all Blendin could say, "I knew you two were popular in the future. But Time Baby respects you… that is crazy!"

"Wait we're popular?" asked Mabel.

"Oh yeah! Our Match made the Globnar TV Tropes Funny, Awesome, Heartwarming and Tear Jerker." Explained Blendin.

"OH WOW…" said Mabel with her eyes sparkling.

"Wait… TV Tropes is still la thing in your time?" asked Dipper.

"Oh wait… I get Awesome, Heartwarming and Tear Jerker, but why Funny?" asked Mabel realizing something.

"It's mentioned that having two kids from your time period play lazer tag was only asking them to win. Also Mabel getting carried away." explained Blendin.

"Okay… so what do we do with these things?" asked Stan taking one of the Orbs.

"You give them to the person you chose and the person is sent back from the moment you left." Explained Blendin.

"Are you sure this is a good idea? Messing with time like this?" asked Stan.

"If Time Baby says it's a good idea then it's a good idea." Said Blendin.

"So you're just being a yes guy to a baby." Muttered Stan.

"Shut your time mouth!" yelled Blendin.

"Calm down…" said Mabel trying to keep the peace.

"But really you don't understand how important this is, Time Baby has never done anything like this. You have free reign the change the past." Said Blendin, "No one's ever been allowed to do this!"

"Hopefully we'll be able to prevent his death." Sighed Dipper.

"I hope so… other wise it will all for nothing." Sighed Blendin, "Good Luck to you all."

And with that Blendin disappeared.

"So… are you going to tell us the story?" asked Grenda.

"Let's wait until later." Said Dipper, "We need to pick who gets their memories."

"Easy Soos and Wendy." Said Stan.

"Also we're not leaving out Candy." Said Grenda.

Dipper and Mabel nodded at those choices.

Grenda called Candy remembering that Candy didn't know Mabel at the time.

"Hey! Wendy! Soos! Get in here!" yelled Stan.

"Yes Mr. Pines." Said Soos.

"What is it?" asked Wendy.

"Can you hold these for us?" asked Mabel giving them the orbs.

The orbs disappeared as their eyes went out of focus for a few seconds.

"Oh man… what happened?" asked Wendy.

"What happened to the Goblin Siege?" asked Soos.

"Well you see…" said Mabel.

One explanation later…

"And that's happened…" sighed Dipper.

"So it's May?" asked Wendy.

"Oh man… I thought that thing with the time wish was the craziest thing involving time travel you guys did!" said Soos.

"You know more about the guy than I do." Said Stan.

"Hello?" called out Candy.

"Oh yeah…" said Mabel, "We still have to explain what's going on to Candy."

Grenda took the orb from Mabel.

"I'll go give it to her." Said Grenda.

Grenda went to the gift shop where a somewhat confused Candy was.

"Here I got this for you." Said Grenda giving her the orb.

The same thing happen with the orb with Soos and Wendy, it disappeared as Candy eyes went out of focus.

"What just happened?" asked Candy, "And why am I at Mabel's house.

"We'll explain…" said Grenda bring her back into Stan's office.

Another explanation later.

"So we can change the past how much we can?" asked Candy.

"Yeah." Said Dipper, "Pretty much…"

"All right! I want to kill Hitler!" yelled Grenda.

"We're just limited to this time frame." Said Dipper.

"Who's the other two we should do?" asked Wendy.

Dipper and Mabel looked at each other. IF they were going to give someone a second chance it should be someone who really deserved one.

"I think Old Man McGucket." Said Mabel.

"Are you crazy?" asked Stan.

"He was friends with Ford remember." Said Dipper.

"He went crazy because he started a crazy mind erasing cult!" said Soos.

"Oh right, we have to get rid of them." Said Mabel.

Stan sighed.

"Fine what about the last person?" asked Stan.

They all began to think about it.

"What about Pacifica?" suggest Dipper.

"Really?" asked Stan.

"She is trying to be a better person." Said Dipper, "Maybe giving her a second a chance will work."

Stan just sighed.

"Fine, whatever you two are in charge of this after all." Said Stan, "by the way Dipper, you have to go put up the spooky signs in the forest."

"What Why?" asked Dipper.

"Because you have to find that stupid journal." Said Stan.

Dipper checked his vest, it wasn't there.

"Also if you two want you can go get your grappling hook and hat." Muttered Stan.

"Yes!" cheered Mabel running into the gift shop to get her beloved grappling hook.

"You look so weird with your old hat." Said Wendy.

"I know." Said Dipper.

Dipper went into the forest and found the journal.

When he got back they decided to just find McGucket and Pacifica the next day, so everyone could used to being the past.

That night, Dipper and Mabel laid in beds.

"Man…" said Dipper.

"I know…" said Mabel.

"Out of everything that could have happened." Said Dipper, "This isn't so bad with what Great Uncle Ford told me could happen."

"We have to save him again." Said Mabel.

"We do." Said Dipper.

"And stop Gideon and the Society." Said Mabel.

"Yeah." Sighed Dipper.

"I miss Waddles already." Said Mabel.

"Don't worry, you'll get him back soon. "said Dipper.

"If Stan wants to." Sighed Mabel.

"Yeah…" sighed Dipper.

Downstairs Stan was looking at the portal.

He sighed.

Would he do it all over again? He had to ask himself that.

The next day they began the plan,. Mabel and the girls would search for McGucket, while Dipper and Wendy searched for Pacifica.

"What else can we avoid?" asked Wendy.

"Well Mabel already avoided Norman, so that's a plus." Said Dipper.

Wendy laughed.

"So should I date Robbie all over again or no?" asked Wendy.

"Seriously?" asked Dipper.

"I'm just kidding." Said Wendy.

"Oh right." Said Dipper.

"Besides he's happy with Tambry." Said Wendy, "You think we should try to get them together earlier?"

"I don't know." Said Dipper.

That was when noticed Pacifica walking with some friends.

"How am I supposed to get to hold it?" asked Dipper.

"I have no idea." Said Wendy.

Back with Mabel's team where at the dump while McGucket work building the Gobblewonker.

"Hey! McGucket! Catch!" called out Mabel.

McGucket turned around and the orb hit him in the face.

"Oops." Said Mabel.

"You missed." Said Grenda.

Turns out this was enoguh to have his memories return to him.

"What just hit me?" asked McGucket, "This isn't my bunker…"

He turned to Mabel, Candy and Grenda.

"good you remember!" said Mabel.

"Mabel, what's going on?" asked Old Man McGucket.

"Hold on." Said Mabel.

She decided to text. Dipper her discovery.

"All right…" said Mabel, "It's a long story… but…"

With Wendy and Dipper, he got the text.

"Throwing it work too." Read Dipper.

"So should we I mean it was before that thing with the mini golf course." Said Wendy.

"And the thing with the ghost." Said Dipper.

"You didn't tell me about that." Said Wendy.

"Sorry… long satyr." Said Dipper.

"So should I?" asked Wendy.

"How about that should be plan B." said Dipper.

Dipper though of a plan, he cam up with a plan that might work.

"Excuse me are you Pacifica Northwest?" asked Dipper.

"Yes?" asked Pacifica.

"Someone told me to give this to you as a gift." Said Dipper.

"Yeah, thanks." Said Pacifica.

He handed her the orb, and it disappeared and her eyes went out of focus.

"What…" said Pacifica.

'You okay?" asked one of her friends.

"And where did her gift go?" asked her friend.

"Uh… that's weird…" said dipper, "Maybe we should go look for it alone."

"Yes…" said Pacifica figuring out something weird was going on again.

Dipper led her to where Wendy waited.

"Pacifica, Wendy, Wendy, Pacifica." Said Dipper.

"You're the cashier, right?" asked Pacifica.

"That's right." Said Wendy.

"So what's going on now?" asked Pacifica.

"Well…" said Dipper.

Yet another explanation later…

"That's insane!" said Pacifica.

"I know." Said Dipper.

"So why me?" asked Pacifica.

"Don't you want a second chance?" asked Dipper.

Pacifica blinked and her eyes widened. The thing with the ghost had yet to happen. She can make it so it never happened at best (or figure out how to let them in early at worst).

Plus it might be fun messing with her parents now that the bell didn't work any more.

"Thanks." Said Pacifica.

"Scoobiety Doo!" said McGucket showing up.

"Both of them know." Said Dipper.

"Oh good!" said Old Man McGucket.

Mabel and the girls all showed up.

"So what do we do now?" asked Mabel.

"Maybe we should head back to the Shack." Said Dipper, "We do have to plan out the two biggest battle plans."

"Wait? What?" asked Pacifica.

"Wait… I get one of them's the Blind Eye, but what about the other? "asked Old Man McGucket.

"We have to stop Gideon too." Said Dipper.

And so this story was only just begging, after all Gideon and the Blind Eye were once again a threat. With those two big problems, it was something they had to settle and fast.

And hopefully they will pull it off!

Next Time: They deicide to take down the Society of the Blind Eye and steal the journal from Gideon! Can they pull it off! Meanwhile Stan juggles with trying to bring back Ford again... will he do it? Find out next time!